Scam letter(s) from Natalia Borysenko to Louis (USA)

Letter 1
I decided to write you the letter...
Probably you can be interested in me. I get acquainted for the first time on the Internet and for me it I hesitate. I think that the Internet - good opportunity to meet the interesting person, it is possible that more.
I don't know, as to write in the first letter. My name - Natalia, and I from Greece.
I to provide photos to the letter which could find houses. I they to you very much hope will be pleasant.
I ask you the mysterious stranger write me the answer as you will read this letter, well? and If I seemed to you interesting I ask write a little about myself: where do you live and what age? I understand that age - only number, but it is very interesting to me!
My e-mail on which you will be able to write me the letter:
I to look forward your early reply on my letter.
I will be glad to yours the letter my friend.
your new friend Natalia.
Letter 2
Hi my dear Luis
Thank for writing back. You make me feel so good and, you know, I get this feeling each time I open my mailbox and find a letter from you.
It is so great to know that there is a person in this world who thinks about me, even if he is far from me now, the one you can talk about anything, and share your thoughts.
My dear, I would like to ask you something. This is very interesting and important for me to know. Do you correspond with other girls? As for me, you are the only one I am talking with, and I really like it, it is very interesting and special for me. I really love to read your letters very much, you always answer all of my questions, I feel tha it is also interesting for you. And I also feel that you have lots of qualities I would like to see in my soul mate.
I am glad to feel that I can be open with you and I hope that you are also feel comfortable talking to me. This is a great feeling. I am also a little bit excited. I have never experienced something like that before.
I would really like to have a good and strong relationship based on good emotional connection first of all and understanding and love. I think that these things are the most important. I would like to have my second half near me, to feel that I am safe, that I am loved and that I have a person near me whom I can give all my tenderness and care that is inside of me. I do have a lot to give to my one and only.
And I want you to know that you are special for me, and I like you.
I will stop now, don't forget that I am thinking about you, and hope
you think about me sometimes.
Looking forward your reply!!!
With the best regards and warm hugs, Natalya
Letter 3
Hello my sweet heart of Lu.
How today your day? How your health, mood?
If to tell you that I didn't wait for your letter, it would be not the truth. I very strongly waited for your letter and in particular it because of your answer to my question which I asked you in the last letter. In the last letter I wrote to you about a meeting and even invited you to come to me. Yes, it would be healthy to arrange our first meeting
Yes, it is valid and if honestly to admit, I not to refuse to meet you at myself. I want to meet you at myself here, but yesterday my grandmother told me news which upset me and as followed a reason for my today's refusal to you about a meeting here.
My grandmother told yesterday me that she decided to sell the old apartment and asked me to shelter it for a while in my apartment. She told that its old apartment already starts falling and therefore it decided to replace it with newer apartment urgently. She asked me to shelter it for some time while she sells the old apartment and will buy another newer. I couldn't refuse to it and I at all don't know, to what time it will move to me.
Excuse me, I don't want to refuse the words about a meeting, but at present I can't receive you in the apartment. Me so upset one could cry to write you it, but I hope that you will understand me. I have other idea now for you.
But there can be we could arrange then our meeting at you? What do you think of it? I know, to the woman isn't decent most to offer it, but my desire to meet you is stronger than me and therefore I offer you it. Please tell me, you agree? If you are agree, you will return me to life. These words figuratively. I wanted to tell that you will please me and you will give me hope for a meeting.
Please not to refuse to me, I don't want to wait more and whenever possible I want to meet you in reality rather. By the way, I already talked to my chief at work for our meeting and she agreed to give me not postponed holiday. I mean I will be on holiday soon and I think that this period of time would be the best time for our meeting. What thoughts at you about it? Please don't refuse to me answer me yours in the affirmative rather.
I miss you very much.
With love your Natalia
Letter 4

Hello my sweetheart Lu!
How are you my gentle men? I madly missed your letter!!
I all time think of our meeting! Yesterday I long could not fall asleep, because thought of you my angel Lu!
You have come to me in a dream! It was very similar to a reality!
We were very close to each other and I am felt your warm breath near to my neck. I felt a touch of your lips and strong hands!
You were very passionate and I could not resist you. We loved each other all time, while I slept and I did not wish to wake up! I want that this dream has more likely turned to a reality!
I wish to see you and to enjoy your society!
