Scam Letter(s) from Olga Metelewa to Craig (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello stranger right now I am even more than sure that first of all you looked at my photo and only then you opened my letter. It’s understandable. Now you wonder what for I am writing to you :) Probably you will be surprised , right now I 'm in Russia , and my profile on the site of Canada. It there was a profile of my friend from Canada :) I took my friend's profile to get to know you.

Well, let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm Olga, my friends call me Olya. I'm 28 years old, but I'm still lonely lady, never been married. By character, I am kind, sympathetic girl :) So, I want to find a loved one, to create a strong relationship. This is the most important thing for me . Age difference or nationality - not a problem for me at all. I am interested in what is in his heart, what is in his mind . I just need a single man who is my best friend and faithful partner , to whom I dedicate my life and I will love . It is likely that I'm looking for you and you're the only one I need - who knows? I am looking for a serious relationship, for a nice man, more than just a friend. I hope that you are looking for the same thing.

When I graduated from university in 2010, I went to practice in Canada, practiced in English and worked as a babysitter. It was like a fairy tale, I learned a lot about your country for 3 months stay there and made new friends! Unfortunately, I had to go back . But I never give up hope to visit your country again and maybe stay there forever.

Now I live and work in Kazan, although I was born in a small town. Who lives there, my mom and sister, I try as often as possible to visit them. I have friends, hobbies, good job, and I'm not just wasting my time. I miss the time spent in Canada, where I was surrounded by friendly people, beautiful places that previously I had only seen on TV. These warm impressions left in my heart.

Maybe you want to ask me why in the internet? So there are many reasons. Nowadays with all our daily living needs, wants and problems, with all the twists and turns, to speak figuratively, of today’s world, we often forget about the meaning of our life. We think so much and so deep in our mind about the future that we completely forget about our present. As a result, we are not living in the future as well as in the present. We follow different stereotypes, which were laid down by several generations, which we have never chosen. Probably nobody can say for sure why it should be only this way and no other. I do not know yet if the internet is a good way to find the second half of my heart, but nothing will stop me to try. Why not? Every single moment we dream about happy future which must be full of joy and pleasures at sacrifice of our current time. Certainly, if someone says that nobody can force us to live like this, in any event he will be completely right. So what I am trying to say that our life is in our hands.

It is my first letter and hope a lot that it wouldn’t be the last one at the same time. Answer me, I’m not asking too much. Give me a chance to become to be a friend. Let it be…
Do not sit and wait for a miracle, and keep in your mind that everything that happens to us, all is made for the best future.

See you Cory. Sending you a big hello from Russia!


Letter 2

Hello Cory. You answered me and made my day! It’s like a first conversation, our first dialog. In some ways it’s much more easier to write - you must agree with it or what are you doing here :) here I can be myself. When I visited Canada, I was in Winnipeg.

Thanks for remarkable compliments about my appearance! It is very pleasant to receive it, from such nice man :) be not surprised, that such girl as I searches to itself for the guy. You know, beautiful girls more than others are unfortunate in private life. Because all perceive us as successful ladies. And it is very difficult to find the person with whom to me it would be rather good together. Such person who not begins to be false in relations, and will sincerely love you and to be the present support in a life. I, as well as all girls in the world, wish to feel weak, near to the strong man, having buried in its strong shoulder... I would like simple female happiness! Certainly, I had relations with guys and there were many admirers, but it in what has not resulted as a result. Years go, and I still have not found the one who would break to me heart and have subdued for ever. Has put at all in marrying. Now many steams live a civil marriage more happily, than married steams. It only the convention to exchange rings, therefore I never would insist on marriage. Now I have only a sad experience with guys. But I do not despair, hope nevertheless my happiness ahead and have decided to try happiness on a site of acquaintances.

I am writing to you from work, I don't have an internet at home. I and my friend are renting apartment so it is unreachable for us. So do not be sad or mad on me if I am not writing to you immediately :)

I would like to know more about you and of course I will give you some information about myself. I live in Kazan already 10 years - it's a very big city and I'm used to this vanity. It's easy to find on a map of our vast Russia. I have a cat his name is Wally. Here are many interesting places, restaurants, museums, parks for entertainment, cinemas, galleries. But at the same time, it is a very bustling city, people are always in a hurry somewhere, not paying any attention to anybody. It is hard to get to know someone on the street:) Surprisingly, between us such a great distance, but we can communicate, no matter what! I will try to find your city on the map...

