Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Prohorova to Joe (USA)

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Letter 1

You fine? Are you surprised? I know it may seem unusual for you . Yes, we don't know. But this may be changed easy. previously Natalya is my name. And you? I live in Russia. This is the start of our knowledge now. Maybe, we'll have a good correspondence, if you do not mind. I expect! I hope you will not delete my email in trash, and answer me. It will be a pleasure for me. if you please write me more about you. My age 28 years old. what is your age? I send you my foto soon. What do you think? if you please send me your foto too. O'k! Now, I'm done. Answer me soon. I wait your answer O'k? I hope you!
Natalya Byeee byeee ...



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