Scam Letter(s) from Elena Babireva to Michael (Denmark)

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Letter 1

Michael I am happy to see your reply, thanks for your interest and your attention I'm glad. I am pleased to start a chat with you, I hope it will continue. Thank you for the lovely pictures that you sent me.
For me, this kind of new acquaintances I have not encountered this before, so I do not know what you're interested in, so I will improvise))) I'm a little bit about me I was born in the city of Omsk.
Lived all his life in this city and still live in it. But I'm sure that's much more interesting to you why I use this resource to find a man. The fact that I am disappointment in men of my country, I can not find a decent man, I hasten to say that my requests are not large, there is simply no one who can appreciate me. Recently, on my way across some scum are not capable of a serious relationship guys. Guys who are interested only in the girl's body. They are interested in a girl for fun to stay, but not for the soul is not for the family. But I do not need I do not like. My education and understanding of the meaning of life does not allow me to have such a relationship. At 27, I realized that I need a family relationship. That's why I'm here. For over a year I have one after a hard parting with the guy with whom was 2 years and who wanted to build a happy strong family. I broke up with him because of his attitude of deception and betrayal changed when it all became clear, I could not stand it any longer, he has made no secret or anything, and thought that this is how it should be. It was hard to leave but I have decided that it is better to be alone than with someone who does not appreciate you not love that is not capable of a serious relationship. I hope that on this site I will find a man who will love me appreciate the respect with which I can build a serious relationship to start a family. Now a few questions for you, Michael tell the reason why you decided to find a girl on this site.
Why have not you found a girl in your country? I am interested to know you better, I hope for your early reply. Helena

Letter 2

Hi Michael I am glad to see your letter. I was waiting for him. Now I know you better, and the reason for which you are on the site. I see you are serious man do you think about the future and it's fine. In today's letter, I want to tell more about themselves and start to work. I work in a trauma nurse paragraph, it is hard work, but I was always attracted to medicine, I like to give help to people who need it, it is nice to see after they recover their smiles and grateful eyes. Here I also have the opportunity to use the internet, unfortunately I have no home computer at home, but I'm glad that I can write even from work. Today I took the time to work to read more of your letter your answer. Communicating with you I wonder it bewitches me. Just want you to know that I am leading a healthy lifestyle does not always work, but I try to find time to visit the gym. To keep yourself in good order. It's time to my questions, tell me what you see in the future for his family? How will you treat your family? What role will play the wife? Answers to these questions are very important to me, so I hope for your honest answer))). Now I have to go, waiting for your answer.

Letter 3

Michael I am very happy to receive your letter. I was waiting for him and I think that will be in your reply. My family is not big, I live with my father and mother. I am the only one child in the family.
Therefore, I live with my parents until now. Sitting with his beloved mother and father at his mother in the nest, and I'm waiting for somebody will do and take on the mother. I told you that I am from the city of Omsk. I do not understand why the site was written in another city. I can speak English and Russian languages. But writing in English is difficult for me so I use a translator to write to you. Now I have a better idea about you, about your thinking and attitude towards life. I see in you the quality that should be every man I am glad that you have it. For me, the main thing that was in communication reciprocity, harmony and understanding. I can see it here. But despite the good impression I'm afraid I do not want to hype me even someone betrayed. As you already know, I had only one but a very sad experience with a guy who betrayed me, I completely trusted him but he did not appreciate it, it is constantly changing me, lied disgusting to think about it. I seriously experienced deception suffered a lot, I'm afraid to trust again, to those who will deceive me. I hope to communicate with you will be nothing but positive things. We had little contact with you but I've already posted your soul opens before you, so I want to ask you you are sincere with me ???? Can I trust you ????? I count on your honest answer.

Letter 4

Michael I am happy to receive your letter. I was waiting for your answer, quickly wanted to know what role the sincerity and trust play in your life. I am interested because without trust can not build a relationship. I am glad that our communication is open, I can be calm and talk to you about everything. Thank you for your candor. I'm very happy our conversations I am glad that in my life with a man who appeared to me interesting to talk to whom I can trust. I want to develop it all I want our relationship grew, in you I see the potential in you I see the future. I like people who have a long-term plan for the future and the desire to go to them. In you I see the qualities that are needed this man to you that is why I have a lot of interest. I just few letters I want more I want to know you personally. After all, the only way I can get to know you by now know you can fully letters can not give all the emotions. That's why I'm starting to think seriously about how to meet you. Soon comes my holiday and a great opportunity for our acquaintance. I want to know you personally want to see your eyes, feel your arms. I want to develop something that ignited the feeling of fellowship is with thee.
Think over my words, and give me an answer. I look forward to your letter.

Letter 5

Michael I am very pleased to receive your letter, I was waiting for him wanted to know your answer. I would be happy to go with you to Greece. But you say that you will go to see their loved ones. How they would react to me? Will they be happy to see me? At home I have a VCR.
DVD player is, but it seems to me not working. I remember that my father recently brought a CD with works with the movie and it did not happen to see it on our video player. But I do know that the old player for video cassettes still in working condition. To write letters to you, I use a translator, potmou in Russian easier for me vylodit your thoughts. But I can speak in English. My English level is normal. You will be able to understand me and you'll understand.
Yesterday a long time could not sleep thinking about you on our communication. I realized that the correspondence we are doing is just the beginning, only the first step which introduces and gives us a first impression. Letters is the first step that introduced us made us closer. But this is not enough to understand the sincerity of feelings is not enough to understand all the chemistry in our hearts. Now we need to take the next step, we need a meeting because only meeting will help us to get closer to see the shine of loving eyes, to feel each other. I want to touch you feel the warmth of your hands your lips. I write all this and feel you near as you look at me holding my hand as I warm and well with thee. It's all like a dream in which I'm happy. I want to make this dream a reality, I do not want to live the dream. I want it all was real because the only way I'll be happy.
Michael I appreciate you gave me hope you gave me faith in the sincerity of the feelings you make me happy with their letters to their attention. So do not waste our time in vain and you need to go as quickly as possible to fulfill our dreams. Now I will finish and I will think about how to get things done will think as I can see you in reality. Now I need to go. Miss.

