Scam letter(s) from Vera Kazakova to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi, how are you? I'm Vera from Russia. Thanks for contacting me on "Mybelovednet". You left your email and I am writing to you. I'm very happy about your interest and i would like to know you too! I'm looking for a long term relationship, no games or other adventures! Why are you looking for wife abroad? You visited Russia before? So please, if you want, just answer to my message with some more pictures and more informations about you and i will answer to you with the same....Feel free to ask any questions that you wish. Thank you for your attention....i am waiting for your answer. Vera
Letter 2
Hello Frank, I'm happy for your response... Nice to meet you! Finally I have a time to write you now. Well let me tell you about me. Ok? I'm 31 years old, (October 13,1982)... next week I will be 32. I hope not too old? smile! I'm 1,70 cm and 56 kg. I never married, have no children and going quite good. For my age I'm very serious in mind and not interested in men of my age. In private life I'm searching for trust and harmony. I only desire to meet a man who is above all intelligent, honest, his heart is good and his honest mind to make a family with me. Anyway I'm not for games!
I don't want to waste my time and I hope you are in the same path with me! I want to have my husband and my family happy. You also want this? I'm looking foreign man because I have not had luck with the men here. In Russia many men do not want a serious relationship and prefer to be alone. But I believe that all people are not equal, there must be somewhere in the world a gentleman who falls in love with me for who I am. I live in Russia in a small city. It's so beautiful here, especially in autumn. I live alone in my own apartment. I like traveling, doing sports and music, going out for diner, going to cinema or just walking in nature to relax. What about you, do you like hiking? I'm accountant in trading company. A nice job. What about you, do you like your? I have computer at home, so we can begin to communicate every day. I'm fluent in Russian and English. I do not have Skype, but I'll give you my phone number when I know you better. I send you my new photo taken this summer... hope you like it :) Now I will close. I should have time to cook chicken, otherwise I will stay hungry:)My friends say I'm a good cook :) Maybe in the future we can do the some tasty things together? Write me soon...I need to know every thing about you. Hope to hear from you tomorrow. I wish you an excellent day. Vera
Letter 3
Frank my new friend, hello! What a real pleasure to receive your letter. I hope that my mails are as interesting for you as yours are for me! Thank you for the congratulations :) My birthday was nice ... was fun! My friends said that the cake was the most delicious, which they have tried in their lives.
I put in one's best licks!!! smile! I was interested in your first few mails to hear about your likes and dislikes and feel I should share more about mine. I have never married. I am single for last 2 years. I may have told you my fiance cheated on me three weeks before the wedding. I found his in bed with our neighbour and they told me the affair had being going on all through the time we dated. This has really impacted on my ability to trust men so please understand if sometimes I am insecure.
What do you like in a woman? What a woman can make you happy? Tell me about your last serious relationship. Why are they a failed? I think you should know, I am now corresponding with a few men that I hope may be compatible with me. But only time will tell. So I can only hope we will be able to keep our correspondence - but in any case, if you or me decide we are not right for each other, then let's promise that we will let each other know. OK? I am very serious about MARRIAGE and finding the RIGHT PARTNER! I hope you do not want to pursue dreams and want something for real. I wish you a very good day and I can't wait to here from you next letter with some pictures. I send you all my tender kisses. Vera
Letter 4

Frank hi... nice to hear from you. I had a very busy week. It is now Sunday's evening. Just wanted to let you know that I thinking of you. I am very happy that you do not want to pursue dreams and want something for real. It is important, that we are on the same side. Frank, I wanted to ask you about one thing, ok? If we continue to get to know each other and we will be convinced, what we are created for each other and decide to start a family, you will prefer to leave your country and come to live in Russia or you prefer that I had left my country and came in your place?
I hope it's going to be something between us. Vera
Letter 5
Frank hello !!! I'm so glad that we met and we can get to know each other. Is this something that you desire also? I'm glad that you understand that I'm a serious person. I promise you that I will open myself completely to you. As for our question, I'm not looking for a way to leave Russia. I have a stable comfortable life here, but I'm far from a millionaire (smile)! You may be financially and physically alright but may be lacking on the emotional side, in search of a your partner / husband who understand the meaning of Love as Trust and faith in each other rather than one who sees love as the only way of fun. Frank I'm ready to relocate to another country if I meet my one and only man from abroad. Of course if I'm with the right person no matter where it is i will find peace and enjoy being with my soulmate no matter what! But I repeat not once, I must be sure of this step.
Well, I live in Cheboksary city, it is a nice area near the Volga river. I love to travel & do it every chance I get. I visited Greece and Munich once (as a tourist), but I dream to see Paris. Of course I have international passport. Frank, do you have a visa to visit Russia?
I am looking for a gentleman that will treat his woman as good as he wants to be treated.
