Letter(s) from Irina to Karolos (Greece)
Letter 1
Hi my dear Karlos! Your reply made my day.How are you doing? Hope everything is fine with you:-) Thank you for your letter.My mother is 49 years old now.

You are very kind and caring person. But life is going and we don't turn back. We must go forward.Thanks for your understanding and sympathy to me and to my family. I am very glad that I met that man like you. Thank you for that.I lived with my Ex in during 2 years.

You wrote me about your age. hm, I am looking for a serious and reliable man with strong and confident character. The man with whom I want to create my family. I think the boys in young age hasn't this quantities. I am right?

As I remember I have not told you about my job yet. I'm working at the hospital but it is impossible to provide our family only with my salary. My mother got very ill after she gave a birth to my brother.
At the moment she can't work and she needs time to fully recover. She had a postpartum injury and now she has a problem with her spine. It is a pity but this is my family story. I think it is important for you to know about my family. I don't want to sadden and upset you with my problems. But at the same time I want you to have an idea what life I have here.

From the beginning I will tell you about my problem with English if you don't mind. I don't know English well enough to be able to communicate with you in English. I know a few words only such as "hello" and "bye". If I knew that I would need English in the future I would definitely try to find a possibility to start learning it in the past. But we can't return time back. Now I go to the Net cafe and luckily there is a person their who knows English very well. This girl helps me with the translation of our letters. Of course this help is not for free and I need to pay her for her services. But it is ok because I really think that we have a great future and I don't regret about any money spent on our correspondence. I write my letter in Russian and the interpreter who works in Net cafe translates it in English. When I receive your letter the interpreter translates it to me on Russian.
I pay for this service but I am sure I spend my money not vain. It is said in my country "you don't find something if you don't loose something". I hope you agree with me and support this decision.

I tried to use on-line translator to save my money but I got only English words without any sense. Of course, it is easy but as for me I don't want misunderstanding between us. I decided to pay for the translation of our letters because this is the only one way how we both can be sure that we really understand each other.

My dear, I guess you understand and support me. My English isn't a problem for you? Please, write me your opinion about it.

Waiting for your letter soon
Have a good day
Kissing you
Letter 2
Hello my sweet Karlos.Thank you for your letter. Every time when I get your reply I become happy like a child!:) Having read your letter I feel I have got closer to you. I hardly believe that it is happening to me and I`m starting to have some nice feelings in my heart again. I haven't time and money to answer on your questions, sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am serious girl and I am really very poor and I haven't Skype and own computer and I will not ask to anyone for it because i will need to pay for using it. I haven't money!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never send my copy of my Ukrainian passport to unknown man as you. I don't trust you, sorry! I don't know what you will do with it!!!!!!!!!!! My dear, I wrote you about my second job. I think I must have some rest. You can't imagine in what tension I live having two jobs. I can't live in such stress. I come back at home at 2 o'clock at night and I sleep 4 hour in a day. I am very tired and I can't leave my mother alone with my little brother. She is ill and she can't do all housework and to look after my brother alone. I must help her in this.
I hope you understand me. I have a small salary and it is a struggle to make ends meet.We hardly keep our body and soul together. I started my second work just to be able to pay for the translation of our letters. But now I haven't money and I can't do that. Sorry, but I can't write you in English. I don't know what to do. If you want to help me I will be very appreciative for your help. I don't want to lose you and to finish our correspondence but I can't work in the night club anymore. My mother needs me at home in the evening to help her with everything that she couldn't do during the daytime. I hope you understand what responsibility lies on my shoulders. Sorry, I am very tired and have a bad mood. Today I am very sad about my financial troubles and my weakness. I know you will answer this letter and I know I will want to answer you back. I just don't know how I will pay for the translation of the next pair of letters we will write. Maybe you will propose me some solution that we both will accept. Anyway, I ask you not to be sad. Everything will be fine. I will have some rest and will inspire you with my good mood again. Waiting for your answer
Kissing you
always your Inna
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