Letter 6

Michael Cute I'm happy to see your reply. I look forward to it every minute, every minute I think of you on our first meeting. About our happy future. You took the place in my heart and now it is completely belongs only to you, I'm all yours and I'm happy to understand this.
You become a lot means to me lately. I am with you was another. You are able to place me in. My boy you my whole and belongs only to me, I will not give you to anyone, I always want to be with you. My dream is to quickly realize my dream to see you, to feel your strong arms. I have long thought about how it will look, our first meeting, I think that the best option for our meeting, if I come to you. So we can be more time together. Day and night, so I'll spend every minute with you and I want it. Michael I do not want to lose a minute of your holiday is not in vain. All 3 weeks I dream to spend with you. During this time, we can get closer and understand what is going on in our hearts. Do not want to spend time alone, I want as soon as possible to be with you, so I will soon learn how to arrive to you. This is my dream and I do everything for her performance. You're with me, you're not constantly go out of my head I always think of you. Now I have to go to work cute. Exact only your Elena

Letter 7

Michael I really waited for your answer. Darling, I do not spend time in vain, and went today learned about the documents that I need to travel to you. For this I need a passport to get him to collect the documents and wait for more than a month. Then I will need to go to Moscow with a new passport and apply for a visa and have to wait three weeks. After three weeks, you will need to go back to Moscow to get a visa. I was horrified by this information. Making these documents will take two months. This means we can not see with you in my holiday. Not see with you this year, I'm terrified of Russian law and order.
Darling, I was very upset to learn it all. I walked home in complete distress because all my thoughts my dreams about our meeting during my holiday everything was destroyed. On the way home, I met my friend at work shared with her their problems. She advised me to contact the travel agency services which she used when she had to leave for the honeymoon. I immediately went to the agency to clarify everything and learn as much as I can rather leave to you my dear. The agency told me that for arrival to you I need a passport and visa, medical insurance and they said that the issue all the documents in 10-15 days. Apply for and receive the documents I'll be in my town I do not even have to go to Moscow. When he told me it all sounded on my face a smile, I realized that there is a god that he does not separate us that we meet with you this year. But when he announced the price I was shocked to see you cute journey costs a lot of money. Michael I can not collect such amount, I even take that kind of money I can not and the parents a small salary, they can not help me. All that I have is 7000 rubles for which I wanted to buy a new thing before the holiday. I can for the money you spend but this is not enough to pay for the journey to you. Where to get the money, I do not know. But I do know that I do not want to lose you. I need you. I did not think it would be so difficult.

Letter 8

Dear I am glad to receive your letter. Yesterday I stayed in my thoughts about you, about us about our future, I thought as I find funds for our meeting to do, I try to use any options but neither of which have not worked. You're right that wages are now everywhere small, and the prices for everything are very high. I prityano that you invited me to his home. What will not need to spend extra money to pay for a hotel. I am very glad that everything falls into place. I am pleased to feel your concern is your understanding of your desire to make our appointment. I am very glad that you do not lose what we'll be together. Michael I do not know exactly how much will cost the preparation of my journey to you. I believe that we can all see exactly what the manager and after that make a decision. I prepared for you the data you travel company that I asked you to bind himself with a travel agency where I learned about travel and cook my documents and tickets through them. So we save time and will soon realize our dream.
Travel agency called Pelikan- Tours (
The manager of a travel company Oleg Borschev (
You will need my data
Elena Babireva
Omsk street Krasoriv house. 143 sq. 58
Code 644032.
Date of birth 24.12.1986g.
the date of the meeting from 3 December to 7 January. (This is the date of my holiday, which has been signed, but the date of our meet you can edit yourself according to the free time you have.)
Darling please communicate with the agency and let's make our dreams a reality. If you need additional info ask I will give everything. Michael Please keep me informed of changes regarding travel. I look forward to the news. I'm waiting for our meeting. It would be wonderful if we, together with you to celebrate New Year and Christmas. Miss you. your Elena

Letter 9

Good time of day Mr Michael. I am the manager of travel agency Pelikan- Tours in Omsk, Oleg Borschev. Thank you for choosing our travel company. I really had contact with Elena Babireva, she warned that you can write to us. Our company will prepare the necessary documents for Elena so she could travel to Greece. For a Russian citizen, you must have an international passport and a tourist visa.
And accordingly tickets. In order to give you the exact cost of our services I need additional information from you. Title convenient for you to the airport in Greece and the exact date of departure and arrival, I will prepare for you a price list with which you can explore and see all the prices and timing of travel. Waiting for you to additional information

Letter 10

Hi dear I am glad to receive your letter again. Dear you do not go out of my head. I constantly think about us. Darling, I'm so glad you came into my life. With your appearance in my life made sense. I receive from you the care and attention I always dreamed about it to be near a man who will take care of me, I am pleased your concern and your attention. I think I'm not the only one that every girl dreams next to her was the one who would take care of her and will love her. You are to me as the air I breathe your letters and get the pleasure and joy when I write to you. I am pleased to put your heart in you dear I have so many emotions that I can not write in the letter that you will see me only at our meeting. Michael is why I decided that the holiday is a good opportunity for our meet . For our first date. I am very glad that you are so quickly to contact the manager. What you said manager of travel agency? When he promised to start preparing our meeting? I'll be very glad to see your family. You told her relatives that we are with you want to see? How they reacted to it. Michael write me as soon as possible news about the preparation of our meeting. Now I only know and think. Now I have to go to work, at the first opportunity I will answer thee. I embrace and kiss. your Elena

Letter 11

Good time of day Mr Michael. I received additional information from you thanks that I was able to make full payment of training from Omsk travel to Greece. We reviewed your request and we want you to answer that our company can produce a common set of documents for a Russian citizen so he could travel to Greece. Preparation of all documents for the trip to Greece will take 16 days. . The total cost of travel is 910 euros. Includes preparation of international passport, providing our clients interests in the embassy, on a tourist visa, medical insurance and payment of tickets to both sides. Our company works directly with the airlines and book tickets 20 days we have the lowest price, I hope that you are satisfied with our offer, and that you will get positive emotions from cooperation with us. I am waiting for your answer about the conditions of work with us.
Please check all the data. In case of errors be free to contact us by e-mail:
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 12

Mr Michael. I received your letter with questions, now I'll try to answer it as accessible as possible. With regard to the payment of installments, then I am afraid that the authorities will not allow me to work so. Because tickets are needed to Helena early in the training trip. Tickets will need to be provided to the embassy for the visa application. Therefore, the presence of paid tickets is a prerequisite. International passport under new law makes biometrics and is valid for 10 years. Schengen tourist visa is issued for 90 days.
Tourists during the 90 days shall be entitled without key problems are in Europe. With regard to the exchange of tickets, you can do it. If you make an exchange of tickets 10 days before departure you will have to pay about 10% of the ticket price to change the date of departure.
Exchange tickets you can make directly in Greece. I hope that answered all your questions. If you have further questions you can ask me them.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 13

