Scam Letter(s) from Olesya Koftum to Harry (Germany)

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Letter 1

Mine Harry, I welcome you. Thanks for the letter. Read your letters, thanks once again. Fine. It is healthy to read your letters.
If I do not answer that I work, I will always call back.
Write sms.

We always want to go there where us love or is in that society in which us appreciate. Certainly. Therefore me pulls to you even more.
Thanks you Harry.
Probably I now will tell to you thanks. Thanks Harry. Thanks for all. I am able to be grateful.
Has a little quarrelled with the girlfriend, I have made to it of good so much, and it as a result has made which that the bad. Also you know, it so is sick and so it is opposite.
I try to understand its point of view, but I can not. Sometimes I would like to ask you council, but I will ask only then when we will spend time together, what to me to learn what you live))) and what character from you. :). My mum speaks to me that I need to "relax and be able to live"is violet". That is not to endure, accept people such what they is also nothing to wait from people, despite that you have made for them. But at me character perfectionist. To me that is difficult when that"not ideally".
And it can be never simple was the girlfriend? The true friend will be always grateful also to the true. Here again, I start to arrange the person under the frameworks. But after all there are simple concepts. Norms. Conscience. Correctness. Same so it is normal.
I think that in the world there are true. I think that in the world there are presents.
We have found each other...
To talk to you as with the girl-friend))). But already personally.

You as and than are occupied today?? In the street it is terribly cold, even in the house cold...., it is necessary to include heating, I usually switch off a central heating in rooms, I will include now. By the way when I will lease the apartment, what to me to be with you in Germany and we will have an income of rent, tenants will need to explain as to switch on and off the gate on central heating batteries. Because to me spoke that if not correctly them to twist that the battery can burst, to me and now not to be remembered as it becomes, I will do at random.
In Germany you do not know that such central heating in houses, at you conditioners or floors with heating are fashionable. Yes? Though and to Russia heat-insulated floors already come into a fashion.

All right Harry that has written you that has written. :).
I will erase nothing.

I will type a full bath of hot water and I will get to be heated)).

I would like will meet you personally and to get acquainted with you personally. IT PROBABLY to LEARN YOU of the PRESENT???

Yours Olesya.
Harry+Olesya = LOVE.



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