Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Trunova to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
D-gay! How is it going today?
I want to know you better.
We might take little steps or giant miles on the Internet where you do not normally have the same solution when you see an individual at a club or a singles' bar.
Actually between the loud soundtracks, alcohol, smoking and crazy audience packed in like sardines, most of the time you don't meet anybody 1. get a incredible headache 2. lose of your hearing 3. breath in a bunch of toxic cigarette smoke 4. drink alcohol just to make the time pass while damaging your liver and brain.
So I prefer the Internet even though it is the first time I'm applying it out to see if I can find my future soul-mate.
About me, I'm Svetlana, I live in Canada. I have a good job.
I'll send you a picture if you want, just let me know. If you need my answer Please answer only to my personal mail: I am waiting for your response. Hugs! Svetlana
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