Letter(s) from Elmira to Paul (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello, my dear Paul!
As always, I am very pleased to receive your new letter. Thank you for what you never do not forget about me. Today I woke up very early again. At work, a lot of cases. Chief Accountant sick, now I have to perform a very important job, which I was assigned. But again I could write you a new video. I was at work and when in the office where I work there was not anyone I wrote you this video. I hope you'll be happy when you see me. How is your weather? I hope that in your country and everything is fine, my dear Paul! I'm very happy that you came into my life. With your advent, I began to feel more cheerful girl. I see the meaning of life, I realize that all is not lost and it turns out the world still is a man who knows how to respect and understand the woman. This man was you Paul! I am very thankful for the fact that you came into my life. I understand more and more that you can see all the qualities of my ideal. During our conversation, I knew you very well. You're smart, beautiful at heart, intelligent and open-minded person. I am very pleased to communicate with you! I see that we are very similar, we have the same outlook on life. Do you agree with me? All employees at work feel the change in me, and it really is. I began to smile more often, more care for themselves, almost every day to visit the gym and pool. I saw the light in this dark and gray world, I realized that I need to live and move on. I'm glad you told me on my first letter. Now we are very good friends and possibly have more than just friends. You became for me a very dear person. I know that you always help me in difficult times and to share my happiness. I believe in you 100! You became my best friend, and I'm proud of it! I'm ready to open to you all my secrets. During our conversation, we very well know each other. I think that the past relationship was a mistake for us. We're very similar, as we never felt true love. But it was all in the past. Now we need to continue to live and to look ahead, not stopping for a step. My dear friend, I have always dreamed of an ideal family. I believe that my dad and my mom is the ideal family. I've never seen that parents swore. My dad loved and loves only her mother. My parents respect, appreciate, love and never cheat each other. I want my future family was exactly the same! I want to feel in the male support, which can always rely on. I will give all the warmth of my heart and soul to one man only.
Sometimes I close my eyes and see you next to me. My dear friend Paul, I'm glad you're next to me and our relationship does not end.
Perhaps it is you'll be my man? Now we need to communicate and develop our relations, to understand whether we match each other? But I feel and believe in my heart that everything will be fine! What do you think about this, my dear friend Paul? Please tell me the thought of our friendship? How do you see your ideal family? Please do not hide anything from me. I want to know your opinion on this matter. You really are very expensive for me man! I do not want to lose you! You make me happy every day! Unfortunately, now I have to finish my letter. But I'll think of you and wait for your answer! In this letter, I'll tell you my soul. My real thoughts.
Best regards, Your Elmira.

Letter 2

Hello, my dear Paul!
Thank you very much for your new, beautiful letter. I am very glad that we are getting closer to each other. Today I feel very positive, I have a wonderful mood. I only think about you. You never leave my mind. Now you're in my heart and soul. Even when I'm at work, I think only of you. Our relationship becomes something more serious than just friendship. Reading your letter, I understand more and more that we are perfect for each other. In many ways we are very similar, and the most important thing is that we are pursuing the same goal - LOVE!
Once again I want to thank you for what you have not left my first letter without attention. Without your appearance, my life would be dull and boring. Yesterday evening, I first told you about my friend Karina. Up to this point, no one knew that I communicate with you. I want our relations to develop without barriers and obstacles. I kept our relationship only in my heart. I told Karina that communicate with a man from another country and feel such warmth, kindness and tenderness that never felt in my life! Karina is very happy for us and wants us to further love and happiness. I know my friend Karina and I know that she can be trusted in all things. You do not mind what I said about our relationship to my friend? My dear Paul, you're telling someone about our relationship? Please tell me what you're feeling? Do you feel satisfaction from our own? You know, it was very difficult to trust men, because now almost every man in my country just trying to use a woman. I'm saving myself for only the most sincere and genuinely loving man. I feel that it's just you Paul!
Only in you I see all the ideal qualities of my future man. In this life, I want only one thing - to love and be loved! I want to do for your beloved all that he felt happy. I am ready to give my heart and soul on 100! My dear, I believe in what you do not play with me and totally serious about our relationship. I believe in your feelings. My prince, I'm ready for you to open my heart and soul. Please tell me, are you ready to love me? Do you trust me? I believe that trust is very important. Without trust, it is impossible to build a true love!
My dear Paul until recently I was a blonde. And now I'm sending you a photo where you can see me with a different hair color. In early summer, I was resting on the sea. Tell me how you think what color hair is best for me? Please tell me all your thoughts about our relationship. I look forward to your new letter to me.
Your princess, Elmira.

