Scam letter(s) from Victoria to Filippos (Greece)

Letter 1
Hi my friend!
My name is Viktoriya . I really liked your profile and I decided to write to you and I hope you write me a response back to my personal email:
I do not quite a lot of time, since I am writing to you from my workplace, but I will write more details about themselves and with other e-mail address so that you do not be surprised and will definitely send you more photos.
Waiting for your early reply, goodbye, Viktoriya .
Letter 2
Hello, dear !
I was really surprised from getting your mail. I'm sorry, that I answer for so long time. I want to find penfriend. I have such friends a few years ago, when I only begin to learn English. But now I know it well, and it's quite easy for me to talk or write in English. Now I want to learn Italian. I love this language because of its beautiful phonation. Also I'm very sociable and communicative, that's why I always glad to meet new people. I know, that other people help you to know yourself better, to look at yourself from the other side.
This is my first letter, and I'm quite confused, what should I tell
you? If you're interested in me, you'll better ask, what you want.
Surely, I try to tell you a little. As you know, my name is Viktoriya, and I'm 31 years old. Maybe, it's strange, that I still haven't been married, and now I don't even have a boyfriend. I guess, such situation work out because of my job. I love it, and I work hard. But I haven't time for other things. But I can't find fault with it. Sometimes I can't understand people, who often complain on their work, and they don't even try to change something. I guess, if you don't like, how you live, you need to go further, to change those things, which you don't like. But you shouldn't stay at one place. Surely, I can't be satisfied almost by my job, but I like it. I like it, because I have ability to travel much. For my 31 years of life, I have already visit many countries. I was travel to Europe, and even was in USA. I've been in London, Riga, Berlin, Washington and many other cities. I travel at least once for two months. That's why I haven't time to build some relationships here, and I even can't have a pet. But I really want. I love animals.
Frankly speaking, it's quite hard to begin to talk about myself in this first letter. I'm lost a little. It'll be better, if you ask something you want to know. I love summer, it's my favorite season. I to bronze on the beach, to swim in the sea and it's always make my mood. I'd like to live in the country, where it's always warm weather.
Well, I guess, that's enough for this time.
I'm waiting for your answer,
Letter 3
Hello, dear !
I hope, you don't feel aggrieved. Next time, if I'll not answer you for a few days, you should know why. As I said before, it's because of my hard work. Well, I guess, now it's time to tell you about this. My work is my life, I'm glad, that I have it. At first, I live in Melbourne, Australia. But I have recently moved there. It's not my native country. I move there to begin new life. You know, sometimes people are caught in such situations, when they can't stay at their home, they need to move to another city, or, even, country to think about their life, and to be free of the destructive thoughts. Sometimes, it's quite hard to see your native streets, places and other things. You just need to avoid these memories. I was also in such situation. Well, I'll tell you my story, but you need to know, that I didn't tell about this to everyone. It's hard for me to remember, and I want to share it with you, because I want to trust you. Maybe, it sounds strange, but, I don't know why, I just feel it. And it's easier to tell it in letter, than in real life. Ok. I am Greek, and I was born in the city Thessaloniki. It's second by size city of Greece. I love it, not only because that's my birth-place. But it is also consider like north capital of Greece, and if you'll visit it one day, you can't forget it. Nature is really beautiful here. I lived here with my parents for long time, but about 2 years ago they have died. I haven't brothers or sisters. And last year my uncle also died. And I was alone in this city. And after it, I can't see all it's beauty, it become for me terrible place. Every street remembers me something. If you ever lose someone from your relatives, you could understand me. Well, it was very hard period of my life, and I don't know, what would be with me, if I haven't noticed one advertisement about work in Australia. I call there, and then I have got job there. I was really glad of it. It inspires me on new deals. After long depression, I've found energies to move farther. It doesn't mean, that I've forgot about that terrible situation, it's just make me stronger. I believe, that my parents now in better world, and they will be always in my heart. But I move to Australia. I know, that it was very scaring and, maybe, dangerous, but I can't live in Greece. At first, it was hard for me. I haven't friends, flat and some contacts. But it's always hard to begin something new. And I let in all my time on work. And soon I found my place here. I work in trading sphere. I am free commercial representative. My salary will be ****** as much as I have contracts. Mostly I work with small companies, but sometimes some big companies find me. It's hard work, but I know, how to do it well. I travel much because of my work. I visit many countries, and meet many different people. I've been in many European cities, but I have never been in Asian countries, and I don't know why. I was never invited there. Well, I tell you my story, and I hope, that you like it. I need to go now. My break is end, and I need to work.
I'm waiting for your story.
Sincerely yours,
Letter 4

Hello, dear !
Thank you for your amazing letter. I'm very glad to get it. I understand your feelings. But I like to write letters for you, and read yours. I can't talk with you in online chat, or give you my phone number. I hope, it's not offensively for you. But I'm not of those girls, who give their numbers at first. I have my own principles about this. I want to know you closer. And, I guess, in letters, we could know each other better. I want to know your inner world. Maybe, later, if we still like each other, then I'll give you my number.
Also I want to know, how have you found this site As for me, it was recommended by my friend. She searching the net the whole days, and find this site. I was interested in this, because I haven't enough time to date men. And this alternative is ideal for me. Maybe, it's quite hard to build relationships on a distance, but I decided to try. I lose nothing. And, I guess, that there are many mature and reliable men, who are ready to build serious relationships. I don't need another boy. I am succeed woman, and all my time I'm at work. I don't need man to aliment me. I want to find partner, friend and lover for all my life. I'll be loving and caring. And I'm waiting from my man the same.
I have travel much in Australia for work, and soon I'm going to Italy. Now I learn Italian language, and, frankly speaking, I can't do it well. Maybe, I need more practice. It'll be great, if I have someone, with whom I can talk in Italian. I like to learn new languages, and it seems like if you know 2 or more languages, next one you will know quicker.
Well, I'll go now. Surely, I want to write to you more, but now I can't. I think, you can understand. I'll send you some of my pictures, and I hope, you'll like it. Also it'll be great to get some of your photos.
I'm waiting for your answer.
Truly yours,
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