Letter(s) from Comfort Owiredu to Dino (Italy)

Letter 1


Good day. How are you doing? Thanks for writing to me back. My name is Barbarra Cox. I just registered on the dating site so i am new to this. I liked your profile on the site, this was why i contacted you and you are the first that wrote to me from the site. Thank you for writing to me. I want to tell you all about myself and why i registered on the site, so you can know me better.And i dont think language is a barrier,we can speak in whatever language suits you.
I'm a strong, sexy, smart, independent lady with many goals and lots to achieve in life. I am looking for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage, no matter what the age, I have a belief that age is just a number but true feelings and affection is what really matters in a relationship. I'm looking for a man who is open minded to have correspondence with. I am a sexy, loyal, devoted and most of all God fearing lady who's looking for the same man to spend the rest of my life with. Someone to share personal moments with, enjoy life together and to firmly hold the blessings of a lasting and undying happiness. I am born to please and not to tease which is why i believe that i always have to put God first in all i do. I am educated with high goals, morals, and integrity. I love to have fun with the man of my dreams and need a real man by my side to share in my dreams. I also need a man who will take good care of me as his loving lady. A man who knows how to love and how to treat a lady. I need a man with good conversation, intelligence, a man who is smart and one who knows how to treat a lady well and most of all a man who fear God and can be trusted. I want to explore the world and do new things when I come home or when i am with the man of my dreams. I love warm weather, tropical drinks and sandy-beaches. I like to party and have fun and most especially with my man. I don't want any more drama in my life like the one i have already witnessed. I like romantic evenings and bedroom talks just between my man and me. I'm a real lady looking for a real man, i love to be with my loved one all alone and be with him for the rest of my life. I love to be out with friends and be all alone sometimes and most of all to please the man i love.
Here is a little more about me. I originated from USA, living in (Milan) Italy but will be going to Africa on a business trip in two days. I will be returning back to home (Milan) in week or two so maybe we can arrange to meet anywhere. I will be willing to relocate if i can find a right man of my dream which is the reason why i am here on a dating site. I was born and brought up in USA, my father was a successful business man. He was into fashion designing and also into buying and selling jewelries. I attended University, spent 4years there and after that i begin to work with my father in his profession and i got to know a lot from him about jewelries and also about how to get them raw that is those like gems and also how to transform them into jewelries and sell them at a more expensive rate which is what i do now for a living after the death of my parents in an auto crash. I now live all by myself and now i have to fend for myself that is why i have to get these jewelries raw there in Africa and then take them back home to transform them and also sell some of them there. I am looking for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage one day and i will be willing to relocate to a secure foundation maybe coming to you when i am through here and knowing that i have a loving man for the rest of my life, age is nothing to me, all that matters is love, care and open-mindedness. I think we will need to learn about each other more and more before we can do anything, i will love you to e-mail me tell me more about yourself. I hope i have been able to tell you a few about myself and i would tell you more after receiving your mail........ I want to ask you some questions and i want your honest answers.
....do you have kids? I don't have but i would love to have kids with the one i love
....What is your bad and good experience in meeting a lady on the Internet? I am newly registered on this site so i have no experience
.....what do you do for a living[work]? I buy and sell jewelries
......are you single, married or divorced? I am single.
......are you a player? I am for real and i also need a man who is for real
I will attach some picture to this mail so you can see how i look like. I want you to also send me some of your pictures. I look forward to get a reply from you so i can know if you are really the man i have been waiting for.you can ad me on facebook with... Barbarra Cox(putting on a green cloth in the kitchen) ...or add me on yahoo messenger with...barbarracox90@yahoo.com

Letter 2

Hello ,
How are you doing and how is everything going with you and how is work and everyone around you i hope all is well as i am fine here also. I got your mail and i am so happy with your views and i am so glad to know that we share the same view and that we are moving well and i mean so well together, i also understand English, I am so glad that you understand all i write and that you are always ready to read from me and also to write me too. I want you to know that i am so happy i met you and that we are writing each other because i now believe that we are meant for each other and that we might be together real soon.
I would like to talk this time on what i feel is the basis of a strong and steady relationship . These are my views on a strong and steady relationship. I know that for a relationship to be at its best the parties involved must be willing to sacrifice for themselves and stand for each other. I mean to be able to go the extra mile for each other. The main point in a relationship is Honesty and then Trust and they are as important as much as the other which we have been able to discuss in our other mails we have sent each other. As you know i would like my dream man to have trust for me and for him to be honest with me and i am sure that where there is trust and honesty then that will be the right relationship for anyone to be in or do i say perfect. For a relationship to be steady then both the man and woman should know that they are to become one and therefore hide nothing from themselves. I will do anything i can to make sure that all is well with him and he is happy because if my man is not alright or is feeling sad then i will also feel it too and if i am feeling bad then he too will feel it so it is better when two heads are together to solve or make amends. i hope you write me soon. I am glad i met you..