We live together with my friend Marina in a rented two-bedroom apartment, it allows us to both saving :) My mom lives about 240 km from Kazan, with my sister. Sometimes I come to visit, but not as often as I would like. I have no car, so I travel by train or by bus. Sometimes comes over me, my sister in her car, by the way, I helped her with buying. My father died when I was a very young girl so I don’t really remember him. Mommy says that I am a good copy of him and even our characters are very much the same. I have other relatives but we are not so close to each other. Tell me more about your family and you life. And send me new photos, if you have.

Hope to hear from you soon. Take care, bye!

Letter 3

Hello again, Cory. How are you today? Thank you for your letter. You should know that your attention means a lot for me. I'm curious to know about you and your life! Thank you for your great photos, I really like!

Today I finished my work earlier than usually. Today in our country we have a holyday. It is a day of love, devotion and family. Especially at such moments I feel myself so lonely. My best friend Marina already has son and good husband and she is of my age! I love children but I’m not hurrying up. It’s not a question of being afraid of any responsibility, I just don’t feel myself strong enough for it and also I want my children to have a real father. I won’t let myself repeat my own childhood. But enough about this.

By the way i did not tell you yet about my job. I work as a secretary for almost 5 years. Sometimes it's hard to work all day long , but i love my job . I like being able to communicate with new people. They often contact me to make an appointment to my boss or issue any document or certificate. In a particularly busy days i had to work till late. In the evenings we often gossiped with the girls :) . But sometimes i feel very tired of it all. I have to smile when you want to cry , to be polite , even if the visitors are irascible and behave provocatively. I always fashionably dressed , with gorgeous hair and makeup. Daily i try to care for themselves, and look anywhere as a queen , regardless of the situation . I also go to the gym 3 times a week . This allows me to feel briskly throughout the week . I used to dream about , to take time off and spend a month on entertainment, travel abroad :)

i did tell you that i finished National Research University, but i liked working with advertising, active employment. So i studied English. I tried to find a job in any way related to my profession, but where i did not address, monotonous work anywhere or i'm not attracted salary. So i'm not complaining, i build my destiny by myself and there is nothing wrong with it.

Oh, Cory, I wrote you so much today… now it’s your term.
Wish you to have a good day and take care.

Letter 4

Hi my friend Cory. I was Canada almost 6 years ago . Now I plan to return to Canada in the near future, but I do not know the exact date of arrival. May be it will be a good way to meet;)

Today I was thinking a lot about you. It is so great that I’ve met you. I even advised my friend Masha(she is working with me in the office) to go through registration in the internet. All the more she has a good self phone and she can use it as a modem. So it’s easier – she can check her e-mails everywhere she wants. My self phone is not working again. This is a Chinese copy of the iPhone. I was giving it for retiring twice already. Knowingly succumbed to the low price, i spent more money to repair than it's worth. Now I don’t want to spend any rubles on it! Besides it’s not so necessary for me.

So I hope everything is fine with you today. I wanted to ask you did you ever communicate before by the internet? Do you already have an experience? As for me I tried a couple times before but it didn’t work. There was nothing wrong with those people we simply did not understand each other. And it is the most important thing in any relations. Isn’t it?

Cory, I am very sorry but I can not write more today. It’s late and I have to go. Next time I’ll write more.

Thinking about you Cory.
Your friend Olga

Letter 5

Hello my friend. Privet!!! What’s happening in your life? What’s new for today?

You know, Cory, our correspondence brings some special meaning to my life. Now every day of my life it’s not just a daily routine. Now I’m waiting for the evening with great impatience. I’m still not sure but I’m waiting for your letter, for some worm words from you. And it’s so wonderful! And also I told you already that I have a high education and I passed state exams on English language, but it was five years ago already and it seams to me that I’m loosing my English without any practice. Especially in our town. I worked as a secretary for almost 5 years and I saw English-speaking people there only two times and no one French. So, please do not pay a lot of attention on my mistakes and remember that I am trying to do my best or try to speak Russian :)

Today I was trying to imagine you, your country. We have 9 hours time difference. Can you believe that right now talking to you I am on thousand kilometers from you !

I’m used to get up early and even if I don’t have to work I wake up about 7 a.m. in the morning. I’ve made some cleanings and helped Marina on the kitchen. She cooks really well and she can’t stand anybody else giving her advises or trying to do something better. So it was hard ))) I told her that she is a chief cooker and that I’m here to do every her order. After all she let me come into the kitchen and do some simple stuff. In the afternoon I had the whole day for myself. What can be better!