Frank I can not wait to here from you .... No doubt you'll have questions in your head about me just like I have some about you. I think of you a lot and wonder how it would be if we end up together!
As always, take care of yourself !!! Your / Vera
Letter 6
Frank hi! How's your day? Good day now I have time to write you. I feel things are getting to the stage where I need to tell you more about me the personal and my family too. Frank, I love life. I do not smoke. I drink socially. I did not use any drugs. I do not have any illness. I'm a healthy female.
What's about you? My family is important to me. My parents are happily married for 40 years and now they still together. I live a short distance from my mom and dad and i visit them regularly. I have sister and brother, they are all older than me and married, they live in other cities. I love my home... it is my little world. I live in my own apartment. There are three rooms: living room, kitchen and bedroom. Too huge for one little girl? smile! Two years ago I bought this apartment and I'm proud of it. I'm hard worker, but I'm not rich. I have driver's license, but do not have a car. Do you drive? You would prefer that your future wife worked or would be a housewife? Hey Frank, some time ago I deleted my profile from the site. I think it would be fair. What's about you? Please send me photo of you from your work place and i answer with the same. Ok? I look forward to hear from you! Take care and have a nice day Frank, Kiss... Vera
Letter 7
Frank hi! how was your week? What's new? Any plans for the weekend? Frank, there you have a woman that you're dating?..... and how long you're trying to find a partner on internet? I have some fear that you are not serious! Today I feel bad and my letter will be short. Ok? I wanted to tell you what I think of you again and again and again. Write me! Kiss.... Vera
Letter 8
Frank dear, hello! How are you doing? What a pleasure for me to receive your letter! You seem to have a lot of tenderness. Am I wrong? Frank, when I see your letter in my box, my heart beat more and more quickly! I'm sorry for my last negative letter. Today I'm better. My week was very busy.
Even though it is weekend now I do some work on the weekend at home. We are approaching the end of our fiscal year and I have a couple projects that must be completed by the end of October. So I've been very busy with work. I love my profession, but sometimes I hate it. Smile! Frank, with you happened such moments, when you hate your job? Tell me about your typical day. This will help me to imagine your personality and your life more realistically. Ok? To answer our question... I do not have any gentleman I am dating here. This is why I search for a man on the internet. If I had a man I would not need to waste my time on internet because I would be sharing my time doing things and going places with my special man. I have not dated any man for about 1 year now! Does that surprise you Frank? Well it is the truth! Well... to the question of career. I'm not rich but i do work hard and make sure i have what i need. I think I would prefer worked. I think that having a career is very good for a person's self esteem. I'm a woman that has my own ideas and opinions. But I'm always ready for a dialogue with my partner and I can leave my career and devote all my time taking care of my future husband and family. What do you think about this? Frank, I want to know your opinion. I am waiting for your next letter with several pictures of you. Have a nice weekend and I send you all my tender kisses. Sincerely your, Vera
Letter 9
Frank are you? Maybe you still doubt that I'm real, but you are absolutely real for me! I really like you a lot and this is very new for me with long distance internet dating and the likes. I would like to speak with you soon, I want to hear your voice. When I will know you better, I'll give you my phone number. Frank, please be patient. Ok? I hope our time will come. I do not have facebook page and do not use skype. That makes me a bad person? I think not. You are so interesting, Frank. I know there must be plenty of women there wanting to date you for sure! I hope things between us keep going in the right direction! I could enjoy having someone like you in my life forever! I'm starting to get attached to you! I really want to see where this will go with you. I'm sure I'll be a good wife... Frank are you ready to be a good husband? I will be one woman for my one man and forever. My words come from my heart and soul! Well I gonna get one cup of tea before working. I hope that one day I will have the pleasure to know you personally. Please take care of yourself. I will be thinking of you often and looking forward to your next letter with photos. 1000 kisses! Bye for now, Vera PS. Will you be the man who will make me happy? I do not know but I really hope so!
Letter 10
Frank hi, hope you are doing fine... any news? I can not stop thinking about you! Frank, your friends know about me? What they think of our dialogue? I'm here for serious! I'm not looking for penpal. I'm looking for serious man for serious relationship. I want to start family! Talking through emails are just one first step, meeting in real life is a must to see if there is chemistry between us.
When we get to know each other better, we will discuss our first meeting face to face. I'll tell you when I'm ready to take this step. Ok? Trust and faith is not something that comes automatically so lets see what happens. Ok? It has been busy few weeks for me but today, I finally completed the work's projects. Congratulate me! My boss gave me and some my colleagues the tickets for hockey game. He said, it is a reward for our good work. Only once, I saw the hockey before... it was fun.
