Scam letter(s) from Olesya Guzenko to Jimmy (USA)

Letter 1
Good day. I'm Olesia. i seek a man! I like fitness, drawing.. Reply me mail to Regards, Olesia!
Letter 2
Hello James,
I really liked your photos. you are a very attractive man. please continue send me your pictures!
It's me again!! You have a good mood?
I was waiting for today to see your letter.
I had the confidence that you will write me a letter.
I'm glad to meet you! I hope that our relationship will be a pleasant one.
Now I have not so much time to write you a long letter.
But I promise you that in my next letter I will tell more about myself.
I'll wait for your letter.
Letter 3
Good morning James,
I read your letter now. I'm glad to see him.
Thank you for your picture, I was pleased to get it from you today!
A new type of Internet communication for me. Who is online dating is popular in the whole world.
It does not matter how far we get off. We can talk here and get to know each other. Do you agree?
Please send me your photos. I am sure that you have a beautiful smile.
James, view your pictures will help me get to know you and your life.
I want to ask you to be honest.
The first time I am writing a letter to the man ... As I previously had no communication on the Internet.
And now, quite by accident, I saw your profile. I am sociable girl, but I'm used to communicate the reality.
I like to see the person's face during a conversation and see the emotions.
I hope that now the smile on your face, and you have a good mood.
I want to say about yourself now. My height is 168 centimeters. I am 33 years. I was born on June 14, 1981. When is your birthday?
Although the difference in our age can not be a problem for our communication. Friendship can combine any age.
James, I have a college degree. I work. My work brings me a good income.
From early childhood, I have my own since I was not under the wing of their parents. They died in a car accident.
I do not particularly like to remember it and talk about it. But I teased you.
Childhood grandmother raised me. But it is no longer alive. So I'm all alone here in Russia.
I have already grown up and independent girl.
I've never been married. I'm alone. Of course in the past, I had a relationship with a man.
My last relationship with a man ran 1.5 years ago.
James, I already have over sadness. Now I have a feeling of loneliness.
I hope you read my letter.
James, I do not want to seem boring. you are interested to read my letter?
Ah ... I forgot to say. I live in Russia.
James, I'm glad, because I have a friend!
For you the distance problem? Even if you did not pay attention to the distance between us.
Tomorrow I'm waiting for your new letter. Ask me questions, and I will answer you. Ok?
Have a good day! Olesya
Letter 4

Hello James,
It's me again! You have a good mood?
I was waiting for today to see your letter.
I had the confidence that you will write me a letter.
Last night, I wanted to see a letter from you, but I did not have the Internet. Now I'm at work.
I prefer to write letters home from work. So as the ability to not have Internet at home.
James, I think I have to keep telling you about my life. I've never been married.
I have no children, but I love children and children love me! I do not smoke. I allow myself to enjoy the celebration.
I do not have much free time because I work a lot.
By the way, I work for a radio station. My position involves "managing editor".
I attach a photo from work, you can see them. As well as the photo under the tree.
How do you celebrate the New Year?
James, I think that you've heard about the city of Moscow. The capital of Russia.
Distance from the city of Smolensk to Moscow is 380 kilometers.
Have you been to Russia?
Russia - a vast country. Russia has a very rich history. I'm not going to tell you about it now.
Through my city is the river Dnepr.
As for the English language ... I teach English for 6 years. I learn it yourself.
I try to write you a letter on their own, but sometimes I use an interpreter. I'm sorry for the mistakes in my letters.
I hope that our relationship will allow me to improve my knowledge of English. Just parallel I study Italian language.
I like to develop. I love to learn the culture of other countries. Will tell me about your country?
Dear, now I am pleased that we communicate with you.
James, please, tell me about yourself. I'm curious to know your life ...
How do you spend each day? You met people from Russia? I want to know everything about you! You're interesting to me!
James, when I'm writing you a letter, I want to tell you everything.
It is a pity that the distance between us. If we lived nearby, we could meet in a cafe and talk endlessly.
I sincerely hope that you support my dreams.
I am waiting for your letter. Write me soon ...
I have to keep working now. Thank you for your attention.
Your friend Olesya
Letter 5
Hi James,
I like our communication with you. I'm waiting for your letters every day!
Thank you for what you give time to me. I feel your attention, and of course it's nice for me.
Please do not leave my questions unanswered. I try to reply to all your questions.
How is your day?
