Scam letter(s) from Olesya Koftum to Phil (Switzerland) part 3

Letter 101
I wait from you the letter. My father has told to me that at its friends means in the Swiss bank have blocked, and today Russia have expelled from the international seven. Sanctions are imposed on Russia! 1000 people cannot leave for limits of Russia in this summer.
It will concern officials, but not simple people.
And against all it my father has a rage to foreigners and it and its friends want to put forward independently the name in the black list. It spits to America! Here a site as officials want to bring themselves in the black list itself. Russian officials spit for the whole world! It is the ERROR And THEY are not right! Our governors go mad! But SIMPLE PEOPLE I WILL SUFFER!!! BUT Putin will not break spirit of the people! NEVER! I look forward to hearing. Learn by heart a verse! :). And our first kiss will be only after you will retell to me this verse. I (joke). I have met the woman... Impossible!
As a cat soft, careful.
I have met the woman... Interesting!
And to anybody up to the end the unknown person.
I have met the woman... The Madwoman!
Any miracle in this world the come.
I have met the woman... Wildly the passionate!
With hot heart, inflammable.
I have met the woman …. Very gentle.
As snow flakes in weather snow.
I have met the woman... Very sad.
With melancholy on heart, yes simply Russian.
I have met the woman... Very different.
When in cares, once the idle.
I have met the woman... Has simply met.
When? I do not remember. I have not noticed.
I have met the woman... It was dissolved
All in it... And can be, I have fallen in love?...
Has fallen in love with its soul flying …
I have met the woman! Present!!! READ to me THIS VERSE in Switzerland and I will kiss you strong! Also I will make you happy! Because I WANT IT!
Letter 102
You KNOW THAT to YOU DELIVERS PLEASURE??? Not simply my arrival, and this way when you have organised my arrival, waited 3 days both I have arrived also we have spent time together. Here this let from 1 point to 2. Not the purpose, and a way. Passion.
You want to receive simply second pleasure from a touch to a gift. It will not give you pleasure, you will endure emptiness. Happiness it - love and adventures!!!
Letter 103
Mine Phil, good morning! Though at me any more morning, and time approaches to a dinner and at you not morning on time zone. But I wish you good morning as though new day as though all it is possible to make a fresh start and at us is hopes.
Mine Phil, I will open mail after a dinner, and now this note through the phone I show the feelings to you, the thoughts on you, the adherence.
Happens nothing superfluous.
I have an idea, our letters will not end in Switzerland. I will write you a note under a pillow, with the plan for night. With wishes. The evacuation plan at a love storm! Suddenly you or on me will be attacked by hurricane of love and as us to be evacuated under a blanket!? m m m m m m (excuse for humour). Phil, the only thing that it is important now - wash arrival to you and studying of our feelings.... Wait for the letter. And you write! I send this note to you through phone, after a dinner I plan to open the computer and to see from you SOME letters, to see from you NEWS, on one letter any more I do not count. ;). kiss!
Letter 104

WHAT THE HELL TO ME THEN TO WISH TO GO TO YOU IF AT ME WAS VISAS!? A little cried.... I Behave in hands.
Simply cried.
I simply want to you and I have on this right. Do not pay to this letter attention please..... Do not pay attention. I want to help all!! But before I want to help myself. To help itself through that what to help you!!
Because that would appreciate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will appreciate you Phil! And you will appreciate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fact.
Letter 105
DO NOT USE WESTERN UNION. SEARCH FOR OTHER WAY. I AGREE. As it is important to choose the partner on all life.
As it is important to have the partner on all life.
That which will not disappear and will not refuse you even if you will be traumatised incommensurable to life...
In me there is no defect. I have shown you long-term fidelity, I Russian.
I Russian. Russian as the dog is true to death to the man. Russian girls live with drunkards to death and change nothing, because we Russian. If have fallen in love with one time - with THAT IT ON ALL LIFE And With IT we WILL die. I Russian - for me on 1 place cost - a family, a reputation both the family centre! And the second - the Russian girl the most grateful. The most grateful! Also could be grateful to you Phil.
But for what?
For that you are scattered by possibilities?
The person will pay the price anyway! To YOU And me NOT to AVOID the PRICE! Only in that sphere (without me) you will pay the price for emptiness. And here (for us with you) you will pay the price once and for ever! 1 ONCE AND FOR ALL! Also there will be to you a long-term return!!
The price all the same it is necessary to pay. You will direct efforts for grief and loneliness overcoming. Only there an award - of loneliness and alcohol and disasters. And that I offer that to you - a family, fidelity, you and I. My offer to you - you and I Phil! It is very small price. For that life the price much more and return there - a zero!!
And here - a family, riches of soul!
You and I. Think, do not hesitate!
Letter 106
Has spent all the day long with parents....
We talked about you... I will write to you tomorrow in second half of day..... That that you offer what that strange labyrinths. Simply translate means from YOUR name on my name that your data would be fixed in bank and my data has been fixed in bank at reception of means.
It is simple. That you invent labyrinths. And is even better I will tell - to me the PROOF of YOUR GOOD RELATION TO me is necessary.
Me you WILL not buy FOR MONEY!!! Only the relation. Dare the guy!
Letter 107
Sometimes people think that will get in the happiness through a fence, or secretly, or with the minimum investments or in general is free. But the payment for the happiness, for a peace of mind, for satisfaction will be at everyone!
And the payment for discomfort is very high. People think that will receive that that free of charge, will not risk that the success will come to them as a gift. Silly. Such delay costs very expensively both a payment for loneliness and tear in a pillow cost much!!
Everyone will pay the price for the success!
Only with me - it minimum, and for ever. Because at me pure sincere normal motives.
And with "another's", you will pay the mad price and will remain with the broken soul.
The high comes from the paid price and achievement of the purpose! The fact.
The victory is necessary to the man. In genes of the man the love to purpose achievement is put! Overcoming of barriers. Whether to me to you about it to speak? I not the simple girl Phil. Very uneasy. One day with me replaces 10 years of life without me! But at the same time I am quiet. If you the elite - you is courageous and reaching that that want.
Steps to success to you are known. I have already opened to you - as to you to convince me are not afraid of you! Good day! Olesia
Letter 108
Mine Phil, I work and I will work till 9 evenings.
Before me a heap of papers, eyes are afraid but hands do! (Such there is a proverb in Russia). Phil, I WAIT I WAIT for hour when I will open mail and I will see from you a note, even some notes. Now without opening mail I send you the note through phone, catch!
It is a note to you through phone, as a sign on my attention to you!!!
As a sign on my adherence! Mine Phil, I love you! Wait from me the letter after 9 evenings. Kiss! (I will wait from you at least for 2 letters!) Ok?
Letter 109
I know that it is necessary to do. I know. But I cannot transfer you the Flash memory and charisma. You will not survive with it. I will survive the belief when difficulties will come. And you should live the belief.
What difference where to apply belief?! In the organisation of my way to you and in our meeting or in the decision of everyday difficulties on life!? What's the odds.
I search in you for belief. Which will help us to pass through all life.............
Letter 110
As easily you have thrown me. As easily you have left love.
Because you did not love it, and simply wanted to play with me and to throw out and then to search for a new toy. You will buy a toy... But the happiness is not present. For this reason before going to the man I carefully I study it. It is a pity to me, but I see truth. And I after all trusted you. Truth trusted.
Letter 111
I had a dream Phil, I stand at your door, it was big, near loops a rust. I not the superstitious. But I had a dream. I stood at a door and called to you all night long.... All the night long was in the sleep as I stood at your door and waited when you will open. And so all anew. I approach to the door and I knock and I wait. Then I wake up, again I fall asleep and I stand at your door and I wait. And so till the morning.
As though did not sleep all night long...
I simply worry.
Letter 112
Mine Phil, as usual 24 hours think of you and from me there should be 24 notes. :)).
Phil, yesterday with the girlfriend I have visited a film "Ache". I In SHOCK FROM THIS FILM and I want to go with you once again in Switzerland on this film. Or we with you take DVD a disk on hire and we will watch this film together!
Phil we with you the elite and it means ALL ALL ALL will promote us! Also there will be miracles!
And the love - it also is the first miracle!
I am assured Phil miracles occur in our life.
And my arrival to you - is a fruit and result of your dream!!!!! And my dream. Oh Phil wanted to write simply to you a short note, but here I write to you already throughout 15 minutes, clicking by phone buttons.
I work now... I will arrive home, I will open the computer, I will see your mail and I will write you the answer!!!! Phil, WAIT FOR MY LETTER. I LOVE YOU! PS thanks! THANKS! THANKS! This note among day not the superfluous!
Letter 113
Mine Phil, how your Saturday? You should answer - "opposite day", or you should answer "day boring". :)). You should tell: "without you Olesia, my day boring!". I joke. Phil why enamoured people always are upset when their partner feels well without them?! Why they envy? Why they are selfish? Why I greedy read your letters and I would like to find "grief" and "regret" between lines "? But simultaneously it would be desirable to find and pleasure. Why such double feeling? I would not like to hear that you rejoice without me. But simultaneously I would like to learn that you feel high-grade, high-grade from thoughts - that we will be together! From thoughts that I will be with you. From thoughts that we will be together. Only it gives completeness.
Phil, I do not want anything to write, as soon as about streets Switzerland as soon as about bicycles on which we with you will go on streets Switzerland. And in the evening I will prepare the Italian macaroni with a meat garnish with cheese and with firm sauce. You only beautiful ware prepare. :). And for a dessert to tea an apple charlotte, and then..... Then we will sit down on a sofa and I will listen to you..... What will be our conversation besides words?!