You like hockey? Now I close my letter. I just wanted to say hi, before I go to hockey. I hope you write me soon. Kisses! Vera
Letter 11
Frank hello! I'm very interested about how will be the day we see each other directly. Did you think already about it? Sure the emails are only the begin, but i think when we meet us in real it will be so exciting. I'm happy to write you... everytime I enjoy a lot. I would like to walk with you, make small weekend getaway, go to cinema, restaurant, visit various places! I think we'll take one step at a time and learn more about each other and not just rush into anything. But do not wait too long either because life goes very fast! After 30 years pass like crazy! I do not want to grow old on internet.
Smile! I really do not mind cold weather, but prefer warm weather. Winter can be very pretty to see the snow and ice, but I'm always ready for it to end. I and my colleagues really enjoyed the ice hockey match. It was fun and exciting. We had a good time. Today, I jokingly said to my boss that the next time he will have to take care of tickets for football match. I love to make people smile. I'm very romantic woman. I like to be kissed and held tight. Frank what about you? I have not told anyone about you yet as I do not want people to be negative about this, too much the stereotype, internet dating is frowned on by some. I want to preserve this until I have full confidence something is going to come of this. Yesterday, I visited yoga class. Once a week I go to yoga center and it allows me to stay in shape. You will be surprised when you see how flexible my body. Smile! What do you do for fun Frank? I want you to tell me about your days, your evenings, your deepest desires and tell me how it would look to have a meeting with me. Please write soon back. Well my dear I best let you get back to your day... Take care, always thinking of you. Kisses and hugs! Sincerely your Vera
Letter 12
Frank my dear, as always I have carefully read your letter and I will try to respond to you as always, but I can not help but tell you that you do not ever answer my questions! Rightly! I do not know what to think, maybe my english are not perfect ! Maybe it's because you forget ! I'm not asking you anything, I'm not saying we need to see us immediately. Frank, I'm just asking you to listen to the voice of your heart and begin to know each other through the letters we write, we speak already of marriage and family and I appreciate this because I would like it too, but so many times as I've said before it seems that my letters do not even read !!! However, I wanted to answer you, but as I write these lines I did not feel like to do it !!! Vera
Letter 13
Frank my dear, hello! You are well? On friday my sister Ekaterina with her husband and daughter came to visit me. We spent together wonderful weekend. I'm always glad to see my relatives. As you know, my sister lives in another city (Perm) and tomorrow in the morning she would return home. I just wanted to tell you hi. It's late and I should go to bed. Tomorrow I will write to you more. Ok?
Frank, would you like to see photo of my family? I wish you sweet dreams! I'm happy that our ways crossed and we met each other! Thinking of you always. Sincerely your Vera.
Letter 14
Frank my dear, hello! How are you doing today? I'm happy when I can read news from you. I sincerely hope that our story can go all the way. For sure I want to try with you and I hope it is mutual. I want to ask you one thing, Ok? Frank you know, what you want from your life? Tell me about your plans for the coming months, years? I'm always thinking about you... I glad you are serious and I think we will be incredible together. As you know, I spent a wonderful weekend with my family. They mean a lot to me. On saturday, we went to a karaoke club. I like to sing at karaoke club. Mainly I like songs from the 80's. I like a variety of artists and types from the Beatles, Stones, U2 and even some modern stuff. Do you sing Frank? On sunday, parents joined us and we really enjoyed the brief moment when we are together. Do you understand me? I could no longer hide you from my family and I told them about us. My family were surprised to learn that you are from another country and that we met on the internet. My sister said, why not... it will only allow me to increase my chances to meet the right man. In one word, my family has approved the our communication. Smile! My family say hello to you Frank!
Frank tell me the exact name of your city. I want to see in more details on internet the place where you live. Ok?
From this moment my family know that I'm talking with interesting foreign gentleman (that is you Frank) and they just want me to be happy... a strong lasting relationship takes time darling and we have to be patient... i want this to be right and i want you to be happy... i also want you in my arms but good things come to those that wait, you are worth waiting for Frank...
I am going to go for now! I have a busy day tomorrow. I send you much kisses. Can not wait to hear from you! Take care! Sincerely your Vera
Letter 15
Frank my dear, hope you are doing well? I had a very hard working day and I have not any strength, but I decided to write you a few lines and to share with you my thoughts. Very often, thoughts of you prevent me to work normally. Smile! Do you remember when we started to exchange letters? In a few days will be our first anniversary ... one month since we met each other.
