Scam Letter(s) from Maria Alimkina to John (England)

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Letter 1

Good day
Im Masha, I am 33 years old.
You have attracted me, as I would like to find a delicate, warmhearted, open and caring man who would encourage me and care about me for long. Wait your letter.

Letter 2

Hello my new friend,
I am so happy to see your letter and I would like to tell about myself in this email.
I am 33 years old. I am divorced and I have never had children. Have you been married? Do you have children? My job is not so interesting.
I work as a dentist in a little-known company but it is enough big for my city.
I have an enough average salary for Russia and not so small for my city.
If I would live in USA I think my salary would be like for people who live under the poverty line.
I live in the city called Urupinsk. It was built in time of the Cold War (1960-1970) like many small cities of the USSR.
After the collapse of the Union (the USSR) many monuments devoted to the Communist past were almost destroyed and the new dictator Putin has only the plan to build.
By the way, which political view do you have? I would like to have the democracy like in all west countries and USA.
I think so because only some rich people have power here in Russia and they sell all resources of our country stuffing their pockets.
Well, I do not want to talk about sad events. I would like that you would tell me about your country and city.
What interesting do you have in your life? What hobbies or interests do you have?
I love to cook the dishes of different countries, specially I like Italian pasta. If you have any interesting receipt, please send it to me.
I may try to cook it.
Well, I will finish my letter. I think I have told you enough about myself for now. If you have any questions, please write me.
I would be happy to reply.
Waiting for your soonest reply,
Your Mariya.

Letter 3

Hello my dear friend,
I am so happy to see your letter again.
Today I would like to tell you a little about my job and my life. I have chosen my profession when I studied at school.
I had a toothache and the tooth did not want to fall. My mom and I decided to go at the hospital. I was so afraid.
There was no any good dentist clinic in my city and it was very painful for me when a doctor cured my tooth.
Then I give a promise to myself to be a dentist in future and do not allow people suffer from toothache which I had when I was 8 years old.
Then I finished Medical University and started to work in dentist clinic.
I was married a man who was not so decent. He begun to court me when I studied at the second course of the University.
He was 5 years older me. We married when I studied at the fifth course of the University and I was the happiest woman in the world.
That time I was young and naive. My husband attracted me with his experience, manhood and reliability.
he had a very good job in our local administration. We had a lot of money and he was very jealous and didn't allow me to go out without him.
During some years I was locked in our apartment and go out only 3-4 times per month. At the end of 2005 he had lost his job and begun to drink.
Sometimes he hit me when he was drunk. I could live with him during 1 years after time when he lost his job.
Even now when I remember him I think that I have lived in hell.
After divorce I was afraid to begin new relations and decided to focus on my job. I have found a medical company and I am still working here.
I am 33 years old already now. I am adult, well-educated and healthy woman who wants to find simple human happiness.
I want to find an adult and respectable man with whom I can start the serious relations.
From my life experience I do not attach great importance to the material condition of the man.
I think the most important is kindness, caring and trust.
Well I have told you about my life. I hope it was not so boring for you to read my letter.
I would like to know about your life, values and preferences for your soulmate.
I have attached my pictures. I hope you will like it. I would be happy to see your pictures too.
Your Mariya.

Letter 4

Hello my dear friend,
How are you?
Thanks for your photo you the very beautiful and attractive man.
In my last email I have told you about my job and not successful attempt to find happiness. Now I would like to tell you about my family.
I am the only child in my family. My mom raised me alone.
My father left my mother when she was pregnant and I never saw him again.
My mom said that he did not know about me, and I hope that he still is not the quite bastard and maybe he is even alive.
She doesn't like to tell about him that is why I know nothing about him.
I even do not ask any questions about him because I know it may sadden my mom.
My mom was the chief engineer in one of strategic enterprises and could provide us both.
Now she is retired and we live together.
I did not tell her that I have met a foreigner. I'm not sure that she can understand me because when she was young it was impossible to go abroad.
I may say some words about my city. There are not so many interesting places here because my city is very small (about 30 thousand people).
When I have free time I may go to the cinema. My favorite film is Titanik. I have watched this movie about 30 times.
From the last movies I liked Avatar. I was so surprised with the special effects and the beauty of that world.
By the way, my favorite producer is J.Cameron.
I like also cycling, swimming in the pool and outdoor's picnic.
By the way, my address is: Russian Federation, Urupinsk, Svastivkov street, house 13.
Is there something interesting in your city? What is your address?
Well, I should finish my letter for now. Today my mom has a angel day and I should cook holiday's dinner and clean the apartment.
Have a good day!!!
I kiss you!
Your Mariya.

