Scam Letter(s) from Irina Vasilyeva to Jan (Belgium)

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Letter 1

Hello. I am very glad that I could meet you on a dating site! for this is my first experience on the internet, and now I have excitement, as I do not have a lot of experience in dealing with the help of emails, but I will try to be as clear to you, and I hope that our communication will be nice for both of us. now I do not want to tell a lot about yourself! My name is Irina, I am 28 years old. I am very interesting person and I have a calm character. I live in Russia, Veliky Novgorod. This is one of the most ancient cities of our countries. The population of the city 219,400 people. I have a very beautiful city. In our city there are many monuments of Russian architecture. most oldest of them - Saint Sophia Cathedral, whose construction began in 1045 year, it is located in the heart of the historic part of the city. Now I'm a bit lost, and I do not know what else to write you. hopefully you like to know more about me? You can ask my interest you a question and I'll try to answer it. I also send you their pictures taken recently. I will be happy, if you tell us a little about yourself and send your photos. In this I finish my letter, and I will wait for your answer. Irina

Letter 2

Hello Jan. All this time I was waiting for your letter very much.
Today I have a good mood and I'm glad to read your email. How was your day today? I want to know what you're doing. I want to continue our acquaintance, and continue to talk about themselves. Hopefully it will be interesting for you? Now I want to tell you about my family! I am from a good family and good. My parents gave me a college degree. I graduated from the Institute 4 years ago, and is now working as a designer on the furniture. My working day from 8 am to 5 pm. But after some time, I plan to change jobs and go to a large network of factory for production of furniture. I live with my parents and unfortunately I am the only child in the family. I have no brothers or sisters. I've never been married and have no children. My parents are now retired.
My mother Larisa, she honored teacher of our city, and my father Sergei, he worked for many years at the factory where produce military equipment. My friends say that I received from my mother's beauty and character of my dad. I easily find common language with any person, probably because I'm good to everyone. Jan, I was brought up strictly, I never came home late, and very rarely visit clubs and other places. In my life there were few relationships with men, but none of them was honest. They all wanted to just love relationship, but I denied them and stopped to see this. As I said, I'm from a good family, and for me in the first place to find a good man to create a strong and happy family. So I turned to the Internet to find a man from another country, because rough men in Russia. I really hope I can meet a man who will love and respect me. I want to just be happy :) I hope you understand me ?! By this letter, I will put some of my photos. I hope you'll like them. Send me your photos! I wish you good mood and look forward to your reply. Irina

Letter 3

Hello my friend Jan. Your letter pleases me in this boring day.
Today, the bad weather in our city. But I am very happy that I have such a good conversationalist, and I think I was very lucky with you.
Although we can now communicate only via the internet, but I want to believe that someday we will be able to chat with you in real life, and I hope that it will be interesting and enjoyable for both of us.
Every day I have a desire to know more about you, it's always fun for me. As I told you in my last letter that I live with my parents, and I love them very much and always take care of them! But I do not have love in the heart, the love of your loved one who could change me for the better. I need a man who will love and appreciate me. It would be desirable for it to be fair and loyal to the people could always take care of me and looked at me with sincere eyes. To for him in the first place were important my inner qualities. My ideal partner should be is serious to to build family relationships. I am just curious to know about the place where you live, the people that surround you! I think your country has a lot of interesting places, and I'm now very curious to know about it. Maybe I can ever be there and together we will be able to visit one of these places. I look forward to your early reply.
I wish you a good day. Irina

Letter 4

Hello my dear Jan. Your letter pleases me again, and I read with great pleasure. As still nice to know that there is a man who thinks of me. I'm proud of it dating and believe everything that depended on me I had made. The only thing I miss, it's a loving man who could support me in any situation. I already wrote to you how it should be in my view. Already the fact that I feel a sense that I had not experienced before from your letters tells me that my communication with you is not usual, and maybe one day our communication can lead to something more than just a communication on the Internet. When I think about it I get a great hope that it will be so. I hope that these few letters we were able to achieve some understanding, there is hope that our relationship will grow. I would like to read and learn your thoughts on this. Probably you can write something about it in the next letter. I believe that you are a wonderful conversationalist, interesting to talk to you, and you're pretty, it is also important.
Jan, Now I would like to tell you about my house. I live in a small apartment of 2 small rooms. This is my room, room of my mother and father in kitchen and bath. Sure, I've thought a lot about how to live separately from their parents and be independent, but while I would not succeed. For example, to remove me from one room apartment, I'd have to give half of my earnings. It is difficult for me. Who knows!
Maybe soon I will live separately from their parents, and can be with you !? :) I'm starting to notice that you are spiritually understand me pal, so I have no doubt to ask you some advice. My dear, now I have to finish the letter to you. I will look forward to your response.
your Irina