Dear I am glad to get a letter from you I'm happy that you came into my life. The time has come and my white band in my life now and I have a man who takes care of me that wants to meet with me. I am happy to realize that I need you. I dream of the day when I'll see you in real life when I feel your warm embrace, it's like a fairy tale for me now all alone in my dreams and in my imagination when the tale becomes a reality I will be the happiest girl in the world, thanks to you.
Michael I do not know how I used to live without you. I probably messed up with the existence of life. My life is beginning only when it graced you with his presence. I'm happy with you. And I do not need another man. I even think of others can not! My thoughts are programmed only on you and what to do with you. On the other - there was not time or desire, no thoughts, no place in my heart is huge.
Thank you darling, that you keep in touch with the tour. This means that you are serious in their intentions. it means that you and I can be together soon. Michael say thank you to their families for what they are willing to help us with thee. For the fact that they are kind and Takei will place me in his house. my boy, I understand that now everything is very expensive. And our salaries do not give us the opportunity to freely buy a ticket. Darling, I understand that you alone will be hard to repay my journey to you. So I certainly contributed. You sent me a photo, I could not open it. It was the price of travel agency? I understand that my international passport will cost so much. Michael you ask me to I myself paid 20,000 rubles for his passport. Now I thought, and I want you to know how much I have the opportunity to pay the money. Cute I now have in total, with all my savings of 11,000 rubles. But I think that before the end of the week I will be able to find another 3,000 rubles. Large sum I do not do. It is almost two of my salary. Cute I can not even go to the office tomorrow travel company and make money. You tell me when you do the payment part, I'll go on the same day and made their money in cash travel company. dear you said that communicates cost will be 50,000 rubles. I will find a maximum of 15,000. In the state of whether you pay 35,000 rubles. Michael time every day before my vacation is running out. So I want us to start training as soon as possible my trip to you. I want to be sure that everything we have just come out.
Really miss you. And waiting for your quick reply. your Elena

Letter 14

Good time of day Mr Michael. All right. After Elena bring their pay in the remuneration of services Tourism, I will send the data to the remainder of the debt. good
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 15

Hi Michael. my dear boy I'm glad I now sit and read your letters.
Darling I miss you all day today thinking about you. About our yesterday's conversation with you. I just can not imagine how we were with you should be good when we are together with you. This bydet thing not to forget a date in my life. Cute me so pleased to read how you all are calculated as you plan for all of us with you. God grant that everything turned out exactly as we want to be with you. As we wish. Dear I will also try to find the money that will be necessary for me to pay a travel company. I'll try to find the money by Monday.
If you get used to, I immediately head to a travel company to pay him 15,000 rubles. Michael soon as I do I'll report it. Cute you decided that we obtain the solution will be for me to come to you on December 22. This means that for new year and for Christmas we will be together with you. It means a lot to me. I am glad that I will be with thee and thy family this holiday season. You're so interesting to write that you went looking for money. you make me laugh cute. Do you have a sense of humor. The more I know you. The more I am glad that you are so good and kind man. I am glad that we met with you. And very soon we shall together. I want to send you a letter as soon as possible, because I understand that you are waiting for my answer, and every minute of our road with you. Miss. your Elena

Letter 16

Hi Michael. cute I very much miss you. My boy. How are you here
without me? Did you miss? Michael I was so used to you for dailytalks about the organization of our meeting. Yesterday I was not able to write to you. But these two days I only thought about you and. Cute yesterday I worked cash withdrawals from all bank cards that I had. I found the necessary amount. I think that on Monday I before work, go to the office of the travel agency and made 15,000 rubles, as I promised you. Darling, I'm so glad that everything falls into place.
That although there is some shift. Now I can start counting down the days until our meeting, because I know that in the coming days, we'll start with you preparing the necessary documents in time to prepare for all of the scheduled date. My boy thank you for everything, for what you and I met. Darling I know what Skype. My boy you laugh. You just do not see what kind of computer we have at work. It is printed cleaning schedule and hospital records. It yellow with age. No Skype will not work here. And through this computer can not enter the site Skype. It's all locked. As in offices. Only the old computer. I do not know what a cute difference between us in time. I think that 5 hours.
But this is not accurate. Darling, I understand that you want to rendezvous with me. I want to be closer to you. I want to hear your voice. I think that I will have the opportunity during the week to call you from the hospital phone when I'm on duty. I think that it is too late, and you will not even sleep. I believe that conversation us stronger closer. really want to hear your voice. Nothing has changed? This, together with the code. I just do not know how to dial this number. I hope that all of my work. Forgot to tell you thank you for what you promise on Monday to find the desired amount. I hope that all this we will do with you at one time.
Or even I still have time to get ahead of you. But as it was not, the most important thing that you and I together. And together we are going in the same direction. really miss cute. And with that I will finish the letter. Only yours. Elena

Letter 17

Hi Michael. my boy, I get to a computer. I was waiting for this all day. Yesterday I had the day off. I was at home. And today in the morning and went to the tourist office of the company, as I have promised. cute I paid 15,000 rubles. as I promised. I handed over my documents, I have had with him. And took the manager's list of documents that I will still need to bring to the office of the travel agency. Today I am very tired. Two hours was in the office of the travel agency. Then he went home. Home cooked dinner for the parents.
Bathed and went to work. For me all day today was very fast. At work too much to do. Many patients in my office. In short, I was very tired. But zhato I am the happiest, because today I started the process podgotvoki documents with you for our date. For our first vtsrechi. It is very much to me. Michael be with you at Christmas with your loved ones. cute I asked the manager got in touch with you.
But I did not know you were talking today or not. Now you can write to the manager and find out how you make your payment for the services of the travel company. McDonald's there in the city of Omsk. I live and work in 160 kilometers from the capital. But I know where it is possible to use this service. Thank you for what you cook for me a gift. it will be very convenient, if I have a device that will keep us with you always connected. I also want to speak to you. But I do not succeed today or not. but I'll call you in the nearest days cute.
really want to talk with you and talk with you about the upcoming meeting. Cute I have to go to work. I really miss you. Until tomorrow favorite. your Elena

Letter 18

Good time of day Mr Michael. This morning, Elena was in the office of our travel company and made 15,000 rubles, in partial payment for services training trip to Greece. Elena passed all the necessary documents and wrote a statement on the preparation of an international passport. Ms Babireva said I should tell you the details of the payment and the balance owed. You need to pay 618 euros or 35,226 rubles, at the rate of Central Bank of Russia today. I talked to an accountant about our company preparing the invoice for payment to you.
And we had some difficulties with the preparation of the payment order, because some of the money brought in rubles in Russia and some of the money you send from Europe in the Euro currency. Therefore, for our company will be more convenient if you send the money in the name of our courier through international transfer. (It does not matter what company do through transfer Western Union or money gram). I would like to learn, easy to use whether you are a payment option and whether there are in your city branches of these companies to make the transfer. If you are satisfied, then I can give you details of our financial agent. Waiting for your decision.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 19

Mr Michael. All right. Immediately after I make a payment ticket, you get all the information and data from the flight schedule. I understand you correctly, what you will do two translations. So you will need to send me all the details of both transfers. Here are the figures of the financial agent of our company that you will be needed.
These financial agent.
Name - Irina
Surname - Mischenko
Country - Russia
After sending transfer do not forget to tell me the following information. Special code, city of origin and the exact amount. If you have any questions I will be glad to answer you.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 20