It would not be desirable to write about what as soon as about our days to come in Switzerland.
I write much Phil, you know. If I have sat down at the monitor for the sake of you, it at some o'clock. In the first I re-read your letters some times. And here if I wrote to you at once after perusal of the first letter probably would write you hardly hardly another. :).
I do not want anything to write as soon as to ask you all about you, about your bottom, about the next days with you. After I will send you a note, I will look weather in Switzerland through the Internet, political news, culinary forums. But there always it is necessary to drive login and the password which I lose.))))
Write to me about itself. Write all. WRITE!
Last night it was necessary to go to bed very much late, and has woken up today also very much late. Worked worked with documents till late o'clock. It seems to me in all house only in my window light burnt. During the lunchtime I "will fall asleep" where be for 5 minutes. Yesterday read article about Japanese and at them is got to have a sleep where be for 5-10 minutes. In Japan even at school to children allow to sleep on school desks of 15 minutes during change. Funny. The short deep sleep gives a lot of energy for all day. My mum laughs over me and is surprised as it is possible to run into a dream at once in some minutes. But it seems to me for weariness and consequently that in you a healthy organism. :). The secret is opened by Japanese (joke). :)).
Again I write you the letter and I think what your sofa?! Colour, an upholstery, creaks? Even now I feel as though a fabric smell. You do not laugh over me Phil...))).
You my gift Phil. To whom have I made so much good, what to me the destiny has presented such gift? Best of the best. With you I feel myself as the present girl. Also I represent what there will be your coverage. As you will strongly compress my body the strong hands. And after 40 minute marathons under a blanket you will iron my buttocks. You my gift. And all taki - Phil, even your name so unusual (I have already got used), in the first in Russia such names are not present also you as though as from a film, as though as from the happiness country. I adore. You my award for long expectation? Or I have made that that good, what it is necessary to me the main prize?
Well here me has incurred now in imagination..... I Represent your strong hands compressing me. Hands of the real man. In them as houses. I did not feel at home so a long time in man's embraces. To you not to understand, not to understand last line.
With what font size to me to allocate this text, what you would hear?
As though I wanted to continue and continue this dialogue....., but the best it will turn out personally. Personally certainly. Oh as I want as soon as possible. Still I want to call to you - answer me. :). Mine Phil.... Grief!!!!!!!!!!!!! I joke. But the love is cruel. I would not want that you rejoiced without me! And simultaneously I would want that you rejoiced. Why so?
What do you see in mine lines? DEDICATION to YOU! MAD DEDICATION! FOR me YOU NOT SIMPLY MAN And NOT SIMPLY LOVE, And THAT THAT is closer, closer, closer THAN NATIVE! MUCH MORE CLOSE!!!!!!
Your, loving it is most than you Olesia!!! It is MOST!!! Yours. I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING. Answer urgently!
Letter 114
Mine Phil, I welcome you! At me evening. Also I write to you practically before a dream. Warmly warm in the street, but nights cold.
Read last your letters to me.
Read you.... In one letter the person can represent from itself whom that, but is constant.... The constancy gives out the person of the present. Through a constancy we can learn each other quite strongly. As well in Switzerland, one day you will be very much very good, and then? And then Phil? The first day you will be darling, and then?
I joke.
I trust you is constant in kindness. :).
Phil, I long read your letters which you wrote me.
Phil, my day was so fine that it will be better than my day only day in Switzerland! With you!
My friend has given me DVD a disk with an improbable cartoon film for adult generation: "Kaze tachinu", it is Japanese director Hajao of Miyazaki, I in the childhood saw some its films and here it is last after that a film it finishes the career.
Has looked at 30 minutes and you represent it has appeared hardly hardly boring, but most likely simply quiet. For children. In a film at the boy was dreams and it has executed it!
Besides.... The film telling story between dream and action has got to me. A way between dream and action.
Phil, my day was fast, was in church in the morning, then was at a business meeting on work with two very serious women even very proud of women which argued among themselves, but the meeting was positive, we have agreed about payment and I took the project, I will work now.
In Switzerland you all you learn, you learn all drawings and figures.... And as usual it is necessary for people very quickly and all need to hide the real income of their firms and to increase expenses of their firms in 10 times. Usual procedure, anything new.
Then has bought a land for 10$. Tasty!!! Very tasty! Most likely I love land Russian! Because the land presents very sharp or salty, but land Russian simple and even there are some sweet. :). But I now want to write to you not about myself and not about the bottom.
Today I want to write you gratitude.
Phil, I want to write you gratitude.
My mum is interested - as strongly I is grateful to you?!
Phil, I want to tell to you - thanks! Thanks. And more it is necessary for me to write nothing to you today as soon as "thanks".
I need to erase all letter, but..... I will leave. Phil, thanks for that that you will not bring! Thanks you that you will help! Thanks you for that that you love! Thanks you for all.
For your hospitality, for your kindness, for that that you accept, for that that you such.
I think only about one - what surprise to you to make for a victory?
For that that has not brought, that loved for that, for that that has appeared "mine"!
You the.
You simply.
What difference where to show belief!? I rejoice at all to my arrival to you, and I rejoice for your relation to me. Here in what pleasure and here that gives stability. The relation. Has not brought.
The true.
On the present you love! If you knew as my eyes are poured by tear now....... I simply write you now GRATITUDE words-!
More it is necessary for me to write nothing. Thanks Phil.
Thanks. Thanks are simple. In this world there are not enough gratitude. Truth is not enough. People tell each other thanks a little! It is not enough....
Deficiency. Phil thanks. Also allow me to arrange to you a surprise in Switzerland! It will be pleasant to you! Still! m m m m m m m. Here such letter my love. Thanks are simple. And I rejoice to your relation. I TRUST - that you true and you mine.
I will love you!!!! Phil, I will love you!
The fact. Hold my note to you.
I press the button to "send" and my letter flies to you in Switzerland! I love and kiss!
Yours Olesia! PS thanks Phil!
Letter 115
Hi Phil. You should be that whom you want. You should enter into of what you think. You should make it not of material benefit, not from sincere benefit, and at all from benefit, and is simple because it is necessary! It is necessary before by itself. It is necessary before me. It is necessary before friends. It is necessary before native. It is necessary before heavens! It is necessary, because on another it is impossible. You understand Phil? My meeting with you - it is necessary. Here about what.
You know me I write much, you are pleasant to me and I can write to you even more than usually...
Listen to a song "Bernward Koch - Touched by Love".
I have found it on radio Relax fm. It would be not necessary to play much what to hook on feeling. It would be not necessary to play much what to present the listener tear.
It would be not necessary to write much to you what to give to you to understand - I love you Phil. It was never better than me at you and will not be.
And if suddenly that that occurs - to us it there will be an eternal hole, a blank. Phil, it is necessary for us will meet in Switzerland, we need to worry the first morning, to you to endure the first pancakes with my kiss! To endure the first laughter in the evening and the first quarrel even because of what be. But I hope it will not be.
Phil how it is possible to live with feeling of "fault"? How it is possible to live with feeling of a blank? When that that has not completed? When that that has not executed? It gives even more forces! It gives even more boldness and desire to make that that such inconceivable!! And it is the decision about which I so often to you I speak.
Phil, the decision and belief holds people on the firm base at any time!
You understand about what I? Listen to a musical composition "Bernward Koch - Touched by Love" - because under this song I have written you the message and have dropped some tears.
It is impossible to be indifferent.... Phil, well here such note. My day was without you sad and fast. Worked 10 hours with documents, all as usual, and unusually that that it is snowing!!! Phil, you only present - it is snowing!
Phenomenally.... I will look Later weather in Switzerland through the Internet. As though the winter has returned and as though again time would turn back - for this purpose that we have met you in Switzerland.
Spring. Our first spring with you. Well here such note.... Listen to a musical composition.
Well? Do not drag out. Simply make it! Enter! Be courageous! You know what to do. It is not necessary to communicate with me in a network as early as 3 years and still 3 years. It is silly. If I have not stopped loving you this year believe I I will not stop loving you as early as 30 years. Believe.
Make it! Phil, I am necessary to you. It is a debt. It is necessary. So it is necessary. It is impossible to explain it. It is an essence your and my. To execute the mission - it there is you and I. You and I - we are that that we do! And I swear to you - many troubles pass by your house!!! And the success comes to you to the house - because you are true to the dream and consequently that at me good plans and good intentions!!!
I will tell to you in Switzerland. Here such note. I will take a bath (naked certainly...... Ops :))))))). Ops to tease you ahead of time. Sorry)) All right, write. Yours Olesia! YOU FEEL THAT it is AS THOUGH not FINISHED LETTER?! As though not finished.....
I feel. A hole. A blank. All Phil. We already NEVER WILL be FORMER. Only your hands will calm me - hands which will compress me at the airport, will compress for everything, for all tears! Will compress for all hopes! Will compress for all pleasures expected by you. Will compress.
Compress Phil.
I ask you - compress........ ANYTHING I do not NEED ON THIS Earth, THAN WHAT to EXECUTE the DREAM. Which has come from you!
Phil...... Answer me. Truth that in what you trust also to you with it to live!
Know - who that does not risk to pay in 3 times more.
Even not all people in families are happy. 90 % of people in families are lonely.
I offer something another, selected.