Letter 3

Hello, my love Paul!
How are you doing today? How is your weather? In my soul singing birds. Today I got the good mood, knowing that you're near me and love me! I very much miss. As soon as I wake up, I immediately want to go to Internet cafes to write you a letter. You know, now I often think about our future meeting. I really want to be near you. I close my eyes and see the day when you will meet me at the airport with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. I can not express my relationship to you in words. I love you very much. All night I was thinking how to tell you that I wanna be with you in real life. Now I have collected all the will and want to tell you that I am ready to meet you in real life. I just want to dedicate my life to you. I want to give you my heart and soul! During our conversation, I love you very much! Thank you for what you came into my life! When we meet, I'll be the happiest girl in the world. I can show you all my love, but now truly and not just words! I want to wake up with you in the morning and go to bed together. I want to make you coffee in the morning to meet you from work. I want to make our life 100 happy! My angel, please tell me, are you ready to meet me in real life? What do you think about this? I think to go and learn about my trip to you. But for this I need to know what city you live. Your full address and phone number is required for documents to you. So I need to know where the nearest international airport you will be able to meet me. I hope you can tell me all this information and I will be going to a travel agency and be able to learn all that I needed for my stay with you. You know that when I had not never left their country. Yet I will tell you very quickly what I can find out. Today I decided to tell her parents that I want to meet with you. My mom and dad, of course, agreed, because I said that you are the best man in this vast world. Girl on the old customs must first recognize family man (her future husband), and only after meeting with the family man, the girl can invite a man to his family. As you know, my parents respected by all customs of their ancestors. Fails to observe these customs girl expelled from the family and receives status traitor customs. This is the greatest sin that can be. My parents gave me life and raised me, so I have to respect and appreciate the customs of my country. So my dad told me that if we want to meet, I'll first have to get acquainted with your family and come to visit you. My dad is a very kind person, but can not go against custom. I very much hope for your understanding my angel and I'm sure it will not be a barrier for us and certainly not be a barrier to our love. I love you very much and want to be near you! Today I send you my photos that I made at home. You can see my apartment where I live with my parents. My favorite Prince, please write me a letter and your thoughts about our meeting. Unfortunately now I have to finish my letter. Know that I love you very much! I send you a million kisses!
Your princess, Elmira.

Letter 4

Hello, my dear and beloved Paul!
Thank you for your new, beautiful letter. I very much miss you. All night I could not sleep. I am very worried about our relationship. I want to build only true love with you! Thank you for what you loves me! It is very important to me! Night I had a very beautiful, sweet sleep. I was in an unfamiliar place, on the banks of the river. I was sitting in a beautiful white dress, I was waiting for you. The sun was already rising on the horizon, warm wind blowing in my face. I am looking forward to your appearance. You came to me unexpectedly, closing my eyes with his hand. I felt the warmth of your hands, your gentle touch. I said, "it's you, my dear Paul" and turned to you.
You were standing in a black tuxedo. You helped me up, I hugged your body strong and you kissed me. It seemed to me that this kiss was the sweetest and gentle in my entire life. You told me that I had booked us a table at a restaurant. We walked me through the unfamiliar streets, nature and architecture seemed to me a very beautiful and unusual. Then I realized that we are in your town. You took my hand and kissed again. When we came to the restaurant, there is almost no one there. Approached us and polite waiter invited to sit down at the table ordered. You ordered a bottle of red wine. I looked into your beautiful eyes. I enjoyed your company with heart and soul. You asked me to bend over to you, you whispered in my ear that you love me and love me. I was very pleased. Then you wanted to kiss me, but unfortunately, my dream ended, I woke up. I am very upset that now you're not here with me. You became my very close friend. I'm very happy that you came into my life! I adore you Paul! I want between us were only trustworthy and true love relationship. I believe that trust is one of the main design criteria of true love! I trust you are 100! I'm sure you can help me in any situation, no looking, no matter what! I know that I can rely on you, and you always do everything in your power! During our conversation you proved to me that you really respect and appreciate our relationship. Now I am 100 sure that you are the person I dreamed of all my life! Thank you for what you came into my life! Please tell me, do you trust me 100? Please answer me honestly, I want between us there were no secrets! Tell me what you feel about me? This is the love? I look forward to your new letter to me.
Your girl, Elmira.

