Scam letter(s) from Ilona Antonova to Kalle (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hi :)
How are you doing?
I loved your profile and I would like to get to know you better, what do you think? ;)
Write me on my home e-mail address :
so it will be comfortable for me to write you and send many photos.
I will be waiting for your answer
Letter 2
Hi :)
To begin, I want to say that I was very glad to see your letter. Thank U. I saw your letter today, and here I am writing to you immediately reply.
If you want to stay in touch with me, of course I do not mind, and even pleased. Always loved to meet new people.
Thus, it means your name Timo? Very beautiful name. I like blogging: ??)
I'm not good dating through letters and honestly, I just do not know what to write to you.
I'm writing about myself, but what to write? What would you like to know about me? Well, as you already know, my name is Ilona.
I am 29 years old.
I live in Hungary, Budapest. By the way, after 3 weeks I will be 30.
My date of birth: January 28, 1985.
I'm not married, no children, and now I'm not even in a relationship. Generally speaking I am a single woman who is still looking for the other half.
I love sports, I love to cook, of course, love my job. Most of the time I work and probably why I'm still not married.
If you would like to know about my work, I will write to you about it in my next letter.
My favorite color is red (as a bright color). My favorite season of the year, is of course the summer. I love the beach, I love the sea and sun.
I love to travel and in his 29 years, I toured almost all of Europe and I was even in America. Was in Paris, London, Riga, Berlin, Washington and many other cities.
I travel almost every 2 months and mostly at work.
I love pets. But unfortunately, now I can not afford to have a pet, because I'm always at work.
Now I do not know what else to write, I think for my first letter is enough. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them.
I'll wait for your response letter. Ilona.
from Budapest. PS I'll hope you enjoyed my photos, and you will send me your photos in response, I will be very glad to see them.
Letter 3
Here a few days and there was no letter from me to you. Excuse Me,
for something that is not written to you. You probably waited and worried about my letter? Oh my God,
there was so much work lately that I just could not find free time for writing to you. Of course I regret it,
but in my heart I hope you will forgive me for my silence. You do forgive me?
I am grateful to you for your photos, you are very handsome man. I love your pictures.
In my last letter I wrote to you was that in my next letter I write to you about their work.
I think it's interesting for you, so of course I write to you about it. But before you write about work, I would like to confess to something.
About 2 years ago my parents died and I was left completely alone. I have no brothers or sisters and even my uncle died last year. Generally speaking, I was all alone now and I have not even relatives.
Now I have a new life. That 's my story. On the one hand it is very sad because of the death of my parents, but on the other hand it is the death of parents made me an adult. Of course I miss him. I miss them every day
and I always keep a photo with him. But as I have not tried, it is not eternal life. People are always dying and we only need to believe in something that people close to us now in a better world.
Personally, I try to believe in it and I from these thoughts become much easier.
Well, I feel that I have to write to you about something else. Excuse Me. Did not want to raise a sad subject, it will somehow work out. I would like to write to you about their work and therefore I must continue my
writing a story about his work. I'm like already wrote to you that I have been working in the field of trade?
Or I did not write about it?
I somehow do not remember. So, if I did not write to you about this before, but now confess to you that I work sales representative. I am a free sales representative who works only on orders. I am participating in the auctions, bid and represents production companies that hire me to sell their products. Basically I hire small companies that do not have their sales representatives for help but sometimes treated the same and large companies.
For example, 2 months ago I was approached by the company SUKOTEC GmbH & Co. KG.
This company is located in Germany and they are quite developed. This company is engaged in the device, repair and sale of various types of equipment. (Phone, TV, computer accessories, etc.). Basically I participate in auctions and contracts entered into with customers for the sale of goods.
I am a free trade representative and my salary depends on the number of contracts that I have made in the past month.
Of course it's hard work, but I like it. According to my work, I travel a lot in Hungary, as well traveled extensively in Europe and perhaps I was not still in Asia. I do not know why, but I still did not hire anyone to work in Asia.
Maybe it would not be culturally on my part, but I would like to report my wages.
It's interesting for you? My piecework wages and I get an average of 2,500 euros per month. I wonder if you are getting more than me? Can not answer this question if you are not comfortable sharing it.
About the phone call or chat with you. I know that you would now like to talk to me on the phone, or would like to chat chatting with me, but unfortunately I must now deny you in all of this.
Please forgive me, but I think that for us now it would be better to know each other through letters.
At least the first few weeks, then I promise you will write my cell phone number and even agree'll chat with you in yahoo messenger or Skype, if you wish. I ask you to understand me.