Letter 116
Mine Phil, greetings. Wanted to write you the letter, as usual, two hours to give to you. But my friend has played a trick over me. Today in the country on April, 1st and all laugh the friend at the friend inventing the ominous plan.
Marina has sent me video a roller and would ask that I have watched it to the end. She would ask me that I have included a sound more loudly.
What the hell I have agreed on it!
How to you to me to sleep?
To me it is simply terrible. I will write you the letter in a current of hour.
I will sleep with included light. Phil, you never frighten me and do not joke so over me. I will sleep with switched off light today. I have read your letter and I want to write you the answer. But as to me now to sleep, it is simply terrible to me to be houses of one!!!
Letter 117
Can be give I will arrive to you next week. We will spend couple of days together. You want? I will rejoice not only purchase of tickets to Switzerland! - but I will rejoice to your relation!!!! Such people become heroes and presidents! Businessmen and leaders and fine the family man!!!! The fact.
If you not overawed in one business that is chance that you not pasuesh and in another matter!! Yes.
The fact.
It is possible to entrust you the life when you will bring me to yourself! An essence at all in arrival, and an essence in your belief!!!. On 100 %. You know that I will arrive if we with you buy round. You know! You know. You are legally protected. So why you torment me?
It will not be a shame to you to face me then?
How you will embrace me if so offend me? I do not search for the sponsor. I suggest to GIVE YOU MYSELF ON ALL LIFE And BEFORE IT to MAKE - I HUNDRED TIMES I WILL measure And ONCE I WILL cut off! How your day?
Letter 118
Hold my verse about me! About me! A sight from outside! :)
"I Russian, and it mean: in me the kind soul!
Me you will not buy for copeck and you will not sell for three pennies.
I Russian, and it mean: in me such blood flows,
It is not capable of meanness, but is capable of love!
I Russian, and it mean:
I love the sky, breadth of fields as on open space horses skip, and fairy tales about athletes!
I Russian, and it mean: before the man I in a debt, and another be simple I can not! ".
Letter 119

I go home from club fitness, I will open mail in 2 hours approximately, and can and earlier.
It is a note to you - UNUSUAL! BECAUSE I TRUTH HAVE fallen in love with YOU And I TRUTH ALREADY NEED YOU!
This note to you, truth unusual. Estimate. There will be houses in two hours and will write to you. YOU AS?
Letter 120
Greetings Phil, THANKS for the letter. Has returned from training, I want to be in good shape before you! I want to be in the best possible way for you! At me still is couple of days?)))))). I WANT to LOOK BEFORE YOU In the FINE PHYSICAL FORM! After all we will have Olympic games after 00:00 under a blanket?! m m m m m m m. Phil, it is possible to ask you? It is possible to set to you 1 question. Important. Solving. Important. 1 time.
You want my arrival? You want will get acquainted with me on the present and if I you ponravljus - to live with me till the end of life tasting my caress?
You truth want?
I have an offer to you. Give together with you, together, together we will buy round in Switzerland. Give? I will arrive to you next week.
My offer to you - to put an end! I ask you - let's make that that with the life.
From you 500$ will be enough and I will put other means and I will arrive to you. I will give you all your investments to me. I do not search for the sponsor. I do not search for the sponsor. But what I now can make one?
I ask you to believe to me. Trust in me. Let 2014. April will be finish for us and start.
Start in new real life. Please believe to me. Consider this letter and answer please. Thanks you. Olesia
Letter 121
You know that the Russian girl can give to the man? Your award very big! When there is a sense to pass a way... That it is necessary to pass it. I offer not eternal wanderings, I long happy days.... Do not hesitate!
Letter 122
What to me to do with you? After all I search not for game, not disposable excursion, and I search for the man on all life. You understand?
The man on all life!!!!! After all I should choose, should to select as that the man?!
What for to me that who does not love me? What for to me that who initially does not respect me?! I fair and sincere.
Letter 123
I do not visit men at own expense. I not the vagabond! My father the millionaire and I do not search for the sponsor and therefore I DO NOT RUN FOR MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is a word: "debt". A debt. A debt to feelings. You know, when the person is movable not by benefit, and that it should that that to make a debt, this feeling before by itself, before the partner, before itself(himself) here he achieves MORE success, than that who is movable simply by benefit.
Such not to break! Such will appreciate relations. Such will really appreciate. Such does not clash and on the contrary avoids quarrel and does even of the enemy of the friend!!! Such really appreciates the partner. Because it is movable not by benefit, and something big! The one who works not for the sake of profit, and for the sake of a debt wins! Such it is impossible to force! Such itself even at a loss to itself carries out the purpose and to it the award comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I UNDERSTAND IT, BECAUSE I SUCH. YOU KNOW THAT CAN GET?? YOU KNOW THAT CAN GET TOGETHER WITH me? Phil, you know that can get? That that cannot be bought for money! To a shower. Sincerity. Love. Pure and sincere love to you! Believe to me Phil you has found it! Also there can be it not from you. You have simply appeared destiny the selected works. Because mind it is impossible to understand each other. Knowledge it is impossible to construct love. From knowledge it is impossible to go in Switzerland. Mind not to understand me. Only heart. Only feelings and inspiration!
Letter 124
Time evening, I will go to mum, at it temperature. It went to a bath and after walked along the street! As the small child! Phil why she behaves as the small child?! After all same it is elementary to leave from banks, to sit down in the car or with girlfriends to sit down in the car and to go home. What the hell it does such trick!?
It has called the doctor and to it have made a prick, at it all throat red. Now until then while it will not cure a throat, at it the temperature will keep and she will feel weakness. I will go to a drugstore now, I will buy special means, we will lift it on feet for days. Phil, at me for you improbable news!!!! Phil that you do with me!? Phil that my dream does with me! My eagerness in Switzerland! You represent, ALL have learnt ALL about that that I go in Switzerland, all have learnt about it a method word of mouth radio. And me invites automatically in IAPA - it is the international association of the independent professional companies rendering accounting, auditor, consulting and legal services in the countries of Europe, Northern and the South America, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and Australia!!! Phil, I have become puzzled when have received from them the letter. I have called them and they have told that I automatically can consist in the international association of accounting services and being in Switzerland I can carry out professionally services for citizens Switzerland! But I already have a work. I have a work, but they invite me in IAPA. They speak that in Switzerland I can be useful to the population and I will be necessary to the population the knowledge. Phil, I am necessary to you and it appears to the people? I will go to mum - from it already I will write to you. Let's cross fingers! The destiny such fine piece, destiny is magnificent! Destiny such piece that I cannot imagine even such prospects! I have not arrived yet in Switzerland as me already tear to parts and invite in such great companies!
Phil, it is all you. That who does not search for benefit - to such person destiny is favourable!!!!!! Phil, I YOUR TALISMAN! Write. I will read your letter once again being at mum. I will go to it. Write to me urgently. Olesia!
Letter 125
THANKS FOR THE LETTER. YOU And At me HAVE a HOPE. I WOULD go To YOU FOR THAT - THAT YOU NEVER NEVER NEVER In LIFE WORKED And ANY MORE were not LONELY! It not 1 year of happiness and not two years. It is ALL LIFE! You UNDERSTAND? And THAT PRICE WHICH we PAY FOR the SUCCESS - is insignificant! I repeat - At us not a question of money. It is a question of your respect, your conscience and the relation.
This my personal judgement and judgement of 1.000.000 people on a planet.
I do not want to go to the man which spits to me in the person.
There is no desire is dishonoured!
I NOT THE VAGABOND AND NOT THE INVALID WHAT TO RUN BEHIND THOSE WHO SPITS TO ME IN THE PERSON. I wise, I not spender. I very economical! In a youth money has accustomed to appreciate me, to appreciate that that I have. So me would bring up that I appreciated the small. And I am grateful for it to the parents. When I was absolutely small, my mum has learnt that in shop grapes are on sale. Then all area converged in the big turn, and even on palms who wrote numbers for km costs in turn what not to get confused, because people start to result the relatives, friends and dispute, even before fight begins. Times in the USSR were heavy the then. And so I have defended very big turn, about two hours. Then there were no cares and to help mum was in pleasure. But when I had to make the order to the seller, I have asked not one and a half kg of grapes - and a half a kilogramme. I have mixed a word "ones and a half" and "half a kilogramme". Because I was afraid to spend spare cash. I was afraid then to afflict mum. In shop it became a pity to all me, after all the little girl would defend such big turn what to buy a small brush of grapes. Even women nearby felt sorry for me. But the seller has asked me, how many at me money?! Having got from the bag money and having counted, the seller has seen the sum - exactly on one and a half kg of grapes. But I have not dared to spend more than it is necessary and have brought home a small brush of a berry (on the way home I have peeled half of berries, has eaten, all the same it was not kept) :)))). Oh, now I write to you these lines and as though has shed a few tears. Such I had an education. But as mum felt sorry for me! It was a pity to it me. Since the childhood mum put in me feeling of decency and honesty! What for I have written you it?! I do not know … Those times Ameen, have helped all. Thanks to those times, many have learnt to appreciate abundance. I know the prosperity price, I know the price to things and I do not dare to squander and spend that that in vain. That time has done good to much.
I think present youth will not understand it, now all live much.
Letter 126
Mine Phil hello. I write to you through phone, I tried to open mail what to see your news. I will arrive what to see home and then I would will open mail from you the message. Please write to me sms, though that. I will show to its mum. Tomorrow the girlfriend I will take away from hospital, the temperature at it slept, but by means of antibiotics. I personally at all do not welcome antibiotics. But without them my friend would not get out. Doctors have told that in a city a strong kind of a flu.
