Romance scam letter(s) from Diana Arbenina to Ron (New Zealand)
Letter 1

Dear friend excuse me that I so for a long time did not write to you but for the first time for this year the chief has given me holiday and I went with girlfriends by the sea to have a rest (at us there is nearby a Black sea) therefore I could not write to you. I was at the aunt on a visit she I it lives near to the sea has very well spent. I am very glad that you have written to me I did not think at all that you will answer me. I very much want to have the friend. If you saw my photo you probably I have noticed that the nice girl but in my 24 years I yet did not have man. Guys of our country very bad they are not able to address with girls therefore I has decided to test happiness on the Internet. I write to you from our local the Internet of cafe therefore I cannot write to you at any time. I shall write to you in breaks between work. In the days off I probably too cannot do it as it does not work on the days off. I hope that I shall like you. I live in city Tbilisi in the small country on border with Russia Georgia. Can at us and not so good people though meet remarkable but at us very beautiful nature. At us it is a lot of fields and mountains. All together it is looked very beautifully. My name is Diana Arbenina. As I already spoke me 24 years my birthday on November, 15. My growth 168, weight 52. I studied in Tbilisi State University at faculty of economy a speciality statistics. Now I work though I and I earn a little but work very much is pleasant to me. In the future I dream to begin the designer therefore I I read and at me few free time much. I want to be taught and leave from country to receive good knowledge at the best experts but it only in the future. I think that at me all will be good. I very much would like to learn as your full name where you live. Tell to me about the city about the country. I think there very beautifully. Came to me the photo with family if she at you is also a photo of the nature. I was very glad to receive from you the letter I think that we shall find with you the general interests. But I beforehand apologize for the English as I studied it independently and I think that at me a bad spelling. I think that you understand that that I have written. Write to me the answer the dear friend. I shall wait very much from you for news. Kind regards
Letter 2

Greetings my friend I am very glad that you have become interested in me and have not ignored my letter. I am very glad that you closely have read it and have answered all my questions. It is very pleasant for me that such guy as you has become interested in me. I am very glad that have visited and have met you there. It will be very pleasant for me to correspond with you. I very much want to learn about you more and as about your country. It will be very pleasant for me if you will send me of photos. I think that your country very remarkable as well as my only unfortunately now my country experiences not the best years. At us war you now are possible to tell probably heard about it or saw in news on the TV. But actually it is very beautiful country with the customs. Here it is a lot of opportunities as it is good to spend. Here very much like to do shashlik is a meat roasted on a corner. If it correctly to prepare for that very tasty dish turns out. To this dish good red wine moves. My the most favourite it Kindzmarauli. At leisure I very much like to embroider at me there is an old sewing machine which has remained from the grandmother. I do on it various things. If at me an opportunity I will be necessary I shall send you a photo of my works. In our country the Georgian I speak a national language as in Russian and it is good in English. The truth my colloquial English wishes the best but I think I still I shall seize him much better. I began to study English at school, then at university and to buy I there were further various self-instruction manuals. But as I shirked employment that of that knowledge which I earlier has received at lessons I have filled with those that I have received from books. My biggest dream I want to find the best on light the man that it me loved also I it too. We with it would get married. (I would like to get married in church.) Would get two children of the boy and the girl. Probably we had pets. And we with it would live for a long time and happily. As in a kind fairy tale. And what you want? What dreams at you? Write to me than you are engaged, whether like to travel and whether frequently you do it. You live one or with parents? I would like so much about you to learn but I simply do not know from what to start tell to me about myself all that you will want. I very much would want it. We certainly could speak by phone but unfortunately I do not have phone and I have no opportunity to you to call but I think that it sometime happen also I necessarily to you I shall call. Write to me the ideas, that you would want to learn about me what the purposes from you in a life and many other things on your discretion. I shall wait very much for your letter. Write to me more likely as soon as probably I shall necessarily answer you. Your new friend Diana.
Letter 3

