Scam letter(s) from Julia Lanina to Bo (USA)

Letter 1
hello how are you ?
im FAITH from a dating site
, care to chat ??? how do you picture your ideal girl? Is it a matter of looks that's important or more of the personality that counts? I myself am a people pleaser. I usually become whoever or whatever you want me to be, I can be be virginal or sweet next door who you only fantasize about, or the slutty ***** who can fulfill your WILDEST DREAMS and DESIRES! Just ask nicely, TREAT ME RIGHT and you'll have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE.?
Letter 2
SECURITY MODEL PASS ( World Models ) Advance booking is necessary to reserve places on all Please check your confirmation, invoice and all other documentation immediately on receipt and contact us should anything appear to be incorrect as it is not always possible to make changes at a later stage. Deposit Instructions: Bank : Western Union Security NO. : 3667974 Manager Name : Mark Jayson Guarin Location : Manila, Philippines Acct Type : Dollar Checking Amount : $300.00 Description : Booking fee for Faith Francesca Please observe the following rules carefully when making your payment. Failure to do so will invalidate your payment. 1. Fill-up a regular deposit slip and pay exact amount in CASH or ON-US Check (check issued by this bank) only. Excess payment is forfeited. Payments less than the amount due may be invalidated. 2. You have up to October 20 2012 to complete this payment. Otherwise, this security number will expire and your payment will be invalidated. If deadline falls on a bank holiday, you may deposit the following day. 3. When deposit is completed, email the manager within the same day to validate. 4. Make sure the bank branch you are paying at is on-line at that time to avoid delays in processing. 5. Prior to getting a security number from our system for a transaction. Make sure to get a security number first before paying. 6. Let the teller process this like any regular deposit. Do not give any special instruction like entering your name or reference number into their system as it will delay processing. To finish the booking and to be approve, Subscribe/register to or go to the nearest "WESTERN UNION BRANCH" for payment or you can call western union to send the deposit W.U. # 1800-225-5227 of which one would you like to purchase: Subscribe/register to or go to the nearest "MONEY GRAM BRANCH" for payment ,you can find moneygram to some WALMART stores near you. Comply soon as possible so we can set your booking immediately once you are done with the payment with your : Clients Full Name : ________________________________ Location of meeting (be specific) : ________________ Contact # : ________________________________________ Time : ___________________ Date : ___________________ Western union's MTCN # : ___________________________ Just send this form back to our model email when your done: Note: BOOKING ENTERPRISES won't be liable for any accidents, unverified transactions of payment between client and model and lastly lost of valuables while in the service. If ever there are some problems difficulties or unusual things would occur that will be in result of a canceled appointment please contact us immediately on our mail. We are available 24 hours 7 days a week. Enjoy and have a great day with our model.
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