Scam letter(s) from Olesya Koftum to Phil (Switzerland) part 4

Letter 151
Good morning Phil. At me the dream was, you lay over me in a hover and repeated my movements. Between us was approximately 50 I see In the sleep felt your heat and even a smell. And so all night long. Has woken up in the morning, as though did not sleep all night long..... You were so really close. This note to you in Switzerland through phone, simply. So since yesterday evening, having closed the eyes you was a number.
I not superstitious and I do not trust in dreams. But it is simply pleasant. Of what he thinks all the day long and about whom its thoughts are absorbed completely dreams the person. Hold my note to you. WAIT for my LETTER.
You also write. Urgently. I would will open the computer what to see from you notes! Very much I want to open the computer more likely. Yours Olesia
Letter 152
Good morning mine Phil. Urgently I go to shop and I will buy the charger for my laptop, cost approximately in 20$. I have casually left yesterday the charger in shopping centre, have left. And has then arrived, and there it is not present. Who from visitors has taken away my charger. A floor of hour of tears and I in rate.
In Switzerland who be would take away the charger? In Switzerland who would be would take away the another's?
I would trust that in Switzerland people SEARCHED for THAT the COMA to RETURN the charger.
But here... I will waste time and 20$ what to purchase the charger for my laptop. But me have told what exactly for my model of the laptop the special charger is necessary. I send you a note through phone that you would not worry!!!
I will find gymnastics, I will include the laptop, I will enter into mail, I will see your letters and I WILL write YOU the NEWS! Give to me some hours please! I love you and kiss you 10 times!!! (20 minutes ran in a jumpsuit round area, I feel myself excellently and we with you will run also in Switzerland So?!) I LOVE!
Yours Olesia
Letter 153
Mine Phil, I welcome you. Has purchased the charger for the laptop. There is it strong deficit in the country, even it is strange as that. At me the rare model of laptop "Acer", but seems to me at me the usual model purchased very for a long time. I use the computer only for work with documents, only for work with the programs on accounts departments and the most important thing for viewing of mail from Switzerland and what to write you the letter. And for this purpose it is enough to me to have that laptop which is now and it is not necessary any more. This morning to me have called from shop and have reported news that I would go to shop and took away the charger. So my laptop works! And still, I have two adapters, two sockets for an electricity in Switzerland. Because in Switzerland absolutely other sockets of a food to an electricity and I have provided all. At me two white plastic boxes so my laptop can work for you.
Well as you these days without me?
At Marina the grandmother at the age of 93 years has died. Her mother cries also to it support is simply necessary. All relatives prepared for such outcome, but it is always sad. But they believing people also understand that the person has not died. Her soul in heavens. All of us trust in it.
Holidays have ended, these days I met many girlfriends and clients of civil engineering firms and we always exchanged opinion on life and I SPOKE to ALL About YOU. I cannot hold anything in myself any more. Simply all conversations are reduced to one... I spoke to all about that that I will visit Switzerland, I will see you, I will see love, I will see true love. Who that supported me and who simply listened to that, but did not contradict.
At me the formula of life - for what we was born we live? What to eat to drink, for what? The person should have dream, strong dream in the life and it to reach. Here it I clung people. All spoke to me: "Olesia, you became another. You became another, at you clear eyes, you where that aspire also we to you we envy". Here that you have made with me. Phil, for me you and arrival to you as mission. And I will make it! We together will make it. But the most important, Phil one day with me will surpass all those days expectations that we waited each other. One day of life with me - will give you so much pleasure and happiness that you will tell to yourself: "lines poberi - I am happy", you will tell to yourself Phil "I be not sorry that waited for it, it was necessary to wait for it!". Phil, I will bring to you myself, financial stability (my apartments and real estate), and caress. That the woman I can give all I will give to you in 3 times more! Only here I am afraid my dishes to you can be not to taste.) ))). But you will teach me, to the dishes. All speak to me these days that people in Switzerland do not love Russian borsch. It is truth? Phil, Russian borsch prepared on a meat broth, very tasty. Here tell to me - you you eat the first dishes or the second is more often?
What do you eat more often?
Your mum cooked to your Russian borsch? You know that?
I will show to you what there should be a woman, I will show to you as you should live! The fact! Holidays have ended and I am free I can to go to you in Switzerland. ?????????
And the most interesting that my trip to you - is normal! That is I feel myself very comfortably. My person on 100 % would correspond to that what to pass this boundary, a jump. That is my person completely would correspond to that what to surprise you with itself in Switzerland!!! And here surprise you I can! And here than I will surprise you I will write to you in the following letter. Phil write! Write. Write. You are necessary to me. Your sincerely believing in you - Olesia! Simply sincerely. (I will re-read once again your last letters to me) kiss!
Letter 154

My friend has returned from the USA, she lived there with the man 3 years. She has told it there was a ****, It was there the *****. It did not have a opinion and it was there anybody and anybody, very rough relation.
She has told to me that knew in advance about it, its man did not respect her before a meeting, but she has simply thought that in the course of joint life that that will change and there will be that that better. But she was disappointed.
She asked me to review my relations with you. And to go to you only in that case - if I will be assured of you on 200 % in advance because there already will be late and you will not change.
I so thought always. I can make you happy. You only itself do not cut off a bough on which you sit. You only itself be not foolish. You only itself not to brake. YOU KNOW THAT I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH YOU! YOU KNOW!
Letter 155
My father has told to me - "Olesia remember, it is necessary to ask nothing from the real man, present men it is obliged all to make itself". And only at the real man the MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL! Near to you there will be just the same girl what you! Just the same what you are.
You want the best and courageous and kind? Be itself such.
I such. I am ready to jump in a precipice and to risk to go to the man what to love it. And I will be for the best.
Letter 156
Phil, I welcome you! How are you? I will go to agency, simply what to see them and to learn from them that that new. MONDAY the WORKING DAY, By 4 o'clock I WILL go To AGENCY! My friend have not opened Shengen the visa because before to open the visa of Shengen at it the hotel should be paid, return tickets are paid. And only for these dates it it is possible to put in the statement on opening of the visa of Shengen. As I with the father often flied to Europe, I have a visa of Shengen in the countries entered into the European union, I have a visa in the USA and to Canada. I can fly when I will want. At any time!!!!
But also here I solve the organizational matter, they wait for me by 4 o'clock. I will go and learn news. Also I will take with myself the girlfriend, let they will help it. I recommended to it not to be engaged in amateur performance and creativity, and to address in agency, to professionals. Because to my friend already in 4 times refuse the visa to Canada because she has told in embassy that it is waited there by the groom. The silly woman. Under no circumstances it is impossible to tell to embassy that that its man there waits, any trip should have the purpose or as excursion rest, or business departure. For this reason Phil I address in agency and for this reason I have a visa and for this reason I am quiet I can to move on the world! And thanks you for your assistance! Personally I will tell to you about the father. The father hopes. The father tries to trust. But terribly worries. The father has given a word, it will give me the bank card and by sms will tell me PIN a code from the card that I in Switzerland would live not on your money and for money of the father and helped you money! That you would understand who we and that you would understand - the father is ready to help you and to contain you!
Let's talk about all personally.
I WANT TO FILL UP BALANCE OF PHONE AND TO CALL TO YOU. I WANT TO HEAR YOUR VOICE. You as have conducted days off? I would wait for this hour what to open mail and to see from you the message. Very much waited for this minute.
You miss? Tell to me that you miss! Your letter should be impregnated by me and us, your excitement and hope. And here is how I worried yesterday and even have become sad also my friends have understood my grief. Yesterday we with girlfriends played the fool on a summer residence, bathed ***** in a bath. At the girlfriend a high fence so we could play the fool easy! There there is no Internet. And I worried. I wanted to come back home faster what to open mail and to see from you the message.
Phil, and in Switzerland there is such place where is not present and there will be no Internet? Here there it is necessary for us! It is necessary for us there where there will be no Internet and where there will be no even a mobile communication! And here there I want to be with you together!
I think also you you want! My father has told to me - "Olesia remember, it is necessary to ask nothing from the real man, present men it is obliged all to make itself". And only at the real man the MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL! Near to you there will be just the same girl what you! Just the same what you are.
You want the best and courageous and kind? Be itself such.
I such. I am ready to jump in a precipice and to risk to go to the man what to love it. And I will be for the best. The fact Write more likely that you want!!!
I want to fill up balance of phone and to call to you and still I want to see your answer. I love and kiss many times! ;) I look forward to hearing. Yours on the present loving you - Olesia!
Letter 157
Greetings Phil. Simply I speak to you - I MISS!
Watch my letter. Through a pair of clocks I will enter into the Internet and I will write you news.
Now my words to you - I MISS!!!!!
Only dare not to miss me!? (Joke). Simply I miss... I send a note through phone, I will open mail through a pair of clocks. Phil+Olesia=LOVE!
Letter 158
Mine Phil, I connect today the mobile Internet through Flash the modem. And by the evening I will have an Internet, to a smog easy to write to you. Also I want to report to you the news and I will please you.
I write you this note through phone and if fairly - I THIRST. THIRST of YOUR LETTERS And I HOPE to FIND FROM YOU NOT ONE And SEVERAL LETTERS And to SIT down At the COMPUTER AT TWO o'clock WHAT to READ YOUR LETTERS, to read love letters from Switzerland. I look forward to hearing also you wait for my letter. Your the best and loved Olesia! PS Phil+Olesia = THE FAMILY!
Letter 159
Phil, mobile mail what that strange tried to read your letters through phone, very difficultly. I will wait when I will open mail from the house, through the laptop, has for this purpose purchased Flash we can and has paid balance. I miss! It is the second note for you. Still I want to look at sites Switzerland, weather sites in Switzerland.... I want to you. And even if weather in Switzerland will be awful, I want to you, in your warm hands, there in your hands a climate ideal!
You - ideal micro a climate!
Well and I too.... Hold a note!
Letter 160
Phil, mobile mail what that strange tried to read your letters through phone, very difficultly. I will wait when I will open mail from the house, through the laptop, has for this purpose purchased Flash we can and has paid balance. I miss! It is the second note for you. Still I want to look at sites Switzerland, weather sites in Switzerland.... I want to you. And even if weather in Switzerland will be awful, I want to you, in your warm hands, there in your hands a climate ideal!
You - ideal micro a climate!
Well and I too....
