Scam letter(s) from Comfort Owiredu to Harold (USA)

Letter 1
Mr. Harold I would be glad to help Miss Addy to get her documents so that they can come and be together with you in the states, so before we can start the processes, we will need to obtain a Passport for her first, because we will need it for the Visa processes, because the Visa will be stamped in the Passport, so without the Passport we cannot apply for the Visa, so here are the quotes for the Passport and Visa as follows ; Passport : We can get the Passport in 3 working days , but before we can start the processes, Miss. Addy will need to renew her Birth Certificate which will help the Passport come out fast, and they are going to be needed in the Visa Applications as well at the American Embassy . Passport $300.00
Birth Certificate for both: $100: $400.00 Including Tax, and handling. Visa : There are different types of Visas which Miss. Addy can use to come to the states such as Student Visa, Work Permit Visa, Immigrant Visa, Non Immigrant Visa, Two Weeks Travelers Visa, Marriage Visa, Etc ... But I think It would be nice for her to to get a Marriage Visa which will help you both stay for the 90 days before you can get married and apply for a Citizenship over there so that you can both stay together forever... The Marriage Visa is good for 90 days before the marriage can take place..costs $ 1,500 USD and she would have to do a Vaccination Blood Test to determine if she's carrying a disease such as (***/AIDS) or not and that is also going to cost her $50.00 USD and it's also going to help for the Visa to be issued fast. For her granny it will be nice for her to get. I will need the Information about your Closest Airport there so that I can get the Cost of the Plane ticket to fly with and she thinks K L M she will like to be on that air plane so I will need your earliest respond to me.. So Mr. Harold, Let me know your opinions regarding these processes, because I would be glad to help your Fiancee and get her Passport and Visa workout as soon as possible so that you both can be together. I've been working for this company for seven years now and I have helped so many people traveled out of the country. I hope your wife will send you copies of the Passport and Visa when she gets it, because you need to keep track on all work done. Feel to ask me any question and I will answer honestly to you always. Thank You for your co-operations. Respectfully, Mr. Fredrick.
Letter 2
Hello Mr.Harold: It is a day of much pleasures to write to you this very urgent email, anyway i am barrister Sullivan, i happen to be a very trusted friend and a family lawyer to Addy Yussif ***** who will soon turn to be your wife, well after their family meeting, it got to my notice that she is in the process in meeting you there, but according to the tradition and our religious customs here,it's compulsory for one to go through the traditional marriage before you both can proceed in to court marriage or something else, well to be honest with you Mr Harold, her late father left behind an inheritance which is written in his will that the inheritance should be left for Addy and her soul mate only, That is if she is married to him. This statement was made in the will because Addy and her husband could make good use of the management of the inheritance at rest now, and that is going to help you both. Anyway i think it will be better if she should do everything down here, at least that will create her some vacancy for her to meet you there as a wife but not a friend or stranger,the family had preferred something like that because of what happened between Addy and her ex-boyfriend who had already invested in her life before his betrayal brought their brake up, we don't want to see Addy to go through this type of a shapeless and awful relationship again since she is the oldest daughter of the family now,all these rite are made to create the awareness of everyone in the neighborhood that Addy is now traditionally married, with that no one will like to make any proposal in case if she gets attracted to someone since it is a taboo to date a traditional married bride.
well after their family's general meeting i was edged by the family to out figure the amount that might cost in the processing of all these traditional rites, which is estimated to cost about thirty five thousand Dollars to make this traditional marriage rite a successful one, I have known Addy to be a very honest and obedient girl ever since she was a little girl, so my advise to you right now is to please know how to handle her with care, Addy lives to be like a daughter to me because i was her late father's good friend and also a lawyer to his family and business as well, that is why nothing is done in family without my notice.
Well Mr.Harold it takes the husband of the bride to settle for all the costs and everything concerning this marriage rite. so please try and make everything easy and simple just as Addy's whole family wants it be, Addy is desperately waiting to meet you there, so an account information will be given to you for the wiring of that funds, this should be done as early as possible. Sincerely.. Barrister Sullivan...
Letter 3
P.O.BOX 556
ACCRA-GHANA Dear Harold:
Criminal Procedure, Code (Criminal), 1960, No. 29 It is the voice of Miss.Elizabeth Adjei of Ghana Embassy narrating you this humility and respect letter on basis. Miss Addy ***** your wife to be and her mother Fatimatu ***** who is to travel with a Emirate Plane Number DWWLAF on departure time 6:35pm today has been arrested due to swamping into another country with unregistered or expired documents of three Gold Bars which wealth a lot of money.She has been handed over to the Police on acted with increased autonomy under the 1992 constitution. This Law is based on the Common Law, doctrines of equity and general statutes which were in force in Ghana in 1874, as modified by subsequent Ordinances. The Director General Mansser Alagat of Criminal Investigations Department (C.I.D) of the Ghana Police Service has charged Miss Addy *****, Miss Fatimatu ***** for two offenses.
Miss. Addy ***** is enacted to pay $25,000 or $35,000 for her offensive act. Therefore, her departure day have been extended to 20th if only she is able to pay the money. There is no return of money if the date giving pass by and she will be JAILED if she has not pay the above money. As a husband to be we are recommending you to set your wife and her mother free from this situation.Your information has been provided by your wife to the C.I.D so they will be calling you for further investigation. I am a lady and will not tolerate tolerate that to happen to me as well as my fellow lady. So as a HUSBAND it is your right to set her free. Thank For Your Co-Operation (Miss. Elizabeth Adjei)
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