Letter 5

Hello, my dear and beloved Paul!
How are you? What are you doing? How is your weather? All night I again thought only about you, about our future. My favorite, today I want to fully open my heart to you! I'm a little embarrassed to tell you this phrase, but I plucked up courage and ready. I want to confess to you, my prince I LOVE YOU! I loved you from the first letters. I felt that we can build a lasting relationship. Every day I paid you your time. After we met, I thought only of you. I love you for what you are kind, gentle, caring and affectionate man. I know that I can count on you in the most difficult moment! You will never be fooled and do not betray me. I knew that somewhere in the world is exactly the man I could love for real. And I found you Paul! My love for you is the most pure and gentle. I kept my feelings for you in the heart, but today I decided to open my soul to you. I hope you will accept my feelings and reciprocate! I want to tell you thank you for what you are never left unattended my letters and walked with me to the main goal - to build a serious relationship. Now you and I as a whole, as an unbroken chain! I want our relations to develop further. My prince, for me, the word love, more than just a word. For me, love is a feeling, which I now live and breathe. When I see your letters, wakes up in me a new breath in my soul birds sing, I want to live and smile!
My dear, I'll tell you my heart and soul, and I hope you do not reject me! Please tell me how you feel? Are you ready to tell me that you love me? Are you ready to really a serious relationship with me? Today I decided to talk about our relationship mom and dad. My parents were surprised, but happy that I found my love. My dad, though good, but a very strict man. He asked me where you live and how long we communicate. I told the parents that you are very interesting, caring and most importantly a good person at heart. My parents supported my choice and wished us luck. My favorite Paul, today I am sending you a few of their new photo. I know that they will bring you some joy in the soul. In order to make these photos, I specifically picked up her dress and made a long hairstyle. Tell me what you think about this photo? My prince, please open your heart to me. Tell me what you feel about me? You're telling someone about our relationship? I look forward to your new letter to me. I love you!
Your Princess Elmira.

Letter 6

Hello, my dear and beloved Paul!
Thank you very much for your kind words to me. You are very dear person to me. I'm ready to give to you all my life! You have no idea how glad I am that our hearts have found each other. My only thought about you and our future life together. I'll give you all my heart. I want to be with you. I love you! My dear, you know, today I decided to visit a travel agency, in order to learn all about our meeting. I went to an excellent travel company that respect many people in our city. I went to the manager of the company and described the whole situation.
I learned what documents will I need to I could fly officially to you.
The manager said that for the flight to you need a passport, tourist visa, insurance and medical examination fees. The most important thing for me at this stage to make a passport and visa. I will buy tickets only after making these documents. Tickets for me will also draw up a firm in which I order a passport and visa. Preparation of a passport takes about 1.5 - 2 weeks. The cost of the passport is $230. But visa little more complicated. Visas are about, as well as a passport - 1.5-2 weeks. This is the main document, without which I can not fly to you. The visa fee is indicated as in dollars. Its price is $360 also medical examination costs $95. And compulsory accident insurance $85.
When I learned that I need $770, I wanted to cry. All my dreams about our meeting immediately collapsed. After all, I do not have so much money, my love Paul. I do not know what I should do. Since my salary is $200-220 per month. Once we started to talk, I started to save money for our meeting and now I have $190. Do you understand what I am missing $580, to begin the process of registration of my documents. I very much want to be with you! You are the most dear and beloved man for me! You are my whole life. You're the air that I breathe every day. I walked down the street, and thought only of you. I wanted to write you a letter soon. Now I sit and go out of my eyes with tears.
Tears of sadness and sorrow. I do not want to live without you. After all, without your presence in my life right now does not make sense! I still have only one hope, that my love your help Paul. I believe that money is quite nonprincipal in our lives. The most important thing is that we found each other and we are happy. We love each other more and nothing is more important in this life! But now, in order to meet, we need this amount of money. My love Paul, you are willing to help in our meeting, this amount of money? Of our future depends. I am fully confident in you. I know that you can help in any situation.
You'll never leave me! You are my guardian angel, whom God sent me.
You are my life. Without you there is no reason to live! I want to feel the warmth of your lips, hug you and feel your strong hands. I know that you are the most kind and honest man. I can see how you are going through, I can see how you really want to be with me and it is very important to me. I found her true love in you, Paul. Now for me, a day without you is hell. And your letter to me is the sun, which haunts me every day. I'm madly in love with you, my dear Paul! I am thankful for the fact that it allowed us to meet. Please answer me as soon as you're able. Million Kisses for you.
Your favorite Elmira!