Today I woke up at 6:00 in the morning. And feel great! Do not have time to open my eyes, as my thoughts were of you!
I would rather like to see your letter. I have a bit of work today.
James, I am completely open to you. I want you to know more about me.
I have a hobby. I like swimming, reading, love to ski, skate.
Also, I have the most important hobby, I do charity work.
I go to a shelter for orphans. I'm having fun with them. Pay attention to them!
What are your hobbies?
James, I live alone. I like the apartment that I rent. I have a friendly relationship with his landlady.
Last night after work I met with a friend, I have not seen her for a long time.
We sat in a cafe. We have long had tea, ate cake and talked.
Me and my girlfriend have known each other for a lifetime. We have no secrets from each other.
I told a friend that I have a friend. Yes, I told a friend about our conversation, I hope you do not mind that.
Girlfriend smiled, looked me in the eye and told me that she noticed a change in me.
For me it was amazing to hear that. We deal with it every day when we can not meet.
we talk on the phone. She told me that in recent years I have become more happy ...
My voice became more cheerful ... My girlfriend happy for me.
I myself feel that I have become happier! Thank you for this!
Dear James, I look forward to your letter.
Your friend Olesya. P.s. My friend and I made a photo for you. I hope you like it.
Letter 6
Hello my dear James!
How you been? How is your day today?
Today, the land in the streets of our city is covered in snow ... I was very surprised when I woke up in the morning, went to the window ...
All around the white, fluffy. All the trees are covered with snow-white color. Such wonderful weather!
I went to work and I admire this scenery, the Russian winter!
I would like to give you all of your emotions, but you're far away from me ...
I read your letter this morning. I look forward to your every letter, like a gift for Christmas.
Your letters have become the most important part of my life.
I think a lot of you during the day. You crept into my soul James!
I want to know more and more about you!
But I still I have some excitement, because I'm afraid one day to check the mail and do not see your letter ...
I hope that you are interested in our communication with you.
A long time ago I do not feel that there is in my heart now.
I have feelings for you ... I'm afraid to tell you about it, but my feelings for you, larger than sympathy.
I go to bed and think about you and me. I wake up and think again about you and me!
Previously, I had no idea that feelings can arise when communicating in e-mail. Now we see this.
James, how do you feel? I am sincere with you, and I tell you only what I feel.
When I read your letter. I immerse myself in another world. I try to imagine that we are together and talk.
Please do not laugh at me ... I trust you, and so I tell you about it.
I have a feeling that we'll know for a lifetime. I have no secrets from you.
Honey, you're the only man to whom I write my letters.
Already I have no profile on the Internet, because I'm not interested in socializing with other men.
Tell me please how do you consider your future?
What do you want in the future and whether you want me to be a part of your future?
I want you and I had a warm feeling !!!
James, I would like to one day open my eyes and see you next to him.
You can travel to Russia?
I have a passport that allows me to travel all over the world.
The letters difficult to talk about feelings. I want to look into your eyes, and listen to you.
The look can convey much more than words. Do you agree with me? Our meeting will help us to know each other.
Yes, I have a serious think about our meeting! Oh, my God, my heart was restless ...
I look'll wait for your next letter.
I will finish my letter to you now.
I wish you a nice day!
Remember that you have a friend in Russia.
your Olesya

Today I am sending you a photo from summer vacation ... I hope that they will like you.
I was vacationing with friends in Gelendzhik. This Russian resort ...
Letter 7
Hello dear James!
I wish that the distance between us is melted in an instant, and we were together.
I am grateful to God and to the internet for the fact that we got to know you.
James, last night I got a call to a friend and said that they would come to visit me.
We sat a long time with them. Talked. Shared revelation ...
And so carried away that they did not notice how time flew ... And I invited them to stay at home.
So for today, I spent the night surrounded by his friends.
We made a photo, I want you to see them. I hope my photos will give joy to your day today!
Darling, in his last letter, I told you about my feelings for you. Do you trust me?
The letters difficult to talk about feelings.
I believe that we will meet with you in some day, and we can talk endlessly.
Every word that I say to you, I say consciously!
Love - a feeling which combines feelings such as friendship,
Respect, trust, sincerity, understanding, affection, tenderness.
I think that you're the man I would like to see in your life !!!
You are my closest man, you're my only man! And I do not need anyone else!
As I wrote to you in my last letter, I am alone ... I do not have a Russian people close to me.