Frank, I did not notice that a month has passed. I did not want to talk to you about it, but I think it would be better if there are no any secrets between us. Do you agree? I just want to know what you think about this? ok? Yesterday, I saw on TV the horrible story of Russian woman who met a foreign man on internet. Her name was Olga and she was from Moscow. His name was John and he was from the USA. They corresponded for many months and contacted via skype, before he came to visit her in Russia. He has won her heart and this woman is truly fallen in love with him, but when he came to Russia and they met in person, she realized that he just for *** with her. He demanded *** from her during their first meeting in his hotel room. Frank, can you believe it? He was blackmailing her that he will publish on internet her mails, photos and special private video that he recorded when they are contacted via skype, if she does not agree to have *** with him. She went in police and the police arrested this person and then deported him from Russia. Police reported that this man from the USA was married and had three children, but despite this, he also visited several other Russian women and also molested them sexually. The police said that very often foreign men begin to correspond with Russian women for the sake of what would visit them for *** only. I read on internet the bad stories about *** tourism, but the first time I learned that there are so many similar horror stories.
Frank, I'm not accusing you of anything, but what do you think about this? Write me! Tomorrow morning, I'll check my mail before I go to work. I want to know your opinion. Good night Frank!
Sincerely your Vera.
Letter 16
Frank my dearest, hello! How are you there? Hope you do not flirt with other girls today? Smile! I'm kidding of course! I'm in a good mood and I wanted to share with you my positive emotions. Frank, at first, I can tell you on my honor and conscience that I'm honest and looking for a permanent relationship. I think the world is a crazy place with a lot of crazy people.
I try not to let those bad stories get in the way of something that could be beautiful between us. It is good you are aware of the risks of meeting people from over the internet. I know about scammers and other fake personalities who are trying to do their ***** work on internet. I'm sure that many people do this, but i'm not that type of person. I will never ask you for money Frank!!! Please understand i will never ask you to be or do any thing that would upset or embarrass you. To tell the truth I suffer the same risks. Frank, you are gentleman from afar away country. How do I know you are not just trying to get me as ****** ***** or do not want my money?
In the end you have to trust your heart. You seem very honest and straight forward to me. So, i'm willing to take a risk on you Frank. That does not mean I will close my eyes, however. Actually, I like to keep them open. I can not see you with my eyes closed. Smile! Frank, can you send new photos?
I'm very happy talking to you and reading your letters, please feel free to ask me anything you want to know and i will do my very best to answer you.
Ok? Frank, I start to believe we can make each other happy. Big kisses my sun, Vera PS. Frank, just to be clear again, I want something meaningful and lasting, as I stated earlier I'm a person who has to really connect with a person on an emotional level before getting involved sexually, I'm very different from a lot of women and partly because of my upbringing... at a young age we were taught the importance of waiting for the right partner. A lot of that thinking has stayed with me and I'm very careful who I select to have in my life as I'm not interested in people who will not add value to my life. I hope this clears any concerns you may have...Frank I do not want to rush this and am willing to wait when you're ready and the time is right.
Letter 17
Frank my dear, I worry!!! I think my computer crashed. Today a few times when I tried to write to you, my computer come to switched off and my letter disappears. Frank please answer immediately if you received this letter. Ok? I'm worried!!! Vera
Letter 18
Frank my honey, I'm still here. Do not worry you are part of my life and the things that are important to me and I hope we share all the good and bad things together and never hide what's going on in each other's life... ok? Frank, you have touched me like no other man. Do you understand what I mean? Do you miss me as much I missed you? Wish you was next to me when I woke up this morning. On saturday my PC totally crashed and I had to buy a new one. Gosh this new PC expensive stuff !!! smile! Only today, a computer's man from my work was able to come to me and set up my new computer. You are good about computers? Dear, you will have to teach me when we're together. Ok? My letter will be short. I just wanted to make sure that my new computer is working and we can write to each other. Write me immediately if you read this letter. Ok? I will be waiting! Thinking of you Frank! Kisses .... Vera PS. Now I take a shower, do you want to enjoy with me? ha ha just kidding dear.
Letter 19

Frank my darling, hi! How is it going? Tell me all your news please! So glad are able to write again, I really did miss you honey! Of course I had worried with this computer and stay days without reading you is a nice stress. I did not know if I would hear from you again. Than like an angel from heaven your letter came to me. I think about you a lot Frank. Happy thoughts... how we would react to each other when we first meet. How we would hold hands and laugh. How you would make me smile. Why you have touched me if you do not really know me, not to mention not even met me as yet? Strange, but I feel good about you. Frank, receiving your letters makes me feel good, so good that at times I imagine you are my man and you are only in other country and that we will be together soon... I wish! smile!
I'm sure, between two person must be a mixture of friendship, respect and esteem physical attraction. It also very important that there is a sharing of emotions, feelings, values and interests. I think it is also important the spiritual aspect, grow together in respect for God and try not to fall into the bad along with the temptations of life. One of the best medicines, couple of women and men think it's the dialogue, that is all said and explain more about what they like or do not like the attitude of the other.