Firstly it would not give the phone number of cultural strange man, and secondly, I now want you to know only through letters.
I think that through letters can be much better to know a person and even can understand his inner world.
That's why I want to talk to you now only through writing. I hope you understand me and do not be mad at me.
So, I have to stop now. My break from work and went to work I need now. I just have to wait for your reply and I'll hope that you will answer me soon. Please do not make me wait with your answer and write to me soon. Eagerly await your next reply.
Sincerely, Ilona.
Letter 4

Hello, it's me again - Ilona !!!
I found an interesting profile and could not send it to you. It just about the main questions and my answers. I think it will help for our common acquaintance. You can see what I like and what I do not like in this life. As there is some evidence of my appearance.
maybe you could just answer some questions with this form? It's pretty easy. I would hope to see your answers. Now turn to the questionnaire:
1) What is your complete name? - Ilona Antonova
2) Place of residence at the moment? - Budapest, Hungary
3) Eye color? - blue
4) Hair color? - light
5) Growth? - 171 cm
6) Weight? - 53 kg
7) Do you smoke? - No and never will try and do not want to smoke, I do not understand why waste money and at the same time ruining your health ..
8) Do you drink? - Very rarely on holidays 1 glass of wine, when the mood strikes.
9) Do you use drugs? - Never will not see the point.
10) Have you ever stolen? - Never will. "Bring all my motto itself"
11) Do you know how to play any musical instrument? - Not much on the 7 string guitar, really like the sound of electric guitars and basses.
12) Many, if you travel? - Often go for his work in different cities and countries.
13) What is your favorite color? - Red.
14) What is your favorite movie? - "Titanic"
Your favorite song? - "Usher:" I just want to live "Good Charlotte"
15) Do you suffer from depression? - Sometimes, but very rarely. when really bad at heart.
16) You are an evil man? - No, I'm good and I want to welcome all the evil triumphed on earth.
17) Are you jealous of someone someday? - No, I think that is the envy is evil, because when a person strongly jealous he is ready for anything.
18) Do you blame others for their own mistakes? - No, because it is my mistakes and my only and are made by me personally, but to learn from your mistakes or as otherwise.
19) If you were given a chance to return back time and again to be 19-20 years, so you want to change in your life ?? - While I was happy with everything, my career is coming up and I have achieved all it wanted and still be able to achieve great things. but you know, I made a career and mind, get a good job. but now I'm alone, I have loved men, and it depresses me ..
20) Do you have a car? - No, I do not have rights because there is no time to go out and learn from them.
21) What are you most afraid of in life? - In our present time, we must be afraid of almost everything, but very scared to do any thing. better at all close their eyes and no longer afraid, so it's easier to live .. Most of all I am afraid SOLITUDE !!!
22) Do you believe in God? - I believe in God, who is always there with us, helping us out of the sky in a difficult moment.
23) Do you believe in love? - Yes, it will save the world and keep him on his feet, without love there were no US !!!
24) Are you in love? - You are my love :)
25) What are the most in life you want? - I want to be happy spiritually, wealth does not interest me. I want a good happy family and loved good good support future husband.
26) Do you believe in love at first sight? - Yes I Am.
I want to ask you that you send me a picture as much as possible. It's pretty interesting profile, you agree with me? Here you now know my answers, and I hope that I just know yours, email me the truth, okay?
So, I'll take the time now. I look forward to your early reply for me ..
Sincerely yours Ilona.
Letter 5
Hello again my new friend. Now I have come with a walk and want to cook dinner.
I like your photos.
I decided to write you a few words. I wanted to write my last letter to you why I started to correspond with you, but I forgot to write about it.
My friend almost the whole day sitting at a computer on the Internet and she gave me a dating site, and I thought that I would be useful to get to know you.
The fact is that in the middle of February I will have a working trip to your country.
What I'm writing again not what I wanted, it may be due to the fact that I think about cooking dinner may simply not know how to write, I do not know. I hope that next time I'll write another letter and it will be more beautiful and better.
And now I'd better send you some of my photos, I hope you will be pleased, and I also wanted to wish you a pleasant evening and sweet dreams at night.
I'll wait for your letter.
Letter 6
Hello. How are you? I'm glad that I write you a letter again. Believe me, I am very interested to write to you about myself. When I write to you, I relive my life, I remember about my past, and I think what's happening now and what awaits me in the future. It's really cool. Past my letter about myself was not very happy for you.
