Scam Letter(s) from Bertha Kinder to Carlos (USA)

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Letter 1

I just want to confirm that I have the right e-mail.
Get back to me

Potential Mistress

Letter 2

Hello Submissive one to be,

Thank you for the informative e-mail.
You did not attach a photo as requested.
Though I've learned over years of accumulated experience that physical looks, age and stuffs like that are less important in finding a true slave, on the other hand, I take your words, actions and willingness much more seriously.

I am turned on by the submission of men to my will.
I am a natural dominant even though I do not act this out fully in public.
I like to be a cat woman of some sort and love to be worshipped by powerful men.
My major turn on would be telling my slave to carry out an action and him doing it without questioning.

Also, I am a one man woman, meaning I am not sexually promiscuous and will only commit to one relationship at a time.
I am not one to flaunt my bdsm beliefs in public as this can be bad for business.
I'm affiliated to many reputable management firms and I expect my slave to keep us private and discreet at all times.
I reserve the right to control what level of communication I maintain with my slave prior to our first meeting.

I believe I have said enough for now and expect you to hang on every word I have written and digest them.
I don't like to revisit issues that have been trashed out.

It is very important that I let you know that I am not interested in being just an online mistress.
I take this very seriously and I'm totally not interested in erotic chat fantasies and I won't give you the pleasure either.
I have to work till Tuesday 20th then I would be taking three weeks off of work to relax so that will enable us have as many sessions as possible.
So that means if you are accepting me as your Mistress you have to be ready for a session with me as soon as I am done giving you your basic orientation about being my slave.

Now, the ball is in your court. I will let you make your decision of wanting me as your Mistress or not.
I can only proceed with giving you basic orientation to fit in into my world if you accept me as your Mistress.

Hopeful Mistress to you.

Letter 3

Hello My Brand new Pet Slave,

It is with a big smile that I respond to your email.
And I'm delighted to make your acquaintance.
You strike me as a very interesting and sensitive slave and I believe if eventually things work out; it would be an adventure for both of us.
Yes, I am in Galena and I have been in Galena for over 2 months.

I want you to know that I'm not much into unnecessary torture, no kids, no blood or scat, no permanent markings or bruises. I'm much more into kinky role play and bondage play.
What I expect from you is a willingness to serve, a burning zeal and passion to learn with an open mind with unconditional obedience.
I will establish many rules and routines for my sub, but I am not the type of Dom who wants to micromanage every little activity he does throughout the day.
I expect him to pay attention, to remember things I tell him and tasks I give him, and I encourage him to ask questions in order to learn what I like/dislike so that he can serve me to the best of his ability.
I don't expect him to read my mind, so I'm very clear about how I want things done.
While I demand obedience, I'm not cruel or aloof.
I can be intense at times, but I'm generally an easygoing person who likes to keep things light and positive.

My fetishes are tease & denial, role-play, bondage, orgasm control, body worship, light whipping/spanking, tickling, light cbt, strap on play, collar lead & leash, pony training, butt plugs, handcuffs, blindfolds, stockade, ball gags, sensory deprivation, humiliation, nipple torture/clamps and much more.
I want you to have it at the back of your mind that these fetishes are only applicable in our relationship if they are equally fine by you.
The moment you want to stop, you can use your safe words and that will be the end of that session for that day.

I am including rules that will ensure our physical safety and draw the limits of powers.
The whole idea of this is for us to form a bond of trust and comfort in the idea of this relationship upon schedule for your first session with me (you should be looking forward to that).
You will need to agree to the rule of this relationship to be under my servitude.

Being my submissive requires you to have intelligence, accountability and act in ways that allows me to know you are trusted and of high moral standards.
You must enjoy being sensuous and enjoy the idea of being property to your Mistress, in this case Me.
As my slave, you will always address me as Goddess or Mistress. DON'T forget this and you should always respond to any of my mail as soon as possible as a show of respect.
You must NEVER doubt or argue with my decisions.
You will delete all your active profiles from all web dating sites.
As a mistress I enjoy being the focus of my slave and I don't share my slave, My tiniest whim is your absolute law.
You must NEVER do anything bdsm related except with me.
My slave MUST always address himself as "this one," "this slave," or "this object."
My slave should not discuss himself and his Mistress with others. I love to share a special and sacred bond with my slave without any third wheel interference.
As My slave If you are unsure of something, ask your Mistress, your Mistress is your teacher and path.
My slave is to be pleasing at all times; so you will. There is no room for bad moods. Perfection of service and submission is the goal.
My Slave will not do drugs before or during our session.
No session when I/my slave is under the influence of alcohol or Anger.

When you agree to these rules then I can trust you and your words.
I wish to take you on this journey of uncharted territories and open your eyes to a new world of sensual servitude.
With me, Your body will scream out for me and you will only be rewarded when I feel you are good.
You might have to watch the apple dangle before you for a while before you have a bite.
You will learn patience and tame the urge to jump in at every flash or crotch.
And you will now release harder than you have ever felt within my thighs.
Are you brave and can you stand the rain?
Can you walk on water to meet me and trust that you will not drown because I am there with you?

The turning over of ‘power’ to me allows you to experience all the sensations that you want.
All of it must be done in a safe and controlled manner and that is why I think I am capable of being your mistress.
It is important that you let me know If there's any limitation or health issues that you have so I will note them all and will take them into consideration while arranging activities for your sessions.

Your Adorable Mistress

Letter 4

Hello my humble and attentive pet Slave,

I have note down your health condition and I will put that into consideration during our sessions.
I looked at your picture yet again and what I see in that face and those eyes thrills me.
You agreeing to my rules shows me you are ready for our adventure and so I would also begin to trust you.

As your mistress I put quite a lot of thought into the items that will form your training kit and it’s important we get them in order to make your first and subsequent sessions very eventful and memorable.
Your kit will consist of the Steel impaler tower, Strict Leather Premium Straitjacket, The Curve Male Chastity Belt, Arms-to-Chest Restraint Belt, liberator bondage wedge, Fetish Fantasy Strap-On, Deluxe Locking Wide-Padded Cuffs, Auto Bater Swirling Masturbator, Passion Toy Lube and Cleaner Combo and ID Glide Lube (water based formula).

Most Mistress makes it mandatory for their slaves to purchase their training kit that will be used during their sessions.
For me, it is different. I don't accept money from slaves, I don't need it. I'm financially secured and stabled.
And I am capable of taking care of my slave's needs which includes their training kits.
But I have met deceitful slaves who try to take advantage of my kindness.
So, I have promised myself never to fall a victim of such anymore.

If you are serious about having a BDSM relationship with me, then we both have to duly contribute our quota.
I will pay half the amount of the training kit and you pay the other half.
This will be a sign of commitment and it shows that you actually take all this seriously.
There won't be any social meetings or visits whatsoever until I see proof of your compliance.

I want you to check these kits at bondage stores or online for the prices and get back to me so that I would know my share of the payment.
I believe this should be a simple task for you to complete.
It’s the same items we will use on subsequent meetings so you only have to do this once.
I think it’s better we are on the same page.
You can start working on this immediately if you truly wish to receive your training with me.
Remember, I have 3 weeks of free time before I get very busy again with work.
So, we can use this opportunity to meet as much as possible because we will always have a prearranged schedule once I get back to work.

I await your response concerning the prices.
I will check my regular bondage store for the price too so that I can compare the prices and also I have coupon for discount so that would lessen the cost.

Mistress to you.



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