If there is no dialogue creates unnecessary tension and resentment in the long run bring people to die away. It clear that another important thing is physical attraction and make love, but this is really nice and it is only when we are at the basis of all the things I've written above. I think it's time to hear your voice on the phone. This weekend I will give you my phone number and we will have our first phone conversation. Sure it will be exciting!!! Frank are you happy? I think I will be right if we talk on the phone, before we start to discuss our first meeting face to face. Do you agree? As you see, I asked you about our meeting! I do not want to pass our life only to write each other! I have a couple of questions for you ok? I'm interested to learn more about what interests you dear! Especially if there is some particular thing you would like to do in future... maybe something you always wanted to do, but never got around to? Can not wait to hold you.
Well I'm going to bed. So good night my dear Frank! Kisses! Vera
Letter 20
Frank my dear, hello! I hope you have a good day off and think of me! All i ask is please do not break my heart ... i have had some bad relationships and have been taken advantage of ... i just want someone that is real and is willing to accept all the love i have, i will give you my heart and soul unconditionally, please be gentle! I think, to find the right partner you must be the right partner yourself. Do you agree Frank? I'm so happy that our paths crossed and i can share with you my thoughts.
Here i give you my full details.
My home adress:
Cheboksary city,
Egerskiy bulvar, 46
apartment 53, (428031)
Name - Vera
Surname - Kazakova Please give me your full details too (your full home adress, your full name and surname), before we go any further. Ok? Frank it is important for me !!! I too am very pleased to think about start together real and concrete! I understand that you have some doubts to me because you still do not know me but i assure you that i have nothing to hide and no secrets. I think exchanging email only will not get you anywhere, right? I only desire to fall in love and give my all to the man who will make me fall in love. If you want to be, it will be forever.
I'm writing to you because i feel that you are really interested in me and I'm of you. I just want to start a real knowledge. Is it possible Frank? I wish you a perfect day, i as always am thinking of you honey! A big hug, your Vera
Letter 21
Frank my dear, hello! I can not wait to see you! I do not know what is wrong, but I do not hear from you the last two days. In my last letter I gave you my full details. Frank, please give me your full name and surname and your full home adress, before we go any further. Ok? It is important for me !!! Vera
Letter 22
Frank my dear, hi! I hope you had a good day? I'm honest in my intentions. I want to have a reliable partner, happy family and stable future. I can not wait to see you! I'm glad that we do not try to be somebody different than we are! I'm sure, any person is interesting and in himself and it's not necessary to add qualities you do not have. Am I right? We exchanged our details and this was the next step in the development of trust between us.
Do you agree? I start to think that you can be the person with whom I will feel comfortable. What about you? Frank, what do you feel? All the time i have your image in my mind. So if you are willing to take care of me, I will do my best to make you happy. But only personal meeting may confirm that the choice was right, or destroy our conception. Frank, what is the time difference between our countries? I promised to give you my phone and I will do it and we will be able to call each other. But I want to be sure of every my step absolutely and never regret of anything. I hope that you will respect my opinion, Frank? I think we'll have to plan our first phone conversation on Saturday, when I'll be free from work. Do you agree? Today the 38 birthday of my friend and we are invited. Honey, your tuxedo are ready? Smile! Her name is Irina and she is my one and true friend ... we have been friends for over 20 years. My dear Frank, you have a lot of friends? Now I go to prepare for birthday's party. I will write to you tomorrow. Ok? Kiss you! Vera.
PS. Frank what you will never accept in your life partner?
Letter 23
Frank my dearest, hello... evening here and I decided to write you a few lines. I'm really tired, a lot of work. In december, I have a vacation and I should be able to complete all the work projects. My boss is a real tyrant! I hate him! smile! I recorded a voice message for you. Sweet dreams and good night Frank! Vera
Letter 24
Frank my dear, how are you there without me? I miss you so much! All weekend I was away from the computer. I was visiting my friends in country house. All last working week was really hard and I decided that I had to leave all the worries and spend the weekend with my friends. Only now I'm back home and I decided to write you immediately. Frank, give me your exact and correct cell phone number and I'll call you tonight. I very want to speak with you! Please reply now! I will wait!
Kisses! your Vera
Letter 25
Frank my dear, ( +7 903 346-07-89 ) it's my cell phone number. Please call me now! I'm waiting!
Letter 26
Frank my darling, you are thief !!! You stole my heart! smile! Very cold here today. Brrr.... came a real winter. I had a very very hard working day and I have not any power... I fall down and I go to sleep now. Frank, sorry for short letter today. Good night! Kiss! your Vera
Letter 27
Frank my dear, I hope you're doing fine? Today I had another bad working day and I feel terrible.