Good evening Mr Michael. To transfer via Western Union only needed the information that I have provided. I have received information from you about your translation. But the information on it I can give you until tomorrow. The working day is over. I want to ask you that we got rid of me tomorrow morning information of two transfers. To our courier twice a day did not go to the bank. Once we receive your money, I'll let you know. You send money in rubles? For us it is very convenient, because we do not lose money from skochkov ruble.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 21

Good afternoon Mr Michael. I got your information about the second transfer of money. I told all your information to our financial agent.
Immediately after, we'll take your money. I'll let you know. wait for notification.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 22

Mr Michael good evening. I'm sorry for making you wait for a response. but I was very busy. Before the new year a lot of orders and work. As for your shuttle at our courier having trouble getting. Your first transfer in the amount of 27,500, our courier Irina was able to get. And when you receive a second transfer any problems. This problem arose from the fact that in addition to your translation Irina received yet another translation from our US customers. And there was a limit on the issue. So I want to ask you to you as soon as possible went to the Western Union office to take your money. And they made a new translation but not Western Union to send the same amount in the name of our courier through Monya Gram. It's not my fault, and such conditions from the bank. Please apologize for the inconvenience. With regard to the preparation of documents, today I gave all the necessary documents for the preparation of international passport. In the course of training and receive news I'll keep you informed.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 23

Hello dear I am glad to read your response. My boy at first want to tell you thank you for the song you sent me. Such words are nice there. and the song too. Listen to her today and thought of you.
Michael I'm glad that you completes all necessary to the manager began preparing documents for my trip to you. Yes of course the parents know everything. I do a lot with them talking about you. About your family. What they told me to host and I will not have to spend money on a hotel. Thank your relatives. I am pleased your kind words and your attention to me. I look forward to the day when we will be together as soon as possible. I need you. And always think about our meeting about the day when we will be together. I want to once again say thank you for what you helped me in preparing my trip to you. This will be the date not to forget in our lives. I am confident that we will be happy together. Tomorrow I have to work on the anniversary of corporate will my boss head of the department. Tomorrow probably will not be able to write to you, but if I have the opportunity I will write to you. I just warn you that you're not worried. I try for you and do not want you nervous. Cute street where I live is called the ( E?aniiaaa?aaeneay ) I wrote it to you in Russian, so you can find it. Darling I hope that tomorrow you will not miss my letters. I'll be back soon.
your Elena

Letter 24

Good time of day Mr Michael. I'm waiting for confirmation from our financial agent. This evening I will have accurate data, then I'll tell you right away, as he had promised. Do not worry, everything should be fine.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 25

Mr Michael. I also never faced such problems. But I tell you that it is having problems with our agent. she got the money from our customers, and today her office Western Union reported that you have sent a lot of money. And for a while we in the blocked list. Because you privyshen limit. I think that you have in the city should be able to send Monya gram. If you want to make a new translation via Western Union, I can give you details of the second carrier, and you can send in his name. Report as you see fit. Send the name of Irene through Monya gram? Or me clarify for you the exact data vtorogog our staff.
Answer me quickly. because it was late, and I'm going to have to rest.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 26

Mr Michael. I understand that this inconvenience for you. But you do not need to do bydet new translation. You need to go to a Western Union office and change the recipient's name in your translation. This is the most reliable option. Here are the data of our employees, for which you need to make a transfer.
Name - DARYA
Surname - BORISOVA
Country - Russia
This data from our employees. Please make a change in the name of the recipient. Once you're done. Notify me all the data. Once again I apologize for the inconvenience.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 27

Good time of day Mr Michael. Will you change the data of the recipient? I did not receive comments from you on this issue.
Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours

Letter 28

Good evening Mr Michael. I got your information. I'll send it to the address of our courier. That she took up tomorrow removing your money. After that, I'll let you know all the details about your money. And will you keep up to date training trip.
Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 29

Michael hello my dear, I feel so bad one here . Dear why you're so far away from me we shared with you too far away . If you were next to me helped me you would not leave me in trouble I 've missed me who was not even stand up , evening we had been at work all is well with all the festive mood . Was fun program was a beautiful performance and a lot of interesting gifts . But at the end of the evening there was an accident . I could not even think that someday this might happen .
Head of my department where I work drank a lot of vodka and did not calculate the opportunity because he was drunk , he began to pester me . It all started quietly and I can not wait for that to go this far , first he asked me to dance , I danced with him , but he began to allow himself too much, he started to touch me and then put his hand on my chest , I told him to stop it do after what he strongly grabbed me and said that I work at it I mean it, and he'll do whatever he wants , I was in shock pushed him and went into the other room. But he does not fall behind he came after me . He walked pulled me to him again and started to touch my body and try to remove the straps of my dress and said that if I did not it he fire me , I was scared , his eyes were burning and I think he did not realize what he did to me was very scary and I did not know what to do. Then he squeezed me harder and said everything would be fine and that he had prepared for me a new place with a big payday , he said, do what I say or you can say goodbye to her handiwork . His hands did hurt me , he lifted my dress and pulled me to him , I could not stand it , I hit him with a vase that caught me by the arm and pulled away from his embrace vile . He put his head in his blood flowed I broke a vase over his head and he said that I was a fool and I can say goodbye to their workplace , he said that fire me . Yes, let me dismiss all the same though I 'd rather stay unemployed than would tolerate such attitude to yourself , I'm not going to carry out work for the whims of his boss . I have a conscience and respect for myself and most importantly I have a man whom I love and who snitched to my boss in the face if I was close . I believe that I did everything right and I do not regret nothing , but now I am afraid to go to work tomorrow because there will be this vile man I do not want to see him and afraid for myself . Very sorry that you were not with me, I really missed you .

Letter 30

Hello dear Michael. My boy thank you for your support. I am very pleased that you are my man does not condemn me and supported.
Michael me fired from my job, my boss this morning wanted to get away from me sorry, I was called to my boss this morning he said to me, well, that girl you thought better of it and asked if I was ready to ask his forgiveness. I did not even talk, I can not endure this humiliation. Now, I took the documents from the personnel department is a freak fired me after what happened. You're right that not stoitderzhatsya for the work, which do not respect me and hurt me.
Cute, I'll go to the agency to find out how to go on to be and what to do. I cry all day, why am I not successful ?? Why am I constantly pursue the problem .. What should I do ..

