Scam letter(s) from Kathy Strickland to Jason (Canada)

Letter 1
Here's the info ***...he's my aunts hubby, he's just get the funds picked and ticket booked for me. Thanks for giving me the opportuinity to explore. Name. Charles Wiles
Address. 2671 rohr road masontown WV 26542 USA.
Letter 2
I forwarded the tickets to you, and found out that Uncle charles thought the trip was for me alone. I want you to see the above Data of the tickets i sent to you. He also included, He has already booked the date, cos the price varies and could get Higher, And if he was to use his credit card to make the payment. There will be a 25% dicscount on the price because of his personality with the Airline. So sweety, Its a great deal and a little advantage for us. I really want this and i want you to get back to me as i will be waiting for you Online. I Love you so much
Letter 3
My Prince, I know you may not understand how much I appreciate all your effort and love towards me and my financial uplifting. I cherish you with all my heart. I can't wait to be a bit settled with you and know that I am wanting to spend my life with you, and also, I will be able to do things for you too, and not just you spending on me. I want to plan trips for us, and pay for it, buy you lovely things as a surprise gift and take you out on a date with the check being placed in front of me to pay. My heart, my body yearns for you in anticipation of our first meeting. I dream of our first kiss charged with passion and longing. Your embrace pulling my body tight into yours, melding with desire for each other. Wondering how our first encounter will evolve? Will I see an over powering hunger for me in your eyes? An urgency in your want and desire to share our bodies? Or will we be tentative and reserved? Guess what Sweety, I have opened the data concerning my Dads Inheritance Left for me to claim., and my legal solicitor has started the process, I should receive neccessary forms and have them filled out for processing tomorrow.
**** Let me just share more light of what these is all dad worked in the Navy as a commander of Bravo Army, 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, and as the Next of Kin, He willed a certain amount to me. And today is the faithful day i am willing to proceed with the claims. I need a Life, I need a good life, I need you in my Life. I will need 2 kinds of favour from you. Firstly, I want you to please write to my aunty that everything will be alright and make her know that you are the Jason i told her about.(I will get you her email details). Secondly, i want you be by my side all through this process, If the claim goes successfull,. Then i am willing to come spend the rest of my life with you Jason. U have made up my mind, So easily. The anticipation of meeting you will be unbearable once I am a bit settled with things. I think of nothing else these days. Your strong embrace as you pull my body tight into yours. Your hand on my buttocks drawing my hips into you to feel your ******** rise with desire. The feel of your lips when first upon mine. Your tongue parting my lips and entwining with my tongue, tasting you. Racing to my room to be alone with you, to make love together for the first time. Or perhaps you would rather drop my bags in the room and get a bit to eat? I would love the opportunity to gaze at you, drink the sight of you in, caress you with my longing eyes. Build the tension of desire between us. I love you baby. My prince.
Letter 4