Letter 161
Mine Phil, I welcome you! Evening and at me is the Internet. On my head white ear-phones, music pleasantly enters into ears and the text itself flows to you the river. The text from heart. I give out you that that saved some days at myself inside. I write you Phil not the text, and soul. To describe soul, colour of soul, a state of mind, its mood. And there can be a mood of heart. Experience of heart and its knock. Once you will put the palm on my heart! m m m m m m. You seem to me will ask still additives! ;)).
Phil, I want to call to you, I want to hear your voice.
THANKS you for your letters. Not important that you have written, it is important that from heart. You write from heart? When write from heart it is wild letters, very wild and unrestrained letters!
THANKS you for your letters. Before to write to you I about an hour sat and read your letters, then drank tea with chocolate and undertook to write, but erased and again wrote. Such at me seldom happens. But now break. I postpone mind and I write heart and it seems to me here here now it turns out.
Phil, today on May, 21st, by the way my favourite number 21. How many still to wait for result? How many still to wait for our meeting?
I want to you. Seriously. I very much want result. Give together together we will purchase round in Switzerland. Ahead of any pauses, any pauses and holidays. I have not understood you a little. If you have made transfer give me a receipt copy, I will ask mum what it has gone to bank. You have made transfer into my father or into my mum? THANKS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can depart to you in 3-4 days after last registration of round. My visa and the passport is perfectly in order. I am quiet. I want to be at you in 3 days after round registration. Today on May, 21st, and by May, 25th I can be at you. I WILL return YOU ALL YOURS!
When in Switzerland the summer begins?
Phil, the love - is a live organism. Phil, love live. Hear me. Love it as a live organism. And it is necessary for love it will be pleasant! The love needs to be pleasant! And then it will open all doors and will present us with such pleasure about which we only could dream. The fact.
Whether you understand me?! Ours With YOU RELATIONS - are not casual! Understand you - it is a live organism. I have understood for a long time already that you and I we are not casual. We are given each other for happiness. How I have specified? - Because it is difficult. Because were in the obstacle past. And now a green traffic light. But there were obstacles and you have not broken!
Phil, I will feed you all life! Hear me! I WILL FEED YOU ALL LIFE! The CARESS, TENDERNESS, the BODY And GENEROSITY of SOUL! You will be full all life! That that will be till May, 25th it will feed you all life! I should arrive to you by May, 25th and I will feed you all life! There is a moral, sincere and spiritual hunger, besides the material. I will give to you both that and another! Your soul will be full also your body will be in comfort! To hear me! Phil, in the underground the casual book has got to me. I went to the underground and have seen before myself the book. The girl standing near to me read the book. I have slantwise looked that she read. And there there was a phrase! I had to apologise before it and quickly to get acquainted with it. I have urgently photographed the book! I have photographed book page! Yellow old pages. It was the book - Mark Avrielja's diary. The girl read the unusual book - of thought of Mark Avrielja. Phil, I was in the fullness of time, in due time with the necessary person and my look has fallen in a proper place. Through it I see that ours with you relations are not casual. They live. You understand? We with you build live love. Certainly, I exaggerate. Certainly I normal, simply essence.
But I want to share with you thoughts from the book:
"Remember, how many time you postpone and ask a delay from gods, without having used chance. But after all it is necessary you to realise eventually whom you you are and to what world you belong. You should realise that the limit of time of your life and if you do not use this time for the mission is put, it will disappear, and more will not return any more.
Always jealously care that you would put which you perform at present, to perform as to adequately Roman and the person, with complete sincerity and gravity, with love to people, with freedom and justice, overcoming obstacles. The last will be possible to you if you perform it as the last in the life, free from any hypocrisy and self-love. You see as requirements are not numerous, performing which, everyone can lead blissful and divine life. And gods from the one who perform these requirements, will not demand anything else." Phil, really Mark Avriel endured that that I worry?! What is spiritual. Mission. Something is more than simply acts. That that is more.
Phil, my arrival to you it that that more than is simple. I will feed you and your native all life. Caress, heat, tenderness and care.
It is my mission.
Please let's meet in 4 days in Switzerland, I will arrive and that will begin that should begin! Already people in the underground through books give me signs and give a signal! (Joke), but if seriously - love - it live. Phil, love it live and you were pleasant to it. And how to learn that you it was pleasant to love? You were pleasant to the girl, you were pleasant to me and I will bring to you a love and reciprocity fountain!!! Nearby an hour and a half I write you the thoughts that saved these days.
I want result. I want to arrive to you and to be with you.
I look forward to hearing. Urgently. Once again I will read your letters and I will look forward to hearing. Through a pair of clocks to sleep.... I Will open mail in the morning.
I love you such what you is now! And here it already I will tell to you personally! PERSONALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phil, hold my note to you.
From the big heart for you! Your sincere Olesia!
Phil+Olesia = THE FAMILY! Urgently I look forward to hearing. PS I want to THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANKS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 162
Mine Phil, time almost night. Almost a dream. Almost rest. But the alarm overcomes me. Good alarm. The alarm is sometimes necessary! Good it is the enemy of the best! Sometimes because of that that to people well - they miss the best! To us with you it is not good and consequently we search for the best! We search for the best in embraces with the friend the friend! :).
Phil, well here already it is necessary to write nothing after these words... Already all has written. The main thing. As has quickly found proper words, without thinking has expressed the state of mind. To me it is not good one, and I want the best. With you!
So it would would be desirable that you some times have read the top lines. Some times that would hear! :). Hold my verse, I will tell to you harmoniously.
All the DAY long I REFLECT on you. About you Phil. And so it is healthy that to us badly! If to us it was good, we would not reach each other. The destiny specially turns out where that would upset what to construct that that best! The pain to good turns out!
Phil, THANKS YOU for all. My letter to you is gratitude. There are no words today more. My girlfriend has asked about you and has asked me a question.... I have told that you my beloved and more than the friend, as native. Then it has set to me a question - That you in it appreciate? I answered without thinking - I can tell to it everything, and it will not leave.
Phil you have understood!? You have understood who you for me?! You have understood? "I so want to live together with you,
To wake up in the morning at a dawn;
All troubles and pleasures to divide,
And to be happiest in this world. On days off to go to the cinema with you,
In park and to walk under snow.
That there was a house, the plaid, the window...
To be near to the most necessary person. I will see off you since morning,
To make a breakfast and to meet for a supper,
And a scarf to correct, when wind...
All because you are very necessary to me. I want for us a beautiful, cosy hall,
That all friends on Saturday gathered,
And can even is simple to be together,
Not to think about affairs and about work. I want, that spoke: "It mine",
And I only added silently "most".
I want to be a copy you,
Having embraced for a neck, you have said, I too ". I want to divide with you both day, and hour, and an instant.
That was both the friend, and the lover, and.......
That on any question the answer has arisen:
"All because you are very necessary to me!" What to tell?! Unless it is necessary still what words? I yours because you are hungry. Because to you it is bad, and I yours.
I will "feed" you all life! I know that the loving man will find 5 minutes everyone to hour to call or write favourite, instead of begins in 5 minutes of conversation for a day to explain that it does not have time. The loving man will make all for arrival to it the beloved, instead of begins to think out excuses. Through a floor of hour I will go to bed, hold my note. I will open mail in the morning. WRITE! Phil+Olesia = LOVE! I can not finish..... The letter.... I do not want to stop.... You have understood who you for me? To hear.
Letter 163
I have written the list of things which I want to take to you. I WILL send to YOU WELL?
Well? I will receive also means through mum and I will report to you. Well? I am am held only by one - I TRUST, I TRUST, I TRUST MYSELF THAT I CAN be the BEST FOR YOU! I FEEL MYSELF SELECTED, SELECTED FOR CLASS LOVE, FOR YOU! I CAN ANSWER ONLY FOR MYSELF, And I SIMPLY TRUST! I simply trust to myself. And it means I trust as you trust! If I trust - you mean also trust. If I can trust, you mean also can trust. I simply know that I can be good for you in Switzerland! I SIMPLY KNOW THAT it CAN be pleasant to YOU! I KNOW THAT I CAN be BEST OF the BEST. I can make that that you expect! I can make that is necessary.
And I trust. That is my belief to be transferred to you. It means also you trust. Here my note to you now. I WILL READ YOUR LETTER ONCE AGAIN APPROXIMATELY IN TWO HOURS. Has gone I will bring mum on a summer residence, I will plant it on an electric train and I will come back home. To it there on a summer residence it is very good. Phil I love you! I love quiet, active, such what you now! Yours FOR EVER Olesia!
Letter 164
Mine Phil, today or tomorrow morning I want to forget all and all and to SIT down ON the ARMCHAIR, Both to READ AND READ YOUR LETTER And to WRITE YOU NEWS!!!!
You main and are most important anybody are not present you!
WHERE YOU?????????????????
In the morning has visited church, has listened to the sermon of the preacher, and has presented to children fruit. To me the desire to purchase to children fruit has come and to give to children's service. I know that go to church as simple citizens, and very men of means of a city and anybody from them does not need meal, but it was simple my personal relation to them, simply gesture of good will.
As went on the river with girlfriends and we five together bathed about 1 hour per the river. Sunbathed a little..., but to us have not given :)). We have found a wild place and consequently lapped stark *****, but then we have seen 4 ***** men standing in canes and one of them was secretly looking at us. Phil, we were covered by such terrible fear both simultaneously shout and simultaneously that that interesting, all it was for seconds.... I did not want to write you such details, but same was so unusually..... What has moved its such very courageous and wild step? Certainly all of us have cried chorus and have run to coast, have seized the things and have gone in crowded a place.
Why I then have thought of you.
You know why...... How you live without the woman these days? Such question cannot be set each other now, but..... YOU SEEM to me WILL tear me ON the PART And YOU SEEM to me WILL tear ALL WASH the DRESS And ALL WASH LINEN WHICH WILL be ON me!? M of m of m of m of m of m. So to me to dress on itself in the first day that cheap what not be a pity was?!
What do I write to you now?! About it it is impossible to write.... But.... Phil, I want to go for mum on a summer residence, and to FORGET ALL And ALL And is simple In CALM to READ YOUR LETTERS And to THINK Of us........... You do not stop, write. I wait also for comments. Have agreed?! Phil, I want a wild place in Switzerland, a wild beach that there would be IN GENERAL nobody, only you and I! SEARCH!!!! ;) I look forward to hearing.