Letter 31

Mr Michael. If you have received a notice of withdrawal of money, it's okay. I have not yet received confirmation from our courier. Today, I was engaged in applying for a tourist visa. In the evening you send your flight details, which I have booked.
Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 32

Good evening Mr Michael. I am writing to inform you that I am forced to stop training tourist visa for your girlfriend because she lost her job. I can not apply for the visa, without confirming the solvency of tourists to the embassy. Elena was yesterday in our office and said that she was fired from his job, and that she can not take help from your salary account, which was necessary for a tourist visa. More detailed comments and solutions to this problem, I told your girl.
Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 33

Good morning Mr Michael. To Elena could get a tourist visa, it was necessary to provide embassy guarantee its solvency, when leaving for Europe. Such rules have embassies. Elena had to provide certificates of employment, which showed that she had a salary account that it gets the money and can provide for themselves in Europe. But due to the fact that it was fired, it can not receive such reference. They have lost validity. I have listed the money for the tickets, but about the date you do not worry. Because I do for you such date that you will be required, this will be no problems. Visa groom will not work in your case, because you have not seen and are not a Suprunov. Embassy will not accept such conditions. the simplest and safest option is to provide the Embassy of traveler's checks in the amount of 1,200 euros. In the presence of burly checks for that amount embassy approves visa without problems. This money will not have to spend, you need to name Elena purchase traveler's checks and provide these documents. I offered that option to Elena, but she said that she does not have that kind of money. Negotiate the issue with your girl, if needed my advice, I'll help you.
Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 34

Goodnight Mr Michael. The answer to your questions concerning the traveler's cheque. You will need to buy traveler's cheque, they should be made to the data Elena. I can assist you in the purchase of traveler's cheque the required amount in the name of Helena. The money we will be able to cash in any bank in Greece after receiving these checks. I can help you arrange traveler's cheque, which you can cash out only in Greece. This is to maintain the safety of your funds, because they are able to get Elena only bank in Greece. Traveler's cheque required at the initial stage of the preparation of the tourist visa. Because they show the solvency of a Russian citizen. Traveler's cheque can arrange a tourist visa in a short time and avoid problems at customs at the airport. As to your question about the new job. I can not answer this question. For me the important thing to keep an extract from the salary account for the last three months. That there will be real, when calculating the date of our departure for Elena. I hope this answers all your questions.
Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 35

I apologize to you to attach another's price list. I beg your pardon.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 36

Mr Michael. Now I'm at work and do not have with him mene data Helena. Were you able to communicate with your girlfriend, or if you still need my help in her search? you tell me about the invitation.
But in order to be able to get a tourist visa at the invitation, it is necessary that you or your family members were meeting was organized not for the first time. In the case of the girl is not your work.
especially Elena had never received a Schengen visa. Traveler's checks will also be needed at customs. If there was more than the mere possibility of all the issue, I would have suggested. I considered all the routes and exits. Option with traveler's checks is free, fastest and most reliable. You need to learn all the best in Russia. Here you will give more comments on this issue.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 37

Hello Michael. Hello my favorite. My man, my support and support.
Cute you probably all got exhausted in waiting for my answer. This afternoon I went to my e-mail e-mail and saw that you urgently need my passport. I went to the pope to work and make a photocopy. I hope that it will help as soon as possible to issue traveler's checks. Michael that you new? Dear me as soon as possible to get online to use it. I came to her friend to write to you. Now in order. You have no idea what is still happening to me. What thoughts are not only visited my head, to be honest to me yesterday did not want to live even in the early days of how it all happened. Thanks to my parents who comforted and reassured me. But even more comforting me what you've got. What do you need. You're a real man I see your attitude towards me and my boss shit now. As such people the earth is I do not understand. I am now out of work because I do not give him. Michael please tell me you do not blame me? I lost my job because I was rude to him, but I could not tolerate this, I could not go on about him because I have a man who is not only my body needed. It's you, you're my man, and let me out of a job but I stayed true to you, and my conscience is clear. Just today, my brain began to think. In those days I was worse. Because I thought it was the end. But when I read your letters, when I read your words, I felt better. Yes you are right it is important to us to be together with you, and then we are on the rack all the problems and sorrows that will stand in our way. Thank you for your support and for what you do to me in this difficult period of my life. I think I will not be difficult to find a job because these experienced nurses everywhere I needed. But it will take some time. Now the main thing is I mentally recover from what happened, I still believe that all I will be fine, and that everything will work out. And my boss, God will punish him and I think that all of it in this life will return. My biggest regret is that we have created a need for traveler's checks. But you wrote that you need a copy of my passport, it means that you have found a way out of this situation. I hope that soon we will be together with you and everything will work out. Cute I have already said that my phone is broken. But I understand that we need to talk. Dear I'll try to call you tomorrow. And discuss all the issues with you. I have your phone number. If you need any documents and help from me, you tell me.
I wish that all we had done, and I want to be one hundred percent sure that I will be with you at Christmas. Why you and I live in different countries, I do not understand why come up with such laws, why we are with you people who need each other can not afford to see, we already have almost everything ready, because of the fact that I can not take help with the work, we have these problems. And now, because of this formality, I can not get a visa. I think it came up with such rules in Europe to only the rich Russian traveled to Europe and spend their money there. Michael I hope soon to hear from you the good news and the belief that I can just come to you. Cute please write to me at once how to get my letter, I very much sokuchilas. I am waiting for your answer. I need you.

Letter 38

Good evening Mr Michael. As for your question. I do for you traveler's checks that you can cash in Europe. Our bank will issue traveler's checks, which will be registration on the name of Helen, and which will bear the data Elena. When Elena will be in Greece, you can go to the bank and easily get that amount back, no commission. If there are more questions I will be glad to answer.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 39

Mr Michael. You can ask all the questions which you have. I'll help you if you will need my help. You do not need to transfer money to Russian banks. I offered to help you, but if you like you can do to address this issue. You can transfer money to our company, and I can help arrange traveler's checks in the name of Elena. You can not do this in Greece, because the necessary personal signature of Helena on traveler's checks. The most popular today are the traveler's checks Thomas Cook, American Express, Visa and CitiCorp. You can choose which company I draw traveler's checks. This is no big deal, that's why I have proposed this option. Another plus is that you can easily cash traveler's checks in Greece. If you decide to continue to prepare a tourist visa for Helen, and start preparing for traveler's checks, please let me know in advance so I gave you all the necessary data.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 40

Mr Michael. Perhaps you misunderstood me. But I tell you once explained that you can not live without Elena in her name to issue traveler's checks. This should be done in her presence here in Russia.
I offered to help you, free of charge. If you do not want to send money to Russia, that is your right. You can find another solution to this issue. I can every day to continue to prepare a tourist visa for Elena, as soon as I have on hand will be a guarantee of its ability to pay, so I could give them to the Embassy. But you do not forget that the time left is short, and before the New Year holidays a long queue at the embassy for a visa.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 41

Good time of day Mr Michael. Well I'll be waiting for your reply. In case of cancellation of a trip, you can get your money back in full, traveler's checks and can pick up 70% of the ticket price. If they will not need to I can pass these tickets. Yes, of course, all the receipts you get from the testes me. We have enough serious organization, for that you can not worry.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 42

