Scam Letter(s) from Svetlana Semitcvetik to Frank (Germany)

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Letter 1

The warmest and sweetest greetings,My Dear Frank!!!

So much hope that you will be happy to hear from me and that my mail will become a pleasant surprise for you :)Dear,we've met on the dating site where we became interested in each other and I'd sincerely love to go on with knowing us. Even if I'm a grown-up already,I stay a little girl inside who needs love,care and protection a lot. I so much desire to be in your arms and that you will keep me warm and safe. I'm sure that I will be in safety with you and that I can make you the happiest man in the world. You will ask why I'm so sure,it's cause it's written in your eyes that you want to be happy and loved,am I right?! :)So,why not to take the chance destiny gave us...Are you with me,my dear?!Hope,yes

Waiting for your letter in return eagerly. Yours Svetlana.

Letter 2

Hello,My Dearest Frank!!!So happy to receive your letter today!!!
:)It's really so nice and pleasant to meet you!You have such an interesting name and I like it a lot :))Your name sounds like a purling stream which gives freshness when it's too hot and like a shining sun which warms when it's terribly cold!!!I was waiting impatiently for your mail and now I enjoy each your word you wrote to me!!!There is a broad smile on my face and I'm feeling so happy cause we are in touch and started our acquaintance!!! ;)I'm heartily thanking you for the message and I'm really so Sorry for keeping you waiting for my reply. I'm sincerely hoping that you are well and healthy there. Thank you for the are such an attractive & handsome man and look really great. And your Eyes are so Kind and Smile-Warm & Radiant!!! :)Will be happy to see more pics of you in the coming mails. And your Daughters are really so pretty & lovely...True Princesses...really such a pity that you've seen them for over 10 years now...I'm sincerely wishing you that this will change on better earlier or later!!!Hope that you will love my photos as well...Oops ;)My Candy Man,as you already know,the current situation in my country is really so complicated and so dangerous for now...We are struggling here and fighting each single day!!!And due to the events here,I didn't have a chance to write you,please,don't think that I forgot about you as it's not like this at all. I'm facing lots of issues for now but I don't want to bother you with them as it'd be not right at all. Dear,I just wanted to give you a sign that I'm with you...remember you and sincerely want to go on with our personal communication and know each other better & better day by day!!!Sorry but this letter will be short as I need to go and I will write you again as soon as I will be able to and so much hope that you will keep me in your heart and on your mind!!! letter is already too long so I will stop for now...will write you more about me and my life in the coming mails!!!Deal?! ;)So,please,write me in return me soon as I am already waiting for your reply and knowing each other better!!!Bye-bye,I miss you already!!!Oh...forgot to tell you,I love Peaches a lot and so much desire to become your Very Special & Most Delicious Peach...hope that you are "For" and willing to try how I taste...Naughty thoughts in my head...Oops...!!! ;)))

Yours Tasty Juicy Peach "Svetlana" ;)

Letter 3

Hello,Hello,My Sweet Frank!!!

I was waiting so impatiently for your reply and want to tell you that I'm so happy to correspond with you and know more about you & your life with each new mail from you!!! ;)Sorry for not writing sooner...all is too complicated here and there are the days when it's better not to go outside and...even not to be at home but hide in some safe cellar in order to be alive...Oh...My Dear,it's really so fearfully and I'm so much afraid to stay here...I'm so happy that I've got a chance to write you again :)Thank you for the kind & supportive words about the current situation in my country...this means so much to me,of course. Sweetie,I really do my best to be well,safe and take good care of myself and...knowing that you are with me gives me strength & powers not to give up!!!You know,I was so happy to see your pics!!!!!!!Thank you a lot for the sending them to me!!!!!You look just GREAT!!!!!You are so Attractive!!!!You look like a TRUE man!!!!!You look Like a MAN of my Dreams!!!!! :)So much hope that you will love my todays photos to you :)Here it rains today and how is the weather at your place,dear?!I'm sincerely hoping that you are staying and healthy there...Hope that you are warm and if not,then I will make you a cup of hot chocolate in order to warm you up,deal?! :)And that's nice that you have new widows,door and also electric shutters...changes are always for better,yes?! :)And I'm sure that your home is very warm & cosy,right?! :)And how was the Basketball game?! :)You love peaches be nice to share some together,yes?! :)And yes,Honey,I see how much you are honoured to meet the King of Spain together with his's really such a Big Honour and you are really so Lucky...My Sincere Congratulations to you!!!Your Hugs really warmed me a lot when it's so chilly & rainy outside today...thank you for them a lot and I'm waiting for more and more,of course...Oops :)