Letter 165
Mine Phil I welcome you! At me evening. THANKS you for the letter. I have read your letter about two hours back, then not at once began to write, have a little thought and here now after two hours I write to you. About as I am glad to "escape" from everything, to sit down to table and open easy mail and once again to read your thoughts. Thoughts from the man which loves me.
You are granted me.... Phil, what you think when I write you such words? What do you think? I hope that they do not pass by, and remain in you.... I Feel with YOU the world and comfort in heart, it as though intuition. Why has written you it? Strong words. You from destiny. I do not want to feel again those old feelings of loneliness and treachery that were in my life. And you forget last and old life. With you I feel as in the life, as in the plate! You too feel the such? If we with you curtail (and we never will curtail) on the right or on the left from a way we will feel discomfort! And after strong discomfort. We cannot the friend without the friend any more. You will not be happy without me, and I without you. This strong statement. Simply read yesterday, read the diary. It is a strong piece a diary. And I will finish it in Switzerland and we will begin already new book. We will purchase in Switzerland the new thick daily log and we will bring new and new mites of our everyday life. You as today? What news? I had today an unreal dispute, the strongest dispute with fellow workers. It was fight, but I behaved in hands and there can be my silence irritated them..... Phil, it is envy. There are some persons which are extremely initiated, they against that that at me all would be good. They simply envy and **** up from anything, for no reason. They know that I want to you in Switzerland, and they are irritated with those that I speak with colleagues about you, they are irritated with my plans about you...
But you know that has helped me to behave with hands? You know that has helped me not to answer them with harm harm? It YOU!!!! I have thought - at once as though I behaved near to you?! How? I would behave better, above, above them. I would not began to argue and abuse.
I have remembered at once a parable:
"The kind person once has purchased the big house with the big apple garden.
And in the neighbourhood of veins the envious person which always tried to offend and think up what be a ***** trick to neighbours.
And here the kind person once has woken up and left on a porch. Also has seen on a porch a bucket with slops.
Took the kind person a bucket with slops, has washed up a bucket, has cleaned a bucket to shine and has gone to an apple garden.
Also has typed a pailful of apples, the most juicy and tasty.
Also has gone with apples to envious to the neighbour.
Envious the neighbour has heard knock a door and has mischievously thought that at last that I have offended the neighbour! And joyfully opens a door and sees...................... As the kind person we stretch it a bucket with apples and speaks: "who than is rich, that and to share that". )) It is a good parable. Today I was rich with a kind word. A kind wish and good resolves.
Has cried a little and all... I at all do not describe to you all that was. It is not necessary to trouble you with everyday interests.).
I will teach you to be happy and to enjoy in each morning and each beam of the sun morning falling on your cheek.....
I will teach you me to want... blissfully, to a pain... That, without touching, me to own … And to feel, how I am complete you....
Oh.... Phil, Phil, your beautiful name "Phil"......
Very much I ask you write all all and even that you consider superfluous. But for me nothing superfluous. I would like from you more letters before my arrival to you.... Please. Suddenly you will tell that that secret that be such that I should not there was a nobility!?))))) (do not speak better))). I know, you will read this letter and at once will write the answer. I will wait.
With impatience.
I will wait. With love and with all my heart, your beloved on all life - Olesia
To the beloved Phil! I look forward to hearing. ;) This letter not finished..... I feel its incompleteness... Yes..... We already have not enough letter. We have not enough only. I am born for you, for this purpose what to be with you. Here there my inhabitancy, here there I need to be.
I want your thoughts. (In 1 hour I will go to bed.....) I will open mail in the morning. KISS!
Letter 166
Greetings Phil. I go to bed. I will open mail in the morning what to read your messages from Switzerland and to write you the letter.
I worked today 14 hours. Without a dinner. I understand that so it is impossible to force an organism work, but I have made it. Has made the project ahead of time for the sake of you! What with you not to think of what at least the first days. :))). I very responsible. I will take a shower and will sleep... I would will open mail in the morning what to see from you the answer and to read the today's letter.
Here you see - the loving person will find 5 minutes everyone to hour to call or write to darling, instead of begins in 5 minutes of conversation for a day to explain that it does not have time.
I show you the adherence, feelings and love. It is the fact. And same I will be with you. Just the same.
THE TRUE! Your true Olesia. WRITE
Letter 167
I stand in the underground, has seen an inscription film advertising.... "If it is important for you - you will find time, possibility and a method. If is not present - the justification.".
Phil, it NOT coincidence!
LOVE live.
It live a pancake! Now all comes across to me under a hand, as to you, us. PS I hope to open mail and to see you 3 letters at least!!! IE?)) Yours Olesia. Phil+Olesia = LOVE!
Letter 168
Mine Phil, I welcome you! THANKS you big for your letters, I have read your last letters. I knew, certainly I knew that you will write to me. In it already there is a confidence. I think that you will receive every morning from me notes under a pillow with wishes per day. How you think?)). Today my colleague has told that leaves to the husband of a note on a kitchen table in which writes wishes per day. Not all have understood it, but I have congratulated her and have supported it.
It so simply to make mood it is better also so simply to begin the day from pleasure. I think that I can do also))). How are you? what now news? I do not know during what time of day you will read this letter, early in the morning or late at night, I think that early in the morning. :). How you slept? You read most likely this note early in the morning, after a dream. How slept?
I write to you at that time when behind a window pours a rain, strong drops with a wind beat in glass! In the forecast there was no rain. By the way my mum has told that on a country site there were strange black bugs. They have arrived whence that in our area. They do not eat a plant, they do not spoil anything, but they stick round trees and there was an opinion that in the autumn they will postpone larvae and eggs and here it will be a trouble. What will they postpone and what will be further? Though if nobody knows about an origin of these bugs that who can know what they harm will bring in the autumn?! Gardeners in fear...
Today me have acquainted with the girl, it the scientist, the laboratorian and was in Switzerland. It was in Switzerland 3 months but why that has not wanted to tell to me about that that it there did. :)). Phil, my friend has friends, they have created laboratory in Russia and invent pilotless planes. They want to make that of that in the world still are not present. They want to clean pilots and to manage planes only robots. Putin has given to them the grandee and has made room and has given all conditions for development. My friend speaks that at them hundreds young specialists work day and night and invent the future. She has told that they there directly live! Complete dedication to idea. My friend has told that they fly to New York with samples in the summer. But they have as fiduciary told to my friend that do not want to develop this sphere in Russia. They want to develop in territory of Europe or in the USA. Because they have told that the authorities of Russia will select at them pottent when they will make it. Their secret plan. Now you know about it.) ))). It seems to me to Phil me it is impossible to trust secret plans)) (joke). Phil, how many there is a man's hairdress in Switzerland? You are cut always at the same master? How masters in hairdressing salons of salons search for clients? Through advertising or through word of mouth radio?

Phil, and at the airport in Switzerland is free wi-fi? In general in a city is free wi-fi? Why I ask - to me have told that all over the world is not present free wi-fi and Russia is the unique country all over the world where at the airports is free wi-fi. I will look through the Internet today once again at a photo of the airports in Switzerland. I write you the letter, and rain drops fall on glass, a little cold. Mum called to me just and she has told that on television have shown bugs which have attacked our area. They postpone larvae which will eat a potato. The disaster and the country has come to the country can remain without a potato if does not undertake what or measures.
Well here such news from the country. :))). I have told to mum that I write you the letter, and it transfers you greetings. :).
She loves you, hopes for you, trusts in us.
There is a person on the earth which trusts in us. As it is healthy to have the person which trusts in us. It is important to have the person which does not oppress and trusts! And still I want to tell - to you I love you! You. You. You Phil. Yes yes yes you! I hope at you there are no lacks! (Joke). I love you! YOU! You hear that I write to you? You. You, such what you are, and you Phil super!
You simply class and at all of us will be good! I WANT TO YOU - I WILL ARRIVE TO YOU AND HERE THEN WE WILL BEGIN TO LIVE! I was in bank. They asked from me your name and a surname and a code consisting of some figures. I could answer bank the working woman your name, but I do not know your surname and I do not know a code. Report to me in the following letter please.
I want to be at you the next 3 days! Write, your sincere Olesia! From heart. Yours Olesia! PS 1) I AM GRATEFUL TO YOU 2) I AM GRATEFUL TO YOU 3) I AM GRATEFUL TO YOU 4) I WILL BE ALWAYS GRATEFUL TO YOU
Letter 169

Mine Phil, I welcome you! At me evening, the late evening and soon to sleep. Had not dinner plainly and had not supper. Worked 14 hours, from 8 mornings till 22 o'clock. It is completely busy. Also is I do not want, and I feel myself well. If only not to break! I will have a rest in Switzerland! I will have a rest near to you. The whole week I will not think of what! To spit to me on all and everything, only you and I. Complete dedication to you and your interests.
Now I would work only for that - that before my departure to you to have time to make as much as possible that that I can and even through it Phil you can see my aspiration to you and my eagerness to you. You feel the ending? Even through it I feel the ending and start. The ending of former life and start to the beginning! I very much want to you. I want to you.....
Has read certainly your letters, you forgive and excuse if I do not stop on your offers, I very attentively read your letters Phil. Very much...
Thanks for your name and surname, thanks! You have made transfer into my mum, In bank it have asked a code, a code which you should me transfer, 8 figures. She did not know what to tell in bank. And I too do not know.
Send me a copy of the receipt on transfer.
I want to be at you this week. IT is possible? Now I want to tell to you here that, even already right now water pours eyes, tears break from within. Phil, the strongest love - mutual. You simply inspire me. You simply give hope. You give chance. The chance hopes! To hope fortunately with you.....
Phil, and you know what else love exists? There is unusual and very strong love, perfect love, - I would prefer never its nobility, but such is true: there is nothing worse, than to love someone who you does not love, - and at the same time more perfectly it is not present anything..... To Love whom the one who loves you - it pleasantly. But to love whom the one who does not love - you now that's something like it, it is love.
These words I explain to you - I love you not for yours acts today and not for your character tomorrow, I AM grateful to you for your acts, but I love you only because I love! Heart loves and...... Anything not to return any more. Either torture or embraces.... With you. I wipe tears.
Phil if you knew as I I want to you.... I will open mail tomorrow during the lunchtime, and I will write to you... Yours Olesia!
