Scam Letter(s) from Anisha Sarkar to Ashish (India)

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Letter 1

Hello Ashish,

thank you for keeping in touch on shaadi website, will be lovely to know more about you. I will start by telling you a little about me.

I come from a simple family of 3, that includes my parents and myself. my dad is late, so mom lives back home in Colorado and has retired from active employment. My dad was Indian, while mom is american native, so my desire to settle with someone with an original asian background is not co-incidence, rather its something I have always wanted.

Im a doctor by profession, and have been in practice for year now. I happen to be Rep for a major NGO in the United states, and just recently I started my own NGO that helps in eradicating hunger in remote villages around some arab countries, I will tell you more about it in time to come. My plan is to make sure their is food on the table of as many family as we can reach by year 2030.

I am presently living here in Mosul, Iraq and have been working as an aid worker under my NGO, but Im making plans to leave soon due to the recent turmoil in the state of Iraq.

Now more about my person, i am just an average lady, but you can say i see the world differently most times. I have always been one to want to fall in love with the right guy, but lets say the opportunity never presented itself, that answers the reason i decided to signup for a matrimonial site.

I dont judge people for any reason, because nobody can tell what the next person has been through, even if we claim to know them to a certain extent.

I am not looking to meet a perfect guy, but someone who can love me same way that i will love and respect him.. I can go on and on and keep writing, but then, singing our praises does not make me..(smiles..), what makes us is the kind of life we lead for others to see..

I hope to know more about you. Do tell me more about yourself and let me know more about your plans for the future. though i plan on getting back to the Colorado soon, but if things work out for you and I, we can plan to meet and know more about each other before we get families involved.

I have attached few photos here for you, will love to get few photos from you.




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