Scam letter(s) from Olga Schewchenko to Rudolph (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi my dear new friend Rudolph! Nice to receive your reply! I was curious if you write me after my small presentation =) I'll try to express myself fully in this letter, because i understand it's quite difficult to picturize who actually i am =) But it's to understand cause i am simple woman. I am cheerful girl, who loves life. I always try to smile and laugh and to make people around me happy. That's not because i don't have sad moments, but because i try to make world around me a little bit kind and cheerful. Thank you very much for your lovely pictures! Nice to see you =) I love your eyes from the first glance! They say me something special about you. Those eyes can't lie and truly hope i will not be deceived by them =) You are very charming and pleasant man! Of course i will be very glad to get more and more pictures! I am 30 years old. My Birthday is on 24 of March. I live in a small countryside place, called Enakievo in the Eastern part of Ukraine with my cat, which you have already seen from my picture =) and two girls from work. We rent a small house. I work as an operator in the ambulance. It's very hard job and through the phone i hear lots and lots of sad, dangerous and scaring situations, especially now because of the military actions on the East of Ukraine, maybe you know about that? But i should be calm and try to help people until ambulance will come to their place. I hope by my job i help people. I am working by shifts and when i have days off i partly work in a shop selling music disks, facilities for music, but now this shop is closed!:(( I adore music and i listen it from when i wake up and until i go to sleep. I even can sleep with it =) Do you have any hobbies you like to do any other free minute you have, Rudolph? I have a hobby, I'm learning to play the violin and I' sending you a photo! It's me in the music school!:)) Rudolph, I am searching for a kind, sincere, open-minded and simple man, who would love to get to know such active woman like me and share his life in love, passion, affection and cheerful moments. I don't have any specific requirements for a man i am searching for. just don't be cruel, angry and aggressive! I wanna live in peace and give happiness to my beloved one! We don't speak the same language with you, that's why i have to get our letters translated, as my English level is poor for now. But i hope my learning of English will help us in our communication in future, cause i will do all my best to learn it fast. I hope in your next letter you will write me more about your everyday life, your vision of relations and everything you want to share with me =) Be open and don't be shy. I am an open book for you, Rudolph! Have a good day! Olya
Letter 2
Hi sweet Rudolph! When i come to translation company and see your letters my heart starts to beat faster and i hurry up to seat and read your letter! I always have a smile reading them. thank you for those emotions, Rudolph! Thank you very much for your lovely pictures and also for your warm compliments! Nice to see you =) I love your eyes from the first glance! They say me something special about you. Those eyes can't lie and truly hope i will not be deceived by them =) You are very charming and pleasant man! Of course i will be very glad to get more and more pictures! Also thank you for that music, I like it, especially the track called three coins!;) Such a great instrumental, so good harmony with charming notes! Did you wrote it by yourself? You are so talented person!!! I hope your day started very well and you are cheered and smiling like me =) I think it's great to smile! Robert de Niro said "Every depression we need to meet with a laugh. Depression will think we are crazy and will run away" =) Your age can't stop me to write you, as you sound like a very nice, kind, sincere, mature and serious man.
That's what i am looking for!! Yes, i received some letters from another man, one told me, that want to have me like a second wife, the second wanted me to be his friend while he is traveling, because he is married, the third asked me for money to come to my as you see not a good experience and you are the fourth person I know by internet! It's the first time I use dating site and I hope, that you are not like that men! I told you all this bad things, because I have nothing to hide from you, because I'm serious and honest and want to have a family, not to play games!
