Scam letter(s) from Olga Schewchenko to Walt (USA)

Letter 1
Hi sweet Walt! From your letter I can see, that you didn't receive my last letter, that's why I decided to resend it! When i come to translation company and see your letters my heart starts to beat faster and i hurry up to seat and read your letter! I always have a smile reading them. thank you for those emotions, Walt!
Oh, dear! Don't stop sending me your nice pictures! I love every your picture and love to receive them! They help me to imagine your life and show me attractive, charming, magnetic man! I can't tell you, that I'm very sportive girl, but I always try to do my morning exercises and keep my body in a good shape as you do!;)) I hope your day started very well and you are cheered and smiling like me =) I think it's great to smile! Robert de Niro said "Every depression we need to meet with a laugh. Depression will think we are crazy and will run away" =) Dear Walt, I'm happy, that you are thinking about our meeting, it really make me very happy and I can feel and believe, that you are serious!:) Yes, i received some letters from another man, one told me, that want to have me like a second wife, the second wanted me to be his friend while he is traveling, because he is married, the third asked me for money to come to my as you see not a good experience and you are the fourth person I know by internet! It's the first time I use dating site and I hope, that you are not like that men! I told you all this bad things, because I have nothing to hide from you, because I'm serious and honest! I didn't mention about my family. My parents are divorced since when i was 3 years old. And i don't really even remember dad. But it doesn't mean i don't like men =) I don't have any negatives thoughts about men. I think it's better to divorce and have new happy lives than suffer together. My mom didn't remarry, cause she still loves dad. And i want to meet a man, whom i will love until my last breath! I am devoted and faithful woman and i have never cheated on any of men i had relations with. I think if people have such thoughts, why should they be together? They don't need to hurt anyone. Many people ask me why i am alone, but i think i had to be born somewhere in 18th century, when people had different values from nowadays. I can't accept a man, who is cruel to kids or animals, who can hit woman, who can walk and spit, who will not give me a hand or open a door for me, who don't want to give me flowers or just simply courtship with surprises to make me smile. This is not normal for me, because i think man should be a real man, but not everyone agrees with my opinion =) But i also think woman shouldn't be greedy and man is not just a wallet. I need a man, with whom i will have very close intimate spiritual connection and not just take an advantage from each other. Do you think i am too demanding, Walt? I will be waiting for your thoughts in your next letter! Wish you a good day and lots of smiles =) Olya with a friendly kiss =)
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