Letter 5

Hello my dear beloved foreign friend!
How are you? I am ok and I have great mood!
I finished my last email that I wanted to cook for celebrating an Angel's Day of my mom.
I cooked a delicious dinner for her and she was greatly surprised.
I cooked a salmon baked with cheese and mushrooms in a foil. Everything was in their own juice. By the way, what is your favorite meal?
Today I worked and found out that I can get a long-awaited vacation in a couple of days.
When I divorced with my husband I lived in my "inner world" and never had a holiday.
My work didn't allow me to remember my last relations and helped me to forget this horror that I experienced.
I didn't take my vacation from 2006 and that is why I can allow myself to have a rest even for 6 months.
Therefore the head doctor said that the duration of the holiday would depend on my desire.
I have never been abroad and always had a desire to visit different countries. I decided to save money for my dream from 2013.
But I still didn't decide where I should travel.
There are a lot of countries which I watched by tv and read in Internet but I have no experience and worry a little bit about trip to foreign country.
Ok my dear foreign friend, I finish my letter for now.
Look forward to your response,
Have a great mood!
Your Mariya.

Letter 6

How are you my dear foreign friend? How is your mood? I hope everything is great!
I have a great mood today.
I have get my vacation at last. And now my thoughts are about what to do now.
Unfortunately I didn't save too much money. I have only about 40 thousends of Rubles.
I do not know how much it is in dollars but I think it is about 1200$.
Today I am going to meet my friends in cafe, celebrate my vacation with colleagues and listen to my friends's advices what to do in holiday's time.
Maybe you have some ideas how to spend my vacation? Probably have you been already in other countries and can give me a piece of advice?
Waiting for your reply,
have a good day!
kisses and hugs,
Your MAriya.

Letter 7

Hello my dear friend,
How are you today? Well, I thought for a long time and talked with my friends and colleagues.
I have told them that you and I am friends. I have told even my mom about you.
I was greatly surprised to hear that my mom is happy that we were corresponding.
She was happy to hear that I am open now and have found a friend. It doesn't matter even that you live so far from me.
So everyone has told me that I should travel to you. I agree with them =)
you could show me your country, your city, culture of people where you live and we could know each other better.
What do you think of that? And I think it is more save for me than to fly alone to unknown country for me.
I always wanted to visit your country, to see democracy and culture of your country.
I think we will spend time great together. Do you agree with me?
Looking for your email,
Have a good day and great mood!
Your and only your Mariya.

Letter 8

Hello my dear foreign friend,
How are you? How is your mood?
I am so happy that you have agreed to meet and we can find out about each other in future.
Mmmm, it is so romantic and I always think how our meeting will be. My soul is singing now... =)
I am going to prepare my clothes today and tomorrow I want to go at Moscow because there is no international airport in my city.
My cousin lives in Moscow and I have no problem where to stay where.
I have never travel before and right now I do not know what information I need to make documents and fly to you.
Maybe you know what information should I know?
Anyway I will find out everything in local travel agency and write you before coming to Moscow what I need to know.
Well sweetheart, I am closing my letter for now and hope to see your reply very soon.
Have a good day!
Your Mariya.

Letter 9

Hello my dear friend!
How are you? I woke up today in very good mood. I am so happy that soon my dream will come in true and I will see you at last.
Today I went to the travel agency and found out what information I need from you. I need to know the closest airport where you can meet me.
I need also your full name and your address. Please write me all information in your next letter.
By the way, what present from Russia would you like to get? What should I bring to you?
I think now I can pick my clothes and today I am going to the train station to buy a ticket to Moscow.
I hope that I will write my next letter to you from Moscow.
Tomorrow my cousin will meet me at the Moscow's station and I will write you when we come to her apartment.
I am happy very much that soon we will be together. Now I should go. I need to check again my clothes.
Have a good day!
Your Mariya.