Excuse Me. I wrote to you about the death of my parents, and honestly admit, I was just a little hard to write about it.
But I wanted to tell you about the beginning of my new life and could not say about it. Since I was alone in this world.
Do not worry about me, my parents were killed over 2 years ago and I have myself down with it. So all is well with me.
So our acquaintance continues and I probably should continue my story about yourself. In the past, a lot of my letter I wrote to you about my work, about my new life, but on my behalf, that I like and do not like about my hobbies I have not written to you. So continue my story started on this.
Maybe you feel strange, but my hobby - it's karaoke. Even my friends laugh at me sometimes because of this hobby, but what can I do if I love to sing. I believe that I have a beautiful voice. From childhood I like music and I often listen to music in my free time, and of course the song genre is almost always depends on my mood. For example, my favorite song: "Yeah!" Usher, "I just Wanna Live" Good Charlotte, "Hotel" R.Kelly feat Cassidy,
Like the lyrics: "My immortal" Evanescence, "Ghetto gospel" 2pac feat Elton John,
Makes want to dance: "The World is mine" David Guetta, "Get busy" Sean Paul,
Makes you laugh: "American Idiot" Green Day, "Calma e sanguefreddo" Luca Dirisio, "For real" Athena,
Makes you wonder about life: "Raise & Fall" Craig David feat. Sting, "Breakaway" Kelly Clarkson,
Makes cry: "Here Without You" 3 Doors Down, "Tonight and the rest of my life" Nina Gordon, "I Bruise Easily" Natasha Bedingfield,
Reminds of my life in Hungary: "My Oh My" Ace Of Base, "Turn Back Time" Aqua,
Uplifting: "Boonika Bate Doba" Zdob si Zdob, "Hotel" R.Kelly feat Cassidy,
Never get tired of: "Behind These Hazel Eyes", "Since u've been gone" Kelly Clarkson ...
About music I write a lot, but I'm afraid that this letter is long. So I finish the music and
I hope you now know what kind of music I listen to most often.
The fact that I love and that I do not like in this life I just can not write you a lot. Like all women, I love flowers.
I like to spend time in the kitchen, experimenting on recipes. I want to find a recipe that is not yet known to mankind.
Do not know what I will, but I'm already in the process of completing. I have a dish that I invented myself. I call this dish "Love and Hate". It was very tasty and can ever be anything I cook this dish for you. Sorry, but the recipe until I tell you I can not. This is my secret.
Besides that I love in this life I just can add that I love communication; I like to meet new people; I like the sun;
I love the sky; love summer, the beach, the sea; I love to travel and learn about other cultures; I love when people are treated with understanding and respect me.
Do not like it when you do not finish the case; I do not like the mess in the house; I do not like to drink ****;
I do not like smoking; I do not like rain; I do not like bullying; I do not like not understanding; I do not like lies and of course do not like stealth in man.
What more can I write. I think you want to know about my relationship with men.
The last serious relationship with a man I have been a long time. But judging by the people I met here in Hungary, it seemed to me that all men are the same. Can you tell me why men first place in the relations always have ***?
Is *** important for you love or family? I thought a lot about it, but I can not understand your man's mind.
Maybe you can explain to me? Here 9 months ago I was a fan who wanted to create with me a serious relationship.
In the beginning, he kept a low profile as a real gentleman. But in a short time he has changed and I realized that he wanted me to do just *** and my money. I wanted to have a serious relationship and of course severed all ties with him. Later, I did not take his apology, though he was trying to get me back. I just left him and this was all over.
I do not know whether I did with him then, but God knows that I could not do otherwise. Frankly speaking, it is parting with it now pushed me to explore via the Internet. Now I'm completely different attitude towards men and their search before you start a serious relationship, I want to first learn in detail about it. I want to learn about its inner soul, of his intentions and of course about his plans for the future. It is best to learn it through the letter and that's why I'm not giving you my phone number. Please excuse me, but this is my principle and I do not want to break it. Just get me now and maybe then I will write you my number. Maybe even I will come to you to visit you in your home, unless you do not mind. By the way, to you I plan to go about 20 of February.
The work I will take a few days and then I want to stay in your home country for a few days to relax.
So my letter came out very long. I hope I will not hinder you reading my letter. Of course I'll wait like a reply from you, and I ask you to write to me about your search for a woman. What it should be, what the quality is important to you in it?
It is important for me and of course it is important for our relationship if we are going to build them.
I'll wait for your letter and as I look forward to your photos. Now I wish you a good day.
Sincerely, Ilona!