Hi my friend Greetings the my dear friend I am very happy to receive from you the letter to me very pleasantly that you have become interested in me and that we can correspond with you.Excuse that I so long did not write to you, I went to mum in 50 minutes from me, and there there is no Internet - cafe.? ??? ???? ??? ?? ??? ??????? I think that can in the future we with you possible we shall like so each other that we shall want to meet and as love it is such interesting thing. I certainly speak figuratively about that that it is thing this feeling which to not explain love. I think that this best that can happen to the person. This condition when you understand that in the world so much men but you on it do not have an affair as one and that it would do not cost to you is necessary for you only. There are no more happily moments than the meeting with the favourite person this that of that is waited all life. And when this feeling that you will come are between heaven and earth to you simply it is necessary nothing only that only thing for the sake of which it is necessary to live in this world. But there is also a return party of this medal. There is nothing more terribly meek love. When you know that there is no hope but you will not cease to love it as to heart will tell love it not probably. This feeling to which anyone submit age. There are many examples when people of various age fell in love and there are no barrier. When you were captured with this feeling you you are not interested how old is he simply think of that that it was with you. It is possible to speak about this feeling indefinitely it it is impossible to transfer words. The biggest love after love between floors is love to the house. I very much love the house. To me very much in it it is cosy though I and I live with the parents as at me is not present while an own corner. At me very beautiful house in it many various pets at me are which cat name - Dollar. It very clever and it loves caress. I have a little coddled it also he such kind to me sometimes simply it seems that it not can even eat a mousy to it will simply her it is a pity. I as love fishes. I have small aquarium and I am constant behind it I look after. Very much calms when you will come with work very much tired and simply having looked at fishes to you it becomes easier. And you have any pets. Write to me about them and tell to me , interesting history about them. I very much love various animals. I think that we with you shall find the general theme for conversation. I very much would like to know about you more I certainly not all have written about myself simply at me now there is no time and I shall write to you later. EXCUSE THAT I SO I WRITE A LITTLE BUT I SHALL TRY TO CORRECT THIS MISTAKE. WRITE to me. I SHALL WAIT VERY MUCH for YOUR LETTER. WHILE. WHOLE. Kind regards Diana
Letter 4

Dear friend I have again received your letter, to me is not trusted that our friendship with you proceeds. I start to get used to you to me sometimes it is necessary to receive from you the letter. I come in the Internet of cafe and with impatience I wait when I shall receive a mail to learn that you to me have written this time. I very much am upset when the letter box is empty. I am glad that this time the letter is. I yesterday spoke with mum about that that I have found the friend on the Internet. First she began to speak that what for it is necessary to you as on the Internet many people which search such naive people as I and simply deceive them. Many get acquainted simply to entice money or a photo of naked girls and place them on paid pornos sites. But I have told to it about that that you not such that you very good person. She all over again did not want anything to listen but after long conversation she to me has revolen small secret that she too somehow corresponded with the foreigner but it appeared very bad person it simply corresponded for the sake of an entertainment. Therefore mum very much worries about that that with me there was no the same as with it. She has told that if I need in this acquaintance and if you actually very good person that she has wished good luck in our attitudes. At me very good mum. She the modern woman .She completely understand me and support in all my affairs. But she certainly give me advice and sometimes even can simply forbid to be engaged in something if she think that it poorly. You certainly think that as so can be. To the girl 24 years she should solve itself that is necessary for it in this life. But mum is mum and she will worry about me if to me there will be even 40 years. I certainly am not sure in that that I very much like you but I very much want it. Tell to me that actually you want from dialogue with me?? I certainly understand that we with you are copied very little but I think you you should know that from me want. I for example want to find the favourite person and I liked you. I very much want to know about your family. My family lives in the same city as I. My mum call Rusavi. My mum works as the tutor at school for small children which from 3 years till 7 years. She looks after small children. I have senior brother Marat which has left for Russia to earn money it sometimes comes to us to visit us but is more often calls. At me very amicable family we frequently gather and we go on the nature. I with mum prepare for various salads. With us my friends also go. We very well spend time. And how you carry out the free time?? Than be engaged?? Excuse but on it I should finish the letter as I need to go for work. I shall wait very much for your letter. Write to me and answer my questions.
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