Now I met you, and I'm happy!
My dear James, what qualities you value in people?
I appreciate the character traits such as tact, punctuality, ability to listen, accuracy, kindness.
I am a girl, and no matter how much I did not seem to me like a caress and tenderness.
I dream of a strong man's arms, in which I can feel weightless ...
James, I dream of your arms!
Honey, do you think seriously about our meeting? I wanted to tell you that soon the days of my vacation.
I really want to make our vacation with you together.
We can have fun together. Enjoy each other.
James, I really do not want to end my letter to you now.
I think that I can write to you endless letters ....
However, I have to work now.
my kisses for you ...
Sincerely yours forever Olesya..
Letter 8
Hi my man James!
Today, I went to work at 10:00 am. Before work, I visited a shopping center in our city.
I did some shopping. I also visited the spa.
Dear, today I learned that after about 3-4 days to start my vacation days.The news impressed me.!
Are you glad to know about it?
James, during our communication with you, we became good friends, and I have a great desire to meet you.
Do you want to meet me?
I do not want anything special, I just want to be with you and live your daily life.
To know you closer! Feel you! Feel your breath and kisses .....
I think that our meeting will be a wonderful gift for us James!
I want to spend with you, I want to spend with you every year of his remaining life! My words to you seriously.
I've never been in another country ... You could meet me?
I wish you could meet me at the airport. I'll be glad to spend all the time with you.
The time we spend together will help us to know each other.
Of course, I understand that you have a personal life.
I understand that you will have to lead his normal life, work, meet friends, or other relative ...
I do not want to be a burden to you, and is willing to patiently wait for our meeting with you every day.
We will be able to spend together weekend. Do you agree with me?
Between us a lot in common. During our conversation, my life changed. I have no feelings of loneliness now.
James, confident that when we meet. our feelings will be with you even more.
I sincerely with you, now! And I will always sincere! We deserve more from life!
We need to love, to create, to enjoy our lives!
Honey, I think the nearest international airport from my town, located in Moscow.
This is the airport "Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo".
Next to your home has an international airport? At one airport I could come if our meeting will take place?
I told you that I have a passport that allows me to travel in the whole world.
I think I will need a visa to travel to your country.
I want you to know everything about me. I want you to know my full name:
Guzenko Olesya. My address: ul. World, 16a.
What is your full name?
I look forward to your home address in the following letter. Okay?
James, in the next few days I plan to visit a travel agency in our town.
To learn more about travel to your country. I promise that I will report to you any news that I will.
I do not want you to think that I was too hasty and guided by emotions.
After all, each of us meeting will open up to each other ...
I really want to know you closer! I have a feeling that I'm in love with you !!!
James, I fully reveal to you now!
I hope that you carefully read my letter and dash me the answers.
Now I am forced to work .... My kisses for you ...
Yours and yours alone Olesya.
Letter 9
My love James,
It is now evening. My working day is over, but I stayed at work to write you a letter.
Today I had a difficult day, I want to finish the job faster. To get away on a vacation.
I look forward to the day when we can carry out our plans and desires!
How was your day today?
I will wait for your news .... and answers to my questions .. What is your full name and your address.?
I want to share with you ....
This morning I visited the travel agency.
I found some information which is necessary to visit your country. In Smolensk no embassy of your country.
I can not apply for the visa in your city. As I told you earlier that I had not come across this issue.
Since Russia had only vacation.
My love James, today I was told that the travel agency has no authority to issue a visa. These powers of the embassy.
An employee of the travel agency told me that I will have to visit Moscow to apply for the visa.
In Moscow, is the closest city to my embassy of your country.
James, I am pleased to know that you like the idea of our meeting with you.
Together with the employee of the travel agency, we decided that the best type of visa for my trip - a visa "Tourist".
According to the tourist visa, I could be in your country, as well as to move freely through the territory of your country within 90 days.
I'm going to spend in your country for 30 days. I am told that the visa period is 7 to 12 days.
During this time, I'd better live in Moscow.
Because at any moment I may be invited for an interview at the embassy.
I already took the questionnaire that I will need to complete and submit an embassy in Moscow.
I have a few questions for you now.
James, I will have to live in a hotel or rent an apartment? Will you help me look for accommodation?
please do not leave my questions unanswered.
My love, I can not believe that soon we'll be together.
It all seems to me a dream ... But I believe in our sincerity!
We will be able to give up the letters and talking endlessly in reality.