Phil, and me does not take any cold.
Now I will write you a note through phone. I will send, I will go I will visit mum, then I will go on an evening session to pool. I want to go on two sessions and I want to make for myself a record. I want to float of 3 km without a stop. Without a stop. In one party to float in 50 metre and back to float 50 metres. 100 metres turn out there and back. And so 30 times. I will make it! And after in Switzerland I will put a record - of 5 km. Also I will be "the iron" person. :). I have learnt that there is such sport when people float on 5 km without rest (a quiet course), then sit down on bicycles and 5 km go and then many kilometres run. These people are called as "iron". You heard about such sport?
Phil, I will set up today a record. 30 times there and back! And on arrival in Switzerland I will put a new record - of 5 km. Call in pools of the area and find pool with paths in 50 metres. And it is even better in 100 metres. Well?
My day was fine, but BORING, I assure you. Boring, because I in Russia. Boring. I would want that you knew - my day were boring and I do not rejoice without you.
That is I rejoice. But I do not rejoice. If you knew as me difficultly to write to you through phone, I press small buttons. But at me it has turned out. I will open the computer along toward evening after mum and after pool. I EVEN AM engaged in SPORTS FOR THE SAKE OF YOU! What to look before you in the sports view!
You will estimate! I will open mail by the evening and I hope to see you some letters!!!!! Phil, WRITE! Write now you what news at you and that you did today! Though you already have written probably. Yours Olesia!
Letter 127
Well mine Phil, my mum at home, my friend at home. All are live and healthy. World rescue of a planet is finished! Now it is possible to go in Switzerland!
Phil, I write to you being in civil engineering firm office. Here wi-f - my colleagues have transferred them documents, to me to expect about 40 minutes of processing and after I will go to tax inspection for the signature. 2 projects from the contract are finished. Phil, whether my colleagues as I can operatively operate? Whether I can they as hours to execute all work? I perfectionist, also love when all a floor my control and the account, when my name pure and reputation good. But whether my colleagues without me so operatively can and correctly to execute the problem set by it. In it the big minus. I need to be able to be trusted people, it is necessary to be able to delegate to people. WELL SO WE WILL DO WITH THE FRIEND THE FRIEND? WHEN I WILL GO TO YOU?
If you love - that love! If you loved me - that you would bring me to yourself on a visit and not important that for you it would cost!
BUT YOU do not love for me. And if your love for you love - that for for me is a kindergarten. You do not know that such love. You do not know that such to give the life for other person. And in general that, I am glad what hardly hardly is occupied. Noisy and vain put. And opening mail what to see your letter, it as a refuge, as a refuge from vanity. Why you are necessary to me and why me pulls in Switzerland?! Not runaway from misfortune, no. And occurrence in other world, in relations. Not the city does us happy, not external things, they often bother an eye. And the relation. Relations of people. What that an invisible thread fastening us with the friend the friend.
This morning behind a cup of coffee we talked to colleagues, I asked them about their life, and it.... About mine, with envy asked at me on you. I already am afraid to open to whom that all cards what again not to find treachery. Because people envy. Few people who sincerely support and rejoice to whose that to success. Those who is assured of the happiness probably rejoice. So to say, standing in a queue. Those who stand in a queue for success, rejoice also to another's success! I told to you about it. You remember?
And so, in the morning with colleagues drank coffee (artificial coffee, powder)))). And she has sincerely asked me, I love you and why I go to you? (I have already got used to these questions)? Whether I sincerely love? And why I am assured of you Phil?
My answer was: "I love, I love sincerely". Also I feel with you Phil as that absolutely other world. Absolutely other relations. Absolutely another. Kind. The present. Beautiful. Stable.
Phil and if to be more frank. That I go to you at all because of desire to receive love, and for the sake of that that it is necessary! Simply really it is necessary! All Is just necessary also. Because if we have not met - that it there will be a hole on all life. Not I. I not I.
Here has uttered to you Phil emotions which held in itself till this o'clock. Also it became easier :).
Truth today such noisy day and me still it is necessary to go to two areas to bring documents and I will use the underground. In transit by the underground. But it already after travel agency.
You as today? THANKS YOU FOR the LETTER, my dear, thanks you! I have already read all that that you wrote to me.
I always feel as though that to you has given short that. I feel a debt. It is good. I feel feeling that insufficiently to you I write. Insufficiently that that I give. I open insufficiently. As though owe you that that all life. There can be it you enter me into fault?))))))
Phil this magnificent feeling. Not to expect, not to demand, I to feel "fault" and desire to GIVE!
You are waited by grandiose days in Switzerland! The fact!
Give we will talk. Me already I wait for the colleague, but I will better write you that it is necessary for you to tell! Give we will talk.
In day of my arrival in Switzerland, you present itself, you always think of BENEFIT! Benefit with me. In correct sense of this word. Phil, the love - is mutual relations. When to that and another it is good. When to both it is pleasant. And it normally to think of "benefit", in the form of pleasant days together. Present Phil I yours. In the mornings with me you nearby wake up. My sleepy eyes., and you are kissed by my lips. I make a breakfast to you. And to you I hasten on a meeting. To you I tell, how has lived day. With you I share problems and pleasures. To you I write those touching sms in a current of day. And to you I devote verses. And at night I give pleasure to your body. Both not only at night. And not only to a body, but also soul. Always think of it. I ALWAYS THINK OF IT. ALWAYS I THINK Of SENSE. ALWAYS I THINK Of the MAIN THING. And IF there is a SENSE WHAT DIFFERENCE THAT NOW IF I KNOW AS WILL be ALWAYS good. What difference that now if I know that I will close you in a bathroom and I will turn off the light and then you will catch up with me and..... You will torture? Adhere me to a bed! (Ops.....). ADHERE! (ops.... Phil, I seem I go mad)))))))). With fine mood has gone to manage affairs! So who whom inspires?! Your dependent on you Olesia!
I love!
Letter 128
Hi Phil, I throw now all and all and I AM engaged in the most necessary business - in the world I READ YOUR LETTERS! Letters from Switzerland!
WRITE! WRITE to me, write such words that I would feel through thousand kilometres as you will meet me at the airport! And can be tell my name silently and modestly, there can be you will meet me and will tell nothing, and will simply embrace me and will whisper: "Olesia, we will go home". I do not know that you will tell to me at the airport.
Write to me that you will tell to me. :)). There can be your voice will to shiver and tear will fall secretly to a jacket, and passers-by will see and will understand, they will understand that you became happy. All there will understand. I do not need to know where you sleep and in how many rise, I do not need to know that you eat and where work. I need to know - as you you solve problems! As you collect puzzle/OBJECTIVES. It is enough of it, what the nobility, whether to go with you to mountains or not.
That's all.
YOU CAN BE TRUSTED??? But often heroes rise and proved the heroism. Can be in you the hero sits. Can be. Look what picture to me Marina has sent. It the good fellow at me. Always inspires me. On a picture have written words of the philosopher: "Life - is a way. At someone it is a way to a bakery and back, and at someone this round-the-world travel!".
Phil at whom that is a way to a bakery and back and at whom that is a way in Switzerland! And love construction.... And you fly!!! - spreading wings!
And you dream!!! - only it is strongly strong!
And you breathe!!! - a full breast deeply!
And you live!!! - after all it so is easy! Catch my note, I will continue to work, I sit with the calculator and with papers from 8 o'clock in the morning. The week project I am late to finish. All turns out. In Switzerland, you will help me! (Joke). Mine Phil, catch my note. You think of me? Of what you think?
Life is a way and for us it not a campaign in a bakery and back, this round-the-world travel named "LOVE". Confirm!
Phil, I want to see from you the letter soon. Answer. Yours Olesia!
Letter 129
You my decline, you my dawn, without you actually are not present me. I with you.... I am again live. You my decline, you my dawn..... These words ours with you a secret Phil.
Time a dust...
You know all about me. You know I can, I can begin with you love in Switzerland.
I live...... Dream of you. Good night Phil.
Letter 130
I sit in the car. A stopper, a jam. Still most likely two hours to stand, it would be desirable in a toilet it is time, and phone is discharged these are two.
I will have time to send you a note Phil, in Switzerland. I love. Simply I love you.
I will arrive home and if forces suffice I will send you the favourite song, there words such:
"You my decline, you my dawn, without you actually are not present me. I with you.... I am again live. You my decline, you my dawn..... These words ours with you a secret Phil.
You know all about me. You know I can, I can begin with you love.
I live...... Dream of you."
If you understood force of my emotions now.
Phil, I will send you this song. I love and kiss many times! How many it is necessary for you for happiness? I will arrive home, I will open mail and I will read your letters to me. I try to go on the car the turtle course.... Hold my note! Yours Olesia!
Letter 131
Phil, hi!!!!! Well so you have thought up when I will arrive to you? Will suffice to wait and be engaged in a hogwash! I your property or simply you have hired?
How are you? as you this Saturday without me? What news? What occurs round you? I want all the nobility, I ask you - write!!!!
Yesterday at me have asked - what a hobby you? Phil, at me have asked - what a hobby you. And I have answered - your hobby it I! :)). It seems to me that for the sake of me you will leave all and all! :). Love me all life. And the woman it would be necessary to study all life that it to understand! (Joke).