I many times represented as there will be our first meeting! I draw in the imagination as my plane will land at the airport!
Weather excellent and my mood on a maximum, because in a minute I shall see you my!
I have started to go down on pass and could not see anything, because it was morning, and the bright beam of the sun has closed eyes to me.
To me have informed, that I should pass in a building of the airport. I see as a long corridor, and my heart urgently struggles, because I very much excitement actually - our first meeting in the person. The end of a corridor, I see the beginning of the big hall.
It was really big airport, because I could not find you at once.
Suddenly behind of me from it is far very pleasant and gentle voice, has been distributed.
It seemed to me, that I have heard already this pleasant voice.
I have again heard this sweet for my heart voice. First I could not understand whence to reach this voice and what it speaks me.
I turned a head, but nobody saw. But the voice has started to came more close, and I have heard gentle words to my heart: " My beautiful Natalya!!! "
My heart has been compressed from unexpectedness and urgently fought from happiness, because you have gone down up to me from a balcony to be above a hall of the airport.
Write me a name of the airport where it is convenient to meet me
You looked very beautifully and held a bouquet of flowers, which have bought especially for me in hands.
We ran to each other, and you have concluded me in gentle embraces! It was the happiest moment of my dream!
I represent this moment many times and I wish to carry out our dream more likely.
When I think of you, my mood is Excellent and I the happiest during this moment!
More likely to appear in your embraces all that is necessary for me now!!
You, the reason of my happiness!
I never felt so a lot of happiness, because I love very much!
I cannot still trust in it, but you constantly convince me that soon we shall together!
I dream to lead my holiday together with you!
Today I had excellent day on work! I spoke with my chief about my holiday.
It seems to me, that my excellent mood has mentioned him, and he has informed me, that I can already have rest or at any time, when it will be required to me..
He thanked me for good work and wished, that I had excellent rest. I was very glad to this news, because I can use my holiday and to arrive to you my passionate man!
Then we have gone to walk with girlfriends! My girlfriends send you the Best regards!
I very much Wish to be close to you!
I constantly think of day on our meeting, and I want it, we were together more probable.
I very much would like to appear in your strong embraces and never to release you!
I would like to cover your face with gentle kisses!
The most important for me which we shall be together! All rest only addition to our happiness!
I never was abroad before, therefore I think of travel really very much.
I should order the documents necessary for a trip and reserve tickets aboard the plane.
Tomorrow I to study all that it shall be necessary to make to me to visit you!
My angel, as soon as I shall receive the information, we can plan a trip.
Know, that I love you my sweetheart!!!!!
My most gentle embraces and passionate kisses only for you!
Only yours Natalya.
Letter 5
Hello my angel Lu!!!
I am very-very glad! We can meet very soon!!! I am happiest woman on a planet!!!
You will never regret for this meeting, I shall present to you unforgettable days and "magic" nights!!!!
Now our meeting depends only on you and your help. As soon as you send me a remittance, I can finish registration of necessary documents and get the air-ticket for this travel.
I registration my documents in consulate, there it is required to to issue all documents and buy air-tickets, so I must pay 1100 euro in cash.
Unfortunately I can't pay the air ticket as I have a credit for apartment purchase.
At first I was upset, but then I dared to ask from you money.
After all we not strangers and at us are ahead the joint future.
I want to begin somewhat quicker with you new life, but at first we need to meet.
We need to discuss our plans for the future.
I want to change my life and to connect my life with you forever.
Therefore I ask you the help to me in realization of our dream, I hope you it you want too.
I ask you to send me money, I can receive money the western union or MoneyGram.
I send you information for sending a money transfer Country: Greece
City: Rethymno
Street: 9 E.Tsoyderou Str
Name: Natalya
Last Name: Borysenko Now you only should go in the western union and send me money. You know about the Western Union?
If not, please look here
When you send money, inform me: MTCN (control number of a remittance) your full name and your full home address.
I hope you will send money and we will be able to meet, differently we won't be able to meet never.
If you don't want to help me and you refuse me, I to understand everything and I will be strong to suffer.
but I think it won't occur, after all I believe in you and in your feelings to me.
When I shall receive money, I at once shall write to you that you did not worry, Ok? Now I cannot easy fall asleep, I constantly think of you and about the future meeting!
I love you very much and I wait for your answer with impatience!
Yours forever Natalya
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