Scam letter(s) from Irina to Filippos (Greece)

Letter 1
How is you day today? Filippos, how is everything with you? I'm so happy to write you today.It's big pleasure for me. I want to tell you that I'm here not for games and fun.
I want to find my man with whom I will spend a rest of my life. I'm tired of men that play here.I hope you not like another and really want to find your soul-mate.
So, let's start and tell each other about about our life))I will wait for your answer, take care Iryna
Letter 2
How are you my dearest Filippos ???
I’m really very happy to receive kind letter from you! You can ask me, what the girl from Ukraine is doing here? I can tell you,that I’m looking for the real relationship. My friend has found her happiness here, in the Internet, so I also decided to try!))) I don’t know, what should I write in my first letter, I’m a little bit nervous! )))) So, I’ll try to be who I am really and I’ll start from the beginning!
As you know, my name is Iryna, I am 30 years old, I live in Lugansk, it is situated in the eastern part of Ukraine.
Now, honey, I'd like to tell you about my family. I live with my mother and my brother,his name is Alexey. When in 2011 in september my father died, my mum and I lost everything, only my brother was the real support for us. Do you have brothers or sisters? You know, every time care and support are very important and I know for sure that in my future family this values will be on the first place, as love and mutual understanding!!
So, since my childhood I am a self-reliant person. Being an apple-pie in mothers eyes, I always tried to help her anyhow. And when my mum got an injury on her back, I decided to become a medical nurse.
The years have past and I made my dream come true! I'm working now in hospital, as a nurse for people after operations, I work hard and I want to say that I like my job very much because I feel that I help people to feel better and it makes my heart better!
So, that's a little about my life story, and I hope that you are interested in me!
I will be very happy to know about you and your life more, to feel how you are living there, what do you want from your life and what do you miss sometimes... You know, I'm very optimistic and kind person, and I want to devide my kindness with you.
Filippos , it was very pleasant to receive your letter and more pleasant to answer it back!!!
I hope to hear from you soon.
With best regards, your Irina )))
Letter 3
How is your day my sweet Filippos?
I am so happy to receive your letter! I don’t know why your letter brings me so much happiness! Thank you very much for it!!! Thank you, my dear, for the real joy pleasure you have brought today to my heart!!!
Filippos, how are you? What are you busy with? You know, it is a real pleasure to get to know everything about the person, you like with all your heart and soul! I’d like to know everything about you, your life, hobbies, everything! I think people, who like each other should strive to know each second of each other lives! What do you think on this? Please, don’t be angry on me, if you consider, that I’m interfering into your private life! You know, such small and not very important things can tell much about you, your habits and character.
So, if you can, write me about your days, or if it is too difficult for you, just answer my questions, ok? It will be enough for this time )))
As to myself, I've told you about my family, so today I'd like to tell you about my closest person. I have many friends among women and I do believe in friendship between women. I have a cousin.
Her name is Olga. She is the dearest person and she is always with me!!!!!
We even study together!a Everyday I wake up with a strange feeling inside. I fed up to be alone. I want to be happy so much! I want to be adored and beloved! I certainly deserve it! I am looking for my man, and I’ll be the best woman for him. I will never betray him and I’ll make him happy. I know I was born to make him happy. Sweety, what do you think, do I want too much? I think no. I just want to find my true love. That is why I am here. I am here to make one man the happiest in the whole world. I don’t know who he will be and when it will happen! And I believe that it will be very soon…I feel it.
Filippos, I think it is enough for today about myself. As a real lady I have to keep some secret and mystery!!
Honey, I feel you are that person, whom I need! Maybe my dream and my wish will come true. Maybe, you are looking for me and I am for you? What do you think about it? When you will have a free minute,Please, write me! I will be very glad))
Always yours Irina.
"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony".
Letter 4

I'm very happy to hear from you my Filippos!
Thank you so much for your lovely letter. It is such a pleasure to read your thoughts and to know you more and more with each letter. You know, it is honor for me to have a correspondence with you. I find you a very wise, kind and interesting person. Also, I think that we have much in common. This makes me very happy and I believe if we try we will probably develop our relationship into a higher level. I want this much, and what about you?
How how are you today? How is your mood? What are your plans for the day? Did you think about me???)))))) Ha-ha)))) As for me, I think about you every minute!
Yesterday I was watching a romantic movie. You know, I like such movies, full of romantic moments, tender kisses and touches. They were drinking champagne and talking about love)) Honey, I imagine us, doing the same.
I want us sitting on the sofa, looking into each others eyes and keeping magical silence))) Do you want it, honey?