Letter 5

Hello, my dear Jan. Thanks for your response! I see again your letter, which is written with enthusiasm. It is really very nice! :) I do not even know how to explain to me, but in me is such an unusual feeling when I read your letters. I would like to express this feeling, but I feel the barrier of distance. The letters are very difficult to express something important. Sometimes I'm filled with a great feeling when you want to say something in the letter, I want to convey this excitement, these feelings, but I'm sure that when you read my letter you can not feel it. Now I think that would be very good if we were close, talk about different things, life would be so intense. I'm tired of feeling lonely, and I want true love. I always know that it is very far away there is a man whom I have fun, and maybe soon we will be able to meet face to face. I'm curious to know what you think about this? I would be interested to hear your response! Now I came home and immediately started to bring everything in order. I like it when my house is clean and tidy, it may be embedded in every woman at birth:-). I've always been an independent woman, and gave everything herself. But I always want to close was a real man who can support me in difficult times. Yesterday I was watching an old movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. It's called "The Island." Perhaps you too have seen this movie? I love this movie because it shows the sea. And I love the sea! It's very attracted me, the sound of waves, the fresh breeze, lots of sunshine and blue sky. I have a dream to someday be there with you. From 7 years old, I went to swim, and for 8 years attend swimming lessons. At the moment, I sometimes use the pool, but this is rare, because I have no free time.
It is unfortunate that near my town there is the sea, and I always have to envy those people who live near the sea. But I'm sure that someday I can also live close to the sea or ocean. Now I finish this letter, which I write for 50 minutes. I am always very pleased to respond to your emails, and I will wait for your letter. your Irina

Letter 6

Good day my dear Jan! All day today, I thought about how to check the mail soon and read your letter, and receive positive energy. With each passing day, more and more I think about what might our familiarity is no accident and you are the man of whom I represent in their fantasies. During our correspondence, I saw some beautiful qualities in you as a man, no doubt the seriousness of your letters and their warmth is important, I like your kindness and warm heart. I am very happy when I receive your letter and read it! On each line of your letter fills me with optimism for the future. I think in order to understand this, you need to experience the same thing. I do not know what you feel from my letters, and what do you think about me as about your potential partner, but I hope that my feelings for you are mutual, and I hope that you have a similar feeling in my direction. It is unfortunate that we do not live close by and can not go somewhere together, but we should be grateful to our fate, that she gave us this knowledge. This means that we should now still have some thoughts on how we continue our relationship. I think when one person has the original plans and desires in relation to another person, he has a certain determination, respectively. Before you start searching for a partner on the internet was a mystery to me how we can overcome the distance if we have a desire to meet! The only thought that I did not give, and did not give rest, it's a case when I have feelings and they will be in vain, then it will be a big wound in my heart. I hope that we do not have this happen? What do you think? Now I calmly finish this letter and look forward to your response. your Irina

Letter 7

Hello my dear Jan. I am very glad to see your letter again. How are you? I hope that you are fine. I have the desire to do for you that something special, but I can only do this when we are together. My dear Jan, today I have a wonderful day soon I can take a vacation from work and be able to have a lot of free time. There will come a time when I could not think about work and forget about it for one month, because exactly 30 days I will take a vacation. Tomorrow I will talk with my boss, and we need to discuss everything about the date of the beginning and end of my holiday. I am very glad that now I can get some rest. Sadly I do not know how I spend my vacation! You would like to meet during my vacation? It will be very good if we can see us at this time. :) Last night I came home from work and have time to cook dinner for my parents. Mom was surprised as I can all keep up, and why I have such a good mood! I just smiled back at her, but she realized that this is due to you. I told my mom about you, and about what we learned about the Internet, and you to me much like you. She asked me to tell you Hello, I'm doing it. Hello)) Over dinner, I speak seriously to parents. They asked me what I would do if you invited me into your home! I was confused at this point, but of course I had some thoughts, and I told them about them. I said that if they do not mind that one day I'll be glad to visit you. My parents said that the main thing that I was happy. Sure it has pleased me, and today I spent all day thinking about it. Dear Jan, what do you think about this? Your opinion is the most important thing for me now, because you've become very close to me. I really want to meet you personally and to communicate with you throughout the day. But while this is only my dreams. The following your letter, I hope to get a lot of good news. I am sending you a kiss. your Irina