In such moments, I'm starting to regret that I chose the profession of accountant. I'm joking of course! I can not wait when my vacation will begin and I can have a rest. I want to ask you one thing before I go to bed. Ok? In your country, I will feel in safety? All day in my office I work on computer with financial documents and today I had not any desire to go to my computer at home, when I came home from work. But I thought I should write you a few lines and say that you have become part of my world and I thinking of you all the time! Please be patient with me. Ok? I hope tomorrow I will feel better and I will write a detailed letter. Good night and sweet dreams my dear Frank! Sincerely your Vera
Letter 28
Frank my sweet, hello! I had a hard day at work, but I'm happy to write you email and to think of you. How are you doing there without me today? Do you missed me as much I missed you? I can not wait to see you! Frank, tell me what you think about me and about our relationship? What means for you I and our relationship? Almost midnight here, but I'm still working on. Frank, can you believe it? I'm going crazy with my work! I took the working documents at home and I think I'll have to work on the whole weekend, that would be able to complete my work project by Monday.
Monday December 1 start my vacation and we can discuss in detail our first meeting. ok? I'm so glad that our paths crossed and we are interested in each other and I'm sure it is time to take the next step and meet face to face. We can write thousands letters, but it is no substitute for a personal meeting. Do you agree Frank? Dear, today during my lunch break, I read in magazine that according to statistics, only 60 percent of marriages saved and successful (when women and men met each other in real life). Frank you will be surprised, but according to statistics more than 85 percent of marriages are successful (when people met each other on internet). My dear, so that our relationship has the potential to become successful. I hope! I'm very family oriented woman and I'm sure for one hundred percent I can make my future husband the happiest man on the planet.
Honey, are you ready to become the happiest in the world? Smile! I see my parents happy together and I know what I should do to my future family was strong and happy. Now I must close. I'm tired dear, but I have to work on. I think a cup of coffee will help me to stay awake for some time. Good night! Million my kisses for you! Sincerely your Vera PS. Frank my dear, from the beginning I told you that at my age, I can not spend my time on men whose intentions are not serious and I sincerely hope you are for the serious with me! Frank, tell me the name of the airport closest to your home.
Letter 29
Dear, I do not hear from you! What happens? Where you are? I worry! kiss! Vera
Letter 30
Frank my darling, hello! You bring me joy! How are you doing today? What the weather? Here unusually cold today. Now I'm holding a cup of hot chocolate and write you this letter. You like a hot chocolate?
I really start to think that you can be the right person with whom I will feel comfortable !!!
Today is the first day of my vacation, congratulate me! In the morning I went to my office that would finalize all work projects and meet with the boss, but only in the midday, I left my workplace !!! Hooray, I'm on vacation!
Today I visited my parents, we had lunch together and then I speaking with mother a few hours. I told her about my plans. My parents say hello to you!
Frank my dear, now I'm on vacation and I'll have 30 days off. Two months we know each other, but I think that I've known you all my life! I'm really crazy?
I think you will agree with me that it was time to leave the internet correspondence and meet in real life! We can write thousands of letters, but only personal meeting may confirm that the choice was right, or destroy our conception! Do you agree?
I'm sure when you decided to start looking for your future wife here in Russia, you was thinking that you have to visit her in Russia before she comes to see you there in your place, and I think now it's time you come to me in my city.
Dear Frank, I think it would be better if you come to visit me here in Cheboksary, before I come to you in your place. I have a passport and I be able to get a visa and after your visit to my city, I will be happy to visit you in your place and see your life through my eyes. It is very important to see your country and make sure whether I can adapt to life in your country, if we decide to unite and create a family. I'm sure you know what I mean.
I think it would be right, if you come to me and we can be together for one or two weeks. Do you agree, Frank?
I'm sure if you start to organize your visa, airfare and hotel right now, I'll see you here in Cheboksary in two weeks. Will be very welcome !!!
I can not take a vacation at another time. If we want to meet, we need to organize our meeting this December. This is important !!! I do not want waiting for one year before I can take a vacation again!
I think we have a good chance and I hope you are serious in your intentions and this December, I'll see you here in Cheboksary and we will have a wonderful time together.
Frank, every time I read your words I have a deep feeling inside my heart. I'm so happy and feel you are the right person for me. I'm really happy with you.
You know something like you breath deep and dream as soon as I see your emails. It is so nice. So good !!!
I'll wait for your answer!
Your sincerely, Vera.
PS. I miss you honest and I want to meet you in real.
Letter 31
Frank my dear, hello! How are you today? The weather is getting colder and I freeze and turn in icicle, if you do not come and get warm me in your arms hot! Smile!
I'm doing fine, but your latest news disappointed me and made me sad !!! I hoped that meeting in real life, was our only goal and reason why we started our correspondence. Meeting face to face is the next logical step! Frank, am I right? I was sure that you would be happy to meet with me when the time comes, but now I'm starting to doubt your intentions! There are many men who are just for fun on internet and I was hope that you are different from those losers! I can not take a vacation at another time. Sometimes I have to work 7 days a week and do not have any free time. So your visit to me in other months it is bad idea.
