Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Novoselova to Johannes (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hello Hannes!
What a happy day! I once again have the opportunity to read your sweet words! Hannes, I again got into our warm and cozy world. Our virtual world, the world of our correspondence... I am very pleased that he was there for us with you.
Today I want to say that I am glad to receive many letters from you, because for me, you become a very dear friend. And I want a lot that you did not leave me. I want you to always be with me, and write me a letter, I would like to receive your letters every day. Because your letter for me as a sedative. They calm me down a lot, and my spirits rise. To be honest, I like you, and I feel like I'm attracted to you all closer to you. When I have free time and if the weather is good, then I do running. Tell me you love jogging. And usually I go to his mother and help her. Do I have a question for you tell me, would you want your women to exercise and cook your delicious cooking? Or go at night to nightclubs and drank alcohol and came in the morning. Say what you need women?? What qualities do you value in women?
You know, yesterday I had a nice evening. Yesterday, I decided to call to visit me, my friend Irina. She came to me. (my best friend Irina, I told you about it, remember?) We decided together to prepare a meal, make dinner. When we are ready, we talked a lot. She did not know that I am corresponding with you. And yesterday, I decided to tell her everything. I could not hold back and decided to share it with her joyful news. When I said that I am corresponding with someone from another country, she was very surprised! She started to ask a lot of questions about how we met, how is our communication. It was very interesting to learn about our fellowship, and she wanted to know more. I did not tell her about all the details, but she did ask a lot of questions. I even then I thought that nothing was telling her about you! (smile)
After that, I really realized how much you've changed my life. Now you're part of my life. I do not know how I lived without you before, but now my life has been different. I do not want to remember this boring life when your letters were not.
You know, I want to tell you that in my life I saw and felt a little self-care. Just everyone who could take care of me, were very busy with their own affairs, and the rest I did was not necessary. Had to do without worries, I felt lonely. When did you start writing to me, at first I did not even know what I think. I wanted familiarity, but a little afraid of this. I do not really know what to do! I was very confused and scared. No one has ever treated me so well as you. I 'm very grateful for that! You're from me thousands of miles away, and closer to me you do not have people. Happily, that miracles happen in this world not only in books! My guardian angel has not forgotten me, as I thought before, you woke me of another person - a better, kinder and happier than the former! So I want to say these words to you personally, but stupid, empty words are not fully explain my attitude towards you. Around me were people, but I was alone in the shower, and now I have someone I 'm not afraid to show themselves for what I have. Now I have a man who never forgets about me and I always wrote his letters. A huge thank you for this!
Unfortunately, I must say that now I have to finish my letter. I hope that my photos will be a little delight you. What a pity that I can not write to you all day long. I like it when I read your letter, as I write, I say. This is the happiest moments in my life boring routine. You're the best person with whom I was familiar! I'll wait for your answer, Elena!

Letter 2

Hello my dear Hannes!
I read your letter. I did not understand what you want from me? I ask you how I can come to you. I want to say that I will leave in March. I'll come to you what do you think? I can not take time off later. If you want me to be with you then you need to accept. I love you. Waiting for your answer.