Letter 170
At my friend day a birth and I have congratulated her! I will tell to you all about the girl which was at you, remember I wrote you some letters back about it?.
Not important. The main thing that would be pleasant to me! And I have chosen not a city, and YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I have that that was not at it! Wait for the letter I love! I WAIT FROM YOU FOR THE INFORMATION.
Letter 171
Mine Phil, I welcome you! On my head ear-phones, I write to you and I hear music. Has opened a window, there street sounds.... It is Where do you live noisy in the street? What neuoaii in Switzerland from your window?
Not a decent question - at you a ****** smooth or in hair? That you would know, experts have made world poll at one thousand women of the different countries and have removed the formula - that is pleasant to women when at the man on the priest hair, it very much initiates and draws to itself..... You of it do not need to know, it is secret of all women. :))).
My melody plays repeating, the same composition, same... Phil, yesterday I could not write to you, I had an Internet, all was as it should be, but is not perfectly in order in a shower. My mum has supported me such minute and has simply brought me on a summer residence and took two my friends and has given to drink me one glass of wine and my mood has risen. I never in life knew that alcohol can cheer up. Now I understand why men drink, but it is better not to drink, better to behave in hands. My lips do not know that such *****, I even smell it I can not.
Though I will bring to you a gift from my aunt - expensive ancient wine, and a gift from my mum - Russian *****, a small bottle, she would want that you have collected the friends and have tried this Russian product.
I live, and I do not want with you scandal and I do not want with you quarrel. I want love and quiet and romantic relations, I do not search for the sponsor and I ON THE CONTRARY WANT to GIVE to YOU. I WANT to GIVE to YOU. To be FOR YOU the SPONSOR. To GIVE YOU THAT THAT to YOU it is necessary.
But I trust.... I trust... I trust you. My passport in agency and already to change anything it is impossible. As soon as forward.
I remember you have given a code, but mum has gone to bank and to it have told that the code from 8 numbers approximately is necessary. But you have given a code from 18 figures and letters, most likely it there was number of the payment document.
All is normal, the problem is not present. Phil, you write, write EVERYTHING, write all that you see around.
My music plays ears, directly eyes are poured by tear. By the way yesterday I helped to establish conditioners at neighbours of my mum. They have learnt that I what that concern in the image the building organisations, but I in general have no relation in conditioners, but have helped council. I had to observe many times as repairmen establish such pieces. But when I have come to them into storage room that have seen that at them polypropylene was bent. The pipe in which hot water was bent. I have called the acquaintance, at which the own building crew and has asked it about the help, and they have explained to me that so should be. Strange. Phil, you when or would see that from under hot water of a pipe polypropylene was bent as onions?! It will burst.
In Switzerland there are pipes polypropylene?
Though it seems to me in Switzerland absolutely the friend engineering sanitary distributings...
And still I am able to change itself the amalgamator on a bathroom! And still I am able to repair the socket itself! Still did it many times so for me it as compote to weld :))). So I will be useful to you.
You will take me??? m m m m m m m m.
I want. I want to you because at you it is class. With you it is good, with you it is reliable and stable in respect of a self-estimation and inwardness, and all another and is not necessary. All another nonsense. Weather clear, the sun, hot. In what you want all the day long?? Shorts and a beacon? Or??
I can dress short shorts or?? If will be hot... Hold my note to you.
I look forward to hearing. I very strongly love you and kiss! kiss! kiss! As usual some times I will read the letter and your letter. And so some times......
I miss. WRITE! Urgently, I look forward to hearing. Yours Olesia!
Letter 172
Mine Phil, I welcome you! Opened the mail as the child, with hope to see your letter, as a gift. Well where you? Where you?
What is the time still we will so be surprised each other? What is the time we so will admire the friend the friend? How many years? How many years? To surprise and love.... If there is a love - it is eternal. Love not to banish, it for ever. :)
Always I think during what time of day you you read my letter, among day or for the night? Or in the morning... Interesting and you can fall asleep if I touch and touch fingers your back? Sometimes to do massage, and sometimes simply to touch your back, hardly hardly to touch... There Can be you will to shudder.... And can be you will run into a dream as the baby. Phil, you sensitive in the sleep? That is you strong run into a dream or you are easy for waking? Never you about it asked.). It seems to me all it is pleasant touches to a back. All... After all a back this unique place where not to reach hands... I Remember as my father has made an artificial hand for a back. It was such ridiculous and all relatives have nicknamed I wash the father with the inventor. But when yourself you touch it not that, and here if who that that another, is good effect! Yesterday we with mum and with girlfriends prepared dishes in the open air, in the furnace. It was healthy. Only here mosquitoes bit us and now at me all feet are scratched. :). And I have won today myself! Remember I wrote to you about the girlfriend which has incorrectly arrived to me and I with it had a quarrel?! One of these days I had a desire to call it, and even if I was in Switzerland I from Switzerland would call it. Has broken pride, the ambitions and has called. She did not call. But I have told to myself "Olesia, be best! Olesia, be best also such than you has fallen in love Phil!".
Phil, I have made it as though because of you, it was that that personal, a victory over by itself! Also you represent it was so it is glad and there is it waited and even has apologised and has wanted to go with me to a bath. Here so. :). Phil, my mum has asked me - as you relax. Well... I as though did not know what to answer, I wanted to tell to it that you do not strain!))) (joke).
How you dump nerves? A relaxation. Take me with itself and we will pass together "relaxation".)). Though Phil..... m m m m m m. I to you will suit such relaxation, a relaxation))). You will forget all other kinds of a relaxation.)))). Has caught a hint?! I ADORE YOU And I LOVE YOU!!
By the way in Phil, the old old joke goes to Russia, I will tell to you.
"There are three men, the American, the Frenchman and Russian. Talk about that who as has a rest and relaxes. The American speaks that buys the most expensive binge and plays expensive sports a golf and so relaxes. The Frenchman speaks that has a rest with expensive binge and with very beautiful girls. And the Russian muzhik thought thought what to tell and answers -" and we and we do not strain! ")))).
It is a joke and it can be interpreted to the different countries, simply joke. Phil, and I take a relaxation exhausting myself in pool with swimming, but only for 40 minutes I manage to float hardly more than 1 km. Time does not suffice. Interesting how many I will pass on open water?
You well float? Looked weather on sites Switzerland, there write about cool air in the evening. I take with myself warm things, already in the list. Evening..... My favourite time.
Now I listen to classical pieces of music, already to tears as it is pleasant, visualisation that I with you.
This letter - visualisation. And that we have planned all will come true! And that we have planned all we will make! Phil, write. If you read this letter in the morning - GOOD MORNING my favourite Phil. Good morning. Answer. Your most the best Olesia!
Your, made only for you! You have understood? For you. Think so!!! You should feel it inside. You should feel it as natural. My arrival to you - it is natural. So should be. Certainly it is surprising! The VICTORY! PLEASURE! But inside there should be intuitively such feeling - that so should be! So should be and so became! Yours Olesia!
Letter 173
Mine Phil, I welcome you! Thanks you for the letter. You have written a note as soon as have woken up? The person can imagine.... Oh, always it seems to me that you live only me and think only of me. Do not answer this offer.... Though... :)).
I know people which before going for work held meetings for construction of the organisation of network marketing. It co-operated with the international company, and created the own consumer organisation which should be served itself in the company. Also you represent it would wake up in 6 mornings what to conduct with whom that meetings, what to agitate people to cooperation or to consumption of the certain goods. I often asked it - what for it to it it is necessary? For what it it does? For what and for whom? And she answered me - not because of money and not because of material assets, and what itself to be implemented. What to win itself laziness and what to ascend to level above in the spiritual development. Also you represent Phil at it it has turned out! At it then the organisation of consumers and partners in number of 100 persons was formed. And by the way - it always supported me in my idea to fall in love with you!!! Can be because it co-operated with the foreign pharmaceutical company on production of vitamins and consequently to it was to liking...... But it supported me and even recommended me the certain literature for self-motivation and purpose achievement. She spoke to me - that any dream to be performed! She would speak to me that I dreamt and did though that that for achievement of the dream.
So Phil, it seems to me as soon as you wake up that would run to the computer what to open mail and to see from me the letter - and you remind me that girl who has performed the dream and many people have moved behind itself, and now there are hearings that it has reached the higher awards in the company.
Phil, it seems to me those people which they are movable not material - achieve success! As though the destiny is favourable to those who searches not terrestrial, and that for that spiritual! Those people which do not include the calculator in the head, those achieve success and by it are applied also material compensation.
Phil, I in the work do affairs even at a loss to myself, even at a loss to the pocket much. BUT I know that you wait for me and I will receive an award not material, and that that CANNOT be purchased for money. It is love, these are feelings, this realisation of dream, it is self-realisation, it is a victory!
I would like to find that girl and to learn as from it business, I would would like that she has told to me to steam of headlights as before....
Phil, thanks you for the letter to me.
And you have friends in Switzerland which are engaged in network marketing? What opinion at people in Switzerland about network marketing? What in general people think of it? After all it is an abstract thing, the woman offering a product to the girlfriend or the chain store system on all country - of whom from them can be designated network marketing? I think the second. A marketing course of sale by means of several hundreds shops. And a case the woman - simply sale and at times even the illegal.
What you think? For me you - new level and a boundary in life, and for you also. And we took it a boundary! We took it! So?!
There are things which give more pleasures, than that or.... It is a smile..... YOUR SMILE!!! The fact. Phil, write to me.
I love you!
For me you - new level in life which we have overcome. And we took it a boundary! You have sent me a code: "99KM60025CJD88400D", it not the correct code, is necessary a code from figures so have told to me in bank.
Send me a receipt copy please.
There are no problems, I am ready to depart to you though tomorrow! If only to pay round.
YOU YET DO NOT KNOW THAT SUCH to WAKE up and taste one hundred surprises in the morning! And surprises at me tasty! m m m m m m. I will be tasty!
Sweet and tasty!
You will try?
m m m m m Write give! I wait. Yours Olesia!
Letter 174
Mine Phil, I welcome you!
Now I work, I am late at 3 o'clock, I want to make up to the end reports and not to think any more of it. I will open mail as I will be at home. I want to you.
I want to see your letters. I want to learn your news, I want to you.
And I would want that you thought precisely as well of me.
