Letter(s) from Comfort Owiredu to Daniel (USA)

Letter 1

Well, as u know its pertinent to give a detailed introduction before we get started in this affair and moreover I am new to this online dating of a thing , if not for the fact that my close friend found his present fiancee from this site hence after my break-up I decided to come on here to see if I would have same luck. As you know quite well that on here its normal to have myriads of interested men but its my choice to choose just one ,I hope when I get to know u better it will be safe to have u as my choice ,provided u will be capable Same to you, where my xmas gift ? (Smiles) p handling the kind of mild heart I have that needs tender carehelp......

Letter 2

yea babe but if i reach there how will you know am there babe you have send me some money to get a phone babe??