Scam Letter(s) from Elena to Nguyen (Vietnam)

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Letter 1

My name is Elena, I live in Ukraine in its mountains part that is why I like nature and fresh air so much!! They say I am a nice girl, I am very romantic, I like to read poetry and even try to write something for myself! I dream to publish my own book of poetry some day. Maybe it is just an illusion but each person needs to have a dream which will give sense to his existence, are you agree?? And what about you, do you have a dream as well?

You may ask why do I write you this letter, so I will answer. I want to establish a correspondence with a good reliable man who is lonely like me, to get to know him better through letters and then meet him in person to see if we can be match or not. And if we can.... Then we will get married and live happily till the rest of our life!! At least I dream about such a scenario, and it means that I have the whole two dreams not only one:)) So what do you think of it?? If you have never had such a thoughts in your mind you will close this letter now and
never back to me again, but if you are interested then I will get the answer from you hopefully with photos and we will start our correspondence, so which way will you choose?? Will you answer me?? I truly hope you will!!! I will be waiting!! Hope you will not make me wait for too long, I have so many things to tell you and so much photos to send! To make photos is one of my hobbies by the way:)) So hope to hear from you soon and hope you like my photos... Write me here.

Kiss you!!!! Elena from Ukraine.



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