Scam letter(s) from Larisa Lastochka to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Eric Thank you for your letter! I glad that you answered to my questions! I glad to know you more! I like the way you write with all sincerity. It is important for healthy relationships. So you can ask me anything you want and I will try to give you answers to all of your questions. I wand to be open and very sincere with you as this is the key to the door of good relationships. Eric I never told you about my parents but I think I should as they are a part of me and for now they are my family. We are a small family just me and my mother and father. They both are retired and do what they like the most in life.
They mover to the village to have they own farm where they grow both vegetables and fruits. Life in the village is not so expensive even comparing with my town but it is almost lost of civilization as there no even a post office, so the only way we could communicate is our direct meeting. I love my mom and dad and respect them very much for they taught me to be a good person. What can you tell about relations in your family? You know Eric I had a dream last night. That was really good dream. I was hesitated whether to tell you about it or not.
I really want it came true but I don't know if I should express it because of different kind of superstitions I heard. I actually don't believe in superstitions as I believe only in God but sometimes you would do anything and believe in anything for something that important for us.
That was a short but very exciting dream. I was sat on the sofa and read a book when I heard someone was knocking in the door. I came to the door and there were you with a bunch of flowers...I didn't see the face but I was sure it is you.
I took flowers and hugged you. You said "I came for you". Do you believe in prophetic dreams? You know what was I thinking about? I know that we know each other not for a long time but I would like to try out if we could create a good relationships as it is the main reason we both are on the dating site. Do you agree with me? What would you say? You are an interesting person for me, we won't bore with each other:-) I will wait for your letter with impatience!!
Wish you have a good day!
see you!
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