It’s very interesting for me what do you do if you have a lot of free time. Do you have any hobbies? Do you like to travel? You can think that it’s strange but I don’t like shopping instead of every single woman. The thing is that I don’t like teasing myself with thousand things that I certainly would like to have but can not afford. Usually I have two days off as in every normal schedule. Sometimes I help my friend Marina to look after her children. She doesn’t ask my help too often and I try not to refuse. So and today in the afternoon we went with friends to the Hermitage. I really liked it. There have been many interesting sculptures and paintings of past centuries. I didn’t do any hard job but in the evening feel that all my forces have gone far away. Sleepy-sleepy tonight I’m saying you good night my friend. Sending you very big hello from Russia. Please send me some photos.

Take care, look after yourself and bye-by.

Letter 6

Hello, it’s me again. So now I’m sitting at home and writing a letter for you. Don’t be surprised I still do not have an internet connection and I will have to go to the internet cafe again. I was glad to receive your letter again as usually.

You know in Russia we have an expression (not sure that I can translate it correctly, but I’ll try to do my best) so: the distance between people is like a Fire and the windathe real fire will be even bigger and stronger because of the wind but little light will be blown out by the wind so as any relations…I really hope you can understand what I’m trying to say. You can answer me that there is no relations between us, not yet, and you will be right on one hand, but on the other hand you already came into my life, you already have a place in my mind (all the time), in my heart and even now it’s so hard to imagine next day without you. The most important thing is that I enjoy corresponding WITH you. I feel the same comfort as you are. Never before I could expect such “relations”. We are blind now. Does not matter how many pictures I can send you – you still don’t know me in real situation. I am afraid to disappoint you and be disappointed in you. But who knows. We simply have to use every opportunity in this life. I really believe that it’s better to regret about what you’ve done than to regret that you never tried.

Hope that you don’t see it strange, I mean, that I’m writing to you every single day. I’ll try to explain. It’s just my great pleasure to read your answers and I would be very sad if one day you’ll stop writing. Now I know I found a friend and I’m very appreciate you for it.

Wish you everything the best. Wait for your letter. Miss you, Cory.

Letter 7

Hello my Cory. How is everything today with you? How is your job? Today I feel myself so sad and lonely. I was thinking a lot about our correspondence and bout our relations. You became to be like a drug for me (I hope you understand my words correctly). The whole day I’m waiting for your letter and I know that we are so limited in our communication. I often try to imagine you saying me all those words from your letter, I can only dream see your eyes the same time it’s hard to know that you are so far away from me. Thousands of kilometers are between us.

Yesterday I was talking to my mother about you. She said that I must be ready for everything and that I must be very careful with the internet friendship. But I see that you are a very good, honest and kind person. I don’t know how to explain it, but I simply feel that I can trust you, believe you. I said my mother that there is nothing to be worry about, that everything is under control and you’d never hurt me, aren’t you?

It’s so nice to know that you are thinking about me too. I don’t know what will be in the soonest time and I don’t know what to expect from our relations but I already know for sure that it’s a great pleasure for me.

Will wait with impatiens for your answer. Be good my Cory and don’t forget about me :)

Your friend Olga.

Letter 8

Hello my angel.

I’m not sure for how long am I writing you but it seams like I know you for ages. Sometimes I think that you can read my thoughts, like you are able to see my mind. Day by day you become to be closer to me. Don’t you know the song of Ne-Yo “Closer”- this is a song about us (it was a real singer not so long time ago). I afraid don't find words to express how much I care about you and how much I need you, but nevertheless you should remember about it...

There is nothing new in my life. The same work day by day. Now it seams to be very boring when I’ve met you. I’m trying to do all the same but it doesn’t bring me happiness any more. Now I see that I live like in a little box and you can help me to open it.

So it’s late already and I better finish my letter. I’m thinking about you my Cory.
Miss you.
Your Russian girl Olga.

Letter 9

Hi my wonderful, Cory. It was so great to receive again your letter. Your words make me feel so nice. I am very-very appreciating you for your attention. All those days you are always in my mind. I’m getting ready to sleep thinking about you and waking up with a smile because of you. Today in the afternoon I was so deep in my thoughts of you that I completely forgot to pay for the ticket in the bus. Yes I know shame on me, it has never happened before. So you see how much you mean for me.