Letter 8

Hello my dear Jan. With great pleasure I read your letter. How are you? If you could know how I now want to be near you, now it's just a thought, but I think we can pull it off. Today, I went to work and my boss told me that I could take a vacation. I'm really tired from work, because last year I did not get the opportunity to relax and I think that after a week I received a deserved vacation. And now I have a problem, I do not know where I spend the time and I seriously think about that if I can come to you and spend a few weeks with you. I really feel that we can get the relationship that you think about this? Are you ready to receive me? I very much hope that your attitude towards me seriously and we will be able to spend the holidays together, unless of course you want it. You must understand that even thousands of letters can not replace one meeting. My solution is not by chance, in the last days, I understand that the more there is a closeness between us. It's like a miracle, but you can understand me and it is very pleasant to me. I have never seen before such an understanding and interesting man like you. Dear Jan, I hope that we will be able to spend my vacation together. I'll be eagerly waiting for your answer. your Irina

Letter 9

Hello my dear Jan. I am very glad to receive your letter. very well that I met you, and for all time of our correspondence, I understand that you are very dear to me, and I'm ready to take the step to come to you. My boss at work told me that I can take a vacation. When I heard this, I was very happy, and I thought that at this time only about you and how to come to you. For me, it will be difficult, as it is the first I have to go to another country. Tomorrow, before coming to work, I go to a travel agency to find out how I can come to you. I think you'll be happy to meet with me in your home. Now I sit and dream about our first meeting, and I think it will be the happiest day of my life! Today in our city is very cold, and just the thought of you warms my heart. Dear Jan, tell me how you spend your day today?
Every day I want to know more about you and be a part of your life.
Dear, tomorrow I'll tell you this news from the travel company, I think you would be interested. On this I finish, and I'll wait for your letter tomorrow. your Irina

Letter 10

Hello my love Jan. Again, I am glad to see your letter. How is it going? Dear, this morning I went to a travel agency and it gave me the full information in order to come to you. I think it would be easy for me! I was told that I must first obtain a passport and other documents that are worth 360 euro, it takes 5-7 working days. Only then can I order ticket. And I told you to give me all of your data, so that the agent can gather all the necessary documents to travel to you. But I have a problem because I do not have money to pay for the documents. I even asked all my friends, but none of them was able to help me, they all have different reasons and I even felt a shame that none of them could help me. It's hard to be alone, and do not have a man next to whom I could always rely on. My parents are also now in a bad situation, because my dad pays for a car loan. And now I have no choice, and I have to ask for your help. There is only one hope for you, I think you could help me. It is very humiliating and embarrassing for me to ask you for money, but as you can see I have no other choice. I'm sorry that you do not currently exist, and I have only to think and dream about you. I hope that no one will interfere with our meeting and soon we'll be able to really see each other. Now I finish this letter. Jan, I'll wait for your letter with great impatience. your Irina

Letter 11

I'm sorry that you can not help me. I'm counting on you, but alas! I'm sad that our meeting will not take place, I was very pleased to know you and read all the letters for the most joyful days. I always thought that a man can and must ensure that his girlfriend, but now I realized I was just wrong. I know for myself one most important thing that you love is nothing compared to the money. If you'd like to see me actually, you could do everything to send the money. I think that the letter says it all, and this is just my opinion. I do not think that you must reply to this email, because it may not change as your opinion. Be happy ...

Letter 12

Hello my dear Jan. Your letter is very pleased me, because I'm always happy to see a few words from you, it pleases me very soon we will be able to communicate not only via email, we will soon be together and I can tell you the words that are in my heart . I love you! And I'm sure it will sound much nicer to you if I tell you this during our meeting.
I will look at you and tell you the words that I think of you, I want to look at you and tell you the three main words and kiss you tenderly, that's all I want. My favorite is Jan, I went to the bank to find out more. The manager told me that there is a convenient and fast way to send money across international company Western Union, for this you need to know my full name and address. My full name: Irina Vasilyeva, my address: city Veliky Novgorod, street Belova 11-26. Zip code 173015. These data should be sufficient to transfer the money. My dear, my life will change soon and very soon we will be able to get the happiness of which we dreamed. I know that if something like this should be true, and I am sure that soon we're both going to be okay, because we have a sense of magic and love. I'll wait for your letter with great impatience. Irina



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