Honey here is the Info, You have to split the funds into 2 to this agents,because of Moneygramm Issues. And you must make sure they complete the transaction before u leave the Moneygramm Centre,because, sometimes they always place holds on high money, for security reasons. Love you ****. Name: Robert Donald $1000
Address: City: Dothan State: AL 36303
United States Name: Lourdes Alexander $1400
4247 roadbrook dr
palm bay Fl,32001
United States Always Love.
Letter 5
My Love, I just got out of the Final Meeting with the Bank and Account Manager and the Approval Letter has been issues to us ...This is a Great Level of Success and we are at the Last Stage of the Claims Process now. I was also adviced that i need to make a final payment of $1.050 (One thousand and Fifty US Dollas) , as regards the Mandatory Bank Account Processing and Transfer Code..I tried to plead with them,but to no avail, as they simply said it was Bank Policy. Ive also emailed and called My Lawyer, about the present Situation..;.I am yet to hear from her..The Bankers needs us to get this Payment to them ASAP. Once we have Paid the 1,005$ as they asked, they will release the Online Banking Access Transfer Code to us, within 24hrs, and you sure can start to wire out of the entire Funds, As i want it transfered into an account there in Canada....The Fee is Mandatory because the Funds have been Lodged with them for long,and so its gone Dormant.The 1,005$ will be Deposited into the Acct and will reflect in the Online Banking Access. The Bankers assured me that Funds will be ready and able to be wired out , within 24hrs , upon receiving the 1005$. So sweetheart, Reply me, lets know how we can climb this bridge Asap.
So i can get my flight scheduled. Love Kathi.
Letter 6
I am so sorry for not writing you earlier. I have been trying to get a lot done Honey. I have been so sad since morning, Not because the process couldnt be completed today, but because i could not make it down to you just in time as i promised. My Love, Sometimes, I feel like the world is against me. Just as I thought it was over, something else comes up again. I feel so sick right now and I have lost a few pounds just for the sake of all this happening and stress. The problem I have now is that, i am been made to understand that my dad added some sort of security to the Funds letting them know that: I, as the next of kin and co-beneficiary to the account, Must present someone eligible of some worth that is capable enough to take care of me as a Husband. so that i can manage the Funds wisely....cos money in the Hands of a Man could be used just more wisely. So **** i volounteered you as my Husband (Prove of Certificate is not needed),and you will be contacted by my Lawyer As soon as possible **** we can keep this going.. I am actually very happy that the inheritance process is almost coming to an end,but I am just sad that, I am supposed to be with you by now, just as i promised baby, But God knows the best,..i thought it will be over by now, but i realise that its an HSBC Bank and they have so many intermidiaries, wherein they need to make proper clerification because its an Inheritance claim. and its a Huge amount of Money. Honestly, I expect you to be more upset than this because I surely will also be upset if I am in your shoes. But one thing for sure is that, I will handle this with the good part of my heart. ..You know you are the only partner I have in this situation and I love you tenderly. It is not just about the Money ****, but for the sake of our love. I'm talking about fate here - when feelings are so powerful it's as if some force beyond your control is guiding you to someone who can make you happy beyond your wildest dreams. You bring such happiness to my life and fulfill that love I have looked and searched for. I've fallen in love with you and I'll never let you go. I love you more than anyone, I just had to let you know. And if you ever wonder why, I don't know what I'll say, but I'll never stop loving you, each and every day. It's not my fault I love you, it's yours and Please get back to me when you read the mail. I will be online later to talk to you. I have missed you alot Jason.
Love Kathi.
Letter 7
Dear Value Customer, Your Enquires have been Processed and confirmed .

And we are glad to inform you that you account has been made Eligible for Fund Transfer.

Due to intermidiaries between HSBC US and Alliance Bank & Bond state at which funds was placed, A calculated total fee of $3,850.US (Three thousand Eight hundred and fifty US dollas) is needed to be made Asap.

As one of the prime bank in the US our services are of first class standard as we are guided by the oath of secrecy and confidentiality in all our dealings with our customers/clients. We are pleased to welcome you to our world of first class personalized banking!
This is thanking your understanding and compliance, once again, for and on behalf of our bank accept our warmest and sincere congratulations.

Manager Accounts Department.
Logistics Solutions
Alliance Bank
United States
Letter 8
Dear Kathi/Jason

I am forwarding the Confirmation email I got from Bank to you.

Just as i told you yesterday Kathi, Funds where originally supposed to be released in 2018, due to the intermidiaries and the state at which funds was placed. they was not willing to release.

But I have made sure they release funds to you both, even if its gonna cost you a token amount.
Kindly read carefully and respond asap within 48hours so i can finalise this transaction and proceed with other affairs of life.

Best regards
Dr.Victoria Badger {Esq}
Letter 9
Good day Sir,
Im writting to you unofficially, based on the situation Mrs Kathi has explained to me, I am close to her family and im considering the whole situations, that is why i am assisting her with a thousand dollars.

I know how important this is to her and yourself.

Please respond to me, so we can make sure we get done with this transaction.

Mrs Badger.
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