And now I continue writing about me & my life. I think that it's interesting for you to know why I am looking for my second half via the Internet. Looking at my photos you see - I am a young,pretty girl and it may seem to you that it's very easy for me to find my beloved man here,at my place or,at least,in Ukraine but I had much bad experience in the past with our Ukrainian men,so now I don't want to connect my life with a man from Ukraine. All men who I have met were too egoistic,thought only about their own wishes and didn't wished to know what I want in life. All men whom I met in the past wanted to be with me,yes,but they saw in me only my appearance,my body but not more!!! ;( These men wanted to have me like a pretty toy and not more.
But I always wanted to love...My darling,I wanted to love so much,to be loved but men didn't give me any such feelings so after sometime relations stopped. In the end,I was so tired of such kind of relations and I started to think that if the things continue to be like this,then I'd never find my real love,my second half so I would be single till the end of my life :( But once I had a client in a beauty salon where I work. This woman asked me to help her with the hairstyle for the wedding of her female friend. She told me that her friend has found a very good,caring & loving man abroad and she did it via the I-net!!!Oh,it sounded like a wonderful idea...great chance for me!!!I thought that I can make the same and find my beloved via Internet too!!!But in a moment I remembered that I don't know any English and computers at all so I would not be able to use Internet myself to find my love in the other country...but that woman advised me the translation company which her female friend used looking for her beloved man. So,I decided to use that advice cause if that woman could find a real love,very good man abroad with a help of the translation company - I can make the same as well!!!I believed in success when I came to the translation office and now I am more & more sure in it cause now I am communicating with you!!! :)))My darling,I am so happy now cause I'm knowing you better and better via your each letter to me and sure that you are a man I've been looking for!!!Oh,I finish my letter now,my darling,but as soon as I receive your reply - I will answer you the soonest I can!Ok?! ;)You will be in my thoughts and dreams all the time!!!Oops :)

Yours Aromatic Juicy Peach "Svetlana"...Oops ;)

Letter 4

My Lovely...My Candy Man Frank...

Thank you a lot for your mail...I've been waiting for the news from you and so happy that we are in touch. My Dear man,thank you for the Pictures...Dear,with Each New Picture of you...My Heart is Beating Faster and Faster :)Dear,I'm so Attracted by you...I can not Even Explain how I feel but your Pics Are Magnificent and you have Charmed me for Sure!!!I'm Very-Very-Very Sorry for keeping you waiting for my reply...didn't have a chance to write you until today...It's really so dangerous here,at my place,for now due to the War and I really do my best to be safe...I'm sincerely hoping that you are staying well and healthy there...Hope that you are warm and if not,then I will make you a cup of hot chocolate in order to warm you up,deal?! :)I'm thanking you for being with my life as I really need you...your care and support so much as you know well about the current situation here,at my my region...I'm so glad that I've got a chance to come to the translation office and write you today as it wasn't as easy for me to get here and all this due to the instability...war events's so dangerous to stay here for now as nobody can't give any guarantees but I'm just not able to do or change anything...I'd love to move to some safer place but... :((( So,all is left for my family & me is to hope for the better despite a big risk... :(((

My Precious Frank,I should tell you something,as you already know I'm using the services of the translation company and the translator helps me with the writing of the letters to you...Dear,I have the financial issues at the moment and don't know when I will be able to write to you again cause now it's a hard time for me. My Lovely,I don't want to bother you with all this stuff...I just wanted to let you know about this point. I'm Sorry but I just don't have time to write you more lines and in a more appropriate way cause we are bombed most of the time...people have been injured...some houses have been many damages... :((( Really such a sad picture that tears are coming to my eyes... :((( So,My Dearest,I need to run home and hide in the cellar in order to stay alive...Yes,dear,the things are really like this and it's a sad reality and not a myth or some movie...I'd love to be smiling...cheerful...tell you some jokes but...the reality is too hard and much hope that you will comprehend...

Lots of Sweet Kisses & Gentle Embraces!!!

Yours Juicy Peach "Svetlana"....

Letter 5

Dear Mr. Frank,

We are the Translation Company "ProfTrServices" which deals with different kinds of translation services.

As you already know,Miss Svetlana used the help of our company in order to communicate with you. We are contacting you on a request of your lady Svetlana and would like to inform you that the account of your lady at our company is closed for now. The reason for this is her inability to fulfill it. When the account will be replenished again,it will be possible for you to go on with your private communication. If you are interested to continue the correspondence with Miss Svetlana,then we will provide you all the necessary information you will need for helping your lady with the translation expenses. Please contact us and our company will be more than happy to answer all your questions and think about your suggestions.

Thank you for your time and we are hoping for our future cooperation,Mr. Frank.

Faithfully Yours,
manager of
"ProfTrServices" Company
Maria Runeeva



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