Scam letter(s) from Larisa Lastochka to Florin (UK)

Letter 1
Hi Florin Thanks for gave me your address! It's Yulia. Thanks for shown an interest to me. I think it is better to write here via an e-mails but not on the site. It is much more comfortable as we could write to each other in our free time and pick each others mail when we have time, don't it? Last time we could have possibility to talk not to much because I had to run to job, so now I can sit and write you much more than a couple of sentences. I think it would be better to introduce myself as you know just a little about myself. You can't put all the information to the profile on the dating site and I'm not sure if our correspondence is private if we talk on site.
Are you a long time on the site? What are you looking for?
Have you ever tried to chat with somebody? It is all new for me...actually my mom have known from her friends about possibilities to found a foreign man abroad. She said she have tired to see that I'm suffering. It is very difficult for woman to be alone. I think every woman in the world dream to found the second half, a soul-mate. My mom advised me to try to found somebody abroad since I can't found my Mr. Right here. So who are you looking for? What type of person are you? I'm kind, romantic, loyal but in the same time self confident person. I know what I need from life and I can assure you it's not not an American dream. I'm not seeking for money or career..but rather a peaceful life with the one I love:-) Hmm...I think that's enough for now. Could you tell me some more about yourself? That would be very interesting for me to know more about you, your interests, your life...everything about you. I'm sure there are a lot of interesting things in your life, aren't it? I have added some pic for you. That would be pleasant for me to receive some of yours if you have. I will wait for your letter or if you have no to much time let me know that you have received my letter, OK? Have a good day!
Letter 2
Hello Florin!!! How are you today??What is the weather in your country???I so much want to know this!!Here in Ukraine so much cold!!I wait rain!!!!Because i like look rain from window and drink hot coffee!!You know i so much like rain and i think that so much romantic walking in the rain with your beloved man , but we can make this only in summer!!!I think that when you with man who you love and with who you happy you will never feel cold under summer rain!!!What you think about it???I hope you agree with me!!! I looking for man who will walk with me under rain.I like to have some romantic moments and i looking for man who will understand me and who will value same romantic moments with me!!i think that good moments in your memory this is the best treasure in life!!I am lady who still believe in real love and that every one in this world have him soul mate!!and me too, soo i looking for my soul mate!!Tell me what you looking for???I really want to know you better and maybe you are who my soul mate???What you think about it??I think our meeting are not random. I will wait your letter with answers))) I kiss you in cheek!!! Your Larisa!!
Letter 3
Hi Florin Thanks a lot for your letters. I was impatiently waited for your reply and worried so much because of you and if you would like to continue to write to me. Now it is something like I lose some weight:-) It's always pleasant:-) I glad that you have also sent some photos to me. I think you are a handsome man. I've never been to the UK but of course I heard about it a lot. Besides Florin, do you know anything about Ukraine? I live in its East. Have you ever heard of Roobezshnoe? It is not a big town (just about 850 sq km). There are a lot of factories of a heavy industry and light as well. As for my character, I am creative person. This makes me to be very sensitive, romantic and vulnerable. My job helps me to realize all my inner feelings. I work as a hairdresser. I fond of an arts of Sergey Zverev(who is the famous Russian stylist) but I'm working hard to improve my skills and maybe then I could work with stars...who knows:-) As for now I have not a big salary but it is enough for this small town.
It's interesting have you ever had a big dream? I mean have you ever dreamed about who you are going to be when you were young? As for my hobbies, I fond of sports and I do trainings by myself at home and run outside. The one thing I need to mention is that I don't understand neither English nor any other language except Russian or Ukrainian. that was not very interesting for me and i didn't even attend its lessons when I studied. Yeah, that was a big fault and I sorry for it. I hope you don't mind. Tell me some more about yourself. I would be happy to read your next letter. Can I call you my friend? I think that would be great. Have a good day, Florin!
See you!
Letter 4

My honey we had correspondence before. But my dear i had a man and we stop our conversation.But now i am free))But if you not remember me..I think you have many ladies now. And maybe you not interesting in me.(((
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