Good time of day Mr Michael. Yes, of course I can send you a receipt.
I spent two hours you will send copies of receipts, because all the checks are in accounting. I need to go and make a photocopy. Money you can send the easiest way, just like last time (Western Union or Money Gram) in the name of our courier. This is the fastest option, so I was able to get your money and start execution of traveler's checks.
Here data from our courier.
Name - DARYA
Surname - BORISOVA
Country - Russia
I will send you a check immediately after the arrival of our courier to the accounting department. I would like to ask you to send me to remind you to check that I have not forgotten.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 43

Mr Michael. I made a copy of the receipt from the accounting department. See the, app.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 44

Good time of day Mr Michael. I'm sorry for what gave you the wrong information that you need. Our accountant is not correctly understood me. But these issues are dealt with accounting. Chief Accountant I said that the customer service of the company is Elena. And the contract is made in her name. And it is in the contract she said as the payer. Proof that you are working with us is this contract, which is in the hands of your girl. You have transferred money to our courier. And it turns out that Elena make payments on its behalf. It is a tourist and in her name to conclude treaties. If you still have questions. I will answer.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 45

Good day Mr Michael. Yesterday I could not answer you because I was all day at the embassy. I have a lot of tourists before the new year, and in the long queues at the embassy paperwork. Answers to your questions: Mr Michael You have to specify which bank of Greece you will be able to cash traveler's checks. I have designed the traveler's checks (Thomas Cook) for tourists who travel to Greece. They had no problems with their redemption. Yes you are right, these checks can be cashed in Greece.
Yes, but Elena can cash these traveler's checks, because they will be bought from her name.
Traveler's checks are needed now, while the Department for the preparation of Schengen visas for Helena. If by December 10, we will not provide guarantees solvency Embassy Elena, it will mean that I do not have time for Elena to open a tourist visa in time. (Before the new year a large influx wishing to apply for a visa, and the embassy can not cope with everyone).
Without proof of solvency of a Russian citizen, he can not get a tourist visa to visit Europe.
I hope this answers all your questions.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 46

Good evening Mr Michael. Yes, I remember his words. There is a possibility for buying checks immediately that checks will be cashed in Greece. If you send money on a Monday morning. That evening our courier only be able to get the money. This means that on Tuesday I will deal with preparations for the purchase of traveler's checks. I want you to ask you to tell Elena that it Tuesday to 10 am was in our office. Me to do the morning shopping traveler's checks. Because the time left is very small. I think that you will not have any problems when cashing in National Bank of Greece. I will do my best when you make it the way you ask me. For this, do not worry.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 47

Hello Michael. My boy, I have just read all your letters. And I understand that you are very worried, and waiting for my answer.
Darling, I'm sorry that these days are not written to you. I am very stlno ill. probably blown me on the street, because we have a strong frost. You have no idea how I became very ill. I have three days was a temperature of 39 degrees above zero. Saw a lot of pills and nothing worked. Yesterday started using injections, antibiotics, and thank God I feel better. Temperature returned to normal and I felt better live.
On the night of December 6, I had an attack, because of the high temperature and my mom had to call an ambulance. If I was a little bit easier, I would have definitely written. Because you know how I love to receive your letters. Michael you probably all got exhausted. I understand that it is very important moment and that you want more communication with me. But understand that much cute I am a fan. Cute thank you that you wrote to me every day. Even despite the fact that you did not get my answer. You did not stop me from writing. I am very pleased to understand that you need me. What do you miss me. My boy, I very much missed. Only about you and thought. Cute are you asking me about my family, I do not know why my parents did not make a second child. To be honest they have not lived all my life, and still we live in a studio apartment. I think that this is also part of the problem.
But I do not know, Mom says we love you very much and did not want anyone else to give her love. But these are the words mom, I understand that it does not tell the true causes. Michael you wrote to me that I needed to be in the office of the travel agency on Tuesday. Well dear. I hope that I have until Tuesday, type of forces to be at 10 am in the office. What do I need to take with them. What dokumentv there need to sign. Deara you solved the problem with traveler's checks? How is the process of preparing a tourist visa? You told me nothing about it wrote. Yes dear in my house is a contract with the travel company. How do you make a copy? All the sheets?
Tomorrow I'll ask my mother that she did the scan sheets agreement with the travel agency. And tomorrow I will try to send it to you?
Michael what you need him? My boy do not you worry, I would not miss the flight for you. If I know exactly what I'll fly to you on that date we had planned to be with you, I did the highest temperature will go to the airport. And if there is no power itself up. I'll have to get me taken to the plane. I am writing you to understand that I treasure to communicate with you. And it is not written to you because it really was not such a possibility. So you do not worry about my boy. On Tuesday morning, I will definitely travel company in the office. I want to quickly send you my letter, because I understand how you're waiting for my answer. cute, I hope that I get well until the day of our meeting. I do not want to hurt. Already tired. I embrace you, my boy. your Elena

Letter 48

Michael I was about to leave from my girlfriend home. sney we sat drinking tea with lemon and talking about you. But I felt like the heart that you are sitting at the computer and wait for my letter. I am glad that you are so quickly replied. my boy you do not have that, I do not want to postpone our meeting. I am very glad that I have on Tuesday took the documents and we will soon be together with you. I think that in a few days I'll be fine. I hope that I will not be sick.
cute for Christmas and New Year I will be with you and your semeyu. We are with you it is decided, then that's the way it is. Darling do not remember I said to you or not, but in Russia there is a proverb. How to celebrate the new year so spend it. I want him to meet with you.
And I hope that all my dreams come true. Cute, I went home. sleep. I promise that I will be with you healthy and will not hurt. Sweet dreams my boy. Kiss on the cheek.

Letter 49

Good evening Mr Michael. Today I had the whole day on the road, and only now have the opportunity to use the computer. Today I received the data transfer from your brother, and immediately sent all the data to our courier. Tomorrow morning I'm waiting for Elena in our office to begin the registration traveler's checks. All news about the preparation for you, I'll let you know once. Do not worry. Everything is going according to plan.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 50

Good afternoon Mr Michael. Okay. Now I have handed over all the documents to the department. Soon as I get I'll do for you photos. I think that in a week I'll be able to have a tourist visa in her arms.
How will the news I'll report it.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 51

Hello Michael. my boy firstly want to ask your forgiveness for being so long you could not write. I understand how you expect letters from me. How do you expect me to information. My boy, I miss you greatly.
Dear I am very pleased that you are trying for me and wrote to me in Russian. How did you do that? Someone helped you. My dear want as quickly as possible to embrace you and be near you. What do you do all day? How is your family and your loved ones? Give them greetings.
Cute, I see that you're worried about me, you do not want me to have a problem. I'm very pleased. I will try everything to be good. My health was restored. Darling, I'm so glad that I have recovered and are now more likely to be able to write to you. The boy said to me as soon as possible. I missed you greatly. your Elena