I want... Whether I want much? It is a lot of. As much as possible. It is necessary for me half of dream, it is not necessary for me half you. I want whole, all. Kiss. I can not be kept, simply I send you this simple note what to let to you know, I think of you. Write news about Switzerland. Yours Olesia!
Letter 175
Greetings mine Phil. I welcome you. Give me a medal!! How many I work, it seems to me to work anybody cannot. Yesterday I worked without a dinner on documents and over drawings of 15 hours. Was tired very strongly, fingers especially are ill. My colleague has told that for those drawings which I do almost free of charge for civil engineering firm cost in the market of services nearby two thousand dollars. I can easy constitute the personal professional drawing for the building organisation, and I do it almost gratuitously as it is my work. And there is my work is estimated in 10 times more. Now that's something like it...
I would do now the big work in a deadline only because of idea - what to go in Switzerland and not to distract from work. I would work now so much much only because of that that being in Switzerland to be engaged only in you.....
Well and how are you? Thanks for your assistance and for your help! Thanks you! YOU HAVE made TRANSFER INTO me OR ADDRESSED TO my MUM? To WHOM to go To BANK? Thanks for news! It means I nevertheless I will arrive to you. To day of my arrival - all to you I will give. My father will give me a bank card and will give me pin a code. My conscience will be pure. At us with you alchemy.))). Magic. That spirit which soars between us works wonders. That spirit... At us with you alchemy. Miracles. We work wonders Phil.
We change in a root the destinies thanks to love each other. Only magic. Truth...
You my wizard. What to tell to you?! You my wizard! :)).
Phil, write down in the phone my new phone number, it is phone number of my mum and now it will be my phone number before departure in Switzerland. Send to me sms and I will answer you. At me phone has fallen and that that has occurred to a sim card. It is necessary to give phone to repair, and mum has given me the phone so write down my phone number and be with me on communication. Write sms.
+79687492498 Well. Well as you there without me now? What you do?
Has this morning seen the grandmother in shop which chose canned food, she chose the cheapest canned food and passers-by have asked it as affairs. And she has told that the son has refused it both now it one and about one month does not go out of doors and eats only canned food. We together with the unfamiliar woman have purchased its bread, oil, canned food, it is a little products as it will be difficult to it to bear the bag.
I will tell to you later about it... I will do now affairs, I will open mail in second half of day what to see from you news APPROACHING me To YOU and to send you the news APPROACHING me To YOU. IMMEDIATELY!
You my wizard! Between us to be created magic! We with you make history. That that occurs between us is noteworthy also acknowledgements! And ours with you history on pages of my diary! And I swear Phil, once I will write the book and the whole world learns about our magic love, and we will help much and we will inspire many!!
Let's talk about it in the following letter. My wizard..... You my love! Hold my note and I look forward to hearing. Yours Olesia!
Letter 176
You want!!!! YOU want magic!!! WHETHER all consists only in one - YOU WANT to CHANGE AND IMPROVE the LIFE?
Whether all consists only in one - there is a sense?! WHETHER YOU WANT to IMPROVE the LIFE?? YOU And I - we WANT!!!! It is alchemy. This magic.
To create love it is alchemy. You think people create love the mind or by itself? No. It is alchemy. This miracle.
Most likely the destiny is favourable to on whom the success press! And you KNOW ON WHAT PEOPLE the SUCCESS PRESS??? On those who has believed in it! Has simply stupidly believed that they the elite and to it is authorised to be a success! Love! A family!
I always searched for that who I wanted also have found you Phil! It is alchemy and magic, under the name the TRUE LOVE WHICH SURPRISES the WHOLE WORLD! I can not simply be kept, has written to you once again. And this second letter much more important the first seems to me!) Yours Olesia
Letter 177
Mine Phil, I will open the computer and mail approximately in 3 hours.
I will see your letters. I joyful, have made 3 accounting reports and have already received confirmation.
In Switzerland, how many hours people work on work? Whether who can work more than Russian?
)) I Joke.
It is a little tired. I want in pool! With you in Switzerland in pool!!!! I want to have a rest a little!
I will permit you to dress a mask or underwater points, to dive and examine me from under a bottom.... m m m m m
You want? And for me what surprise? Listen Phil, wanted to write simply to you one line, and it has turned out much)) WAIT FOR THE LETTER!
Letter 178
Mine Phil, my wizard, my creator of miracles and changing destiny, touches life of other person. Phil, you have touched a wheel, to a wheel of my destiny and twist as want.
Is interesting I have written now. You took a steering wheel of my life and direct it there where you want.
That's it so I look at you and I look at us.
You at a wheel, in a cabin of the pilot of my life.
I think, I live, I breathe meetings with you. And the most important that is all not surprisingly, it is as though natural and so should be. That is our meeting - so should be.
My mum has prompted to me - that well that we long time have communicated through mail, have written each other that that can personally be and would not tell. We have talked about that that probably personally and would not tell. All scientists of the world speak - that through the letter the person tells truth because he thinks, rectifies errors and corrects offers and ponders upon them... We have learnt each other, were pleasant each other, have opened the preferences, have opened that that secret, have opened that that personal. Personally I much that have opened the personal. And describing not one day of the life, and it is a lot of days and even mine of the relation to you in the letter - and you also - we have learnt each other. Fine. I want to you. Only it now is necessary for us... And it is simple.
I remember that you lived in the USA.
You have made transfer into my name or addressed to my mum? Make a copy payment documents and send to me please. Send me a check copy. I with pleasure will go to agency and I will finish payment.
Read your letters, then thought..... I thought Phil and here just now I write to you. I CALLED to YOU And SO STRONGLY WANTED to HEAR YOUR VOICE. Your voice.... You....
You influence me that I will write you now - this your influence on me. Influence from Switzerland! I (joke)). There can be I live under your control, I do not know. But yesterday I as though have felt you near to me and I have thought here of what if the destiny has given me you, I mean should pay a tribute, due. Yesterday in shop I have paid attention to the grandmother, the poor woman but very purely dressed! - she long chose canned food more cheaply. Has paid attention that it was in rubber slippers... It has approached, has risen nearby, began to study and wanted to understand with price labels, then women have approached to it and began to be interested to it. Interesting, in Switzerland people can so to approach simply to other people and simply to talk to them?
It has a son and daughters, but they do not communicate with it. It did not leave the house month. Ate canned food, they have ended couple of days ago.
Such shining eyes she spoke to me: "you know, the daughter I when left the house, asked gods to send me 100 roubles on meal". And in togas an instant Phil as though you stood nearby. This woman asked nothing, but you as though observed of me. As though you were a number behind my back and observed of me that I will do?
Phil, we have purchased with the woman to it canned food. Have purchased a little that it would carry away them home.
I cannot help the whole world. Phil, I cannot salvage the whole world, but to one person could help. Also it is the second grandmother for this year which I saw which really needs the help.
Here and we live.
You have taught me to live. You will tell - why? You did not write to me about charity and did not learn me to charity. But which you in me have installed that state of mind, it does something inexplicable. I have hope of the good future, love and I would like to be good! Yesterday I was on cosmetics - presentation cheap cosmetics. But I have gone there for the sake of respect for the girlfriend, she has simply asked me and I could not refuse to it.
Having looked at them, and having inspected a hall. I have seen as all "slept" also to visitors it was not interesting. I was to be risen, approached to the leader and to tell to it - what it has simply shared the personal experience. That she simply would tell about herself, about that as it is pleasant to her its goods and it will hook on people!
People are not clung by clever thoughts from what material the box and the packaging wall consists what thickness, all is nonsense and is tiresome.......
People are clung by charisma, energy.
And here it not to purchase anywhere. Either it is, or it is not present. Phil you the person of energy and charisma. Me pulls to you! And even if I would feel a total failure and a complete loss from arrival to you - I WOULD go To YOU! Because I go to you! To the person!! To YOU! You hear? To you as to the person! Also I want to sell the real estate and to purchase real estate in Switzerland what we there lived! I will tell to you personally.
It is other flight, it is other category of belief.
You understand?
And I became such as you. Excuse, I stir here with you nearby an hour and a half already.... Time in the letter to you Phil flies quickly.
Mum has asked me to transfer you greetings. I transfer you greetings from mum.
She loves you and simultaneously worries... Phil, I love and kiss!
I love and kiss! Sincerely, simply sincerely. All is already told. It is necessary to wake you we will kiss, to lock you in a bathroom and to turn off the light and escape.... To escape what you has caught up with me! Has caught up also with section! Has simply torn all that on me for all my tricks! m m m m m m.
About Phil, Phil, Phil, you simply do not know as I want to you and I want all that.... That at us should be.... Answer.
I wait for your answer.
We need to prove to the father - that we the. That we are necessary each other. That we are serious.
Letter 179
Mine Phil, I houses. Has read some your last letters. From you there are no letters...
I lose meaning and interest to all that now surrounds me here. It would be desirable to you. It would be desirable there where you. And in what still sense? Phil, and for what and for whom else to live? I can write much to you and I want to make the economic affairs (filled in a basin a powder and I want to wash a little the delicate linen, by the way in Switzerland what there is a delicate detergent powder? You than erase underwear? What delicate powder?), I want to read once again your letters and will DREAM of that that at us really. And you know why I so it is strongly assured in our happiness? You know why Phil? Because I want it and I have a belief as it is necessary for you. I trust also it means at me there is a belief as you trust and want! I want to send now to you such picture, it from Russian fairy tale. This fairy tale it is a lot of years and it seems to me in it the secret sense is hidden. Sense, about such as you and I.
It is a kind fairy tale about a hedgehog and a bear cub, we have grown on such fairy tales and sayings. - I am obligatory, you hear? I am obligatory, - the Bear cub has told. The hedgehog has nodded.
- I will necessarily come to you whatever happens. I will be near you always.
The hedgehog looked at the Bear cub silent eyes and was silent.
- Well you are silent?
- I trust, - the Hedgehog has told. I want to live, love and be with you favourite!
The highest meaning of the life.
With you Phil to live, love and be favourite. Answer.
Yours Olesia!
Letter 180
Mine Phil, I welcome you! The beginning of new week. Usual in Russia people do not love Monday and about Monday compose jokes, and in Switzerland? In Switzerland population love Monday? By the way my mum asked for a long time me, when in Switzerland days off?! Because to it who that has told that in Switzerland people have a rest on Sunday and on Monday, instead of Saturday and Sunday as all over the world. I have answered that in Switzerland at the population just the same days off as well as everywhere. :)).
