Scam letter(s) from Olga Ulitina to Matt (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear!
It is so wonderful that you are in my life! You make me feel happy! I love you so much that I cant say it with all my words.
I wish I could see you and tell you about my love and show it with my doings! Id like to spend with you all free time and I want to make your life happy.
I want to kiss you every morning. If well live together I could do all domesticity, cook tasty dishes which you like and make you happy at night with my love.
I wish we could meet as soon as possible! You are so far from me that I cant kiss you and hug you. And it disappoints me very much. I want to feel you close to me.
It is true that I trust you, because you are my only one best friend. You know that I need your support and I hope you will not refuse me and help me!
You know that I cant live without you.
Every day which I spend alone is like emptiness. I hope that youll help me soon and fill my life with yourself. Its my devout wish!
I am waiting for your reply as soon as possible. I need to know what you think about help to me.
Kiss you millions of times!!! --
Letter 2
My dear, I have tried to borrow money, but no one believes that you will send it back
Do not get me back ... please ...
No one believes that I can bring them back ...
Please help me, I love you ... --
Letter 3
tomorrow (11 of Jan) will be my birthday...
it will be the best present for me if you will help me to come to
you... --
Letter 4

I am criying..
Letter 5
Matt please try I will give it back asap
Letter 6
Hi darling!
I have 2000USD now. Thank you for your help for our meeting. My dear, I appreciate everything that you do for our happiness. I want to be with you. Everything that I do each day is for our future meeting. I love you! My dear, I went to the Embassy after I'd received your help. I had to inform that I had financial stability. I was very surprised at what a girl at the Embassy had told me. She showed me the documents which I had filled in when I had written the application form for visa at the Embassy. At the column with the question "For how long are you going to stay in the country?" it was filled in 2 months that is 60 days. Honey, when I filled in the documents I was very nervous. I was very happy that we would be finally together. I had a lot of emotions. And I noted by chance that I would stay for 2 months at your country. Now I have to confirm the information which is indicated in the documents. Namely I must have 2000USD more. I was very surprised when I had found it out. I was very disappointed today. Honey, I had tears in my eyes. I am ashamed for mistake in the documents. The girl has explained me politely that there is no way back and I have to obey the law! My dear, probably you think that I am the most ****** girl in the world and I don't deserve any respect.
Please, forgive me. PLEASE, FORGIVE ME! It is very hard for me to do everything on my own. It is hard to be alone I hope that you'll understand me: I am very sorry and I admit that I have been careless. Please, don't think about me so bad. Dear, I do everything for our meeting. I hope that you'll be able to help us. I am ashamed to ask a lot of money again but I don't have any other choice. If I am not able to show my financial stability at the Embassy I will not be able to come to you. I don't even want to think about this. My heart and my love don't allow me to think about bad things.
We'll absolutely meet with you! I always think about you, my love! I think about our future every day! I want to remind you that we shall not lose this money. As soon as I come to you I'll immediately give you back money to you! I hope that you understand me and my situation now. I want to apologize one more time. Dear, would you excuse me? Please, don't be angry with me. We love each other and our feelings are mutual. Dear, we have decided to be together. I have made a mistake by chance. I didn't want to make a mistake but my emotions had let me down. I want to talk to you very much. I imagine how wonderful will be our meeting when I see you and hear your voice. I am sure that you'll find words at our meeting to calm me down. I want to hear you every day. After we meet I want to fall asleep next to you listening to the sound of your voice and I want to wake up from the sound of your voice too. I want to come to you as quick as possible and to have rest next to you. I am all alone here and I am very tired. Each day lasts so long for me because we are too far from each other. I love you! I am waiting for your reply. Sending you millions of kisses!!!
Letter 7
Matt how soon? I must to wait here?
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