p.s. I am sure that we shall not be a barrier, these $580, and you can help our meeting.

Letter 7

Hello, my dear angel Paul!
Thank you for your tender, beautiful letter. First of all I want to congratulate you on a wonderful Christmas holiday. I wish you a Merry Christmas my dear! Let this day will bring you much joy and fun. It is a pity that I can not be with you in such a wonderful holiday. I hope that in the future I will be able celebrate Christmas with you! I very much miss you! I want to now I was with you. I want to feel the warmth of your gentle hands, your touch. I am very glad you came into my life. More I can not imagine my life without you. Yesterday at work, I asked for a camera that would record a new video for you. My good friend at work gave me this camera today and I can send you my new video. I hope that my words will bring you happiness and joy in the soul. So I send you my new photo. I made them in a photo studio. Today at work a very hard day. I should have been a lot of reports to tax authorities. How is your day today? What are you doing my Prince? How is your weather? My prince Paul, I always think only of you. Every second of my life I feel your love. My parents to say hello. My mom is very happy that I have found true love. Mom told me that she saw in my eyes the real happiness! I am very glad that my mother saw in me a positive change. I am very glad that I could open my heart to you. All my life I dreamed of such a man as you - about the same caring, gentle and loving. God has not left my requests ignored. I believe that in this life, nothing happens for a reason. If we are together, it means that it is the will of fate, which gave us each other. Now I really appreciate you and cherish our relationship. Very nice to get up in the morning and feel that somewhere far away there is a person who thinks about you and loves. Each of your letter to me, like a ray of the sun among the many clouds! My prince, sometimes I close my eyes and think about our future. Have you ever thought about our future life together? I think we could be the perfect couple. Please tell me your thoughts and feelings! I really appreciate you! I love you Paul!
Please write me a sweet letter.
Your princess, Elmira.

Letter 8

Hello, my dear friend Paul!
Thank you for your new, beautiful letter. I am very pleased that you will never leave me unattended. Again, I am sending you some of her photos. We in Kazakhstan winter snows. But it is not so much. These photos I took in the winter when the snow was my town. Today, Kazakhstan has perfect weather, I really wanted to walk. Too bad you're not near. I would like to walk with you in the park. How is your weather today? Are you okay? I very much miss you. When I saw your letter on my face broke into a smile, my heart beat faster. Thank you for what you give me happiness. I woke up very early, because the work has to make a lot of reports and prepare a paper for the chief accountant. As soon as I woke up, I immediately started thinking about you. I thought about our relationship, because you became my very good friend. Every day I feel like my writing. Thank you for what you came into my life. Without your appearance, my life would be as gray and dull. But now it's different. I enjoy each moment of life. From childhood, parents put me in kindness and honesty, so I'm willing to help a person in any situation. I am educated person and cherish the way I was brought up Mom and Dad. Sometimes I close my eyes and sink into childhood, in those days, when I was little. Even if dad already told me that you need to help your neighbor, and never deceive people.
Most importantly, know the three rules of life - "Do not kill, do not steal and do not deceive." By following these rules, life would be fair. I believe that we should respect their parents. Parents helped us in childhood. They built our future, did everything for us to be good people. But now, we must choose our path yourself. Please tell me about your family. You love your parents? Now, at least for one day, I would like to be a little girl and make a most wonderful desire. If my hands had a magic wand, then I guessed would be peace and love everywhere. I do not want people to cheat each other. I want to see in every house lived a true love. Mom always told me - "Do not stop there. Look forward and succeed " I always try to adhere to this concept. People in our country say, "He who seeks shall find" I believe that in my life, I'll find someone who will love and respect me. Perhaps that person will be you, Paul! I believe in our future.
The main thing to look forward and never give up. You need to forget all the bad past and live only for the present. Do you agree with me, Paul? I look forward to your new, beautiful letter with the story.
You're a wonderful man. Know that somewhere far away there is a girl who thinks about you. I'm sending you the hottest and gentle kiss.
Your friend Elmira.