Letter 3

Hello my love Hannes. I miss you so much, I really want to be with you. My dear, now it is very bad. Now I came to the Internet cafe to write you this letter. dear, I have a very big problem, I have a lot of tears running down my cheeks, I really miss you.
Honey, now I want you to explain why I 'm running tears. I hope I can do it, I am very shocked, I shake hands. I tried to collect my thoughts. And explain everything!
My dear, I want you to just read my letter carefully!
On Saturday night I went to my mother in the village. It was all good, my mother was very glad of my arrival. I was also glad that I came to my mom.
Cute, very terrible happened yesterday. My mother is in the hospital. Now I will try to explain to you all!
Last night we went with my mother to the market in my town to buy food home, so I wanted to watch phones, yesterday I wanted to buy a phone. but I did not succeed. We were traveling on the bus. We were standing at the bus stop in the village of my mother. was all good, the bus came, we sat down fare and drove off. We drove a few stops. There were big traffic jams on the road. I hope you understand what plug is a lot of cars on the road. All in a hurry! At the traffic lights turned green color, and our bus drove off. But on the other hand on the red truck left, she did not stop, the driver thought it time to go. The car crashed into our bus. Many people affected, including my mother. Lots of people sent to the hospital. I was very lucky, I have not taken very seriously, I hit my head, my head hurts. At the hospital I was told that I had a concussion. My dear, I do not know what was coming with my mother. I am very worried for her. My mother is in a very serious condition, it is now unconscious. Soon the doctor will do bypass patients. Soon all will come to my mother. Dear, my very scary to me, I do not know what will. I hope that my mother will be fine. Forgive me please what all happened. I love you I do not want to lose you. I really need you. I do not know what will happen to me if you leave me alone. I can not live without you, and my mother.
Do not leave me! If all is well, soon we'll be together!
My love, I will finish my letter. I hope that today I 'll have time to write you a letter. I'll tell you that from my mother.
Only your kiss forever Elena!

Letter 4

Hello my love Hannes! No, I suspect I have no feelings. All is well! All healthy!
Honey, I come to you as soon pay the full amount of 5000 euro. Do you understand? I hope you understand. I love you. I hope that soon we will be together.
My feelings overwhelmed me every day more and more, I love you very strongly. And every day, love stronger and stronger. And your love makes me work wonders. Only the belief that soon we'll be together, gives me a lot of life and joy. Love for you, so strong and sincere, that helps to overcome any problems. Even when I had a problem, I think of you, and I feel better. And I want you to just think. I do not want to leave you, I want to be with you always. I live with you, I live for you, I am glad you. And I want our love never lost and really want us to be together. I love you very much.
Now I finish my letter. Write to me, I'll look forward to a letter from you. Really looking forward to tomorrow's lazy to get your answer. Love, miss, gently and passionately kiss you.
Your Elena!

Letter 5

Hello my dear Hannes! Why are you all just complicates? Do you want us to have then had problems with the Embassy? Why do you want, just send me the money and I'm going to tell you. you so difficult? You are going through, I'll take your money? If you think about it, I don't trust you, Darling, I can't feel what you think, what you feel towards me. You Understand? I don't know what you're thinking, but I want you to know that I will never betray you, I will always be with you. of course I am very pleased that you are looking for another way to fly to you. but it would be better if I will fly to you as a tourist, you understand me?
Tell me when you can send a 4200 euro, so I come to you. cute, you said that on Tuesday you're going to send me 500 euro, thank you so much, I love you.
You can't imagine how much I miss you. If you go away from me, then I myself will never forgive. I can't live without you, I can't eat or sleep without you, I always think only about you. Forgive me if I do hurt you, but I am doing everything that we were together. I'm doing better. You Understand? Let us listen to me as I speak. Ok? It will be much better than what you want.
Dear, I promise that this is the last time I ask you for money, the more money I will give thee back. You Understand?
I love you, I think you agree with me. I look forward to your response. I kiss your Elena!

Letter 6

Hello my love Hannes! Yes we have a different sense of humor and a sense of humor. I hope that when we are together. We'll be fine. I think you understand what I'm serious girl. Now I do not want to joke, because our meeting soon, and we are doing nothing for our meeting. Do you understand? I hope that your actions will be good.
Yes dear, I need to 5450 euro. I hope that soon all will be well. I love you.
Tell me, how was your meeting at the Russian club? Perhaps you already know a little Russian language?
Honey, when you get all the money for your shares. We think, how can you send them to Me. Yes, I think that Olga could not get all the money. I think you do transfer to a few of my girlfriends. Good? do you mind? You can do three of my girlfriends. More about that later. I love you.
I wish you a good day. Love you. Kiss your love Elena!



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