Scam letter(s) from Nelya Barilo to Eliel (Finland)

Letter 1

Hello my Dear, I'm so happy that you are intersted in me. Maybe you are sitting now and wondering, why such a young Lady like me is searching for her second half with the help of the internet? I can answer this question: maybe you find me strange, but i believe in Destiny and in the happy chance.
The Destiny can make wonderful presents: maybe she decided that it's my time to be happy and that you are my second half. I want to be honest with you and open my inside world to you.The loneliness ruining me and the daily routine killing me.
All my being thirsts love.I have never had such strong feeling in my life, and i can't find a convincing reason for that.
I can't tell that i'm beautiful, especially looking on the covers of the modern magazines, but i find myself rather pretty. Maybe our meeting is not an accident, don't you think so? Maybe now it's a right time for us to open our souls to the real feeling.
Are you ready to enter your doors into my life and my soul? I hope i can fufil all your hopes .
Together we can do the thing that we could never did alone: to conquere the highest mountains, to dive into the unknown depths, to search the desert lands and to fly in the sky as free as birds.Only me and you, and the infinity..... My parents live in a small town Antracit (lougansk region). They are on pension now. My mother worked as a teacher of junior groups at school.
My father worked at a plant. They love each other and live in piece for many years. Their family is a modal for my future family.
They alsways support each other and understand each others feelings. And one more important thing-they are still in love!
Letter 2

Hello my dear, Thank you for your letter.Maybe it sounds silly that after only a second letter i tell about my feelings, but in your letters i can feel your soul, the warmness of your words. We have much in common and from all my heart fills with tenderness and in the darkest corners of my soul appears a ray of hope.
As i don't know English and i don't have a computer at home i used to use the help of the translating firm "Translate-Club", but i think that it will not be a barrier in developing of our relations.
Now i think it's right time to tell about myself.I'm 24 years old, live in Ukraine in Kharkov.I've graduated from Pedagogical University, my speciality is Psychology. Now i'm working in the Kindergarten.You know, when i'm with children, i feel like them, so small, without any problems and troubles.They are so open and so sincere.I catch myself on the idea that as more people becoming older more they loose their " cleanliness " and unselfishness.I wish that we stay children forever, because maybe our world would be brighter and kinder.
It's very important for me not to stay alone . That's why i enjoy when my home is full of friends, because only in this way i feel that i'm interesting for people .
I can tell that i'm very sensitive and that's why i love nature, sea and birds, they are so free, they have no limits and can fly to the every part of the world.
In summer we,my friends and me, enjoy going on the picnics and having fun, swimming.In the moments like that i feel close to the nature.
I like all the kinds of music, but prefer to listen to ours(i mean Russian and Ukrainian). The music i listen to depends on my mood. I have a wonderful family.I love my parents and my elder brother. I have no any doubts and will never change my mind that my family is the model of a perfect family.
I will try to do everything that depends on me , to have such a family; without lie and betray.
What else does the person need to be completely happy?
By the way the photo was taken on the sea side of Azov Sea last summer.
Waiting for your soon reply,
Letter 3

Hi my dear,
You know each letter that I receive is like a big present for me. I'm so kuch glad that you are in my life.I thank God that he sent me you!
My dear, I feel so much confused.I don't know even how to tell you. I hope that you will understand me correctly.
I use the service of translation firm "Translater-Club".Their e-mail address is
I don't know English and this is the reason for using this service.
I told you that I work,but now I have some financial problems. And i can no longer pay for the correspondence with you.I know how it sounds, you may think that I'm just asking for money.
But in fact it is not so.
I have long thought before to tell you about it.But for me now this is the only way not to loose you.I hope that you understand it.
I will be so grateful to you if you can help me.For me to correspond with you is the best joy in life.And you make me the happiest woman of the world.I'm so glad that i met you.
I hope to hear from you soon.
I kiss you tenderly,
Letter 4

Hi my dear,
I'm so glad to hear from you.You know every time I get your mail my heart starts to beat faster.
My sweety, I'm so thankful to you that you can help me.We will comunicate and we will build nice relations, I'm sure that we will be happy.
As to the payment, I will ask "Translate-Club" to send you the information about their services.
I'm sorry , I have to stop here.I have to go.
i wait with impatience to continue the correspondence with you.
Tender kisses,
Letter 5

Dear Sir, Thank you for your letter.
Here is information about our services: -translation and printing of one letter - $5
-scanning of one photo- $2 ------------------------------
SPECIAL PREPOSITION - NON-LIMITED SERVICE -translation and printing of one letter - $3 1 month- $200
2 month- $350
Please, transfer us a necessary amount to the name of our manager Elena Barilo Transfer your money via the Western Union system in USA dollars.
The address is: Western Union Ukraine, Kharkov Bank Aval. Terms of payment
* * transfer your money via the Western Union system in USA dollars.
The address is: Western Union Ukraine, Kharkov Bank Aval. You should:
* to send your money to the name of our manager Elena Barilo. * to inform us of the date of transfer, the money transfer control number,the country you've sent the money from,your full name,the exact sum of money you've sent. (send an e-mail with information) Hope for the future cooperation. Sincerely Yours,
Translating firm
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