Letter 7
Greetings from Russia! Yes, I am now in Russia. I think tomorrow I will finish my work and the day after tomorrow I will go home.
Today I have a good mood! Today is a great day. This is my mother's birthday. I am very lonely now, as I think about my mother. And in my heart becomes very painful, from the fact that it does not exist in this world.
I am very glad that I can write this letter to you, because if it were not for you, I felt very alone. I am very sorry that now there is a distance between us, I would very much like to reduce our distance and you feel you and your breath beside him. If I would have wings, we would be together and could celebrate my mother's birthday together.
Unfortunately I'm in Russia at the moment and there is no one with whom I could talk and drink a glass of wine. I ordered a bottle of white wine in your room, and probably I have to celebrate alone. I'm bored and lonely now, and even a little tears dripping from his eyes in frustration. maybe you have a computer? Maybe now we can communicate with you? Unfortunately, I do not have a laptop for a chat program, but if you do not mind, we could fit through online writing. What do you think about this? Please, if you're here now, then write to me. Make me company.
I'm not going to sleep and wait for your reply. We could talk about our future meeting to the next week, or may even fantasize with you on various topics. An example of friendship and love. By the way, I plan to come to you at the end of next week, I watched the tickets for your country, and I'm going to book a ticket for February 15. I have long promised to write to you my phone number, but still do not give it to you. I am now very ashamed that I was so far not given you my phone number. Previously, I was not sure I'm ready to talk to you on the phone, but now I want to hear your voice and speak to you over the phone. Can you write me your phone number, and I myself will try to call you tomorrow or in a few days. I'd like to send you a lot of your photos, but unfortunately I now have only a few photos. I really wanted to send you more of my pictures, but now there is no way to do this. I think that as soon as I get home, I'll post a photo album of his. Well, everything.
I'll look forward to your letter.
Love your Ilona.
Letter 8
My dear friend, my love, I guess you do not sleep already, I think you woke up, I do not know. Now I really do not know, I do not know who else to share his grief, and so I decided to write to you.
Now I came to the internet cafe to write my colleague, I wanted to tell her about his grief and ask for help.
But it took about an hour and a response from her, I could not wait. I also tried to call her, but she probably moved to another city to parents. I rent a computer at an Internet cafe, for one hour, and it's only 15 minutes before the end of the hour, and I decided to share my grief with you. I do not know who else I can share with my grief.
My dear, just a couple of hours ago, everything was fine with me, but now I feel disgusting.
I do not know how to write you now about what happened to me. I just do not know where to start, and I'm in tears.
Tonight after work I went back to the hotel. The taxi driver drove me to the hotel, but stopped about fifty meters from the entrance, I was not against it, I decided that it would be useful to walk a few meters on foot.
But when I came out with a taxi and went to the hotel, I was suddenly attacked by a man, he hit me several times on the head from behind, grabbed my bag and ran in the opposite direction.
All this happened in a matter of seconds, I fell on the pavement, I was shocked. I was scared and could not do anything. I did not know what to do.
Now I sit and think of it as a nightmare. He stole my bag in this bag had all my money, my credit card, my phone, documents for the job. He stole it all now, and I do not know how to live now!
I cried. Her eyes were red from crying, and I just do not know what to do now!
Maybe other more courageous woman would run for the bandits to return my bag, but I was very scared, and I had no choice, so I immediately ran to the hotel. Once I ran into the hotel, I immediately asked her to call the police.
But the police arrived only half an hour, and it was too late to look for these people. The officer asked me about what happened.
I told them about all the details, but they did not tell me good and just said it was not the first time.
The officer told me that I should thank God that I'm still alive. Now a very difficult time in Russia, due to the policy of Russia and the United States. The police told me that Russian citizens are now very angry at the people of America and Europe because of all sanctions against Russia. They are beaten, robbed and killed all foreign nationals. I do not know what to do !? After all this, I am afraid to be in this country!
The police told me that they will try to find these criminals, but I could see how they work, and I just do not believe them.
I feel that they will not even try to look for them, because I am not a citizen of their country. Today I offered to turn to my embassy.
I spent a very long time in the police station. I am very tired, I need a little rest, I have to bring myself up. Now in my head all messed up. I'm afraid of everything.
I'm shocked. I need comfort, I want moral support from you.
Tell me, at least, that you love me, I'm sure that these words make me feel better. I need you now!
I needed to talk to me, and besides, you have no one to turn to. For me you are the closest person.