Letter 10

Hello my sweetheart,
How are you? I am ok. Today I have come to Moscow.
My cousin have met me very well. She cooked a tasteful dinner in the honor of my coming.
She was very happy to see me because we didn't see each other for a long time. I told her about you and how we have met.
I told her that you are wonderful person. She is very happy for us and she thinks it is very romantic. She says you Hello =)
I asked her also about good travel agency where I can make my documents.
My cousin was already abroad and she recommend me to go to the same travel agency. She told me it is much easier and faster to get Visa there.
Tomorrow I will go with her to this agency to apply all documents for my Visa. Honey i want to hear your voice before flying to you.
But the phone of my cousin doesn't have function for international callings but she said there are post offices in Moscow which have services like international callings.
So honey I may call you from there. Please write me your actual phone number.
Ok sweetheart I am tired a little bit after my trip. I want to take a bath and sleep now.
I kiss you!!!!!

Letter 11

Hello sweetheart,
How are you? I have very good news today. My cousin and I went to the travel agency to find out about my documents.
They prepared all documents, medical documents and medical insurance. I asked them about how many persent that I will get my Visa.
they told me that I will have no any problems to get a Tourist Visa. My Visa will be valid for 90 days.
I have been today also at the Embassy and talked to the Counsel.
He told me that the travel agency sent already request and the Embassy are reviewing my documents. Tomorrow my Visa will be ready.
When my Visa is ready they will tell me. Then I need to pay for my tickets. I am so happy that our meeting is coming closer and closer every day.
After visiting the Embassy my cousin showed me Moscow. We went to the Red Square and I visited Movzaley where is Lenin.
I liked Moscow very much. It is very big and beautiful city. After that we went to the Japanese restaurant and ate sushi.
Today I have got a lot of positive emotions and I am very thankful to my cousin. I didn't have such wonderful rest for a long time.
I hope soon I will get all my documents and then I can fly to you. I worry a little bit about our meeting.
But I am sure that everything will be great. This is my first trip abroad. I have never flyed before and I am afraid a little bit.
well, my cousin ask me to help her with cooking a dinner. I have to go now.
I ask that you give me your phone number. I would like to call you.
I will write you tomorrow.
Many kisses and hugs,
Your Mariya.

Letter 12

Hello my dear friend James,
How are you today?
Today I have been at the travel agency and I was told that my documents and Visa is ready.
So I can buy my airline tickets tomorrow. What do you want to do in the first day of our meeting?
Tomorrow I will call you appx. 7-8 pm Moscow time.
My cousin told me that we can also communicate via Yahoo Messanger. Please write me your ID and I will add you.
I do not know what time exactly I will be online but I think it will be about 6-7 pn Moscow time.
We can talk online about all details of my trip to you.
Today I made a new picture for you. I hope you will like it.
Waiting for your email,
Your Mariya.

Letter 13

Hello my dearest James!!!!
How are you??? I want you to read this letter attentively.
I hope you understand that I my English is not very good but you will understand what I whant to say you.

I have not got any good news.
Today I went to the airport and bought the air ticket for December 20.
After that I went to the agency to say that everything is readyf or my trip and I can arrive to you.
In travel agency I was told that I should go to the embassy.
I had to go to the embassy and had a conversation with the consul.
But I was shocked when he said that I shall not receive the visa!!!
He explained me that the main requirement in reception of the visa it to convince your authorities that I have no any intention immigration in your country. ( that i do not want to stay in your country forever while my visa is a tour visa).
The consul said that I could receive the visa I should buy the air tickets in both ends.
I tried to explain that I do not want to stay in your country forever.
Because that my mum here and I shall come back necessarily.
But he said that it's obligatory requirement and I shall receive the visa only when I shall show the air tickets in both ends.
Dear I haven't enough money for the return ticket!!!
I mean I need to buy the round way tiket. I asked my friend But she can't give it to me, unfortunately.
She can help me only with 50 dollars. But it is not enough.
I need for 600 $ US to arrive to you. I don't know where i can find money!!! I do not know what to do.
I am awfully upset that I have not enough money to arrive to you.
Have you got any idea? Dear are you able to help me. I hope that we will do something.

Dear, I will wait your letter.
I hope that we can meet!!!
Your and only your Mariya.



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