I want you to know that your letter has made my day. You know, Filippos, I have butterflies in my stomach. I feel so easy and inspired. I begin to be attached to you and yours sincere letters. I live with the help of them. All my colleagues and friends ask me why I am so inspired and quick in everything. I tell nobody, that maybe I have found the man of my dreams. I’m afraid to tell the truth to somebody. There are a lot of envious people. And also I don’t want to scare you, my happiness, away! You know, I am always very glad when I receive your letters. I can’t explain why I am so happy, and why I am always waiting for your next message. ))) I just smile all the time.
Does it mean something?
With all my heart, Irina.
P.S. you, know, I feel that we are close to each other! Am I right?
Letter 5
Hello my dearest Filippos!!!
My sunshine, you are my treasure!!!! Honey, i miss you a lot! I am so happy that you are in my life, You are my hope!
And at this wonderful day i want to congratulate you on Valentines day!!!!
sit is so sad that on this day we are not together((((( But, darling, you are my Valentine! You are always in my heart and thoughts!!!
Dearest, this is poem for you
Oh precious, oh precious please be mine
I want to be your Valentine!
I will do anything to br your rose
I want to be the Valentine you chose
Hold my hand and don't let go
Open your heart and feel our love grow
Lock me in your heart just for a day
Feeling your love while reality fades away
I will wait year after year
Crying and sobbing rear after tear
Luis precious,s please be mine
I want to be your Valentine!!!!!!!!!!!!
I send you million warm kisses, and my hot hugs, my sunshine))))
Please, remember, you are in my heart! I LOVE YOU, MY LOVELY!!!!!!
forever yours Iryna
Letter 6
Hello my dearest, my romantic man Filippos)))
Honey, sorry for my silence, it was really bad days for me. I wrote you that i live in east part in Ukraine, in Lugansk, here is unstable situation and war conflict(((
Dear, in our part of city where I live were power outages, but it is not the main.
On Thursday our my part of city our part of city was shelled, the street where I live and near it. Filippos, lovely, I was so scared((( It were so unexpectedly(((
It happened near eight o'clock of evening(((( I cooked a dinner, and suddenly I heard a loud explosion, after few second ones more, and floor trembled, and run to bathroom (because it is room without windows)
and the lights went out(((( It was so frightfully, I can't tell you how(((
Filippos, lovely, today situation become a little bit stable, they do a cease-fire from 15 of February))) People belive in better and belive that this cease-fire brings a pease to this land))))
So, honey, please, sorry for my silence, electricity appeared on Saturday, so i could send you a love poem to Valentines day))) But i did not have time to explain to you situation which happened here. But after were again power failure, and only yesterday at night situation with electricity become a stable)))
Filippos, lovely, you are my romantic man, i miss you this days, you take a big place in my heart, and very important, and I want you to know it)))))
And as always I send you my **** kiss, and I thinking about you all the time!!
waiting for your letter
yours only
Letter 7
Hello my precious Filippos! Darling Filippos, thank you for your letter!
I don't know how to explain my mood I just feel something special to you. Something, which I have never felt earlier. I understand that I have never met you in person, I have never talked to you, but this is what my head says but not my heart!!I would like to know, what means the ideal relationship for you??? I can’t help thinking about this!
It excites me so much!!!!
Honey, i am sorry if I don't pay attention on some things, Filippos, dearest I read your letter...with great interest. I just write you all my emotion in previous letter...
Honey, I send you photo my dog, her name is Businka))) I love dogs, they are so faithful and devoted!!! I have a little dog, because in my small apartment I can't afford more))))
Filippos, dearest, please send me some your photos, and with your dog Ernesto, if you don't mind)))
Filippos, I am very interested in you! And maybe you are that only gentleman for me, who knows how to treat a beautiful woman, someone who can make me happy.I feel myself very lonely without your letters, I feel the great affection to you! I don’t know what should I do with it! I know you also feel yourself lonely as I do and dream to find your soulmate then let's try and who know's maybe we were waiting for each other all life? And we were made to be together? As you have understood, I am kind, responsive, sensible and responsible. I do not like irresponsible people. I am a good mixer and come to terms with people quickly. In my free time I likae doing sports. I like aerobics and figure skating. Sometimes I like listening good music and go shopping with my friends. I adore the sea, sun and sand. I would like to meet a man who dreams of creating a family. I value honesty, trustworthiness, ability to compromises, sense of humor, kindness and generosity.
I hope you are such man and you think we have at least something in common I will be very happy to talk with you more! And maybe soon we can be the happiest couple in the world.
I will wait for you letter. Please, be free to ask me any question!
Wait for you, Irina
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