Letter 52

Hello Michael. Cute sorry it took so long to leave you without an answer. I very much missed. Now sit and read your letter which you wrote to me on 12 December, I read your letter several times. And different feelings experienced of your story. In response, firstly, I wish your father and your mother. The main thing that they do not hurt. To God to keep them. Our parents is the most important in our lives. Because they gave us this life. They lead us through life.
Darling I hope that when I'm next to you, you will make it easier and safer for the soul. I see that you are always in tension with all that's going on in your life. I promise I will in any case will be with you, and together we will make it easier to go through all the difficulties. Michael you agree with me? Dear you're right, I never traveled outside Russia. This will be my first travel experiences. And the first experience of flying on an airplane. I'm a little scared, but I hope everything will be fine with me. Cute these days I was there with her grandmother because her high blood pressure. She was bad. Now she was admitted to the hospital, doctors said that all will be well. 5 days grandmother lying at home, it was cold, it was treated only pills. But then there were complications, it gave her a burden on the heart, and the pressure was very high. Older people often get sick. But it is our native people. So I understand you at all.
Michael once again I want to say thank you, for those emotions that I have now, the mere thought of the meeting with you in Greece. I do not want to jinx it, but I hope that it will be a vacation that you and I will never forget. Cute from the agency, I had not received any information, they are silent and I did not write it. Are you aware of the preparations for a visa? Write me about it. I hope that today you do not get tired of reading, cockroaches in my head. But I know what you're waiting for this letter. So I try to finish faster to send you the answer. With a passionate kiss. KIISSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Letter 53

Good afternoon Mr Michael. Unfortunately today do not have time to prepare all the necessary documents. You have no idea what is going on in the visa departments. Before the new year, how to shop for free pies. Tomorrow afternoon, I will have to bear the weight of the necessary documents. Once everything is ready. I'll tell you right away. Departure date will not change. All we have time to time.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 54

Good afternoon Mr McAllen. I apologize for the delay in replying. I had a day off. It was not possible to answer you. In my last letter I told you that on Saturday I will get all the necessary documents.
Yesterday morning, I gave all the documents to Elena. I still managed to do, as we have agreed with you about. December 22 at 8:30 am at Elena flight to Moscow. Arrival in Greece at 13.50 on December 22. I hope that you are satisfied with the cooperation with our company. I did everything you asked. Have a nice day.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 55

Good morning, my boy. I just arrived at the airport. I specifically came early to write you a letter. Because the last few days I have not had the opportunity to write to you. Well my boy. All tell when fly to you. Cute learned from managers of the exact time of my arrival, so that you meet me. Mother accompanies me here. Because I have one confused. I hope that Moscow will not lose. Darling, I love you.
Flying to you. your Elena

Letter 56

My Michael my love I have bad news, I was shaking the whole I think I have found for myself a very big problem. I am writing you to be aware of itself, I do not know the details of all that will be with me now, I'm writing to let you know that I am in Moscow, I do not fly to you I was removed from the flight, my plane had already departed. I took off because I did not properly fill in the declaration I stated in the declaration of the ring and Customs considered that I smuggler. I wanted to take out Russian jewelry. I was removed from the flight as a criminal, my plane flew away, I write this to you to be aware that you have not seen me in the morning, I do not know when you read this letter but I hope that you will see him. I tried to contact with you to call you, I picked up the phone at the man who stood beside me on the registration of gaining you could get through but he had a little money on the phone, and they did not have to call in Europe. Michael all this time I'm under interrogation, I left the documents in the Department of Customs and went to the toilet to write you a short that you were aware of the incident. How will I know all the details, I'll let you know my dear, I'm sorry that it all happened, why constantly surround me problems? My plane flew away and I'm here alone in a strange city. I have to go to the office in cute I feel bad I want to see you. Your Elena.

Letter 57

My love Michael. My boy, I sat down at the first opportunity for the computer to write to you. Now I went to the cafe. Near the airport, I found the hotel to sleep today. I am now very badly I miss your support and your advice. I am a strange city, where there is my family my family next to no one at all, everything is far away from me, at the moment when I got into such trouble and when I need support and care. Dear you have no idea what kind of feelings and now I feel evil and as offended by the whole world, I have a feeling that the whole world is against me, and as if all abandoned me.
Have not I earned banal happiness, why are constantly having problems, the feeling that someone - that specifically makes every effort to, I could not find happiness and to come to her man. Initially, I thought that all the difficulties for us with you a small test before the big love, but now it seems to me that my black bar is not over, I have another problem, again, I'm in trouble. I am very tired, my hands went down I do not want to live. I do not want to live without you, I had to fly to you, and now should be with you in your arms, together with your family. But I'm in Moscow alone in a strange city. I have not even told my mom that I have a problem and that I was in trouble, my mother so weak heart and I do not want to disturb her, I do not know how to explain it all, if I'm going to tell her she would not let me anywhere. I hate all customs officers, they made me a criminal, cute do I look like a criminal? If I did not know what to write in the declaration of this ring, I did blame. I remember their eyes they looked at me with disgust as if I'm the last person in the world and the offender. I am in tears I can not understand all shout at me customs officer who interrogated me was some Armenian this bitch nasty person asking tricky questions asked purpose of the visit, I said that I met a man on the internet and I was going to his first time, he laughed at me, he laughed with you, our feelings, I was ready to kill him right there in the office. Michael I was stopped at customs for inspection of documents and found that the declaration I have not said one ring, but I could not think that it has some kind of value. This ring I gave my grandmother is our family heirloom, which passes from grandmother to granddaughter from generation to generation, I took the ring with him, to put it when I'm with you, I now regret that I took it. This ring is very old and I had no idea that it has any value. I did not specify it in the list carried me valuables and jewelry and customs officers felt that I wanted to take him out of the country that is contraband. I tried to explain to them but they did not listen began, I was surrounded and taken to the Department of Customs. I was removed from the flight and taken to the office, many questioned me, I wrote three explanatory, in the late afternoon with the customs office to call an expert appraiser who watched my ring for old jewelry stolen from the Russian Federation, but did not find any crime, though this news made me happy . Customs officer who brought the case to me was a protocol of removing me from the flight due to a breach of the Russian legislation on the rules of the export of antiques and jewelry from the Russian Federation have made me a fine of 125,000 rubles. This amount Customs officers estimated the damage that I could bring to the Russian state. I did not want anyone to cause harm and break the law, I did not know what to do to return the ring, and now I have to pay this fine. I fined and made to pay for five working days during which I will have to pay a fine. But the worst thing is that I can not fly beyond Russia has not paid the fine as me hanging administrative arrest and I have to pay a fine, and only then I will be able to release outside of my country. To leave I need to pay 125,000 rubles, they all went crazy, I never could not think that this ring is worth the money. I thought it was a simple old jewelry that is stored only out of respect for the traditions of my family. But it turned out that this antique value, I do not know what to do as I have very much upset. Perhaps Putin has already decided to punish all the maximum, for any violations. Dear my plane departed this morning. After I was released from the customs office, I found a hotel near the airport and now I'm sitting in a cafe in my hands that I have written a fine at the office and I'm crying, I'm crying because I trust to be with you, but in the end I left alone in a strange city and do not know what to do next. Cute we now need to decide what to do next and how can I be. Either I go home to my parents. And there look for a solution how to pay the penalty and then again to organize our meeting, or to overcome it all and meet, no matter what. We can be together if I pay a fine and buy a new ticket for a flight to you. Now you need to decide what to do.
Michael I can not even spend a traveler's checks, so I told the manager. I did not call him, because it was late and I wrote a letter to him to know what to write to you. Until I started to write a letter to you, I have received a response from the manager, in which he explained everything to me. I am in complete shock, and I want you to be reassured me. But I know one thing I will not let you or anyone and I will not give. together we shall overcome because in our hearts love. cute now I'm done because I know what you're waiting for my answer. I miss you very much. Answer me quickly.
Love. your Elena