Letter 9

Hello, my friend Paul!
Thank you for what you are opening up for me. It is very important that there is a thread between us confidence. I am very glad to receive your new letter. How is your day? What are you doing today? I hope you're okay. Today, I want to tell you more about the work I do.
But first, I wanted you to know how I get to work. My work is about 50 minutes from home. I have to get up at about 5:00 am, so as not to be late. I'm going to shower, cook breakfast and going. I must get to work on public transport. In the morning, a lot of people and all the hustle. My working day begins with 8:00 am and continues until 18:00.
I love the work I do. I work in a wonderful team. Psychologists say that firstly need to choose psychological climate in the team, and then only the position held. Most important is the psychological climate. As you already know, I work as an accountant in a company selling home appliances. Our company has opened recently, but now confidently enters the market sales. Our team of 25 employees. Quite a bit, but all together guys. I am very glad I was able to get into the organization. The essence of my work is to calculate profits and losses of the organization, preparation of financial statements for certain periods of time. My work is very important. I think that working with the finance organization is always difficult, as there is a big responsibility. Maybe in the future I can get a raise, but since our organization entirely new, early to think about it. Usually after work I go to the gym or pool. I love to play sports. I try to keep in good shape my figure. I believe that every girl should monitor their appearance and like the beloved. My friend, as a child I attended a volleyball section. Our team has been a leader in the city. But I did not get more injured finger, so I had to finish his career volleyball.
But even now, I love to play with the ball in the summer, on the beach. In the summer, I love to swim in the lake. I remember how dad taught me to swim. This is so cool. My friend, you know how to swim?
Do you like to swim? Do you love sports? Which sport do you like more?
Please do not be shy and tell me all about you. I want to know you closer and develop our relations. I feel that we are very similar.
Please tell me more about your work. What do you do? Do you like the work that you are doing? Unfortunately, my time in Internet cafes over. I should go. I look forward to your new letter to me.
Your friend, Elmira.

Letter 10

Hello, my prince Paul!
Thank you for your tender, sweet letter. I'm very happy that you are always with me. Every second you are in my thoughts. I can not live without you! I can not imagine my future real life without your presence! I love you very much! You're the best man in the world.
Closing my eyes, I see the day when I get out of the airport, you'll meet me with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. I'll run to you with a smile on his face. When I come to you, I will look into your eyes filled with love, I can hug you and feel the tenderness of your body heat of your breath. I can kiss your sweet lips, I'll talk your ear, how much I love you! My prince, I hope that very soon our dream become a reality! I am very pleased that we were able to build a truly serious, strong relationship. I know that our future family will be very happy. I want to do everything for you that you have been the happiest man in the world! Last night I again remembered our first encounter. I remember very well the day when I received the very first letter from you. For me it was a bit unexpected. I thought you did not answer me. But you said and now we are together. My prince, today I woke up with the most positive attitude. As usual I went to the shower, made breakfast. My parents sends you his greetings. My mom is very happy that I finally found true love. My mom asked when we're going to meet? I could not answer my mom anything concrete. Therefore, I want to visit a travel company and think seriously about our future meeting. My prince, tomorrow I'll go to a travel company in our city.
Advised me one good travel agency. This tour company operates in all CIS countries. And in my town travel agency has been working for a long time and had a good reputation. I know what documents are required for travel to your country. After visiting a travel company, I'll let you know all the details. My angel, I hope you will not mind? I very much forward to the day when we will be together! My angel, I love you! Thank you for what you came into my life! Know that you are the best man in the world and I'm pretty sure that you are ready to do everything for our future. I look forward to your new letter to me. Tomorrow, after a visit to a travel company, I'll let you know all the news.
Your little princess Elmira.