Scam Letter(s) from Temuri Mameyan to Jim (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi my friend Jim, why did you not write to me?
I am afraid to loose such good friend as you I want to be your true friend...
So where is your messages? Are you OK?
May be I wrote something wrong?
If I have said something bad to you all apologies from me because it is not from evil and please sorry...
It is difficult to be alone
That's why I am still waiting for your message sooner...

Letter 2

Hello dear friend Jim!
No any letter from you still. So pity for me.
Why did you not write to me? Are you so busy or what?
Hope you are OK. I am waiting for your reply soon!
I feel so sad without letters and words from you.
I miss you!!!

Letter 3

Hi my dear friend Jim!!!
You know I am very and in bad mood
cause I have not a new letters from you still...
I need in it because it’s feel so sad without your words, without your letters...
But I still hope you will write to me some words soon.
It would be pleasant to me and I would be happy...
We did not decide about our meeting still I dream about it I miss you Evgeniia

Letter 4

Hello Jim!!! How are you???
I do not have any new letters from you still. Why???
Or do you have not any wishes to write to me?
Tell to me the truth because I need to know know why did you ignore my lest letters.
By the way I miss you...
Have a nice day!!!

Letter 5

Hi my dear friend Jim.
Thanks for reply again. Thanks for pics.
Yesterday I left work some earlier and went to home and decided to clean my room. I just like to live in cleaned rooms. I like when my apartment is cozy and comfortable. Also I like cleaning process with singing songs or hearing radio. And do you like your home??? Do you keep it cozy???
Some pity to live alone in cozy apartment here...
Here in Russia it is very difficult to find good male because many men drinks alcohol and rough with girls. I am also so tired that males sees on me like on beautiful barby doll only but not on woman with spirit. But I feel your good intentions in our communication.
That's why I feel so easy myself with you.
I am so happy that I have found such good internet friend as you.
I think it would be good to meet each other in person one day, I bet you agree with me.
And here is my address:
Evgeniia Andreeva,
37 Pugacheva St., apt# 22,
Penza, 440039,
It's just in case if you decide to send me a letter by mail using post but though as I think mail would reach me from few weeks to few months.
It would be pleasant for me to get your address also if you do not mind.
I will wait for your next letter. I just like to read your letters and communicate with you and discuss all themes.
Jim and do you like my letters? How do you feel about our communication?
What's about if we will meet in near future???
Here are some more pics of me. I hope you like these pics too.
Jim I will wait your reply soon...

Letter 6

Hi Jim!!!
I still have no letters from you at all?
I can not understand one thing, are you real some busy or do you only looking the way to not write letters to me?
Am I interesting for you at all?
What happened to you?

Letter 7

Hi my dear friend Jim!!!
You know I am very and in bad mood
cause I have not a new letters from you still...
I need in it because it’s feel so sad without your words, without your letters...
But I still hope you will write to me some words soon.
It would be pleasant to me and I would be happy...
We did not decide about our meeting still I dream about it I miss you Evgeniia

Letter 8

Good day my sweet lovely friend Jim!!!
How are you???
What's new with you???
Jim I keep reading your last few letters over and over again, and keep telling myself you are real and all for me!! I can't wait to hold you and squeeze you and kiss you!! I am lying here on my bed today and dream about us. I am so tired to be alone and to be alone in bed.
I am so tired that I did not have sex for a long time.
I want to come true all my sexual fantasies with you!!!
I want sex in different poses and styles and places!!!
Jim, will you help me with it???
I hope YES!!! But we just meet first!!! And then I hope we will have non-sleeping night... But money problems still stop it.
But I still hope that this problem will solved by your money help soon...
Yesterday everning I have some fun with my friends.
It was Birthday of my girlfriend. We had barbeque, drink some wine, everything were good. Except for I was alone on this holiday as last few years.
I still feel a little sad and lonely. And I wish me to be there right now with you. You would share wine with me and we would talk till morning under stars.
There is so much I want to tell you always.
All my dreams about our meeting only.
And I feel a little sad as you are far from me. So pity that distance brings such problems for us but I believe we will be together against all our problems. We must believe both and it will really happen soon.
OK I must go to work now, I have little time so bye till the next time Evgeniia

P.S. Here are few pics of me. I hope you will enjoy them...