So so so, at you very interesting hobby! :)). An improbable interesting hobby! In this hobby be engaged all life! Never throw the hobby, be fond of this hobby all life! :))). And every year you will be professionally engaged in the hobby. The Hobby - to love the favourite! Your hobby - Olesia. Ingeniously. And if still your hobby brings to you return that this very good hobby! If your hobby gives you all that that you need this best hobby. After all truth (if it is serious), it is good when the hobby goes not to a cut with your basic life, and your life is a hobby, that is the superiority. Only so sportsmen become champions, businessmen successful businessmen, at the person it turns out to construct with other person harmony, strong families are established. A code "business" becomes yours. When "project" becomes not another's and your. When which you carry out - that project became yours! Personally yours. And it became your life. You do not place it in the life in an empty seat, and the life place in this project. That is ?1 - it is your project, and all other minor. When you consider it as the. When your "hobby" will be the main thing for you, here then there will be a success! When our purpose not ours we will always find the reason and an excuse why we have not reached it. We do not appreciate and we do not care of that that is not to ours. We will not suffer costs for that that is not to ours. The person will not achieve the object if he has hired the purpose. As the car to hire. Phil, you took when or the car on hire? The car the stranger. It is simply necessary to us what to pass some kilometres and all. To all of us it is equal for consequences, to all of us it is equal in what it a condition and that with it will be tomorrow. (Essence). It is impossible to reach the purpose, if it another's if we have hired it. But if it is your car, if it yours! - that you will wash it, you will put in it time and forces, because it yours. And you will not allow friends to leave in a huff leaving the car. Because it yours!!!!!!
I your hobby.
And your "hobby" will give you such improbable benefit that all your friends will envy you!!! The hobby which brings benefit - it is dream!
Phil, I your dream!!! Yes. The fact. Has now re-read attentively your last letters....
What at you house library? Personally you have a library from books? In what language of the book?
Though now exists electronic versions of books.... In Russia libraries from old real books are only at society. Very elite society. Vladimir Putin has told to the people about the library from 20 books and it is considered rare the person on the earth. But I would like to cry all that I have my beloved at which there is a library three times more!!! Tell to me!? :))))). I am literally yesterday drank coffee in cafe and there instead of windows there were huge thin aquariums. Instead of a window an aquarium. And you there were goldfishes with fluffy tails. The waiter has told that such small fishes was much, simply cleaner of an aquarium has casually lowered a turtle in an aquarium and has forgotten about it. As a result next morning all have seen that the turtle has eaten half of gold fishes in an aquarium. Phil how the turtle could catch fishes? They slow. Strange. Even jokes are composed about turtles, about that that by them slow. Tomorrow orthodox day, a holiday. People will paint eggs in different colours of a rainbow and to give each other. These actions strange. But we will not speak about religion....
I want to wash all windows today. Spring. In Switzerland when people wash windows? In what month after hibernation people wash windows from different directions? Weather warm. The main thing at window washing not to fall from a window. It is a lot of women and girls drop out of a window when wash windows this month. I have a mop with an elastic band on the end what not strongly to get out of a window so I will try to wash up windows accurately.
By the way in that coffee where instead of windows aquariums are established there is an aquarium for lizards. But lizards I did not see. :). Probably at night there in cafe all revives. :)). That's great..... At mine the grandfather there lived a turtle so she walked at night, and slept in the afternoon. I remember as my grandfather complained, when all slept also it the turtle with the walking on a floor awoke :)). Yes.... Yesterday we stood long in a stopper, in an automobile jam. As a result having approached on originators of failure, I have seen two broken cars at a crossroads. There there were police, bright light signals from flashers. After overcoming of a place of accident the steam of cars has rushed forward!!! The Downtime. Who that loves such life. Who that considers it as a part of the life. These stoppers, this time wasted in vain. Funny.

Tell about the friends. You are frequent with them meet? Where meet? Man's friendship super. But me do not forget! ;)). In Russia there is a proverb: "the old friend, is better new than two". So Phil, I am better new than two! :)))). Hold my note to you. An hour and a half with you have flown by quickly, even more. I adore you. I adore all that that you write to me.
Always look at an award. Look at an award which you you will receive from Russian Olesia! What you yet did not try! That that is not known to you! You learn my gratitude and dedication!
I look forward to hearing. Your sincere Olesia!
Write as you today!?
Letter 132
Phil how long we will have need in the friend the friend? After all in families people get used to each other... But how long you will need me? What it is pleasant to you in me? External beauty or internal? You still learn my tenderness and real care of you. You learn. You will fall in love.... You will fall in love.
Phil, today an orthodox holiday. It is great day inherently. But if people understood sense of today. Here in Russia people paint eggs in paints, leave on tombs of a sweet and vodka, what the died fur-trees and drank. Totally ludicrous. Very few people realises sense of today's great day!!
I want today to start to write you the letter in Switzerland not from news, and from gratitude. On an essence - of thanks you Phil, for your kind heart. I have fallen in love with you not for external beauty (you are beautiful, the fact), but also for your heart. Because only heart does other person - happy!!!! The fact. Here I ask to myself a question, what feelings at me arise when I think of you? It is a lot of feelings, aiming a palette. :)). I do not can at all all and to describe.... But feeling of gratitude above all. Therefore I begin my letter to you with GRATITUDE! If steams thanked each other simply more, and for there is what their union would be stronger. :). And thanks you Phil that you allow me to hope and feed hope. Hope. 20 minutes ago being in a shower, bathing in a shower me so has dawned. What that very good mood, from thoughts on you has come. About Switzerland. That I will arrive, that I will occupy your bathroom and even I will sometimes turn off the light when you will be there one. And even to you I will come, when you will be there one..... Simply, such strong good mood from thoughts on us has come. I trust, at you the same feelings.
You represent Phil, people sometimes build relations not on love and under the law and demands caress not on love, and on a law letter. I heard even that in Switzerland people make the marriage contract in which it is registered in what days of week they are obliged to be engaged with the friend in the friend sex. Not on love, and under the law. A hell. Phil, I will be obliging to you in 10 times more, than you represent it to yourself. I will be gentle and tender with you in 10 times more than you expect! Because the love will move any principles and morals confirmed by a society. I will destroy all your concepts about love and with me you will find a new era of happiness! You hear? I will destroy all your former concepts about love. To me you did not live!!!! I do not exaggerate. I AM simply grateful to YOU! I look back around, I understand even more, what YOU good. Simply good. Simply best! Reading your letters, I concern 1 % of your person, I see iceberg top. But all essence under water. All essence in Switzerland. And I same Phil! If we are now gentle and tender with the friend the friend what to expect in Switzerland? That we wait. You will understand my style of the letter only.))). It seems to me if who that the stranger has read our letters would envy. Personal language. Personal language of the letter. Pure love!
Phil, the only thing that can rescue, keep and increase love so it is acts. Action. Not words and acts. And you have already made the impossible. And I from its part do the impossible. Though it is impossible to name it impossible, it is idle time. In the morning has visited pool, floated 30 minutes. From the beginning there was no desire... And still the pool was small. Never in life was in such small pool. In one party of 25 metres. Short distance. There in the end the crossbeam (horizontal bar) in pass hangs, and girls are tightened. I have hung up a little..... You how many can hang on a crossbeam? Whether truth it or not, but physical exercises on a crossbeam, bars, rings, on a floor most the most useful because you work with own weight. Also the back is extended.... You have houses a horizontal bar / a crossbeam? Marina called to me and transfers you greetings. Feet are ill it recently, knees. It went to the doctor and he has told that it does not have not enough calcium.
Where it to take? A sprat? Fish? I would tell to it that she bought a sprat because my grandfather working as the medical assistant recommended all of us a sprat)).
Interesting, what taste of fish in Switzerland?! :)).
Phil, learn please from friends where there is a calcium. I will inform it. By the way I knew people which fur-trees a chalk. You represent, literally this word - ate a chalk, the present white chalk, they had a calcium lack. Can be to me to play a trick on Marina and to tell to it that you has told that it is necessary to eat a chalk! :))).
It good.... She is interested in me, to my success and wishes good luck. Hold a note to you. WRITE ALL. I ON MANY TIMES READ YOUR LETTERS.
I love you. I kiss you. I want to you. My gentle and tender Phil. I love. So I want to touch right now you and to feel a bristle of your person...... A smell of your hair, and a strong palm rigidly compressing my buttocks.... m m m m m m m.
Write. Your selected Olesia!
Still time - I THANK! I THANK YOU! It is important.
From heart.
Letter 133
My FAMILY HAS the BUSINESS And we GIVE to 1000 PEOPLE WORKPLACES And I render PEOPLE the NECESSARY SERVICE In ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT SPHERE. Me even invite in the international association of bookkeepers - IAPA based in 1979. You have not surprised me. WE FREE PEOPLE AND ONLY THEREFORE I HAD DESIRE TO GO TO SWITZERLAND. BECAUSE I HAVE FREEDOM AND I CAN LIVE IN ANY COUNTRY OF THE WORLD. Therefore I do not search for the rich man, my father is rich!
I search not for corporeal objects, I can interest only NOT material!!!! I one of 1.000.000. THERE CAN BE YOU HAVE NOT UNDERSTOOD.
Letter 134

And I SIMPLY ask from you assistance, assistance. Unless it is a moral crime?! Unless it is a sin?