James, tomorrow during the day I'm going to call the visa center to find out details about the visa.
I will also learn the price of documents.
I hope that you are interested in all that I say and do, I think that it is not in vain ...
Dear, during the day I went to Professional photo session. I wanted to take a picture just for you.
I hope you like it ...
My feelings for you are strong! I wish that they only strengthened ....
With much love your Olesya.
Kiss ...
Letter 10
Hello my dear James,
Thank you for what you are to answer my questions. I am very glad to receive your letter now.
James, I look forward to our meeting with you with great anticipation. You wait for our meeting?
Today, I have important news.
Please be careful. Yesterday I called the visa center, which is located in Moscow.
Now I know all the information that I need to travel to your country.
First of all, I was told that I should personally visit the Visa Application Centre in Moscow.
To begin the visa application process. I said it was not a problem.
Tomorrow will begin my vacation, and any time I start a visa.
I was told all the documents that I should have to get a visa.
I have to show a certificate of marital status, help with the work, return for payment of all taxes, as well as passport and photos.
Today I will try to get all the documents.
I also said that I would must provide 2 ticket (ticket for travel to your country and to return to Russia).
James, I was told that the invitation will be optional for me.
If the need arises in the invitation, I'll tell you about it. I decided that I would live in a hotel or rent a room.
I will choose the cheaper option when arrive in Moscow.
Also today, I found out about the cost of a visa.To start a visa, I will have to pay 70 dollars.
Also, I will need to pay the visa fee and additional fees for making profiles.
I was allowed to travel to your country, I should have health insurance.
In general, the cost of obtaining visas and registration of all documents will be 250 dollars.
This amount includes the cost of health insurance.
I asked about the cost of the flight, but the girl in the visa application center was not able to answer my question.
When I am in Moscow, I will be visiting the airport Domodedovo or Sheremetyevo, to find out the prices.
I have savings. I have $ 900 to spend their holidays.
James, I do not know whether enough of my money to buy tickets.
the fact is that I will have to live in Moscow.
Today, after a conversation with a girl from the visa center, I thought a lot about how we can meet.
Between us there is friendship, and I am sure that our friendship with you will grow.
I want to know that our mutual feelings with you.
James, I need to be sure that you meet me at the airport of the country.
Can you help me with the purchase of a ticket in your country?
I expect you as well as I want our meeting with you.
I want to know about it, and so I ask you for help. I think it would be fair if we divide our costs.
I do not have a lot of money and I am not from a rich family. You know it .... However, I do not feel sorry for money for our meeting with you.
I have a feeling of joy, which appeared on the first day of our acquaintance.
Of my life was gone feeling lonely, and I am pleased to know that the world is a man who thinks of me.
Our meeting with you - this is a big step in our relationship with you.
I listen to my heart, and my heart says that together we will be happy.
I love you James!
Please tell me your thoughts. I'll wait for your letter. I need to know the answers to my questions.
I do not want to lose a single day of my vacation.
i miss you very much ...
Now I will go to the director to get all the help that will be necessary for me to get a visa to your country.
Miss you! Whole ...
Write me. I'm waiting ...
Yours and yours alone girl Olesya.
Letter 11
Hello James,
I have just read your letter. Now I'm at work. But today I do not work.
Today I have received from my director all the documents needed for visa and my journey.
Director wished me a good vacation. Already I say good bye to my colleagues.
Now I have a lot of fun. I have the joy over the fact that you and I will be together soon.
I am confident that the upcoming holidays for me are the best.
James, I look forward to our meeting with you.
Last night I packed up to travel to your country.
My love, I trust you, and I have no doubt your sincerity now. Soon we'll be together.
My dear, thank you for what you are in my life!
I love you! You are my life! With much look forward to the day we met!
Tomorrow I will arrive in Moscow.
I promise that I will write you a letter every day, and will let you know how things are going with visa. Okay?
I will need your support, I will be in Moscow. This is a great city and I'll be there all alone.
I am sure that feeling. that is, between us will help us to be together with you!
Now I have to go. Already I'm not working and I can not stay long computer.
Right now I'm going to go to the station to buy a ticket for the arrival in Moscow tomorrow.
I miss you! Our meeting with you will be fine.
James, you will have your camera with you on the day of our meeting?
I really want to with you a moment of our meeting, we carried through the whole life.
I will write you a letter tomorrow.
Your Olesya.
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