Letter 9

Hi my dear friend Jim.
I have read your letters. Thanks for your photo, you are very handsome male.
Sorry but I do not have any individual bank account and any kind IBAN or SWIFT number at all!!! Because I have never need in it before in my life and now to open it will borrow money and time from 3 to 5 months but it is so long time. Therefore this way is not good for us sorry again.
That’s why I am asking you to send money help to me via one of money transfer systems Western Union or Money Gram because they do not need to open bank account in their offices. So Western Union or Money Gram money transfer systems are only one way which I can get your money help here in my city. Just hope you will understand why I am asking you to use this way only.
As for sexy or nude pics you asked from me just want to explain please understand I live in Russia and here is we have some own traditions. For example just to show nudes body pics in such public places as Internet Room is not good here at all!!! Just understand please!!!
That's why I can not do it. Simply if people in internet room would see me sending nudes pic to you somehow it was very very bad for me and my future. Then everybody here will laugh at me or some joke.
I do not want to make such opinion to my fiture.
I mean if you really want to see my body so lets meet. And then I will show to you every part of my body. You will make all pics you want!!! You will touch and lick me if you want. I want it!!!
May be sometime it future I will find some pics of me in swim suit but nudes none, try to understand me please, OK???
I just want to be truthful for you!!!
Although I still hope to get your money help for my nesesary documents to your country soon. I just want to meet you faster, while we have this chance we must use it. I mean I still need your money help for payment visa registration process. It is really very important to pay it soon, if I would not do it this 12-15 days embassy will stop this process at all and I could not register visa in future only in 2016 because they would note me in list of not payability person and might say no for registration if I decide to do it.
So that's why I want to use this chance. Please try to help me sooner.
I really feel so bad myself to ask this money from you Jim but I do not have any other way from this problem now sorry.
I still need in about 9820 russian rubles or in $ US equivalent it's 255 $ US or about 190 in EUROs for the process of my visa registration.
This price is for student type of visa as I have already explained it.
Student type of visa is better than others cause with student visa I would get some social grants in your country so I will not bring you financial problems. Also I would have a place to live in campus in your country if you can not get me in your room.
My visa will be allow me to be in your country maximum for 90 days.
Sorry but I can not have visa for more days. It is maximum term for the first time. Of course if you want we might register my visit for more days when I would be there already, it would easier.
I hope that you will not wait and will try to send me money faster so I might pay for this purpose. Then I have already might plan my flight to you.
Now it depends on you Jim only.
I have already explained to you how difficultly to earn such money in Russia. Even to try to borrow money from someone will not work here also.
Simply please try to understand the amount 255 $ US or 190 EUROs which I am asking from you is a big amount for Russia. Nobody could give me such money even friends. Please understand that average income here is 150-200 $ US in month. It is enough to pay bills and food here but it is not enough to pay for visa registration for almost monthly income in such short period. I have had some saved money before but as you rememeber I have already paid for my internetional passport registration.
So pity that I do not have any relatives except my mom but she can not help me with it because she live on pension only which is less that average income even!!!
Jim, so that's why I hope for your money help only now!!!
Also please understand that nobody (except for us) interests in our meeting therefore please understand that it is very difficult for people here to give such big money for me for the reason that WE want to meet.
I think we are both interest in our meeting. Hope you will understand me and my situation. I want to meet only you and to be only with you.
Jim, I still hope to get news about your money transfer soon.
As I learned all you need to send money transfer via Western Union or Money Gram transfer are my full name and location only, so here is it:
Evgeniia Andreeva,
37 Pugacheva St., apt# 22, Penza, 440039, Russia.
and then you will get some control transfer number which I would need to know for picking up it. Also here are an official links where you can learn more details about money transfers and find nearest offices to you: and
OK here is some photo of me for you again. My friend helped me to make it. You can see me here holding an international passport in my hand which I got. I was so happy that I got passport and made this pic special for you just for once again to show to you I am real for you and made few steps for our meeting myself already!!!
I have limit of days to make a payment for my visa registration also visas to your country are not infinity amount that's why I am so worry about it, that's why I am asking you to help me sooner.
I am so afraid to loose this chance to reach you while it is still possible.
I have already done everything possible with money for register my international passport to visit you but now really it is not in my power so as you are interesting in our meeting help me too.
WE must fight with problems for OUR meeting together!!!
Anyway I will wait for your next letter...
Yours Evgeniia Andreeva

