Letter(s) from Vera Kazakova to Patrice (France)

Letter 1

Patrice my sweet! I'm really horny just thinking about you Yes, you make me happy now. I want you to be my one man. I want you to be able to tell me everything about you. We are going to make such sweet love to each other. I will be so good to you baby. Most people, women and men only care about themselves. They miss it. Love is an emotion to be shared. Sex is just a good part of that. Sometimes just a hug or a sweet look can be as satisfying as an orgasm. I like a man that will tell me his fantasies and secrets and know they are safe with me. Sex is very important to me with the right man. I do have things I have never tried before if you know that I mean. I'm very open and honest for new things with my right partner.When I started looking for a partner, I never thought about another country. But you opened my eyes and I hope that we can continue to know each other in real. The letters is nothing without real meeting.
I can not stop thinking about you and our meeting all the time! I'm convinced you are the one for me. Thank you for the invitation to visit you in your place. I think this will a happy time, which we will never forget. You already have a plan, which we will do when I come to you? You show me your place? Can I hope that you will be a true gentleman when we're together? I'll be in a strange country for me and you will be the only person I can trust. I can be sure I'll be safe with you?
My dear, I visited a travel agency and found out that I would have to pay for the visa and for my flights to Moscow and back 550 Euro. This price includes the payment of insurance and payment of services agency. I'll have to go to the embassy in Moscow for interview before a visa will be in my hands. As you know I have 200 Euro, but I'm still missing 350 Euro. There is Money Gram and Western Union in my city and I hope you know how to use it. I hope you have time to send the missing sum in the coming days. We must do everything fast. I think that I do not have time to get a visa before the New Year, but if I pay a visa in the coming days, I will be able to get a visa and come to you in early January. Are you glad? In your house has an extra bed for me? Or do you want me to stay in a hotel? Now I close my letter and I will wait for your answer! Million my kisses for you Patrice! All my love your Vera
PS. I think you will need my full details.
My home adress:
Cheboksary city,
Egerskiy bulvar, 46
apartment 53, (428031)
Name - Vera
Surname - Kazakova