I want to leave for the sake of you ALL native and to exchange ALL the native for you both to leave all former and to go to you, with hope fortunately with you in Switzerland. Unless I have not the right to ask assistance? Unless I am not worthy the ticket aboard the plane?? My agency gives me all maximum discounts. Your madwoman Olesia. The madwoman from love, from you. I lose all for the sake of you. I lose all for the sake of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unless I am not worthy your assistance? Find in google a musical composition "Postiljonen - Help", listen. It inspires me!
I LOVE YOU! (Has wiped tears)
Letter 135
Speech not about money, though...
The first you do not struggle for me, and the second you offend me.
It is thinking of the child, the schoolboy. FOR ME MONEY IS NOT IMPORTANT. FOR ME YOUR RELATION TO ME IS IMPORTANT.
WITHOUT LOVE THERE IS NO SENSE TO GO TO GENEVA. You do not want me on the present, you do not want to endow than so I am not necessary to you.
Then what for to me to go to you when I am not necessary to you? I will not accept money from your friend, I WILL ACCEPT MEANS ONLY FROM YOU! From you. The father WILL FINANCE LIFE of my FUTURE HUSBAND, ITS NATIVE And RELATIVES.
I had to you the most serious plan!
Without the plan I would not want to go to you. My father has pledged me a word and only after that I began to search for the foreigner for family creation. THEREFORE my APPROACH To the MAN VERY SERIOUS! Make though that that you to comfort my father and to convince him to trust you. If you knew - as you can live with me. If you knew beforehand!.... (The head strongly is ill, I suffer, I do not drink a tablet)
Letter 136
Whether you are married that? I 10000 times spoke - to you still any foreigner have not arrived to me. Because I not the whore and I do not receive foreigners in the house.
The first meeting at you in the house - and if to me ponravitsja - I bring THERE the LOVE!
I live on such concepts (to it I was taught by my mum and my grandmother. Or you want to argue with principles of my mum and my grandmother?!). My mum and my grandmother has taught me - the man should achieve the woman. The man should suffer what or losses and to go on a victim for the sake of the woman, for the sake of a rose with thorns. And the woman should make the hero happy throughout all life!
And who you?
Letter 137
Never met weak men and me not to take in a roundabout way. Here oligarchs try to catch me, I do not think that you can compete to them! :)))).
I cannot be purchased! And your money, my father the oligarch is not necessary to me! You see my clothes, my appearance. One my lipstick costs 400$! Your copecks are not necessary to me!
But I was pleasant to you beautiful? If I looked as the vagabond, you would not began to love me. So?
Therefore I spend for myself from 2000$ every month, these are expensive a cream. Shampoos, vitamins and subscriptions in sports clubs.
AND I DO NOT SEARCH FOR THE SPONSOR. And I never will give myself to the rascal and the weakling.
If you do not want to prove the interest in me - leave.
Your money is not necessary to me, I need the RELATION! And at you it is not present.
Persuade me to go to you while who that another has not stolen me at you! ;)). Interested persons much, believe. My grandmother to me has told that the real man should solve puzzle, he should be able to solve tasks itself, and the woman should make its happy. But not on the contrary. My father the oligarch, it prohibits to me to meet girlfriends and with friends.
BUT YOU WILL NOT NEED WHAT! I WILL give YOU MANY MONEY! To me only the nobility, whether there will be you true to me.
It is necessary for me only one - fidelity, it is more than anything.
Letter 138
Probably this only thing that I can tell now.
This only thing that I can tell now. I simply trust you.
And only belief in you I want to go to you and to be given to you. Only belief. Not logic.
Not mind. Only belief. Accept me belief and make that that should. I do not keep YOU WAITING.
Letter 139
I write through phone because I can not hold that that climbs outside.
Now I work, I will return to mail through a pair of clocks. I want to see from you the answer Phil.
Time a dinner, I cook pelmeni. In Switzerland there is no such dish, means at me there will be a chance than you to surprise! ;)
Phil, I will check your mail through a pair of clocks. I want to write you news. What occurs in me now? As fire and water. Calmness and a panic.))). As it is important to know that in the world there is a man who loves, wants, knows only you.... Also that in it - sense, in it an essence, and in it the reason to give itself all all......, to a droplet of. As it is important to know that all its prayers - about that you lived more happily, best. That he forgives all your insults, and he rejoices for your success.... As it when to you it is not slept when the soul is ill in you is necessary..... It suffers everything though, happens, is angry. But all the same to you one hastening. As it is important to know that it cherishes you that all your problems will permit.... And how he, will regret nobody. And heart it to your soul hastens! Here that boils in a shower... Simply, this simple note to you testifies to much!
Happens nothing superfluous! Write Phil. And I when will open mail I will see from you the letter....
Letter 140
Mine Phil, it is improbably pleasant to read your letters. Because here here I will see all the eyes! I will feel air smell in Switzerland. Even most it is ridiculous from that that I have written to you. Air smell in Switzerland. And unless air has a smell? Is. :))). It we inspire to ourselves good air or not. :). And though there is a close air and there is an easy. There is a damp climate and there is a dry. In Switzerland what a climate in the summer and in what winter? Phil, after Russia, after 35 degrees of a frost in the winter and after 35 degrees of a heat in the summer any cataclysms it is nothing me! :)).
THANKS you for letters... Your life. I very much wanted to see in your letters what or economic affairs. As you solve what or tasks, than that is occupied or even solve what or scrapes. :). TOMORROW THERE WILL BE A WORKING DAY. I LEARN ALL CONCERNING MY ROUND TO YOU.
Today in Russia not the working day. Today on May, 1st, day of workers. Us have obliged to pass on the central street. Phil, in Russia all organisations and all workers are obliged to pass such law - in a march on the central street and to put the signature about that that you participated in a march, differently there will be a punishment. But I a free bird and my colleagues free birds, but for the organisation we participated in a march what not to substitute them... Then I have gone to mum, we have made meat for a shish kebab and have gone on a summer residence for a city. Here so has passed day. Today nobody works. All drink vodka, walk and have a rest. And weather just by the way.
A little I smell as a fire, now specially I will lie down in a bath and I will unlock. The shish kebab was successful. In Switzerland do a shish kebab? Meat on a sword. Probably in Switzerland do a beefsteak on corners, in the big metal flask. I saw as that in photos at forums...
By the way Phil and why in Switzerland it is fashionable to eat meat with blood? It is strange. I saw at cinema as the woman has ordered at officially meat with blood. It unless is useful? The half-baked. There can be I that has not understood that...
That that relations between America and Russia all strain and strain, and already Europe clashes both with America and with Russia and all because of that that Putin has torn off a part of Ukraine to itself. I a little that understand in the politician. But today Putin appeared on television also it in perplexity for what the whole world has become angry to Russia. What speak in Switzerland about Putin? Phil, what your opinion on the politician now? What do you think?
The main thing that usual citizens would not suffer.
To us till now cannot translate means from Ukraine and in banks tell it because of sanctions. Strange. All right. Phil, I want to dance with you... Mood such class in a shower. Plays radio Relax Fm. Such class mood. Because there is a future!! Because there is a sense of everything because there is a hope. I want to dance with you.
You are able to twirl me? You are able to lead the girl in dance? You have a familiar choreographer which will teach us a little? Phil, you mine and I yours. What you would not be - you mine. What I would not be - I yours. If you understood SENSE of these words.
And here hold my letter now, not finished...
If you knew sense of these words.
Also there would be no such who loved you as I. It is STABILITY! Answer as you will read this note.
I will open mail early in the morning. (I will take a bath and I want to watch a film) My mum has told today: Relations - they as the ship. If maintain a small storm, that is the sense to float in the high sea!.
Letter 141
Mum has left on a summer residence, and to me to go behind it. You as there?? I hear beautiful beautiful music in ears. I want to find time and to copy words of a song and to send to you. Improbable words in the song text! Phil as I am glad to "escape" from everything, to sit down to table and open easy mail what to see from you the answer. And to write you news.
Phil - I LIKE SUCH LIFE! I LIKE to THINK Of YOU! It is pleasant to me WORRIES And to WORRY. I LIKE to LIVE IN HOPE. And I LIKE to go To YOU. I LIKE to WORRY WHEN I WILL enter TO the Earth AFTER the PLANE And I WILL look around at YOU At the AIRPORT! In WHAT YOU WILL be to the SHIRT? In WHAT TROUSERS? What at you will be footwear? And CAN be In SHORTS. And CAN be In the T-SHIRT. Not important. The main thing that on your person there would be a THIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thirst waits for me!!!! Thirst waits for me! I go to thirst! Here where I go. Me expects thirst. You have bribed me thirst! Thirst is deficit. Thirst is all.
You feel my agony Phil?? You are granted me by the Universe, destiny. You are granted me. I feel with YOU the world and comfort in heart, it as though intuition. Why has written you it? Strong words. You from destiny. I do not want to feel again those old feelings of loneliness and treachery that were in my life. And you forget last and old life. With you I feel as in the life, as in the plate! You too feel the such? If we with you curtail (and we never will curtail) on the right or on the left from a way we will feel discomfort! And after strong discomfort. We cannot the friend without the friend any more. You will not be happy without me, and I without you. This strong statement. Simply read yesterday, read the diary. It is a strong piece a diary. And I will finish it in Switzerland and we will begin already new book. We will purchase in Switzerland the new thick daily log and we will bring new and new mites of our everyday life. I will not be tired to repeat to you - what you has not given to me, I will give to you more!. You will present to me improbable feelings to a pain, and I to you confidence and fidelity!... You will open doors of the rooms, and I will give a cosiness in them... You will present the smile, and I the heart... The woman multiplies all Phil, and increases... But also to "take offence" I also I am able... (The JOKE!). Unique over what I am not subject it your habits......, you will get used to me. About as you will get used.
