Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
Salut! I am Natasha! I live in RU !!! I want to find love, get married and build a happy family with a loved one. If you are interested in me, please contact me at my mail: Natasha
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Name: Hilda Hogan
Age: 33
Name: Nadezhda Chepaykina
Age: 27
Name: Juliet Rupert
Age: 24
Name: Persis Adjabeng
Age: 34
Name: Elena Kuzurina
Age: 31
Name: Elena Sharova
Age: 34
Name: Anastasia
Age: 36
Name: Ekaterina Vahrusheva
Age: 31
Name: Annie Martins
Age: 32
Name: Diane Powell
Age: 35
Name: Kylie
Age: 28
Name: Natalia Skachihina
Age: 26
Name: Svetlana Sidorenko
Age: 27
Name: Tina Smith Addoo
Age: 28
Name: Vivian
Age: 36