Letter 10

Hi Jim!!! You know I have some good news for you.
As I understood you have some troubles to send that amount for me but yesterday I found one bank which have given a credit to me successfully.
They could give me maximum quick amount which is 5000 rubles total which is about 131 $ US or about 101 EURO currency so you can understand how much it is.
I paid this amount for visa registration this morning and a process have already began. I am so happy for it!!! Soon we will be together finally!!! But I must pay full amount for it and agency give me 48 hours more to pay the rest. So it means that right now I need in about
124 $ US money to pay. Or 89 in EURO currency equivalent somewhere...
But I must have it in these 2 days no later. Because I must make a purchase for registration these two days.
If not they will cancel process of registration I would loose chance to get a visa at all. Try to understand my situation, try to understand my wishes to meet each other and find way to send this money help for me these 2 days, OK??? Now I hope for your money help only!!! Cause I have already done everything in my power, so you are my only hope now. If you really interested in our meeting also, so please help me!!! You will not loose this money, I will bring back this money for you as soon as I would reach you if you want!!! Simply I am so afraid to loose this last chance to meet each other... We could be together in few days. Just think about it only, it is really good chance so let's try it. Jim, I have already tried all ways to find this money myself but I could not anymore sorry...
Just remember one thing, I need this money these 2 days and no late.
After getting your money help I would pay for my visa registration and while this process will be going I will sell some my jewerly to save money for tickets. So do not worry about my tickets to your side, I will save money for it myself, simply right now I am empty financially.
I am so afraid to loose this chance to get visa now and meet you finally. Because if not now I will not be able to have it next 2 years.
Oh, I hate these laws... But I can not change it...
Jim, I will wait for your answer about it with hope with good news from you!!! So we can be together soon!!!!
Yours Evgeniia Andreeva

P.S. Here is one more pic of me again...

Letter 11

Hi Jim!!!
I can not understand something: where are you and what happened to you and why do you write nothing to me? Or our communication was some joke from you side?
I would very sad if it really, because I really want to be a friend to you.

Letter 12

Hi Jim!!!
OK as I understand you do not have any way to send money help for process to visit you absolutly or are you just to find reasons to not help me at all??? (Really I do not know what to think about it even).
Anyway OK I will try to pay for it myself somehow...
Few days ago I have sold some gold thing which I was going to use for tickets purchase but OK I will pay for my visa registration because I must finish payment today. So will you still wait me there after this news??? I can pay for visa myself!!! So in 10-12 days I might have a visa. Are you happy Jim??? I hope!!!
Will you still wait me and want our meeting also???
OK I will let you know later about my papers.
Bye for now

Letter 13

Hi my lovely Jim!!!!
About a month have passed since we began talking over the Internet.
It seems much longer. We have pretty much exchanged a letter a day since then.
And now I wonder...can this be a dream? How can one in three weeks time fall in love over the Internet? I lay in bed at night wondering how is it real. To meet someone as beautiful and intellegent as you can only be a dream...a dream come true.
How could someone half way across God's beautiful earth in a land far away come into my life?
The words you speak to me give me life, hope, and lift me. These words are too good to be true. They speak of love, caring, passion, and happiness. These are words I am not used to hearing. I spend sleepless nights wondering and wondering is this real or is it just a fantasy. When I do succumb to sleep I fantasize about a beautiful male who came to me over the an angel that appears from above. This angel spoke to me and told me many good things. He said there would be happiness in my life and there would be someone to share with me all of lifes pleasures...someone to hold and love and be loved.
My sweet lovely Jim, I am confused and do not know what to do.
You have captured my heart and it is now in your possession. It belongs to you now because you have earned it. And do be careful as it is very fragile and not easy to mend.
It has been broken before and has taken me a very long time to repair it. My heart has opened to you because of your kindness, generosity, and caring nature. It has opened to you because of your words of truth and love and good things in life. It has opened to you because of the way you said you feel about me...and I do believe your words.
Today I have a very romantic mood because I understand very soon we will be together finally!!! Oh it is so cool to know it!!!
OK here are two pics of me. Were maden 2,5 years ago in Anapa city when I was younger and I have vacation on Black Sea. I hope you will like them anyway...
Yours Evgeniia