I will teach you to be happy and to enjoy in each morning and each beam of the sun morning falling on your cheek (at you a room window on rising or on sunset? (Not strongly important). What happiness - each instant with you.... Alone...
I will teach you me to want... blissfully, to a pain... That, without touching, me to own … And to feel, how I am complete you....
an an an an a now that's something like it, now I write about love and has remembered that in the beginning in the beginning in the beginning the letter I wanted to CONGRATULATE you on a holiday of all enamoured! With a holiday in the afternoon of sacred Valentine. With a holiday of the enamoured. I am enamoured. I am enamoured. I am enamoured! And the end of my love - the beginning only, start will be in Switzerland and it will be only the beginning.
It is love or while it is simple feelings? How to learn what is it?
And you? M of m of m of m of m of m Today I need to allocate 5 hours for work despite the day off, I see the volume, all have charged with all me. Has saved up very many papers, I would like to make work volume beforehand what easy to spend time with you.
How you slept today? What you will do in the evening? Than you are occupied now? All I want to know.... I very much ask you write all all and even that you consider superfluous. But for me nothing superfluous. I know, you will read this letter and at once will write the answer. I will wait.
With impatience.
I will wait. PS I want to make what be a beautiful photo if it is possible... ;) With love and with all my heart, your beloved on all life - Olesia.
To the beloved Phil! I look forward to hearing. ;)
Letter 142
In the morning was in agency. Have chosen flight to Geneva on Wednesday. On May, 7th. Is better to leave to you before holidays. In Geneva celebrate day of a victory on May, 9th? I do not know. But is better to depart to me in Geneva till May, 9th. All has learnt. Make decision to "risk". I live 1 time in life and it is better to try that or forbidden, than then to feel sorry for all life that that that has not made.
The fact.
Hold the data of my mum for western union if it is necessary I can give the data of the father. The surname of my family does not change. But is better make transfer into mum. So it is better.
Surname: Koftun
Name: Valentina
Bazhov's street, 72-10, Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk area
Index: 620000
IFTS code of residence: 5428
Insurance: GNV02 90002 Evening. Soon to sleep. I want to fill up balance of phone and to call to you. In the country holidays. Today there was a first working day...
THANKS you also for your letters. Write more. All right?
Floor of day has stayed on a summer residence. The girlfriend has a country site, have spent there time. Helped to put saplings. Phil, in Russia people have a custom - to lead the kitchen garden, a garden. The Earth for example 6 hundred parts and on it people grow up own vegetables and fruit. Earlier people put a potato, and now have understood that it not favourably. The Koloradsky bug eats leaves, the plant louse eats a crop, and the prices in shops on a potato much more cheaply than to put in it the back-breaking toil. But you represent Phil still there are people which grow up the potato. You when be hands put a potato? What did you put the hands besides colours?
Being small I remember, my grandfather has planted once a potato on the Japanese method, it was very interesting. It has dug a hole and filled there a potato bucket! You represent! On Japanese custom there should grow A LOT OF potato in the autumn. All of us waited for autumn. The tops of vegetable from a potato was very big and all of us expected this experiment improbable result! All neighbours only also spoke about my grandfather which has planted a potato on the Japanese method. But you represent, in the autumn there it has appeared a crop exactly so much how many we have planted in the beginning. We have dug out a potato bucket. But my grandfather has inspired all has been lost nothing! :)))). But sense was not to do such experiment more. And since then I always had a question without the answer how Japanese put a potato if their method is impossible?! :)).
At my friend we put a strawberry, cucumbers, tomatoes, have made the hands a hothouse. To work in the open air it is improbable! And then we has made a dinner. In the open air even canned food will be as a delicacy! Yes.....
Here my day was such. Thanks you big for your letter. Write even more. Write all. All right? Now in Russia the song is very fashionable, I listen to it and at me tears flow. This song reminds us. There words are the good. Namely a refrain:
"You know about me everything that it is possible to know
You know about me everything that can know
Only you
You know I can begin all anew
Only with you ".
Improbable words. Improbable words.
You know all about me Phil. You know. With me you will begin NEW life. With me. Hold the text translated into English, hold video a roller. Phil, I want to you. It is more than anything to me it is not necessary. At all of us it has turned out now. A shiver for excitement.
Answer. I want to open mail before a dream. "From time to time I think of us
To stick itself with times
My heart fights time at an o'clock
I am very sick, in other words
It on a floor fingers in silence
I behind it, but am less quick
I am surprised to that that I breathe
One air with it also I remain sober Refrain:
You know about me everything that it is possible to know
You know about me everything that can know
Only you
You know I can begin all anew
Only with you In loneliness of the forgotten pictures
Put on brick walls
I am unsteady this night one
Understanding system malfunctions
Warming up sides of megacities of the rivers
I inhale a midnight icy cold
My heart passes to run
When you I so long do not see Refrain:
You know about me everything that it is possible to know
You know about me everything that can know
Only you
You know I can begin all anew
Only with you You my decline, you my dawn
Without you I actually was not present
I with you, I am again live
You my decline, you my dawn
It is music ours with you a secret
Time a dust, without you is not present me Refrain:
You know about me everything that it is possible to know
You know about me everything that can know
Only you
You know I can begin all anew
Only with you ".
Letter 143
I have opened to you on 200 %.
I wait now from you for the information! Yesterday in the morning has visited church. Villages on a bench also were listened by the sermon of the preacher. It is a little places where it is possible to reflect on life, that will learn that, to be better.
I have made at myself record in a notebook, I will transfer you the thoughts. I much that have added from myself, I will transfer you the thoughts.
Phil, the self-confidence, belief in the near is necessary. There will be storm and only own belief and capability to solve tasks, to put puzzle will make us champions.
You the man capable to solve a task. You very wise and consequently at me are boldness. To go in Switzerland, it is boldness, agree with me. Three things should not be lost: calmness, hope, honour.
Three things in life are most valuable: love, belief, trust.
Three things destroy the person: wine, arrogance, a rage.
Three things it is the most difficult to tell: I love you, forgive, help me.
Letter 144
Good morning Phil! Good morning! I know that probably you read this note not in absolutely morning, and is possible in a current of day, but let always when I address to you and let always when I will kiss you in Switzerland between us there will be a morning! The present morning! Morning! When all it is possible to make a fresh start.
My mum transfers you greetings, she already asks me about you more than about me.)). To me to be jealous?! You as today? I will return to the letter..... Now simply I want to wish you good morning. And so it would be desirable to reach you and to kiss...... Or to wait when you for me you will kiss! m m m m m m.
Phil, what to you to write this morning after perusal of your letter?! What to answer you?! My name - Olesia, surname Kovtun. My mum Valentine, my father Alexander, my grandfather Ivan.
Do transfer addressed to my mum. I have submitted documents on round registration to Switzerland. They need 3-4 days for registration of round and it need to be made payment.
I wait.
I always searched for the one who names me beautiful, sexual who will call back when I will hang up... I always waited for the one who will hold me by the hand before the friends who will constantly remind as to it has carried, with me!
Always waited for the one who will break the plans at any moment to be free for the girlfriend. Instead of to lead the life and to enter it free minutes.
You it. ))). Phil and I such. I would break all plans what to go to you in Switzerland. I would break all plans what to lead the present main life, what to breathe, what to live. And what such to "live"? It is in a proper place with the necessary people! And still to have energy inside, feeling of completeness, pleasure from it. All right... Now I will write again to you the letter two hours, and after all I would open mail for 5 minutes what to write you a short note. Wait the letter. PS your future is stable! Because you have all. With me you have all. We will start to live! To "live". But without me you do not live yet. Consider.)). You yet do not know life, you do not know still that such to wake up in the morning and you are waited by a tasty breakfast......, and I invite you to kitchen in beautiful linen. And only morning will begin with it at you!
How to you such plan? And I on what can count? m m m m m your naked torso would impress!
So so so..... I send you a note more likely what not to write that that superfluous)))
Letter 145
Mine Phil. I am in the underground.... I like to move quickly.
Simply I want to write you on mail thought. Thought on that that I love, thought on that that I miss, thought on that that you are necessary to me and thought on that that I became YOUR PRODUCT!
I became result of your thoughts. I became result of your desire. I became result, a product of your production.
More other thoughts are not present.
I became yours. I want in Switzerland.
Wait from me for news and the letter after a dinner. Now simply I want to report to you - I LOVE! Yours Olesia After a dinner I will open mail and I will see your letters.
Letter 146
Thanks you for the letter. Thanks for your effort. Tomorrow I will go to bank and I learn all about transfers. Tomorrow I learn all. You is right. Our president goes mad. It is rumored that he wants to take away Alaska and China. What Alaska and China were considered as Russia. I will write to you tomorrow. Till a dinner. GIVE me the CULINARY SITE of Switzerland. I WANT to LEARN NEW RECIPES.... Well?
Letter 147
Phil, I welcome you! I miss! Madly. Already your letter as bread and water, as meal. I represent as we will be stuck to each other in Switzerland! :). As strongly we will be stuck to each other in Switzerland. You cannot without me. :). Phil, and I cannot without you any more. I am afraid and rejoice. Kind fear, simply fear before the unknown. And simply I take you belief. Simply I accept you belief. To live belief favourably and safely. With belief it is possible to overcome any storm and to reach any purposes. Agree with me?