Thanks for the letter. Your letter for me. As usual woke up in the morning, has taken a shower, has welded porridge (rice, today rice), and has opened the computer with hope to see your letter to me.
In a week you it is possible to feed seven days with fresh porridge, rice, wheaten, egg, pearl-barley, corn and oatmeal. What porridge most of all is not pleasant to you? Scientists speak, what products to us are not pleasant - those useful to our organism. You heard such theory? Those products and that meal which we do not like that meal and it is required to our body. Strange. I WAIT I WAIT I WAIT I WAIT FROM YOU THE LETTER WHAT TO RECEIVE MEANS AND TO REDEEM ROUND TO SWITZERLAND.
PLEASE SEND ME THE RECEIPT COPY. MAKE THE PHOTO ON PHONE, YOU HAVE MADE TRANSFER INTO MY NAME OR ADDRESSED TO MY MUM? My grandmother called to us from is far in the morning. The good fellow it. She has asked me as affairs and has asked me about you. Here who that, and she very much worries and represent it thought of us. That I told all to it it remembers. And she precisely remembers my tears and my experiences. Truth at it the whims and grumble, but.... It the good fellow.
She has told to me - "Olesia, be such what is. To whom it is necessary, will fall in love also abnormal". Depth of its councils reads off scale))).
But truth in it is. In darling lacks are pleasant even, and in unloved irritate even advantages.
It is right..... Hold my poem. Better to say to you a verse.
"The soul as a bird from a cage is torn -
Aspires to light, to heavens...
The soul as a song in happiness flows,
Longs smothering, if in grief. Open a cage - give freedom!
Feel happiness completeness!
Learn the soul the nature!
Love comprehend beauty! And the world will open differently
The former veil will fall down
Also there is clear a task
The love, love to us is presented! Catch my letter to you. I will return to the letter.
You read this note in the morning? GOOD MORNING mine Phil! Kiss! Kiss some times.... m m m m m m. Oh, I will suit to you a holiday in the mornings! m m m m m. Answer. Yours Olesia!
Letter 181
HOW MANY IT IS NECESSARY FOR YOU TIME FOR THIS PROCESS? TILL JUNE, 14TH YOU WILL BE IN TIME? There is a proverb - "crowns not the beginning, and the end". People establish a family, but hope that last heroic acts will live eternally. It is lie. The pair should surprise eternally each other!!! To surprise in ***, to surprise in trifles.... The Wife should think out as to be constantly "new" and it should try to surprise the husband on kitchen, in bed, in a society. And the husband should look the hero instead of the pensioner always! If who that of two partners breaks these vital principles to people it becomes boring also they search for new love because all would like fresh feelings!.... The fact. I WILL FRESHEN YOU! I WILL FRESHEN ALL YOUR FEELINGS AND I WILL GIVE TO YOU MUCH MORE THAN YOU EXPECT! I SWEAR TO YOU - I WILL FRESHEN YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 182
Good morning. Has woken up early, I will write to you in second half of day. I need to bring documents on work to the next city, I will write to you in second half of day.
I have subscribed at a culinary forum of a site Switzerland for news. And now to me from Switzerland send advertisements on mail about what that shares discounts about any nonsense. It is necessary to refuse advertising mailing that they would not send me the announcement of the goods.)).
Phil, and at television viewing in Switzerland there there is an advertising during a film? In Switzerland too so? There are channels in general without advertising? Now I will make to myself a sandwich with sausage, tea sweet and I will go...
I the hero! To wake up so early... I always think of how quickly I can get used to time zone in Switzerland?! Always I think. All right... Phil, I love you and I hope for you! I hope as for a life jacket, as on a raft what not to be lost.
Without you I was not present. Without you there is no sense. Without you it is not necessary to live....
And here it is already important words and if you understood their sense.... :)). You understand!
Whether there is a meaning of the life without love? Here it is simple, here if it is simple.
When love, suffer, suffer to bones! Thoughts on the partner suffer for the rest of the natural, from one only.
I think of you Phil. It is impossible for the GIRL to TELL SUCH WORDS to the MAN! It is impossible!!! But... Hold my note, good morning!! Your wife Olesia!
Letter 183
Mine Michael, has made all affairs and has prepared ALL clients for departure in Manchester. I have reported all about the departure and all are disappointed. All of them think that I have thrown them now and they will endure losses. And one even have offered payment in 3 times more if I remain and I will lead up their affairs to the final end before tax inspection. And one have offered me payment in 3 times more if I from Manchester run far off their business and I will help them! This variant most of all approaches me, but only I did not think that they will be so are strongly upset.
Michael the matter is that I know all their affairs and I run all their business and I pull out from their **** in which they have climbed. And some think that I will extend their dark affairs worldwide, and probably they simply are afraid.
Michael, in Manchester businessmen lead black accounts department? In Manchester businessmen lead double-entry bookkeeping for concealment of the incomes and what to evade from payment of taxes? In Russia so do all and without the good bookkeeper they cannot organise all it.
All right... Michael I still will return to the letter. I try to buy round in Manchester, but me checked under the complete program. Washing the passport and a copy of my documents including the visa checked about two weeks a frontier service, the court usher. I do not have debts, anybody should nothing, I do not want to run away anywhere. On me anything is not present. I am pure. I not married, at me was not present children and we could convince them that I do not HAVE immigration intentions! As they asked my medical card about my state of health. Why Manchester and in general officials so scrupulously demands all these documents?
Yesterday there was in the country a state holiday officially the day off.
I do not want to be engaged more in a round re-registration, my documents in a complete order!
I WAIT FOR ROUND REGISTRATION. My mum on a summer residence, it calls to me and constantly asks about you.
Michael I love you! At all of us it turns out! I adore you! I love you! I YOURS! ANSWER ME AND I WILL RETURN TO THE LETTER ALONG TOWARD EVENING! I LOVE YOU! Your going to you for ever! Your wife Olesia! Compensating and rendering to you for all!!!! Your return! Your award. Your yours!
Yours Olesia!
At us it is accepted, if people are enamoured of each other that to write on fences: Michael+Olesia = LOVE! On an extreme measure so did all earlier...... Yes....
Michael+Olesia = THE FAMILY!
Letter 184

Good morning Phil! Good morning!
I will write to you in second half of day. Now I gather in church, it is not pleasant to visit a place where it is possible to become a bit better.
And by the way Switzerland for me a place where I can become a bit better. With you, at your presence! In your aura. If you now through the letter have considerably affected me I represent that can be with me and with you in Switzerland!
Phil, and you have taught me to love the main thing-! Here that the main thing.
And I you! Phil, I send you this note through phone, in second half of day I will open mail and I hope to see from you the positive, inspiring letter.
Very much I want to find from you the letter which APPROACHES me To YOU! Yours Olesia! From heart. PS Phil, I really need you NOW! You understand? Now! Right now and tomorrow. I want to be at you next week. Gate are opened. You understand???
Answer. Answer me in detail. I ask
Letter 185
Mine Phil, I welcome you! Read your letters to me. Waited. Waited certainly. I take myself in hands, I rise as the giant, I would rise what to win. BUT FROM YOU there is no LETTER! WHY????
I GO TO YOU!!!!!
I was upset a little, have left on a summer residence for days, and simply breathed air, went on wood (and fed with itself of mosquitoes), saw elks which were not afraid of me, but have escaped at once as I began to come nearer to them. As the person is strange arranged, it cannot find balance when it is occupied that searches in thoughts for a method to have a rest distracting from work and when that its brain has decided to have a rest is occupied by thoughts on those purposes which to it it is necessary to make! It is always puzzled. In Switzerland I can be quiet? In Switzerland my brain can "have a rest and be happy? I will try. There already there will be other purposes. And my person quite corresponds to that condition which at me should be with you, with you in Switzerland. Now I feel myself"stranger"in"another's"place. As though not in the to a plate. One monk on a summer residence where we were with mum, has told to me - that if the person reaches such standard and to such perfection - that it there,"there"will be obligatory! I mean I will be in the love country! I mean there will be in the love country, in which you the president! In which you Phil the president! And I the first lady! The love country. And in Switzerland there is a country of love and the loneliness country. And in Switzerland there are two countries. I want in the love country. I want.....

But I rise as the giant and I promise to you - I will be with you if you take me! If you are realised want in the love country! There not to get to one, there the admission only together! You will not start up there one! There only it is necessary to enter with the lady. And to a two there it is good. In the love country, and this country is built by these two enamoured of each other people!!
Phil, I promise you - I all I will make for you and for myself. In the love - country it is good and devilishly happy!!
You know Phil, I write to you so much as soon as it is possible. You know. I give you Phil a lot of time in the letter and I write to you much. But about love it is not necessary to write, she needs to be engaged! m m m m. In Russia there is such proverb: "about love it is not necessary to speak and write, to it, love, it is necessary to be engaged!!". To be engaged.
Phil, those who aspired where that, faced every day difficulties, continued to move with the decision, with the decision to make it!!! - to it energy and result came!!. The belief - is energy and the founder!!! Phil, your and my belief - is the founder!! By the way, love stick and follow belief! For heroes!!! People are clung not by a commonness, not the ordinary, and belief! Any girl wants to follow the hero!!! Behind that who does that is impossible for another!!! Behind that who does that by another not under force.
I not that which surrenders. I not that which to take offence or will cry and start up snivels. I have enough days and as see I it was recovered.
I ask you Phil - let's purchase round, help me - I promise to you - I will arrive and I will lead you in success! It and you is necessary to us. Let's finish eventually.
And right now the most favorable time! Right now more than ever. I press the button to "send" and in a second my message will depart to you. Read. Read many times. Read some times what to hear.
I will feel heart.
All will work! Only do not bring me please. Be kind to me please and do not shout on iai? at home... Please. Let's meet these days off together.
My mum transfers you greetings and it even has found the international company what to translate my things (container) in Switzerland. Very cheaply. It is serious!
I have told to it that I will arrive to you Phil and we will talk to you about it if it is necessary.))). I look forward to hearing.
Be true to me. Be the hero! You will receive that another not under force! Your the best, assured of you Olesia!
Your pride! Yours acknowledgement! Your award! Your purpose! Your passion! Your all. All. Your all. YOURS!
Phil, your, your Olesia! Answer. Urgently.