I understand that your trip to my city this is a serious step, but I have true faith in you! I'm sure you'll be able to organize your trip to Cheboksary this month, if you really want it !?
I think you're the right man for me Frank, but I'm not looking for a pen pal !!! I need a real man! I am looking for a real relationship! I'm sure you know what I means!
I wish you were here right now, Frank! It would be so nice to come home and find my love waiting for me with open arms! We will be so happy together. I will be so proud to take you to meet my friends and introduce you to my family. I hope you have a wonderful day my dear! All my love, Vera PS. I would be happy to visit you in your place, but I can not go to you.
Letter 32
Frank my dearest! Many girls were flirting with you today? Smile! How are you doing there without me? My vacations are great! Tomorrow, the wedding of my colleague, I have been invited. I will send you photos. Ok? I'm very pleased to read your letter and in particular to think about a start together real and concrete! I think exchanging email only will not get us anywhere, right? I only desire to fall in love and give my all to the man who will make me fall in love. If you want to be, it will be forever. I just want to start a real knowledge. I'm attracted by you and I would like to know and discover who is behind the your letters. Who is the real, Frank. I'm starting to be sure, you are everything I was looking for, therefore I don't want to lose you !!! I believe in myself and trust my feelings. I'm looking for a man that will treat his woman as good as he wants to be treated !!! I'm sure, I'll a make good wife! My dear Frank, more than two months we know each other but I have a feeling that I've known you all my life. I'm not looking for a pen pal. I need a reliable life partner! I need the husband, Frank! I want to start a happy family! I was hoping when the time comes to meet in real life, you can visit me here in Cheboksary. I think it is normal when a man first visited his future bride in her place. Do you agree with me? I have a stable job and stable income here. I'm hard work for to have all things I need. Two years ago, I took a bank loan and bought apartment. The last two years, every month I pay 600 Euro to bank and it takes almost all of my salary. Also i must pay my monthly expenses.
I'm sure you know what I mean! In three months, I will extinguish the entire debt to the bank, but in tis time i do not have savings.
Mine God..... in this situation, I can not pay my visit to your country! So you know, why I insisted on your visit to my city. I'm really sorry, but I do not know how we will overcome this barrier.
Dear, what should I do? Yes I have passport and I can get visa. I'm really sorry, my darling !!! I feel the fear that lives in you, and I want to help you get rid of it, then you would not have felt so alone. Frank, I know there are a lot of people out there who are interested in playing games but that is not me.. If you are serious with me I will be serious with you and if you are not serious I will let you go because I do not want to waste my time or anyone's.. Life is too short to be playing games with each others feelings and you know that....
I kiss you hotly! Sincerely your Vera
Letter 33
My dear Frank, good evening! I miss you my darling! I had a great time at the wedding of my colleague. Honestly, I envy her and her happiness! She was so happy with her husband on this special day! My colleagues say hi to you! They were interested in, when you come to visit me here, and when I told them that you have difficulties with your visit to me (I don't know why, but they did laugh and tell me to be more realistic). Honestly, I did not like to hear it! My dearie, you know I'm very attracted to you, and I'll be the happiest woman in the world if I could fly to you during my vacation! Frank, I do already have a passport and can obtain a visa for a short time, but I have not any savings at this moment and I can not pay my trip to you.
I'm sorry, but if we can not meet during my vacation, I'll have to let you go. I'm very serious about finding my life partner, Frank! You and I the live people and I need the live relations! I need a live man! I need to touch you, Frank! I'm sure you know what I mean. When I decided to start using the internet to try to find my future husband, I had serious doubts that I was able to meet a serious gentleman here. But when I met you, you ruined my fears and gave me hope! I truly began to think we will feel comfortable with each other. But now all my fears were confirmed! More than two months of our life, took our correspondence, but our relationship and could not, move on... it's a bad sign! In my heart I'm with you Frank, but you must understand me, I can not spend my whole life on internet! I'm beginning to think that the internet it's a place for teens games, but not for serious people! We had all the chances to meet in real life and I still have a little hope that I will see you! I wish you a nice day! Kiss you! With all my love, your Vera
Letter 34

Frank my dear, we must open our eyes and look at our situation the more realistic! Only now I began to realize that all was too good, that would be truth! How could I be so naive to hoped to be able to meet my life partner through Internet? I do not know! I'm sorry Frank, but now I realize that it was a bad idea!
It's time to meet in real life Frank, but you can not or do not want to take the next big step and visit me here. You know about my financial situation, I want to fly to you, but I can not!