I simply trust that we will be pleasant each other..... But what such love also what such belief? The belief does all and even if that it does not arrange that overturns all to the best. :).
Phil, we with you move events! Even when life shows on the contrary, we with you administer over life, instead of life us administers. That's it you have taught me to it!
We live with you under the scenario, under the plan!
Road of love - road of calls. I was connected to you not on promises and not on comfort, and on your spirit. Your energy which is not present in Russia. All the same to me what comfort in Switzerland, not important, I will create itself comfort. I will make for you paradise! I was connected on deficit, deficit of belief. You the person of high spirit and here I store it in myself and here it I wait from you always. Now I have written you that else never wrote to you to lives. I wrote it on pages of the diary, but now I want to tell and you Phil. It BEFORE my ARRIVAL to you! When it is possible, it is possible for you to write it.
I live now as if I already with you! My arrival in Switzerland accurately corresponds to my inwardness. My arrival to you it not that that new, is rate. And my soul feels complete harmony from it. You represent?! Certainly Phil, my arrival to you is extraordinary disturbing. Extraordinary I worry and extraordinary I rejoice.... Simultaneously the courageous and simultaneous I worry.
But courageous. Listening I am torn to nobody forward!
You got to cases when where that were late?! When you are late - run and probably push and touch whom that casually, and all before you part and disperse, because you have the purpose! Only the purpose gives boldness! Having passed easy you would not dare to push passing by people but when you have the purpose.... Another matter.
I do not know why I write you today such thoughts. Yesterday I could not write to you, my badge wi-fi showed a red cross. And neighbours have established the password on the Internet. I hardly hardly have had a little cry, but took myself in hands. Today I will fill up balance of the Internet and I will have houses access to the Internet. Now I write to you in shopping centre, after I will work, I will go to 3 instances with papers and I will sit down there approximately at 3 o'clock. In these of day I accurately and competently work, I do not afford errors what to leave in Switzerland quiet. What not to leave after itself traces of errors. You as today? I WAITED FROM YOU for the LETTER And I ASSUMED FROM YOU SOME LETTERS, I ASSUMED to SEE FROM YOU WEIGHT of NEWS. Very much waited.. Because of fight on Ukraine, at the father to undertake and sisters), he began not to love Americans and foreigners. Because on television speak that fight in Ukraine was organised by Americans. It is just necessary for me to you. It is just necessary for me, it is necessary to you more likely.
Be fair with me. Do not hesitate! I swear to you I cannot wait more the love Internet, differently me who that will break another and will taste my smell. Do not hesitate.
WHEN I WILL ARRIVE TO YOU - YOU WILL NOT WORK, BECAUSE I HAVE WORK AND PLUS I WILL LEASE THE APARTMENT MOSKOVSKU AND WE CAN LIVE. 5000$ THE MONTHLY INCOME WILL SUFFICE US????. And if by and large, Phil executed purpose influences our self-estimation. After all agree with me!? You do not represent as I want to see you, and it will give me so much force and self-estimations. Mission which needs to be executed! Not to be the silly woman and not be the fool. We do not presume to ourselves such luxury what to be lonely. We do not presume to ourselves such luxury what to be the silly woman and to be the fool. Before native, before friends, before by itself. Certainly, we should not depend on opinion of people and we do not need to live for opinion of other people, but we too do not need to be the fool and the silly woman!
So the executed purpose influences our self-estimation! Remember - Phil, the best in Switzerland! A name Phil learn all! A name Phil will know all. Will know that Phil has achieved the maximum success and the best. Because I will create for you such comfort and such life about which you dreamt! The fact!!! Here one hour with you as 5 minutes. My words to you flow like water. It with all the heart, it from spirit.
Whether you understand me?
Hold my sincere note to you. And I feel that that that does not suffice...... I know that. You will ETERNALLY feel hunger on my kiss! And I will eternally feel hunger. The fact. Therefore this blank is eliminated! Phil, ETERNAL HUNGER will leave. And ONCE YOU WILL tell to the FRIENDS: "Left the house without its kiss - as if has not had breakfast". Here your gratitude to me! Here it will be an award!
My mission - "What if you will leave the house without my kiss is as though have not had breakfast!!!!". How to you such plan?????
WHAT DO YOU DO WITH me???? Read some times my letter, it from the spirit. Urgently answer! Immediately answer.
Your insatiable Olesia! I will receive saturation already in your hands! All another I do not welcome!
I want to you.
URGENTLY. Yours Olesia!
Letter 148
Mine Phil, I welcome you! Evening, almost darkens. In how many now in Switzerland the sun sits down? What moon on size? What colour? I saw the moon grey and saw the moon such big and red colour that such happens seldom.
I think of our first evening in Switzerland. We find on foot probably so much kilometres! Truth? Only on foot. Or on bicycles. You did not tell me - how many at you bicycles? Your friends can give you on hire bicycles?
Today holidays, the country marks a holiday, all people leave on the nature, fry shish kebabs.
In two hours I need to go for mum of my friend for a city. Road I do not know, but they have given me some signs on which it is necessary to be guided... They have asked me because I do not accept alcohol, their car it is necessary for whom to lead that. I will carry. On all city at all crossroads of a city there are employees police and almost all drivers are checked.
Can be with me are on friendly terms because of the mercenary purposes, because of that that I do not drink?! I joke.
You as today?
THANKS YOU FOR THE LETTER. I WAITED FOR YOUR LETTER! I live in Ural Mountains, at us nearby some cities, I sometimes go there and now I follow 200 km from a city.
As to transfer - why you cannot do pass? You did bad affairs in Switzerland, you did crimes and you block? You whom that offended? You had problems with police? You cannot use bank? I do not think that you the criminal. This what that misunderstanding. Ask the friend to help you.
Find Money Gram - I WILL tell to YOU DIRECTLY - to me YOUR BODY is not necessary, any body soon will be old.
My position not to change and only thanks to this position I am true to you throughout long time and I will be true throughout 300 years! On the earth and in the sky. FINISH the MISSION And TRANSFER me the BATON, I AM necessary to YOU.
Listen Phil, I was tired to switch musical compositions to radio, all not that, not those musical reproduction, music on radio has absolutely deteriorated.
What you listen more often to radio? Or you listen to musical compositions? And what film looked without me?
Oh, Phil, Phil, here I will arrive to you and we will see enough with you films, we will be developed at the nights on foot through all city, and we will necessarily kiss!
Oh, Phil, Phil, yesterday I so have strongly given vent to you to a soul. Yesterday I so have strongly opened to you.
You liked my yesterday's letter? Mission which needs to be executed! You hungry!))). I think till now over the yesterday's text: "Left the house without its kiss - as if has not had breakfast". :). Here so should be!!! Phil, I will smear on bread oil, I will smear on bread honey.... I will eat.... But before it I will try salad Caesar with a hen, with the sauce. Only he has not had time to be cooled, and warm it not such tasty. :) and from it it will want to drink, it dries.... But tasty! So I will take with myself a water bottle when I will go for mum of the girlfriend. Hold my note. Tell as at you news. PLEASE! I WANT To YOU! Hold my note write more likely the answer.
Thanks. Yours Olesia! Phil+Olesia=LOVE!!!!! ;)
Letter 149

The day before yesterday my father has received means from New York. ANY SANCTIONS. ALL is pure. Today has heard conversation of two women. One another told at whom what children. And both bragged and wanted to surpass each other. It was natural, but in relation to them it was so silly.
If the person is assured of the child that there is no sense to whom that that that to prove.
I have understood analogy to us. :). Each mother and the father think that their children the best. Each parent in this plan is identical, because it is them PERSONALLY. It is their property! Their this child. He/she is their child. It would be strange, if what that mother walked with the child along the street and if who that of passers-by laughs over its child saying that it not beautiful mother would not began to justify or hesitate of the child. After all so?! Any mother will pass simply by and even attention will not turn. Because it is their child! He/she is their own child!
As well in love. If I yours - you cannot refuse me if I yours - you protect me.
As well into the account me and I show you the fidelity and adherence throughout long time. The fact. In it all secret.
Letter 150
The father performs the international project, on deliveries of fertilizer DAP in the USA and to India. It is the long-term project, they already constitute the transaction on an extent a floor of year. To the father money pays. American bank cards do not work in Russia. Them simply block. And Russian do not want to deal with your cards. And we are not guilty of it!!!! Are not guilty!
I am not guilty that our presidents are at enmity! Do simply transfer, it is simple. SANCTIONS ON WESTERN UNION are not present.
IT IS SIMPLE. I TRY TO TRUST YOU. I have just called the father - the father have told that at system use western union it is necessary to specify that we with you near relations or close friends. Find the present department WESTERN UNION in the street, the present department in a city.
Make transfer either into the father or into mum. Alexander and Valentine. I DO NOT HAVE STEP BACK, I HAVE ALREADY BROUGHT IT 400$. IT IS MY PERSONAL CHOICE.
THEY CAN RETURN ME MONEY BACK, THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS. I can write much to you, but what it is possible to write briefly? - I want..... To Embrace. Not to release. To bury. To keep silent. To lay down nearby. To smile and a sight to study. To love. To appreciate. To kiss and value this to understand...
I wrote you these words some minutes. Wrote and erased. Has stopped on these words. Read them some times. To embrace. Not to release. To bury. To keep silent. To lay down nearby. To smile and a sight to study. To love. To appreciate. To kiss and value this to understand! Hold my note to you. Soon to sleep.....
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