Scam Letter(s) from Elena Krylova to David (England)

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Letter 1

Hi, my dear!!!!!
I have again woken up with thought on you and have almost begun to cry, because you not near to me! As though I wished to wake up together with you and to understand, that we together!!! It is my dream!!! I so hope, that our dreams coincide!!! You now the closest person for me! I cannot of what think more! Earlier I did not represent, that I can grow fond again, but now I precisely know, that it is possible! My heart knocks from thought that we soon will together! I have written to you, that your help is necessary to me! You do not represent, as I have been upset, that I should ask your help! I wrote to you, that I not rich, but at me am work which allows me to defray my expenses. I never travelled so far, I could not present at all, that I should so much spend. The laptop which I have bought cost about 800 dollars, also I had to buy the ticket aboard the plane to Moscow which cost 150 dollars. I have paid for apartment rent for some days and now at me do not remain money to buy tickets. When I have understood it, tears have swept from my eyes because I wrote to you that I will make all independently!!! I do not want, that you saw my tears!!! I do not wish to upset you! Everything, what would be desirable me, that you knew, what soon we will together and what more will separate nothing us from each other, you understand it??? Every evening I fall asleep with thoughts on you and my eyes are filled with tears! There can be I became very sentimental because in my heart there was that feeling which I waited all life! I would like to name you the only thing and the beloved!!!
I never on anybody did not depend in respect of money and I do not wish to create to you additional complexities, but what to me to do? I cannot sell the computer and I can not take the credit because I live and I work in other region! If I had a possibility to make it independently, unless I would began to ask your help? Certainly is not present. It was very difficult to me to write you the letter about that I require the help on tickets. Probably, I never would write to you about it and would return home, but I have sincere feelings to you and I cannot throw all on the way! We need to have our meeting, you understand it??? There can be it unique chance for us to be happy?! I feel in the heart, that we with you can be the happiest pair!!! As soon as we have begun ours with you acquaintance, I have understood, that you especial and that between us can be passion and the present feeling of love! It that each woman searches in the life! At me such feeling, that I have already found it! In you, my darling! Unless you do not feel the same??? If is not present, tell to me about it and I more never in a life will disturb you! But I know, that your heart feels the same, as mine! Our hearts should fight together! Only I cannot arrive to you independently! Yes, your help is necessary to me! Money for me never was than that more than means of achievement of the purpose! And my purpose - to be happy, with you, my darling! I hope you it understand! My mum is very glad, that we soon will together! I have told to it what you remarkable and that at all of us will be good. Certainly, she worries, that I till now in Moscow, but she knows, that you my beloved and that you will support me in this situation!!! My love!!! I can you so to name? After all it that I feel in the heart! If we do not trust each other how we can construct the present relations? After all the love begins with trust each other and I trust you completely! I have left the house, work, my congenial souls, I have spent all money which meetings at me were also all only for the sake of ours with you! I believe, that it will make us with you the happiest people! darling!!! I wait your help to buy tickets, to receive the visa and to take off to you the first flight! I hope, that you sincere with me and that we dream and we aspire to same! To our happiness together!!! My heart looks forward this moment! I wish to present to you the passion, tenderness, love and one million the most sweet kisses!!!

PS: the Darling, I want only the present female happiness! To love and to be love! After all for the woman that on the present happy to become necessary the present sincere love and that its beloved was the reliable person who will not throw it in a difficult vital situation! The woman should support and help too in all to the man! To cook to its tasty food, to care of it, to watch, that him disturbed nothing and did not upset! I am ready to be for you such unique woman! Your love can make so, that I will be for you the ideal woman! I am ready to do everything that you were happy and felt comfortably near to me!!! I very much would like, that you were happy! After all only it will make happy me!!! I look forward your answer, my darling!!!