Also today we (me and Marina) will go to the cinema to watch move "Christmas tree 3". Hope it will be interesting enough. Honestly I’m not crazy about such films which consist of several parts. You simply have to know all the parts before, but I’m not a fan and missed almost all of them. So I go there to make a company and only because of Marina. We have a couple good cinemas near our work. There is a very good surround sound and you, do you like to go to the cinema? What kind of films do you prefer and what’s your favorite one?

And one more news for today I talked with my boss and she said that I’ll have vacation in a couple weeks. It would be great because I did not take vacations for a long time! Of course I still have my weekends and holydays but it’s not the same. This is a good time to meet in person. Did you think about our meeting? Would you like to visit or meet me somewhere else?

I miss you. It sound strange but you become to be so close to me. We are corresponding for not very long time but we wrote so much as other people can not tell each other during much longer relations. At the beginning I was looking for a friend who lives far away in other country. It seemed to be very interesting and useful. But now I regret a lot that you are so far from me. It could be easier if you are my neighbor. One morning I would simply nock to your door and say “hello, I missed you”.
Cory, why at this moment you are not with me? I’m sure God created us to be together. It should not be this way. You can not see me now, but I’m ready to cry. Please, Cory, reply me as soon as it possible, let me know all your thoughts, don’t hide anything from me. I wait. I need you.

With love from Russia.
Your Olga.

Letter 10

Hello my Cory! So nice to read your words, that as well as I look forward to our meeting ! How are you today? Please do not be sad, there is not much time and we'll be together!

When we are together, we have decide to stay I'm with you or not. To be honest, I also really want to stay with you;););) Today I want to elaborate on the cost of travel. Firstly visa to Canada is not cheap, about $370 . Also need to take out insurance, it is still further from $150, but must be placed immediately before the trip. But do not worry about it, I can pay these costs itself . The most expensive - it flight. Two way tickets from Kazan to Edmonton about $1900. Understand, it's not easy for me to pay full price, I'll even have to borrow money from my sister. Your embassy requires that I had tickets in both ways at once. They must have confidence that I can afford to leave Canada. I have $1250 right now, I still do not have enough $650. I do not know what to do now. I hoped that you could help me... I need it to February 16. I will be very grateful to you... do not think I can take the extra money somewhere . I am willing to spend all my savings to meet you ! because for me, our relationship serious, I want to strengthen and develop it further. You're always in my thoughts and I can not get you out of my head . Please think of something ... I hope we can find a way to be together ... so hope!

I miss you,
your Olga

Letter 11

I was very glad to receive your letter! I have re-read your letter some times!
Now I shine with happiness and I am am overflowed with positive emotions!
I am very glad, that have met you in my life! You became a particle me, and I became a particle you!!!!
I still never tested such strong feelings to the man! Now I am assured, that have met the present love!!!
I wish to feel your gentle touches to me, to my lips, to my body!!! I want that you were a beside!!!!!
But now I as a flower under the clear sun! I have blossomed with happiness and your words!!!!!!!!!!
The love has won and has kindled my heart!!!! The love always wins!!!!!!
I have already told to my friend, that I will go to mine to the beloved to Canada!!!!
I could not hold this splash positive emotions and have told to my friend!!!!!!
It was very glad for me and ours with you of the relation and wishes our of good luck!!!
Dear, I very much miss on you!!!!!! The darling, sweet mine, today I will start to pack suitcases!!!!
By the way, I have absolutely forgotten to ask you. What gift to bring to you from Russia???
Very soon we will be together my love!!!!!!!! I wish to be turned with you in dance and that, your strong hands embraced my waist!!!!
Dear, I cannot describe my feelings in the letter!!!!! When we will a beside I can convey you all my love to you!!!!
I already wish to feel taste of yours gentle lips... Mmmmm..... I will always love your lips ;) ;) ;)
I will strong embrace you and gently to nestle a head on your breast! I very much wish to feel you nearby!!!!
I wish to be such small and defenceless near to you, my strong prince!!!!!
It is best to make a transfer via Western Union. Several times I did pick my mother. In Russia, it spread quickly and reliably.
To make a transfer you need my exact information:
Full name: Olga Metelewa
City received: Kazan, Russia
Once you do let me transfer control number of transfer (MTCN). Yes, I need 650 USD.
In my head it is a lot of thoughts! I love you! Very soon we will be together! I LOVE YOU!



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