Letter 58

Michael I just ate. Cute I was very tired. I cried the whole day my boy. I am pleased that you advise with his brother, he is a lawyer and that he is a good man. You must understand that we need something urgently addressed. What should I do. I am alone in a strange city. I have very little money to live here. In Moscow all worth terribly expensive. Dear, I do not know why I wrote such a large fine. Said that this ring is worth a lot more money. This ring is more than 200 years. This antique value, which I have not indicated in the declaration. For smuggling in Russia provided for in criminal punishment or penalty. You must understand that if I have not paid the fine, then I can go to jail. I need your decision. You've been able to learn something. If you do not know and can not help me now, I probably tomorrow morning go home, because I have only five days. And now I sit and sleep. I want to sleep. I am very bad. Everything hurts. Pretty much want you to be next in this difficult moment of my life. I am waiting for your answer. Do not pull

Letter 59

My boy, I'm going to bed. Because I'm far from my hotel. Already night. I'll go to the hotel, if there is a computer and the ability to use the Internet, I'll write. Please think about what I do best and how to be. Good night. your Elena

Letter 60

Good evening Mr Michael. As to your question about the traveler's checks. We have agreed that you will be cashing traveler's checks in Greece. Elena can only cash travelers checks, and only in Greece. It was your wish. You need to talk to her about traveler's checks, because in traveler's checks worth painting Elena. I have only the address of the home of Elena . But I do not know how he can help you contact her. Phone number Elena did not leave us. More than I can help you?
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 61

Mr Michael. Here is the address of Elena.
Omsk. Street Krasorivaat. house number 143. The apartment number 58
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 62

My love Michael. Yesterday I returned home, I'm in my hometown. I want to start my letter by congratulating you on Christmas. My boy are you in this holiday one without me. I blame the fact that we're not together. I myself found the problems that arose between us and prevented me fly to you. Honey I'm home, you can rest easy. I'm still sad, tears will not dry my eyes. Every thought of you makes me sick, makes sad. But I'm a strong girl, I will endure, I'll wait and do all that we were together. we are together we will be happy, I promise you. dear, while I flew home, I could not stop crying, I had plenty of time to think, and my thoughts were of you. I was sad, why do we still not together, why these problems happen to us why the problems are not the most opportune moment. I was alone with me there was no one from the family, and it was very bad. Michael you can not imagine the reaction of my parents when I came home. Yesterday I had a birthday.
And my parents did not know whether to be glad and congratulates me on his birthday or cry from anything that happened. My father was shocked when I opened the door, he saw how I looked, I saw his eyes and saw my condition, He just held me close to him and he reassured long did not ask or anything until I started talking myself. Just hug her father gave me peace of mind, I felt comfortable. Learning about the incident father was surprised and said that it is not fair to do it, because you can make a warning, you can not make comments to appoint such a large fine and not to give up the flight. He was very angry and swore.
In the end, he wanted me to be happy. I'm still sad, and in the evening came home from work, my mother, she was shocked. Very tense situation was in my family. But I'll try to do it carefully so as not to worry about. Michael thank you for greeting me with my birthday. I was sure that his birthday, we are with you will be together. That we will meet together with you this Christmas. I do not understand what we are testing with thee fell. I can see how you wanted me to come to you. I see from you a great desire to be together. My boy to me too much is not clear in this situation, and I do not understand what I am such a punishment. You told me to give my ring customs officials that they let me go to Greece. It is not possible. I fined. Now fine on my hands. This morning I went to the police to clarify the adequacy of the Moscow customs. A police officer said that until Monday my business will come at his residence. It turns out that by Monday I have to pay a fine. And I pick up the ring with the customs, only after paying a fine. Now you need to decide what to do, I need to pay a fine Monday which is 125,000 rubles, I thought a lot how to do this I need to have this money urgently. I thought of the traveler's checks which you bought me so I could get a tourist visa. I could use the money to traveler's checks, and then sell the ring and give you back the money. But I went to the bank and they told me that these traveler's checks I can cash out only in Greece. I do not know where to get the money now. You must understand that this is a large sum. My parents also do not have money. Cute you asked me to make a copy of the receipt to you today after writing to you, I'll do it and I think that tomorrow you will receive it. Michael I have a lack of energy and mood. What holidays do not even feel it. Now in my head, only one thought and desire. Is to find the money to pay my fine, to come to you before the new year. I do not want to live in Russia. This country wants to destroy me and put in prison. I am afraid of this. I never thought to get into a difficult situation. I understand that you're probably already tired of this problem a girl like me. Once again, I'm sorry. What am I not successful. I want you to be congratulated for his family on this holiday. Let your relatives do not take offense at me. I sincerely and from the heart, wanted to be with you. Wanted to be surrounded by good and frank people. I want to you. Greetings all a Merry Christmas. Dear Now I finish what I need to do a lot, but I want you to know Always remember that you are my ideal man, I love you very much. and none of what you do not give up, because you're the best thing that happened in my life, you are the one I will be happy. I love you all my feelings with you. Kissssssssssssssssss your future wife

Letter 63

Good afternoon Mr Michael. As to your question about the traveler's checks. That payment on the traveler's checks I did with Helen in the bank branch Moskommertsbank. With whom we have a long and close relationship. Elena was this morning at our office, and received advice of our lawyers in respect of its criminal fine. All the details you will be able to specify directly from your girl.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.

Letter 64

Good afternoon Mr Michael. You too Happy New Year. Well, if I get news from Elena, I'll tell you right away.
Sincerely, Oleg Borschev
Company Pelikan- Tours.



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