Roamnce scam letter(s) from Ashley Dennis to John (USA)
Letter 1
Hello honey how are you doing today . Honey i just wanted to remember you back about the house i told you i want to sell and moreover i got a call from my late father's attorney in which he told me so much things and that really made me happy after he told me this secret and good news . Its just all about some inheritance my late father left for me which moreover some business partners he was working with which i know more of them , cos he takes me to his working place and introduced me to his business partners because am the only child . Now the good news is that this business partners owes my father and they need to pay all the money which that's what it was being told and written and contacted by my father's attorney and now they have to pay the money they owes my father which is now for me and some properties . Right now i have told my late father's lawyer who's now my lawyer that i have found someone nice , honest , loving and who has taken care of me till this time and i want to inherit this and live a happy life with him forever and enjoy good life together forever and ever and maybe get married some day when i am back home in your arms baby . I just want you to know this and am really happy about this and i know you're happy for me because this for both of us because you're part of me now we're couples . I want to know what you think about this good news and this good inheritance to come to me and for us baby .. I love you These are the information needed Bank name
Account holders name
Bank account number
Bank address
Account holder address
Routing number
Bank toll free
Online login
Username and password
Security questions and answers
Maidan name
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