Letter 186
Mine Phil, I welcome you! I welcome you my love! Well?! Well you meet? You meet life? It is ready to live? It is ready to live as it is necessary?! It is ready to live?
Not to spend time with itself, burning days in itself. It is necessary to live, live with me!
Do not drink! Do not walk! Do not eat! Do nothing without me!!!! Heard? You hear?? Do not play, do not watch TV, do not breathe, do not live without me! Heard?
Do nothing without me.
I have read all your letters, the last some letters to me. THANKS you!
I waited waited as air hope, hope from you. Your letter.
Has read your last letters to you.
Phil, I will tell to you - we long we will not write each other. BECAUSE we HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER Also we WILL lead real life in Switzerland! We a little more on write each other and all. The end to loneliness. The life beginning.
I want we will not tell to you - more to live old and former.
About if you understood sense of these words. All want a secret, a confidential component of success. But the formula is not present. The formula of successful and stable relations you know in what? Here in our relations to each other. You understand that is closed by another. You professionally love and have professionally stolen my heart.
You have simply made that is necessary. It is enamoured!!!
Phil, what to you to write?! I want to write only about the future. The future with you. It gives sense, it gives hope and it will keep our ship afloat many many years. People different, habits different, but intuition and will one! There are people which accept circumstances intelligence, counting all and remaining one. And there are people taking success will! Take and do and reach the purpose!
You strong will. With you I will go to mountains! :). With you I will go to life!! Because if you have shown firmness and will now - that with you it is possible to go to "mountains", in a course of life! Because meeting on a way of difficulty - we with you we will show will! We will eliminate conflicts when people will offend, solve us difficulties when you will forget meal in a campaign and about it we learn only on a halt, :))) I (joke).
You the person of will. If the person has shown in what that will it can show will in any sphere!
My hero. Phil, my mum transfers you greetings.
I was engaged in much economic affairs and have washed the favourite sweater! Phil, I have washed the sweater and it has turned to a sweater for small girls. Has decreased many times over! I at all have not understood, from where in the washing machine a children's sweater?! And has then seen a label from my sweater on a children's sweater. And I have understood that it is my sweater was reduced and has decreased from washing. About, Phil, my favourite sweater has taken seat. But you know that I see in it?? - The sweater became small to me and he cannot be dressed.
And you know that it can mean??? It means I has grown! :)))))))). I have as though grown also this sweater is small to me! (Prototype). Phil, I have grown from this life! Which that life I lived to you - became small to me. You as the washing machine have reduced my sweater! You have reduced my former life, and she cannot be dressed! I feel shortage. I feel that I can not already lead former life! And here for these thanks! Your sweater just to me on the size! Your plan just to me on the size! Your dream and your desire which you have offered me - just to me on the size!!!
You understand about what I speak?
You have professionally reduced my former life and now it not comfort for me!
I even erase the things and through them I examine my relations with you, it is a trap! Love. The present feelings about which any ******* a planet dreams!!!!
Phil, thanks you for your support.
Thanks you for your help and assistance in my flight to you.
Thanks you. All I will make as it is necessary. I wait for your answer. Has read once again my letter to you - it was pleasant. An hour and a half with you as 5 minutes. What is the time you write me the letter Phil?
Write please.
I love and kiss!!!
I love! I look forward to hearing.
I want personal continuation with you...... Continuations endlessly, without finish... Here my plan. It and your plan! You have washed my "sweater" and now to you to taste me *****! Ops...... m m m m m m. Listen Phil, my words flow to you.
To you to taste!
Has reduced my sweater so enjoy me undressed! ;) All.
I look forward to hearing! Yours Olesia!
Letter 187
Good morning Phil. Day was big. Weather in Switzerland at me in bookmarks so I often look that there. Good morning once again. I do not know when you will read this note..... But I about two hours thought what to write to you. Looked at the sweater, the reduced sweater and thought what to write to you. You have reduced me. You have reduced all not the necessary. I have grown. I have simply grown from all that that is not necessary....
For you. Made specially for you!
Well, I tell you now those words which I will tell to you in the morning! "Good morning Phil", present as though I nearby, has woken up hardly before you and has welded for you coffee and has brought in your rooms, bearing what not to overturn a bowl slowly. What form and what colour at you a tray for carrying over of cups from a room in a room? By the way Phil tell in the morning a glass of cool water replaces the coffee present. That is in the morning the glass of cold water replaces natural coffee. But if you wish - I will cook coffee. And if I am fair every morning I run on kitchen and I drink a water glass (from a teapot) and after run to wash :).
Terribly it would be desirable to look at you sleepy...... What you.
How there was your dream? How morning? I assure............ Without me you did not have a dream. And with me you will not have a dream.................. After all you should tell for one night all all all life which have lived without me!)))). It is exact. One night will not suffice us!! Today easy 30 minutes in park early in the morning wanted to run about, to take a breath and think. Has run about. Has sweated. And now I feel a sore throat. Probably a draught. I will rinse a throat soda and water. You know a method to clean a sore throat? - Water and soda and salt, this solution to rinse a throat.) ). During run on me the dog, a huge dog and then its owner has run has from apart shouted to a dog it "is impossible" also has stopped. Recently I notice many dogs. Strange. From what it?! It has stopped near me.... I hardly through the earth have not failed for fear. After the owner of a dog has approached to me and has apologised for a case. Still speak that it is impossible to look in the face to dogs, why? Speak that so they calculate fear at the person and can attack. Still speak that it is impossible to twirl by a stick before a dog because it can provoke threat for a dog. Phil, at me never was a canine friend, therefore I cannot tell truth it or not. That I heard the only thing so it is their fidelity. All speak that dogs true.
My mum knows one history and she tells it sometimes on what or a sit-round gathering, ostensibly based on realistic events. One forester had an old dog and he has decided it to drown (me even terribly about it to think), it has planted a dog in a boat and has swum away on the middle of the river and has thrown out a dog for a board. The forester has thrown out a dog for a boat board. But the old dog floated behind a boat without lagging behind the owner. Then the man took an oar and has knocked a dog on the head, but has not kept balance and itself has fallen in the river and has started to sink. A dog bleeding profusely, with a ****** head has had a snack clothes of the owner and has floated to coast. The dog slept the owner. Mum told that this forester to the house bore the pass on hands, crying and kissing the saviour thus.
Here such truth. I see in such stories that that native. What is "". What is familiar. Phil, fidelity it also is fidelity at any time and at everyone a being.
I was strongly hooked by this history. Even the most wild animal loves caress. Any person loves caress and needs good and in approval. I was very strongly hooked by this history. History of trouble-free love. It is similar to Russian girls. Phil if we love that one and on all life, and we will die if it is necessary saving life of the man. Much Russian girls have fallen in love with beautiful guys, but times change people, men drink and beat the wives, and girls love and truly serve them. Such is the nature. I do not think on another to live. In Switzerland from first minute you will understand - I is true to you on all life. Invariably from your relation to me. But as it is pleasant to receive reciprocity as it is pleasant to receive mutual love. After all so?
My letter to you knowingly and that that to me on heart has come to remember this history not casually. I send you the letter. Also I wish a little patience, the huge desire, the most unusual anticipation of our meeting in Switzerland! YES! I send the letter and I look forward to hearing.
Mine Phil......, Phil, Phil. I WANT To YOU. I want to reduce all yours of a sweater in the washing machine.))). I want to reduce your shorts, shirts, pants and all clothes. Go before me *****! m m m m m m. Idea. (Joke).
We will start to live. To live. To live. And to taste all that is given us by destiny! To live!!!
Kiss to you with all my heart. I will do a solution and to rinse the throat. Speak that in a soda and salty solution add iodine, you heard about it? I will write in the evening. KISS! I love!
Letter 188
Mine Phil, I here, I live and healthy. Has strongly caught a cold, from that that drank ice water and bathed in a bath ***** with girlfriends, and then in the open air me about appeared, yesterday there was a strong temperature, and today I am ready to jump and again to climb in fire and in water! (Joke).
Phil, I have written you the letter approximately 6 hours back, but I cannot find in the computer a badge wi fi. They have simply hidden. Concept I have no what to do and how till now to include the Internet and to look at letters from you, with Switzerland.
Phil, I do not presume to afflict you! I presume to write to you. Than I differ from others? Fidelity and heroism))).
Phil, I write you these words on the of phone pressing the button behind the button.
I love! It is I kiss you! true to you, as to itself!
Phil, what I see in it? I see a sign. Our correspondence through mail stops and I go to you. Fear of the unknown, fear. But so I want to endure more likely all in a reality. I want you! You live, with your habits and it is possible whims. Probably.)))
Though you seem to me ideal! m m m m.
Phil, I will call to you to whom in the morning be, and I learn as me to make what at me there were badges wi - fi that I would include the Internet. I hope to receive from you 3, 4, 5 letters with news!!! Do not think at all to afflict me! Ok! On my ****** now an adhesive plaster - a mustard plaster. Burns down, but I suffer, but tell it to remove painfully, I would permit you to remove an adhesive plaster a mustard plaster from my ******))). How to you? Wait for the letter. I go to bed. I send a note through phone and if you knew that I should stick into these buttons and to write, it turns out))
You is true Olesia. I cannot on another. I will always find a method and the decision. I send you this note. Write urgently.
Letter 189
Mine Phil, I welcome you! I healthy, live, vigorous, am ready to victories! And I have an Internet! :). Time approaches a dinner, I have found the inclusion button wi fi. Even it is ridiculous. Sideways on my laptop there is an inclusion and deenergizing button wi fi, I am visible have casually pressed the button forward. Never knew about such to a small plastic feature. And when I have advanced the button forward, I had at once all possible networks of access wi fi. Still to me have told to press on the keyboard a combination of keys for inclusion wi fi. And still my friend has told that at it in the house who has included that wi fi and has not established the password and all house uses free access to the Internet. Funny.
Phil, I on communication, I here.
I see your letters and through them as parables I try to solve your mood and a spirit.
My favourite Phil.... I am sorry for absence of the letter two days. I live and healthy. Has strongly caught a cold because drank ice water both it was soared in a bath and has caught a cold. If you knew what strong temperature at me there was also the most surprising that now I'm fine. For a long time I so did not catch a cold. More in the open air to visit a bath I do not want and I do not recommend to whom. Blows strongly. There was a strong wind, and we were very quickly blown, accordingly there was a strong temperature, and today I am ready to jump and again to climb in fire and in water! I already wrote to you about it. In Russia there is such joke that the Russian girl will enter and in a burning log hut and a horse will stop at full tilt.))). Probably. It seems to me Phil, any person can everything if it is vital. If this fatal action. All right, I can write much about myself, about that that was. Let's talk about us. About the MAIN THING.
