Scam letter(s) from Kim Gate to Ronald (USA)

Letter 1
Am not here to scam you am here to look for soulmate the man I will spend the rest of my life with no regret and I'm in the united state I don't lie or cheat
Letter 2
Am aware of your age and it doesn't bother me ...I choose you because I know older man like you don't mal treat lady
Letter 3
I like reading, taking walk to beach and cooking .I'm jovial and honest ..I like having friend and cuddling with the one that care for me
Letter 4

Thank you for responding to my message, hopefully we will get to know one another. Well my name is kim 34 yrs of age and still in great shape mentally, physically, and of course emotionally so you don't have to worry about me falling apart, I guess it is my sense of humor that people like. I am very energetic, honest, loyal, committed, self motivated, hard worker, sincere, thoughtful, passionate, affectionate, have very good family values and morals. I am also very organized, clean, neat, detail oriented person, as well as very determine in what I want out of life.
I also give a lot of respect to men and their feelings. I am looking for a man who is spunky, down to earth, honest, loyal, kind, loving, sincere, thoughtful, passionate, respectful, clean, and neat, organized, independent, and has strong family values as well as good morals. It is very important to me in a relationship. I am not looking for a man who is, selfish, dramatic, complicated, and temperamental.
What I enjoy doing on my free time is going to a nice restaurant, dancing, going to the beach, traveling, camping, sporting events, and working out at the gym daily to stay in good shape. I feel what is also important to me is friendship first in order to get to know one another and then see where this will takes us in time.
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