Scam letter(s) from Tonya Massey Carter to John (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hi how are you doing Jon, Hope you are looking good just like i am looking at the moment now , well i wonder where you did find this photo , Well i know i own you no explanation , For your childish attitude that you have putting up and i wonder...........I never knew that this is how you are ,. .. you asked me question on phone and i answered . Now you never reply me 3 days for you to go on scam list and search for me ......wowow bravo , Keep your negative mind and this unreasonable behavior going okay because i am sick of your stuffs so keep on do it when you are satisfied then you tell me okay , .....................Bye bye you can call me a million names , But i would have being a very ****** woman to do this dump things that you are talking about so is up to you
Keep it on and do what you want and feel bye Yolanda.., YOU MAKE ME SICK..........!
Letter 2
Hi John , How are you doing ? Hope you are looking good just like am looking at the moment now ,I am glad to hear from you Again John ,I thought you would never want to even say hi to me or even send me sms , But you did that And i want you to know how happy that i am at the moment now and i know that you are only in the same happiness. Well I am glad what your kindness and your love that you still have for me and feel for me . And i want you to understand one thing that , I Yolanda will never do anything like that in my life , I am still a good woman and i will never change for that , I am not a scam-er And i have not practice anything like that before in my life , John you know this is happening between me and you because we are not meant to be together ! We can never be compatible match and to live under the same roof because one will give hope and full of inspiration and one will tell her that is words and one will pray for good life happiness and love and enjoyment but the other will pray for bad things to happen one have good expectations but the other one negative exp-actions that is what the other seek for , John i don't know that is your attitude is true but to be honest that photo i don't know who is using my photo , I remember days ago i went to a cyber internet cafe to do photo scanning and the attendant asked me to go and do other things that i have to do and get back later on for the photos. I did that and he give it scanned for me And i don't know if he is responsible for this or what ever , Any way sorry okay but i am very very very disappointed in you and for you humiliation , Thanks John do what will please you , Yolanda bye,
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