Phil, do not laugh over me, but I will tell to you very necessary things. Of us observe! People observe of us and we with you will help them! You understand?
There can be you think that all is a hogwash and we will simply construct with you the happiness and all.... But is not present, we will help MANY people the example! Of me observe about 20 girlfriends. They simply observe. And your friends too observe of you and we with you a meeting and love WILL revive many people! People have lost hope also belief. Phil, we will construct with you happiness and we will help thousand people! People will transfer our history of happiness to other people on a radio sundress. We will simply make it!
I want to tell to you - of people will not see already than, money, even healing, it is possible to surprise people only with happiness, and this miracle. When the person was one, both has acquired a half and became happy.
All right, I the philosopher :)).
I DO NOT WELCOME WORDS - "it has not turned out, I do not want", this all justification not desire and absence of the purpose!
And I have fallen in love with you resolute! The hero!
Well so be it.
I love men, and people who achieve that that in life!
I love men which ALWAYS ACHIEVE THAT THAT WANT. I want to call also to you again. Answer. I now feel myself well, on my ****** an adhesive plaster - a mustard plaster. In Switzerland there is on sale an adhesive plaster - a mustard plaster? It is such sticky piece, it needs to be attached to a ****** and it will heat... All night long felt heat, even it is romantic.....
Today it will need to be torn off, and it is comparable with epilation. :). I think this process it is necessary to entrust you. m m m m m.
But the adhesive plaster - a mustard plaster perfectly cleans cold and warms up a ******. Hold my note to you and I wish you KIND MORNING! But your morning will be kind when you will adhere me to a bed and will tear off from my ****** an adhesive plaster - a mustard plaster! :))). (Joke). Phil, our mail comes to an end, and we will live really personally, personally, really. Thanks you for this step and for happiness with which we will surprise many people! We will show them a miracle. Thanks. I look forward to hearing. Yours Olesia!
Letter 190
Fairly - I in shock. Why you have disappeared? You are married?
Letter 191
Simply, my note for you through phone. In the evening I will open mail and I will see from you the answer. Phil, you in my head also have fallen downwards in heart, it cool! And all the same you so class. Such native, not harmful, favourite, and the main thing mine. And anybody will not be compared to it... Catch minute of love! Your wife Olesia!
Letter 192
I write through phone.
I cannot betray myself! I will always live with fidelity principles. So Phil you the lucky beggar! :))).
I cannot lead other life as soon as to make you better! After all it so to be simple and logical - what most happy it is necessary to make you happy and happy. Same so it is elementary. Same so it is clear. Through your satisfaction I will receive to myself pleasure. Phil, I cannot betray myself, the principles. So I always will be till the end of time yours.
If you knew and understood sense of my words...... If. Simply, simply I write to you these lines. In two hours I will open mail, I will see your letters...
Now I sit in the machine in a stopper, a jam, it is visible in the distance accident.... In Switzerland often there are stoppers and jams on roads? I love. Your wife Olesia!
Letter 193
Your guarantee - it you! You. Because if you true that you can trust me. If you can betray - that you will expect from me treachery. I in your eyes such what you!
You know why I trust you? Because I trust myself! You know why I try to hope for you? - Because I trust you. I know that I will be true to you! I KNOW THAT I WILL be fair With YOU And I WILL be true to YOU - I KNOW. Therefore I have enough belief to trust you. Because I can that that to expect from you - because I can be true.
Letter 194
Speak there is a proverb: "the hungry donkey runs faster a full lion".
Probably I simply hungry! Probably you simply hungry! This life wins not quick, but hungry!
Simply hungry! I want the hungry! Not full, but hungry!
Letter 195
Mine Phil, I welcome you!
I will better write to you through phone and I will be quiet. Because if I will not write you - that I will be sorry and suffer and I will write all the same. It is better not to suffer!
There is a proverb: "the avaricious pays twice". If now to save second, then all the same to "pay" twice.
So Phil, I write to you and this action shows as I strongly I love you. Simply I love!
Phil I love you! Well here.
I go to church, I will listen to the sermon of the preacher, today Sunday. I will write by the evening, I will open mail after a dinner. PS I want to you. To see you, to be with you. And I even now show to your the attitude, the attachment.
And you live also! And you do as well all at us will be good! Do, love, and all at us will be good!
And I also. KISS! Your wife Olesia.
Letter 196
You remember our agreement? Our union? I would want that it always was in our hearts. Always. 1. They should never walk out from the house. Never, Never.
2. They should never sleep in a seperate bed.
3. They should never stay in a seperate room.
4. They should never use an abusive language to hurt.
5. They should never lose the patience and self control, no matter person has to sit next to the loved one, can be quite for a while, that ' s okay.
6. Stay around, all the anger or whatever it is will disappear and love will prevail even with more sentiments.
Letter 197
Interesting........ You have disappeared (forgive me if I offend you), you have disappeared also I has lifted ALL on ears and even would ask my father that he called in all hospitals and in mortuaries what to find you.
NOBODY KNOWS AS I WORRIED AND WORRIED. And suddenly after months you appear and charge me of that that I was rough to you?! I do not have words. Excuse. I ask a pardon from you that I such. True. The madwoman. The TRUE. Russian. You an ideal, no doubt. Excuse. PS thanks for the letter, are enough me of that that you are live and you do not have trauma.
Letter 198
I work.... Time a dinner.
What at you for a dinner?
Do not laugh over me Phil, but EACH I EVERYONE every DAY during a dinner really worry about that that at you for a dinner. That you eat, who prepares for you....
I never can believe in that that the lonely man could prepare for itself what or tasty dishes... About loneliness - be happy Phil. Feel itself happy that you with me. That I will arrive. That I will treat you with sacrament of love, rejoice and be happy.
Because the successful person initially happy. In the beginning it happy, but only then the successful.
Why I have fallen in love for a long time with you? You were happy. Never saw from you complaints, did not see a negative. And happy - it means the successful.
I have fallen in love with you happy. Well here in these two minutes narrated to you the feelings and which than has shared. :) I have dinner. I will eat Russian hodgepodge and favourite pancakes with the condensed milk. m m m m m I send you the note through phone. In the evening as I will arrive home - at once I will open mail, I will see your news. Do not waste TIME, LIVE WITH me! BE happy. Phil, well and without me what can be happiness?!
))) probably has confused you the formula. :))). Here here here, I hope you will not be tired of me in Switzerland. So.... Wanted to write simply to you 1 offer and here has rushed......)))) Phil write urgently! Yours Olesia!
Letter 199

The working day comes to an end..... In an hour I will go to pool, or after the house. It is desirable after the house by the evening when I will open the mail, I will receive the letter from Switzerland, and after I will float and think of you.
We with you during what time of day will visit pool? How it is convenient you? I think of us.
Phil, success it to be in time. Successful become then when reach the purpose by any methods. Good or bad, favourable or not favourable, but the purpose is reached.
I your purpose. Phil, I that which compensates you all wholly. I send you a note through phone. Approximately through a pair of clocks I would will open mail what to see from you the answer. Yes. Has still visited the stomatologist during the lunchtime, at me hardly hardly the gum was ill. It appears everything is all right, the small irritation on what that was simple.... I love. Wait for my letter and I will wait for yours. Olesia
Letter 200
Good morning Phil! Though you will read this note before a dream. Good morning my good. :)
I named you "good". My darling Phil. There is a saying - "as the ship will name, so it and will float". I remember, I remember Phil as you have written to me and named me "expensive", and I after all remember! ;). This word is directly driven in into me and I would like to be such. I would like to be such. Today I talked to mum about you.
As she knows that if I want to sell the apartment in Moscow what to purchase the house in Switzerland I will have at once buyers. (Agency, intermediaries). But it is very big money and such I have accepted for a long time already the decision. I communicate with you on such technical details a little.
At me the big plans. All we will discuss personally. I much that will make for you. For your comfort.
Phil if to appreciate property and pity life - that it will be a pity. And if to appreciate you, a family to appreciate ours With YOU the FUTURE - that priorities change and for me one - is important now only to create comfort and well-being in Switzerland, with you. Not all will be easy, and much and it will not be necessary for us. I will sell in the future apartment in Moscow and we can purchase any house in Switzerland. And is better to lease it, and on the obtained money to rent the house less and on the obtained money to live.
Your council and the order will be by the way. What for to me in Russia property if I is with you!?
We talked to mum about you.
Phil, she has told class thought: "If you tighten decision-making, means, you have already made decision to leave all on old".
Super thought. Therefore I hasten!!!
And you?? Phil, and you?
I have given you a practicable plan of our life. I have given you a practicable plan how to lead comfortable life with my tenderness. Oh, **** I have ripened for love and passion, I have ripened for mad love!. If you dismiss, go and work as the ***** and if you accept - that you will not exist, you will LIVE, LOVE AND LIVE. I have given you the plan.
Regain consciousness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's return to technical details, we will discuss with mum. But that that I go to you and that that I will return you all yours, and that that I will try for you - it is the obvious fact!
The fact. Yesterday there was a disaster in Moscow. Two cars have faced among themselves and many victims. And again people made profit of a grief of other people, the price for a taxi lifted in tens times. But many people gave the machines for victims free of charge. Is on the earth kindly.
Yesterday, when has seen on the TV catastrophic crash, I thought of myself, about you. About us. Than I differ from those people who have suffered?! Than?!
Yesterday I have thought that my life is kept only because you love me. That I am necessary to you. We in what that of the grandiose purpose. And consequently are protected. Simply good fortune.
I not superstitious, but yesterday I have even more fallen in love with you and have wanted to you. Phil, you the hero. You the hero. Yesterday my stomatologist has given me a green conditioner on grasses. An a bit opposite thing but if it to rinse a mouth all inflammatory processes and gums disappear heal. Yesterday rinsed a floor of day. Dripped in a glass on two drops and planted with water. All super now. As quickly this miracle solution has cleaned a gum inflammation.
I want to take it with myself in Switzerland, just in case. Phil, how you today? What was your day? What you will do in the evening??
Write. I look forward to hearing. Yours Olesia!
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