Scam letter(s) from Fawzia Mamudu to Timothy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Dear Tim, It's really nice and great hearing from you.I must start by saying am really sorry for my delay to respond back to you,I was really busy and tired all day due to that i was not able to be on my computer to check my emails but am finally glad I'm able to do that now.I really enjoyed it so much here with me,But will be glad if you were here with me.My best color is White because it known or regarded to be someone who is very kind and truthful as well and what about yours color?Well be really glad if you will get the chance and do that to get me jewelry as my birthday present lol.No problem i do understand you so clear,But some day will also come and we might use that opportunity as well.I really cant wait for me to be your student so you can teach more and more on the driving,I cant wait to be your partner forever and ever as well,You kept be in my mind and thought all day and night,LOL.Thank you so much for your caring,I make sure the car doors is really closed and locked very well.So that i will not be harmful to any bad or terrible people. Am really glad you are been honest and truthful to me,I knew you didn't trusted in to the fullest due to the online things,But i will not blame you that much i know how terrible could be sometimes,I know you will surely know the kind of person i am,You are totally right you just cant trust someone you never met or even spoken on phone with,But that is what we are working on so we both can talk to each other on phone.I read what you stated and i think i do understand you now,Well i think the best and fastest way is for you send it through Western Union location you know,Through my information and i hope i gave you before,But will give it to you again when am about to end this note though,Am really glad your future boss called you and gave you good feedback,Am really happy and excited to hear such good news from you.I also cant wait hear they have call you on Monday and possible start your work,I will never forget to put you in my prayers my dear one. Am finally glad you understand what am trying to say,I will call my uncle today and inform him to go and check which one will be nearest to me and also affordable as well or what do you think and possible will give you the feedback later at the day,You will have no any worries at all my dear one,Since i told my uncle about this then both i and you will be in comfortable when you come here to visit me as well.Well here is bikini picture you have requested for and i hope i look very good at it and don't laugh if i don't look good though,Have a nice and wonderful day,Stay blessed,Bye for now and not forever,Kisses and Hugs all over your body for me.Thank you Here is the address below: Name: Fulera Yussif
Country: Ghana
City: Accra
Zip code: 00233
Letter 2
Hello Good Day Tim. It's nice hearing from you my dear one.Thank you so much for your compliment,I am going to visit one of our family members,It 2hours drive from here to them.So due to that i will not able to say much but when am back i will try and email more,But i want to say something small before i leave dear one.Well i read over and over your email and it sound very nice and it seems you have not say anything about the funding you said you will send and it not that am in rush but i want to be remembered though,Well as i said i cant say much but i will be thinking of you all day and night and hope everything is well with you,Am also glad you passed your exams as well.As i always say that my prayers will always be with you all times,Mom and granny are say HI to you,I really cant wait for us to talk on the phone,I waited yesterday all day to receive a call from you but didn't get anything,Let me know what you are about on the funds you will be sending,I will try and email you back when i come back from my family members on time and will try and answer some of your questions you requested as well.I need to prepare for now,I am just back from church,Anyway i need to stop my note here,Have a nice and wonderful day and hope you will be going to church today and don't forget to pray very hardly for us.I love you..Bye for now and not forever,Kisses and Hugs all over your body for me...Thank you
Letter 3
Hi Tim, It has always been so nice whenever I got your email and I would confess you have fully won my heart !!..I never thought a guy could easily won my heart,you have really proven me wrong and thank you so much ! Yes I have finally gotten to my family and I am now home.We really had a nice time together though and we spent time talking about our childhood and how we used to roam,bully and all sort of things that kids though..It was a great memory though.You really have a nice plan of sending me $25.00 USD for the first time atleast that is good start..My number is +233242708513 you can call me whenever you wire the funds.I have my Valid ID with my name,address and Photo on it.Well I guess you have finish with your distribution of the metals to the Student and I believe everything is going on there and business is running good.Well I said earlier,the visit went on well..We had time to hangout out,went to some tourist site,resturant and also spent time at the beach playing volley ball swimming and cracking jokes !.Ooh I never thought I could easily make your blood pressure raise lol..But I hope you are better now..Well I guess I have to stop here as I get some things to finish up with..I need to wash some dishes and get some things in other,I would be looking forward to your call and I hope you have a nice day.Take care and nake sure you stay out of Trouble.Bye for now and not forever,Kisses and Hugs all over your body for me...Thank you
Letter 4

short note, i am still waiting for you to call me so that we can speak on the phone as i really want to hear your voice, i want to hear your voice, i waited for your call but you never called me, i really want us to hear each others voice, also want you to know that uncle as gotten us a nice apartment i will get you pictures of it in my next email to you
Letter 5
i really want us to start talking on the phone as i really get tried writing emails, i thought you said you were going to send me the calling card fund but you did not,i am not pushing you to send me fund but because it is good for both of us that's why, if you can't don't bother yourself as i really do understand you, and also know you don't trust
Letter 6
here are the apartment pictures,want you to also know that uncle told me that it cost $3500USD for 1 year rent, i want you to speak to my uncle on phone that's why i need the calling card so that you both can talk to each others,
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