Scam letter(s) from Olesya Guzenko to Eric (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my passionate Spanish Eric!!!! Thank you so much for your answer. I was wait it)) I'm so happy that you read my letters so attentive. My dear, i live alone. I was write to you my mother and sister live together. I rent apartment,much close to my work.Soo i was promise to you write about my last relationship. For me man must be man at all situation. We was live together 7 years. After all this time, now i have feel that this is man was use me. May be i'm mistaken. I don't know.But time gone, and i'm not regret about this. I think my love was gone.First 5 years we was live just for my money that i was received at my work.Then he was find work, and he was spend all time there but not received any money for it. He was take all money from me all this time. And every time he was say that he do a lot of for me. I was love this person, and i was think that i must help to him with every thing. And this is was continue all this time.I'm tired. When he was feel so bad, he was cry. And i again was felt sorry him. ALso he was so jealous man. And i don't like it. I know that i'm pretty girl, but this is not mean that i must have somebody else. We was every time spend time at home. He was boring man) And then i was understand, that nothing will not change. Its was so difficult step for me, but i was stop this relationship.
I thin this is was right choice. Because we will not have good future together. I want be happy in relationship. If he so weak man, and i was cant change it. What also i was need to do?I was try to help to him with different way. He every time was have own position. Soo now i know me and my wish little more. I hope you will understand me.I want say that i dont search rich man. No. I want relationship when, we will to do all together. No you, not me. Together!I wait your answer. I send to you many kisses's, Olesya
Letter 2
Hello dear Eric!!My dear i'mm happy that you write to me. I was miss you so much. I hope every thing good with you. I'm free finally. And now i can write to you letter. I little tired. But its ok. I really don't have anything now. Just my work.
And you don't know, how much i want came to home, and spend time with my man. Not alone. I'm really tired from be alone.
Now you know, that my last relationship like your, was not successful. I want say that for me very important that i will love man, that i will trust to him, respect.
For me important that we can talk together. I don't like any lye. I want say that i will be good wife. I will be good friend and lovers for my man.
All relationship not so easy. And to safe love we need work on this every day. I want that if we will be together, we will do it together.
No one person. When we will do every thing together, only then we will create our happy. And i hope you agree with me. I really feel that you good man.
And i have feel that i can trust to you. I like you! This is true! And i want to know you more.
I attach some photo, and i hope that you will like them.I send to you many sweet kisses. Olesya
Ps my dear, dont worry, so soon i will give to you my details
Letter 3
Hello my dear Eric!!! No this is not a problem for me give to you my full name Olesya Guzzenko.I"m really sorry that i was not write to you early. I'm still at work. But i really just 10 minutes ago was finish my work.
I'm sorry that i was not write to you before. I feel so bad about this. But belive me, all this time i was think about you. I was think what are you doing there. I was sure that you was wait my e-mail. And i was have strange feelings inside. I was have very big wish leave every thing, and write e-mail to you.
My dear, i know that you will not angry on me. I feel that you good person. I will be happy to spend some time with you in real life. And we can know each other much better. I have feel that its will be good time. I want say that i'm happy that i have you. Just very bad that so far away from me.
But i love speak with you with e-mail. I want say to you , that i'm good woman. And i feel that you also good man. And i belive that we will have good union together.
I will write to you later, when i will came. I send to you many sweet kisses's. And belive, i will dream about you tonight. Olesya
Letter 4

Hello my dear Eric!!! I'm so glad write letter to you. I was think about you my dear and i was miss you. And finally i write letter to you.
Because when i write letter to you, i feel so good. My dear i'm happy. You know why? I think you know. But i want say, because i have you my dear.
Yes, you are so far away from me. And its terrible. Because i will be happy with you right now. Its late here. And i feel so lonely with out you.
My dear all last night i was think about you. I was dram about us. And i very serious think about our communication. And i absolutely understand that i want to spend time with you in real life.
I'm ready for this. I know that we know each other not long time. But this is really not important already. Because i know what i want. I want to be with you.
I want to spend time with you. I want talk with face to face and look at your eyes. My dear i know that you want the same.
I want to feel taste of your lips, i want to take your hand. My dear i will ask you one serious question. Do you ready for our meet? Can we plan it? I want it so much. And i'm ready spend time with you.
I dont know what about you. But you know that i'm work so hard and a lot of time. In February i will have free time. I want to be with you. Just one day. Just few hour.
I'm ready. And i wait your answer. Please write to me.I kiss you, Olesya
Ps i you will have my address
Olesya Guzenko ( when i write to you last time i was give at with mistake)
Country Russia
city Samara
Street Gagarina
house 5 apartment 10
zip code 443013
My phone number +7 909 366 71 47
You know that i'm working so late. You can try to call me any time. If i will be free, i will answer. Will be better if you will call me at morning
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