Usually men are afraid of beautiful women, because they think i am ****** then or will be a cheater, as there will be many men around or i am searching for a millionaire. But this is not true at all!!! I am ordinary, simple woman, who wants to have a family and who will be only with one man and only!! I didn't mention about my family. My parents are divorced since when i was 3 years old. And i don't really even remember dad. But it doesn't mean i don't like men =) I don't have any negatives thoughts about men. I think it's better to divorce and have new happy lives than suffer together. My mom didn't remarry, cause she still loves dad. And i want to meet a man, whom i will love until my last breath! I am devoted and faithful woman and i have never cheated on any of men i had relations with. I think if people have such thoughts, why should they be together? They don't need to hurt anyone. Many people ask me why i am alone, but i think i had to be born somewhere in 18th century, when people had different values from nowadays. I can't accept a man, who is cruel to kids or animals, who can hit woman, who can walk and spit, who will not give me a hand or open a door for me, who don't want to give me flowers or just simply courtship with surprises to make me smile. This is not normal for me, because i think man should be a real man, but not everyone agrees with my opinion =) But i also think woman shouldn't be greedy and man is not just a wallet. I need a man, with whom i will have very close intimate spiritual connection and not just take an advantage from each other. Do you think i am too demanding, Rudolph? I will be waiting for your thoughts in your next letter! Wish you a good day and lots of smiles =) Olya with a friendly kiss =)
Letter 3
Hi sweet Rudolph! Sweetie, i am very happy to get another lovely letter from you! I have butterflies in my stomach reading your sweet letter. How do you think what is this, Rudolph ;)) I didn't feel this for a long time and i am very happy i feel this now. Please, always send me your nice pictures. I love them a lot. I like you, honey! You are truly attractive, charming and very pleasant. I feel such great energy through your pictures! My ******* are real! I ate lots of cabbage being a teen =)
We have such joke in Ukraine, cause many women are rich for large *******. Nature gave me this present too =) I am going to the gym and going lots of exercises for pectoral muscles. My height is 168 cm. By the way, it's so exciting, hat you have your own concerts and can share your music with people! I know we communicate just a little and it's all very strange and new for us both, but anyway i feel very easy, very comfortable and pleasant to communicate with you. I don't have any problems to share with you all aspects about myself and be very open and specific. Thank you, Rudolph for making me so open and feel comfortable. That's why i hope you don't mind i share such special pictures with you. If you mind, just tell me and i will know. I just feel very close to you and i had such feeling to send you those pictures. I would be happy to meet with you this year and to develop our relations. What are your thoughts about this, Rudolph? of course you are right about the terrible situation on the East of Ukraine, but in the center of Ukraine there is no warm and not dangerous! So we can meet in Kiev, it's a capital of Ukraine! Also because I'm a woman, not a man I have an opportunity to get out of the war zone without any problems! Also if I we will decide, that I should come to you and live with you, I don't want only sit at home, I want to work and earn money for our family! Honestly it doesn't matter for me where to go to be with you, because you are very important for me and I always try to do my best to be in touch with you! You are like a hero from a fairy tale, so cute and gentle! You drive me crazy with your letters and your attitude to me! When I read you letter I always feel like a little girl, who have a man, who will solve all the problems and will protect me of any problem:) Honey, sorry but I have no computer at home, that's why I can't have a video conference with you!:( I mentioned i don't speak English and have to use translation company to help me to send you my letters. I don't have computer myself and it's hard for me to understand how to send you letters through the Internet, as i have never done this before, so they help me a lot. But the most unpleasant thing for me is a price. It becomes very hard for me to continue to pay their service.
I don't want we stop our wonderful correspondence, Rudolph. But i can't also continue to pay translation fees. Can you help me to pay their service, Rudolph? I just want to be open and direct. Of course if you don't wish, we will just have to stop here. I just want you understand - i don't need money for myself. I am not searching just for a wallet. I just wanna get to know you better, become closer and hopefully develop our relations, . So, if you wish the same, Rudolph, i will be very happy if you help me to pay fees. I send you my sweet kisses and will be impatiently waiting for your reply. Your Olya with best wishes for the day!
Letter 4

Hi my dearest Rudolph! I am very happy to receive your letter today! You even don't imagine how i am happy to receive your positive letter. I was very sad and i even did not sleep this night, because i was thinking about you, about us... I was praying that you understand me and my thoughts, my attitude to you and my feelings to you. And God heard my prayers! I am very happy that you want to help us, to help our relations, our future! It is great that you are so serious and sincere man, Rudolph.
In world of cruel and dishonest people, i found my star, my light! I am very happy that you are my man and i can rely on you! You even do not imagine how i am happy to be your woman! I have no experience in modelling. Also because of the war in my town all the internet cafes are closed, so the only way to be in touch with you is to use a service of translation company! By the way there is no any problem for women to go out of the city and to go back, this problem is only for men! Don't worry about the language, I'm learning English! I should write you all the necessary information to pay our translations. I use translation bureau which names "Foreign tongue".
One letter costs 4$ (any size). One printed or scanned photo costs 2$, so you can decide by yourself, what can you afford! Either, they propose unlimited correspondence while month or two months. If we communicate while one month, it costs 220$, if while two months it costs 375$. I think it is very suitable, because we can communicate every day! You can send your transfer via the Western Union, MoneyGram, or they propose to send money to the bank account to the name of their manager, because i do not have bank account. Oh, yeah. Either, i should give you the information where to send money. It is: my full name - Olga Schewchenko
the city - Enakievo
the address - Govorova Street, 31
zip code - 91000
the country - Ukraine
phone number: +380 93 729 5619 When you send me your help, please send me details, because without details i will not be able to receive your help: - your full name;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number (I was told that it is
something you would get after making the transfer) I will be waiting for your help to continue our relations, because i am interested in you very much and i want to be with you! Kisses! Your Olya!
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