Scam letter(s) from Natalya Minzurenko to Carl (USA)

Letter 1
Good day, I came home from work, drank a cup of coffee and decided to open your computer.
I'm going to leave soon, I have to do several things today, but I decided to write you a few lines.
I want to tell you a few sweet words and submit your tender kiss for you.
I wish you a good day, let your day and evening will be successful.
I wish a good mood for the whole day.
Well, now I have to go. Tomorrow I have to go to The Hague, Embassy of Hungary. I need to address some issues related in my past life. I renounce the citizenship of the summer in Hungary and became a citizen of the Netherlands.
I now have a new passport, the passport of the citizen of Holland. I got it in the spring.
Tomorrow I have to sign some papers, so I'm telling you goodbye.
Soon I will write to you and will wait for a letter from you as well. sweet kiss for you.
Letter 2
Hello, my dear friend. How are you? How is your health? I came from The Hague today only.
I tired this trip, there were some difficulties and it took me more time to solve my problems at the Embassy of Hungary.
Two days ago I had a birthday, but I do not celebrate this holiday. I do not like this day, I do not want to talk about it now.
This will be discussed with you then maybe in person or through letters just then, I do not know yet.
Now I'm home in Rotterdam, but I was very tired and want to rest. I want to wish good night and sweet dreams.
I will not for a long time to write, I go to sleep, I send you a kiss and wish you a pleasant night.
with love, Natalya.
Letter 3
My dear friend, my love, today, the feast day of love, but I have very very bad mood. I hope you'll have a better time than today, I do not know. Now I do not know anything at all, I do not know with whom to share his grief, and so I decided to write you. I could not write for several days, but today found online and decided to write to you again.
I need to talk, but I do not know who else I can turn to.
My dear, just on Tuesday all was well with me, but from Wednesday I feel disgusting.
Do not even know how to write you now about what happened to me. I just do not know where to start, and I'm in tears every day.
On Wednesday evening, after work, I returned to the hotel. The taxi driver drove me to the hotel, but stopped ten meters from the entrance, I was not against it, I decided that I would be useful to walk a few meters on foot.
But just at this time, I was caught up behind a man, he hit me several times on the body, grabbed my shoulder my bag, my laptop and ran in the opposite direction.
It all happened in a matter of seconds, I was shocked. I was scared and could not do anything.
Now I sit and think about it as a terrible nightmare. I was robbed of my laptop and my bag, this bag were all my money, my credit card, my phone, passport, documents for work and stole all this now !!!
I cried for a long time. Eyes are red from crying, and I just do not know what I'm doing right now !!!
May be another more brave woman ran after them to return my bag, but I was very scared and I had no choice, once more to flee to his hotel. Once I ran to the hotel, I immediately asked to call the police.
But the police arrived only half an hour and it was too late to look for these people. The officer asked me to talk about what happened.
I told them about all the details, but they do not tell me good and just said that this is not the first time.
The officer told me that I ought to thank God for the fact that I was still alive. I am now very hard. What should I do?
The police said that they will try to find these robbers, but I could see how they work and I just do not believe them.
It seemed to me that they will not even look for them, because I'm still not a citizen of their country. I proposed to apply to my embassy.
I spent the whole night in the police station. I am these days in a daze.
today and tomorrow I need to relax a bit, then I have to bring myself up and finish his business at work.
I need to restore all the documents again. Now in my head all messed up. I'm afraid of everything.
Now I'm just in shock. I need comfort, I want moral support from you.
Tell me at least, that you love me, I'm sure that those words make me feel better. I need you now !!!
I needed to speak to me, and besides you do not one to turn to. You for me now is the closest person.
and after this letter, I now felt much better. Feeling as if a heavy weight fell from the soul. Please write me a few words.
very hard for me and I want to see your letter.
Your Natalya.
Letter 4

Today I have a very very bad mood. I guess I ruined your mood too, excuse me.
Those days were a nightmare for me. Today did not sleep all night, all morning today again held in police custody.
At the police station came to detectives, people came from my embassy and they asked me a lot of a lot of time to explain what happened that night. I, too, had lost count how many times I have to testify. I explained to them in detail, remembering all the details of what happened the case, but they are still asking the same questions.
She does not understand that they still wanted to know from me, or maybe they just wanted to make me blame for everything?
Nothing consolation I have not heard from the police. They just told me that they will start an investigation, but how long it will last, they do not know. I do not know what to do now.
I am now very sad and tears were flowing from my eyes. Very hard for me and I do not want to be a day longer in this country.
I am very scared and I was afraid to go out here on the street alone. I am very scared.
I turned to my embassy requesting help me get back home. I asked my embassy for help, but in response to the embassy told me that they now can not take no action until no official statement from the police to close my business.
To put it another way, my embassy asked me to wait until the end of the investigation, and only then they will be able to help me.
I asked my embassy as I wait, but this one does not know. There may be several days, may be a week or a few weeks - I do not want to wait that long. I just go crazy for this time in this wild country.
Recently tried to call office to call my work. I was hoping that they will help me, but the problem is that I work for a company not officially. I get the money only for his work done and they do not answer me. I just said so on the phone with my company no longer even want to talk to me.
Very cruel and I'm shocked by all. Moreover my employer hinted that I should do its job under contract to the end, otherwise I would have to pay a fine. All my money, credit cards, cell phone, documents for the job - all this stolen along with my bag and now I'm just in a desperate situation.
I do not even know now who to turn to for help?
If my parents were alive, then I certainly would appeal to them for help, but my parents are no longer alive.
So I just have no one to ask for help now but you. My dear, forgive me now for my determination.
God knows, I never in my life did not ask anyone for help. Always tried to get out of a difficult situation itself, but now for the first time in my life I do not know what to do. I should remain in Moscow for some time, I do not know how many days do I need to live here in Russia. I need money to live, to housing, to travel, to communicate with you, on food.
I do not have to get money from Rotterdam, because there is no direct banking relations between Russia and the Netherlands because of political differences.
So I decided to turn to you for help. I ask to understand me, understand my difficult situation.
I know we only know through letters, but believe me, I have now no other man on earth except you, there is only you. I do not take this money from you for ever. I will give you back the money, as soon as I arrive in Rotterdam. I have money in my house, but get them out of here, I can not.
I ask you to give me the money borrowed for a few days, if you can. If you do not help me, I do not know who to ask. Now I hope only on you, but on the other I have already lost their trust (I mean my work and the Embassy).
I ask you to think, and if you can help me. I do not know how many days do I need to live in Russia and, therefore, I ask to send me 400-500 euros, but I'll be glad of any amount
Now I have no choice but to hope for your help. Yesterday I gave $ 100 a woman with whom I had dealings here. her name Antonova Ilona. I use the money now to life and to communicate with you.
I've been thinking about the options as I can get the money, because I have no passport.
I went to Antonova Ilona, she helped to receive money from you. And now I want to write you the information that is required for money transfer:
Address - Russia, Moscow
name - Ilona. surname - Antonova
I beg to translate via Western Union or Money Gram. Via Western Union and Money Gram, I'll get your money very soon. I myself will go to the bank and once the money will be in my arms.
I'll be waiting for your reply and I hope that you will help me in this difficult moment of my life. I hope you and very very much miss you.
Your Natalya.
Letter 5
I went to the bank, but I could not get your money order, there is an error in the name. you wrote LLONA, right ilona name - ilona.
I beg to correct the mistake, I'll wait, I believe that soon will be together, I'll come to you. I want to be with you
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