From the beginning I told you that I'm here for serious and what I'm looking for a man whose main important priorities in his life, it is found a one woman and create a happy stable family! I'm very family orientation woman, happy family is the most important thing in my life! Every day, I ask God to help me meet my One Only Man, my Second Half, in which I can fall in love and with whom we feel comfortable rest of our lives. I'm really beginning to think that this man can be you, Frank!
But my hopes have remained only in my hope! You said a lot of nice words in your letters. I'm sorry, but that's just words! I see you're just not ready to take the next big step! Why I did not foresee this before? I should not have let you in my heart !!! More than two months, I focused all my attention on you. I did not give a chance to other men! I sincerely believed and hoped that we a Team and Our desires are similar. My darling, tears filled my eyes !!! I'm desperate! Why are so many problems to my one head? Maybe I should stop trying! With all my love, your Vera PS. I was betrayed to you Frank, but I'm tired of being alone!
Letter 35
Frank my dear, I hope you had a good day today and that you enjoy your life! Any news?
I'm doing great! I'm trying to enjoy the holidays! Two days ago, I was with my friends, skiing on mountain *****. The weather is perfect and it was really fun!
My parents, my friends and colleagues call me crazy! They say if you were really serious with me, you would come to visit me here or would invite me to visit you in your place and would take care of my trip to you! I do not know how you feel about me, but I'm starting to think that my friends may be right!
Frank, please think about what you want. If it is too hard for you please let me know so I can start to look in a real life and may be give a chance for more serious gentleman who do not give up so easily.
Why only I care about our relationship? That is not fair to me! Is that you, the one who has to keep the initiative in own hands and try to win my heart! You offend my feelings when you make me repeat again and again that we need to meet.
Frank, this is normal, when people meet in real life, after several months of correspondence! You had one month, to organize your trip to Cheboksary, but you did not make a single step. Maybe you have a wife and children? There are a lot of perverts on internet, who write to women for fun. They get ****** satisfaction from such games. These men have no intention to meet in real life. When it comes time to meet in real life, they come up with a thousand reasons that would postpone the trip to the woman and never invite a woman to visit him in his place, because they are married or just for fun.
I sincerely hoped that you are different from those perverts, but you persuade me otherwise!
Some time ago, I really started to think that I'm in love with you !!! I love you Frank and that is no lie!
I will not let you go! You are probably the best thing that happened to me in a long time. Can not wait to meet you. ****! You do not know how i feel. I wish I could tell you how my life has changed since we have met. Just thinking of you makes me feel like a new person. And, you have made my life complete! You are always in my thoughts and dreams.
And if you do not want to come then I feel that you do not love me enough? But I know you love me, I feel your love! I'm also tired of internet writings, I want you to feel, I want yeah my husband for me and love. Start a family with you!
You know, I met a man in a night club some days ago, and he told me that I look good gosh and how come I have no men I told him that I have a husband but it is very far from me. Smile just kidding.
It looks like you are just trying to find some excuse to get away from me. I love you. Did you read how I envisioned you as a my fiance? You just play with me I do have a heart and a soul and you are trying to destroy them. If I can not have you I do not want to live. Plain and simple. Save me love save me I love you Frank! Vera
Letter 36
Frank my darling, how are you doing there without me? You miss me? I miss you so true! Happy Christmas to you!!! I wish you that all your dreams come true!!! In Russia we celebrate Christmas on 7 January. I'm sure you will agree with me that it is very difficult to find the right partner for the family! For many months we have been building our relationship and we should not give up so easily !!! I started to fall in love with you and I think this is serious! You're part of my world!
You're part of my future! Our love grows every day! You gave me hope and I do not want to lose you! I'm not giving up. I want to meet you !!!
I know, if you could fly to me, you would have done it already and we would be together! Yes, I know what a gentleman should take care of the first meeting! Maybe I'm crazy, but I decided that I was ready to pay part of the cost of my trip to you. I want you to accept my help, Frank!!! Ok? I want that you were convinced that I'm serious with you and all that I told you in my letters it is the truth! I have my savings 200 euros and if you can take care of the missing amount, write me immediately and we will discuss our next step! Ok? My dear, we still have a chance to meet in real life! But we must do it quickly!
Frank! You will make me the happiest woman on a planet, if we are together in this New Year's Eve! I've already talked to my boss. It was hard to convince him, but I managed. We will be able to stay together until January 7. Are you happy?
There are many people who do not believe in the success of our relationship, but I'm sure we will overcome this last hurdle and be happy together! When we will together, we will laugh of the problems that we had to go through organizing our meeting.
I'm sure my parents and my friends call me crazy when they find out that I spend my savings for you, but now I do not care about their opinion! Mine God, maybe I'll regret of my step in the future, but I have not any strength to fight against my feelings more! I'm so tired of being alone! I want to meet you Frank!!! All my love, your Vera PS. People will be jealous of our happiness when they see us together! I do not want to lose you!
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