Letter 14

Hi Jim!!! I like your last photos.
I have very good news for you!!! Some time ago I have already written to you about my plan to sell my gold jewerly and pay for visa registration, I did it the same day when I have written about and paid for visa registration.
So today I was informed from Moscow Embassy that my documents are ready and I must go to Moscow Embassy for control interview.
I am so happy to know it and I hope you are too!!!
So tomorrow I plan to go to Moscow for control interview in Embassy so I will receive my documents. After it I will write to you from some Moscow's Internet Room and I will keep you informed about everything, I mean would I get documents or not, and about tickets to your side, because I have had some success in finding money for ticket also.
Soon very soon we our meeting will come true!!! It must happen in few days already!!! Are you happy Jim??? I hope!!!
Please let me know will any date of my coming to you would OK for you or it would better if I will buy tickets to you for weekend???
Also let me know for sure the nearest airport to you.
Also please let me know your phone number. I need it for contact with you in future...
OK Jim I will wait for your letter with all this info...
Yours Evgeniia

Letter 15

Hi again Jim!!! I have asked the name of nearest airport to you.
I still need it. So what is it? You did not answer yet.
Let me know sooner please. Simply I need to know it to plan my flight and time to you better with no any mistakes.
See you soon...
Yours Evgeniia

Letter 16

Hi again my dear Jim!!!! Thanks for your last pic.
Thanks for letter I am so happy that you are ready for my visit.
As for me I am in Moscow right now.
I wished to write to you earlier but I could not do it faster because here are a lot of people. I have never seen such many people. So crazy city!!!
I have good news I have finished control interview in Embassy successfully and got visa!!!
So the next step is ticket's purchase. I made a request for tickets reservation and travel agency which I use have informed to me need to pay
1035 $ US for the cheapest flight econom class with insurance for trip from Moscow to Brisbane airport but I do not have enough money for it.
Cause I have saved only 24500 russian rubles which about 710-720 in $ US.
I sold my gold jewerly for it as I have already written to you before that I was going to do it for my flight to you.
So your money help 320-325 $ US would be enough for my tickets problems.
I am sorry but I do not have another way that's why I am asking this money help from you, because I am alone here in Moscow.
Therefore I must ask money help from you cause nobody could help me.
Tickets payment must done by passenger person only!!! So that's why I am asking money help from you...
Please do not dessapoint in me and try to understand my situation, simply I have a trip to another country the first time in my life so I could not know every law and every rule.
It was not so easy to get passport, coming to Moscow, finish control interview in Embassy, saving money by selling jewerly which was so important and lovely for me!!! It were taken so many difficulties and time!!!
I have done everything in my power already and can not do everything myself here. That's why I am asking for your money help. Try to understand my situation. I am so alone here in Moscow, here is so crazy life and still hope to get good news from you. I must hope for you only. I do not have any other way from this problem.
So I will wait for good news from you. You may use Western Union or Money Gram money transfer system for sending these money fast and safety. Cause it is only way which we can use to get your money help by myself here with no any problems.
I hope for your money help and I am sending to you info just to remind to you for sure you know it correct for sending money help for me.
You would need my full name and location so here is it:
Full name: Evgeniia Andreeva,
Location: Mira Prospekt 91, Moscow, 129085, Russia (it is my location here in Moscow’s hotel, so you may use it) After making your money transfer I will need to have some control transfer number from you which I would need to know for picking up it with no any problems.
So I will wait good news from you. Just remember I need in about 320-325 $ US only.
Please I am sorry that I have such problems now, but simply try to underestand my situation I really do not know it before Such good relation begins between you and me and let's not stop it please. I still believe in you. I am so afraid to loose this chance to be together...
Yours Evgeniia

P.S. OK here is a copy of my visa which I have gotten so you can see everything is ready for my visit to you and I only need your money help for tickets....



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