Scam Letter(s) from Natalia to Kjetil (Norway)

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Letter 1

Your letter was a nice surprise for me today as I was waiting for it.
I'm so glad we continue our correspondence and I can find out more about you and your life and tell you more about myself.
I work as a primary school teacher. I love children and they love me.
I try to give them all my heart and bring them up as kind and noble people. I like the sound of their laughter so much. Their smiles make me happy and when they are trying to cheat to get their small goals I laugh because they are so naive doing it.
I dream about the time when I have a family of my own and the laughter of my children will fill the silence of the house. I dream about the mornings when I can wake them up with my kiss and when I will do everything to make their days happy.
I have never been married before. I think it is because I didn't meet the right man for me yet. I don't know what he should be like, what colour of his eyes or hair should be. I will listen to my heart only.
I know, it will recognize him the moment we meet. He will become my second heart, my best friend and confident. I value faithful, reliable and strong men. I want to find the rock that would be my basis in life. He should understand me and not be afraid to show his love, his tender feelings to me. I would like him to live in harmony with his inner self and the world around him.
write me back soon, I will be waiting for your letter.

Letter 2

I am happy that you still find a place in your heart to be writing to me, in fact to tell you the truth I am happy to have to find someone like you who really have and know what it really means to have and build a strong family and love together. Many people wrote to me but I have stopped writing back because you are so nice and intelligent,
that must I say to you.
It is so nice you help children with special needs! In my country there are only few people who would like to do such kind of work. That is because the teacher's salary is very low. For example my salary is like 120-140$ a month. So as you can see I cannot afford myself traveling abroad..
I want us to have a strong relationship together. Our acquaintance is more than you advance. Your letters gives me joy, pleasure and hope to find someone like you. Love is all about one thing in common that brings two people together. I would have stopped for a long time to write to you if I was not interested to have your letters and you. You will really be a good husband for a wife. Nobody is perfect but we will try to be one. Love is all about respect, courage,
representative. Circle of oneness etc. The woman needs to respect the husband and so is also to the man.
My childhood was with hope, joy and happiness. They say, train up a child in the way that she should go so that when he or she will grow up, she will not depart from it, so had my parents brought me up. They tried to give me good and I really appreciate it. I did not have much time to write but I just have found interest in you and I made up my time to write to you. so I want to know your decision about us. You know for me, I don't believe in hiding anything from you. My parents used to take me to the church to feel the God invading. I love to play table tennis, jogging , read books, music, in fact everything that makes happy and keep life going. I need you and I want you, I want to feel the fire that makes a man happy and that fire is your LOVE. I think about you and such a thing never happened to me before. Love is a word that joins and holds two people together , just like without wheels, a car cannot move.
Waiting for your reply,

Letter 3

I was very pleased to receive your letter!
I have read somewhere that woman expects a devoted attitude to herself.. Those who wrote such words is right.. To believe a man,
trust him.. It is hard, but I want it so much! I want to be tender,
affectionate, sometimes capricious but always beautiful for him. And I don't mind if the man is a leader in the family. He, not me, but I always want to be with him. To support and inspire him. And of course I'd like to visit Black Sea with you and show most of it.
The world is changing and it seems to me that people apprehend me as a good specialist and then as a woman. But I want it vice versa! It is so strange.. In the evenings I dream about him, who I want to be tender and loving with, who I want to create a cosines and warmness but in the morning I go to teach my children and there I'm a teacher,
not a woman.. And so the day after day - exclusive circle! I also ask myself which woman a man needs? A tender and caressing? or who will be a careerist and good-earning person?
From early morning, I have an excellent mood today. I thought about you yesterday evening. I re-read your letters and tender words. Do you know, that you intrigued with me! My Mom told me, that she'll be very happy, if I finally find my true and only love. She'll be happy, if I have serious relations with a man. She said, that fate gave us a chance and I don't want to lose it. The beginning of any road is very long. Am I right? The main thing, if we can be honest to each other during a lifetime. I understand, that people are not ideal. But we have to try to be the best friends and understand each other in any difficult situations. Every person makes mistakes. I just hope, that we have no many mistakes on the way. Honey, I hate to say it, but there is no other way out. I paid in the Translation agency for this one and previous letters. We only started our acquaintance. I want you to know, that I'm not sure, if I can pay 6$ for each letter. Life without a good salary is very difficult, but I don't like to complain.
I know, that I have to be strong all the time, though sometimes it's impossible. I live with my Mom and Dad and we have some money for food and clothes. But 100$ per month for our correspondence is really very expensive for me. I just want to continue our correspondence before our meeting. I don't want to lose such wonderful person as you are.
So, what shall we do? Stop our correspondence? Dear if I will not reply your next letter that will not be because I don't want to continue our relations but only because I have no possibility to write.
Waiting for your reply impatiently,



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