Letter 2

Hi my darling Steve!!!
I write to you from Moscow!
I rented a room in apartment.
The mistress of apartment very good woman.
I will write you the address where has now lodged.
The city of Moscow, street Vavilova, the house 48, apartment 38. 119333, Russia.
Steve, today I have visited embassy and the airport.
In embassy I have filled all documents, for visa registration.
It was pleasant to me, that in the visa centre affable people work, I saw the consul, it has passed on a corridor and all has greeted, it very serious man and the polite man.
To me have helped absolutely in everything, I have given all necessary documents, also I have made photos for visa registration.
Now I look forward my visa.
I have got acquainted with the girl and have asked it, what is the time it is required what to receive the visa, the girl has told, that all now becomes quickly as it is a lot of people wishing to receive visa and on it, the embassy works much faster.
In embassy to me have told, that I should get 2 air tickets.
Air tickets are necessary for visa registration.
The matter is that employees of embassy should be precisely assured of exact dates of my start and returning back to Russia and what to note exact dates on the visa.
I thought, that tickets can be ordered through the Internet, but in embassy have told, that now very strict rules and tickets it is necessary to buy originals and it is necessary to give them for this purpose, that of embassy would assure them, that they could see dates of my start in your country and returnings back to Russia.
To me have explained, that this main condition for visa reception.
I very much was surprised to such rules, but to me have told, that it is important what quickly to receive the visa.
Today I have personally visited airport Sheremetevo-2 and have considered the prices for air tickets, a choice of air tickets very big.
My darling, we need to hurry with purchase of air tickets as it is necessary to give tickets in embassy, that on my visa would name dates of stay in your country.
I have considered air tickets, cost of one air ticket makes 648 dollars.
It is necessary for me to have 1296 dollars on two tickets that I could get air tickets.
Steve, I did not wish to ask from you money, but I have bought the laptop, and as from me the big expenses here in Moscow.
Now I do not have money to get air tickets.
I have paid registration of the visa and the medical insurance in embassy.
Also I have paid residing at a room.
I now had few money, but this money is necessary for me to live in Moscow.
You can help to get to me air tickets?
Already I said to you, that I should get air tickets in Russia, for this purpose that my tickets would assure of embassy.
Today I also have visited bank, it was necessary for me to learn, how I can receive from you money quickly as I spoke that the prices for tickets rise in price every day.
On the Internet I have studied, that you from the country can transfer the help to me very quickly, this system is called "MONEY GRAM".
Now I will tell to you the information which is necessary for you that you could transfer the help to me.
Bank name "SBERBANK"
Address: street. Vavilova, 19
city Moscow, 117997 Russia.
Phone +7(495) 957-52-80
My darling after you will transfer me the help, the employee of bank will inform you confidential number.
You should tell to me it that I could receive your help.
I hope, that you understand me, that I have spent many money and I require your help.
My darling when I can receive your help?
I should know, as tomorrow I will go to embassy and I should inform them when I will bring tickets for assurance.
Here in Moscow it is a lot of banks, a city very big as it is capital of Russia, but "MONEY GRAM" is nearby where I now live in Moscow and it will be convenient to me so to receive your help.
Already my visa is in process of registration, soon I will arrive to you!!!
I am glad to that I managed to begin process of registration of the visa, in the visa centre have told, that if I will buy tickets quickly and I will bring to them on assurance then the visa can make very quickly.
I hope, that very soon we with you will together.
Now I represent our romantic evening at candles, I will make a tasty supper, you will open wine, Ohhhh as I dream of it!
I have very much got tired today, Moscow very big city.
Please, do not leave me without your letters.
I am perfect one here and your support is necessary every day for me.
I always think of you!!!
I try to make Skype in my laptop, but it is not possible to me, I hope, that I can make it, I not when itself did not do Skype and on it I do not manage to make it quickly, but I am confident, that I can make it if I cannot make it when I will arrive, I hope you will help me and will learn to use Skype.
Today I have visited a beautiful place in this city, it is the RED AREA.
I have made for you a photo and video, I will show to you as here in Moscow.
I hope to you it is pleasant.
I wait your letter tomorrow, now I will display my things from a suitcase, after I will take a bath and I will make a face pack.
Kisses for you my darling Steve!!!
Very much I hope for your support and I dream of our meeting!!!
Yours, Liana!

Letter 3

My love!!!
Reading your letter, me it becomes good, on my person there is a smile!!!!! I feel, that I not one in this world!!!! I feel your heat and love in your letters!!!!!
My love, I could not fall asleep this night!!!!! I thought of us, I thought of our life!!!!! Thoughts on you heat me, they bring to me forces!!!! You have presented to me to me the new world, you have shown to me, that such the present love!!! I have grown fond of you all heart!!!!!
My love I never will cease to struggle for our happiness!!!!! My love covers me excitement, I feel a pain in the heart!!!!!!!! My love it is heavy to me to realise, that I can lose you!!!!! To tomorrow me it is necessary to answer in embassy!!!! I do not know, that to me to answer the assistant to the consul!!!! My love our destiny in your hands!!!!! My love you can give me the answer when we can get air tickets??? I cannot say lies more in embassy, I begged them, that they would give me time, tomorrow a closing date!!!!!!!
My love it is heavy to me to write this letter, but I really do not know as well as that to me to do!!!! I very much want, that all would be to another, that before us there would be no barriers!!!!!! I wish to connect our hearts!!!!! I wish to live a life with you!!!!! For me there is no more happiness, than to wake up and fall asleep near to you!!!!!
I very much love you..... I ask do not leave my letter without the answer!!!! During a century yours....

Letter 4

I have understood you, I have understood, that I was always simply a toy for you!!!! You simply played with me and my feelings!!!! You did not want anything with me!!!! Now, I have arrived to Moscow to go to you, but now you have understood, that your games have come too far and consequently you have told to me, that you have no money!!!! But I understand, that you simply do not want that I arrived to you, you simply play with my feelings!!!! Well, all it remains on your conscience!!!! My love, I never can forget you, but I any more do not want, that you scoffed over me!!! I understand, that you will scoff over me further!!!! To me it is very insulting and it is sick!!! Tomorrow I will take away the documents and nothing can be changed, in my private affair will be stand refusal!!!! This information will be stored 2 years in embassy, I cannot receive this visa more than 2 years!!!! You have achieved the between all of us all over!!!! I will never disturb you more!!!! Farewell for ever!!!!



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