And after this letter, I feel much better. Sensation as if a heavy weight fell from the soul. Please write me a few words.
very hard for me, and I want to see your letter. I'll be waiting for your early writing.
Your Ilona.
Letter 9
Hello my sweet heart Timo. Should I now ask you about your mood?
Probably not. I myself ruin your mood, in his letter, and now I feel guilty before you. Please forgive me for the bad mood. Timo believe, I have today is very very very bad mood. It was just a terrible night for me.
I did not sleep all night, I sat in the police today to 8 am. After my last letter to you last night, the police took me to the police station and the whole time I was there. At the police station detectives arrived, people came from my embassy, and they asked me a lot of a lot of time to explain what happened that night.
I myself lost count of how many times this morning I explained to them what happened to me.
I explained to them in detail, remembering all the details of that event occurred, but they are still asking the same questions.
I did not understand what they wanted to achieve from me, or maybe they just wanted to make me in blame?
Nothing hopeful today I have not heard from the police. They just told me that they will start an investigation, but how long it will last, they do not know themselves. They say that in recent years there was a lot of robberies and murders is associated with foreigners. They say that they have a lot of unsolved cases, and the fact that my case could drag on for a long time. Timo, I do not know what to do now. Now I'm very upset and tears flow from my eyes.
It is very difficult, and I do not want to be more than a day in this country. I am very afraid to go there on the street alone.
I am very scared!
This morning, I turned to my embassy, I ask to help me return home. I asked my embassy, so they bought me a return ticket, but in response to the embassy told me that they now can not take any action until the official statement from the police to close my business. In other words, my embassy asks me, so I waited for the end of the investigation and only if they can help me. I asked its embassy how long it will take all, but they do not know.
Maybe in a few weeks, maybe a year - I do not want to wait that long! I go crazy for this time in this wild country.
Recently, I tried to call the office to call my work. I was hoping that they help me, but the problem is that I did not have work book, I did not work officially in the campaign.
I get the money only for the work done, and my campaign is not responsible for me. My boss told me this directly on the phone, and my company is no longer even want to talk to me. They asked no longer call them.
Very cruel, and I'm shocked by all. All my money, credit cards, cell phone, documents for work - all stolen along with my bag, and now I'm just in a desperate situation. I do not know now how I can go back to his home and who to turn to for help? Since I do not have parents, I have no family, I do not have a brother or sister, I'm alone in this world. I tried to call my best friend, but her phone is not answered.
Maybe she went back to her parents abroad, and her phone is not answered.
If my parents were alive, of course, I would like to appeal to them for help, but my parents are no longer alive.
So I just do not turn to for help, except you !!!
My dear, now, forgive me for my determination. God knows that I have never in my life not one asked for help.
Always trying to get out of the difficult situation, but now for the first time in my life I do not know what I'm doing.
I need to now 720 euros to buy a return ticket to Budapest, so my minimum cost of a ticket home. My hotel paid for a further 5 days, then I just kicked out into the street. My only hope for you. Now I'm afraid, my love, I do not want to lose you !!! My dear, if not you, then who else can help me? I'm crying now, and with tears in his eyes, I beg you to help me get back to his home. I know that my request will upset you. but in spite of this, I ask you to help me with the purchase of a ticket. Timo I do not take this money from you forever. Of course, I will return to you all your help back as soon as I arrive in Budapest.
I ask you to give me your help for a few days. I buy a ticket back home and immediately refund you your help, I need your help only 2 days.
I am very afraid to upset you. But all my hope to return home just now in this
Letter. I very much hope that you will enter into my situation and do not throw me in trouble.
My dear, about help for me and how best to do it honestly admit, I do not know how it would be better to translate your help to me in such a short period of time.
I thought all day today as you can help me, because my passport was stolen along with my bag. So I decided to try to seek help from my neighbor, I explained to her that I was robbed and now I can not get into their country.
It was a very good woman, and agreed to help me. She said that she herself is afraid to walk at night in this terrible city.
I told her that I want to use Western union bank and she kindly gave me her information, I ask you to write this information down on paper in order not to make a mistake in the administration.
Here are her data:
Her name: KSENIYA
Her last name: KISELEVA
Her address: Russia city Perm Street Kuibyshev 49 I'll be waiting for your reply and I hope that you will respond to me today. If you will help me today, today I was able to return home in Budapest. As soon as I get home, I will immediately send you back to your help, or I myself personally come to you and bring your help you personally.
I'll wait for your answer in an Internet cafe.
I love you very, very much! I love and miss you!
Your Ilona.
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