Scam Letter(s) from Charity Sey to Tom (UK)

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Letter 1

good morning my dear i have never sleep last night due to what happened my dear
but hun i really want to tell you something , just look at all the ways we have gone through dear to the last thing when we do so we can be together for the rest of our life full of happiest and enjoy my dear pls life is too sort hun let try to work this out so we can enjoy is much better more hun i , i really know you have heard a lot hun ,what i have not done to prove to you am for real and not here for games dear you do know how Ghana is dear we have stand by each other and we are final at the end dear pls try to help me out and give me the last chance upon all what you have read and heard about Ghana pls try ur best and give me the last chance my dear have in mind that you have just lost ur 200 pounds i really know this money is not going to end ur life or kill you baby just put that in ur mind and help me out dear but you will never regret this my dear , hun i really want to come to you for the rest of my life in ur arms hun am really begging you on this try ur last best to help me out my dear so i can prove my self for coming to you my sweet heart so we can start out life together my dear to start a new life with you hun we have gone by alot of problems hun but we have been there for each other and we are now at the final place pls don't let this happened to us my dear so we can lose this my dear
GOD bless you my dear have a nice rest my dear and sweet dreams i love you hun
Evelyn xxxxxxxxxxxxx



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