Scam Letter(s) from Amelia Parker to Andrew (Canada)

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Letter 1

Thanks for your response and the picture Andrew. I can see that you're interested in me as much as am interested in you. actually I checked your profile already on the Site, and I really wanna get to know and meet you when I get back to Ontario. And pending the time I would meet you.I would like us to chat here to get to know each-other better.
ok let me do some introduction. Amelia Parker is my real name. I'm originally from the United States, Texas to be precised. I'm 30yrs of age and i'm 5:8ft tall. I am a Christian but I do not feel that I don't have the knowledge or the wisdom to diminish other peoples faith or beliefs. I do believe there is only one true Creator and everyone would be judge according to our believe. I was born in Texas but i grew up in Philippine. I'm self employed, I'm young but i'm very mature,understanding and respectful to be a good partner and a true friend.I'm honest, Intelligent, social and likable type character. I don't play games and I don't tell fibs.I prefer character to beauty, and Age to me is just a number and I don't judge people by their appearance.The Heart is only what matters to me. I am always interested in peoples ideas and also to respect human right to an opinion. I am also far too trusting and I probably will never change. But personality and attitude are most important to me.

I live all alone in Toronto On with no family or close friends. but luckily for me I have you now, so I would be so pleased to induce a lot of my attention to get to know you. perhaps chatting here first would help us to get more acquainted before we meet in person.

actually I find my life kind of lonely.this is why i'm looking for a partner to mingle with. And I'm actually here on the forum to look for a companion,lover,friends and soul mate. so if you're interested in my relationship would be my greatest pleasure to mingle around with you. but first, I would like to know more details about you here. so that your personality won't look strange to me when I meet you. Between,i'm a stranger in Canada,I have to be careful before I mingle with people cause I won't like to fall into the hand of a man that will take advantage of me because i'm not a citizen of the country. And i actually moved to Canada to settle down and work, I migrated to the country November 2014 but I have stayed for only 2 months and few weeks before i came down here to Gauteng, South Africa to claim my late father belongings.and I would be coming back in some few days. so it's gonna be fun and my pleasure to meet you for lunch or coffee when I return.

Just to know more about you,
How old re you exactly? what kind of relationship re you looking for. How I wish we could communicate also on phone..but unfortunately my phone was stolen a week after I came to South Africa. And I can't buy a new phone until i come home. so please bear with me to communicate here till I will come home. will stop here for now, Will be waiting to read from you


Letter 2

Hello Honey,
Please where are you??i'm in trouble...I couldn't go to the airport this morning to book my flight, I have got a problem with the management of the hotel here and i need your rescue..I have got a problem with them because I overstayed in the hotel for two weeks and unfortunately i couldn't afford to Pay the bill cause I have exhausted all the money I brought with me to South Africa. Now, the management has kick me out of the room and seize My passport and return ticket from me.right now, i'm stranded with my luggage at the reception..I can't go to airport because the hotel management has my traveling papers...
Please Dear,get back to me as fast as you can cause the hotel management doesn't want to release my papers until i pay the debt i owe them..
And unfortunately the money I have here in my Purse is not enough to clear the bill..all I got here is just $320 and it's $750 I need to pay...
And i did persuade the hotel management yesterday that i'm exhausted and wouldn't be able to pay for the 2 weeks i overstayed until i get back to Ca. But the management didn't take heart with me... and right now i'm so scared because the hotel management are pushing a threat on me that they will also lock me up if I do not pay them. Please dear..I need you to rescue me. I'm afraid I don't to be Maltreated, please save me Honey. You're my last resort and hope cause I have tried all my effort to find a way to solve this problem but unfortunately nothing work out for me..Btw..I have contacted my embassy for help but they gave up on me saying that they do not give loan or cash to solve any problem that citizens might incur. Please you're just my last hope. I have no relative or friend I could call for help! please I need you to loan me $450 and I will surely reimburse the money back to you as soon as i get back home..
please try as much as possible to help me before my return ticket will expire...
Between, I know you might want to blame me for my overstay in the hotel but it's not really my fault...i overstayed because i was stupidly waiting for the South African Probate to Authorize the bank holding my Inheritance fund to hand it over to me. and i actually thought i would pay for my overstay in the hotel after i get my inheritance fund. so please try to be understanding..

please reply as soon as you get my message. So I can send you the Hotel Management info to send the funds cause I persuaded the management to be patient with me to contact my Boyfriend. before I could be able to use the internet.
once the Hotel management gets the money, i'd rush to the airport to board my flight back to Ca

i wait your reply..



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