Scam Letter(s) from Aneta Cerna to Ricky (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hello my sweet I thank you that you always remember me and send me your romantic messages. I thank you for your understanding. You gave me peace to my heart and soul of your promise.
Understand, my love that we are far apart now, and we can find relationships with other men or women who live in our cities now. And I understand it, so I ask you not to look for relationships with other women in your city, and I promise you (in turn) that I'm not going to look for relationships with other men. And I will not be interested in another man now, because you are the only man who interests me now that has gripped my heart. Therefore, always remember about this and about your promises to me. I feel good here but I miss you so much, all my thoughts about you and about time when we are together.
I look forward in few days when I can tell you during our first meeting at the airport "Hello Honey" and embrace.
I'll tell you right now my problem, because of which I left to Czech. If you remember my love that the problem with the flat of my family was the main reason for my temporary visit. My family (with me) have been living in this three-room apartment for 11 years (we rented the apartment after the divorce of my parents), and we were taking good care, doing repairs in the apartment, paid for the apartment for 11 years ever, we accustomed to this apartment and want to live here in the future. We made friends with the owner of the apartment (the owner of the apartment - an elderly man 67 years) for these 11 years. And the owner of the apartment suggested us to buy the apartment from him at a cheap price of 53,000 dollars (it's very cheap) two years ago in installments for 3 years, but this elderly man died two weeks ago, and this apartment is inherited by his daughter. And his daughter wanted to sell the flat quickly, knowing about our agreement with her dead father. She warned us that the balance of the price we must pay her for the next 2 weeks. If we do not pay it during those two weeks, she will sell this apartment to others for the real price. The money we have already paid to her father, she returns to us after the sale of this apartment. So I made decision when i knew it all. You understand that my love? The problem now is this: we have to pay this woman to the end of next week's 11,500 dollars, and we have now only 5400 which i been saving several months in Australia, so we have to find right now 6100 dollars, what I am doing now all my time here. So I'm worried about this now. I do not know now where I'll find the money, but I'll use all the options for this, and I'll find the money required. I dont want that you worry and i tell you as i promised to explain all the situation. I think of you always wait for your new letter and telephone conversation, please call me anytime! Your beloved Aneta
PS: and please forgive me for this talk about money, it not request, but I want you to know everything about me and my life, because i am your woman, so you need to know everything ...
Why you haven't gave me your Australian mobile number!- i lost my mobile pone.

Letter 2

Hello my love sending you information now what flat owner say where need to send her with Western union, i explained everything to her and today she waiting for this, please try to make copy of receipt she ask and also need that receiving currency will be in Usd Dollars. Also please write your full name and city. Here all information for you now: First name IRYNA, Last name SOFYANYK, City: Zhytomyr, Country: Ukraine, street Shevchenka 19. Receiving currency usd dollars. I miss you so much and wait for your email, please if you can call me any time. Your Aneta

Letter 3

Hello my dearest Love, Sending you promised details of my return flight, I leaving from Prague on 7.12 to Dubai where change planes, arrival to Melbourne on 9.12, at 6.35 AM Terminal 2, EK0406 Emirates airlines. It is convenient for you? You can meet me there that day my love? Please let me know soon because i managed to change it to you and can not wait anymore when we are together and can love each other and feel, and hug and kiss all the time. Dont worry on my arrival I will call you sure. I had another long day but you always in mind, want to go to shower and then to bed, oh how I wish it all with you now. Oh you asked, I am 1,70. Have a very wonderful day and tomorrow if you want please call, I love you and I miss you every day, your always Aneta

Letter 4

Hello my love. Sorry I could not write faster from air port, i just come back to home and talked with my mom. I have bad for me news, I was not go through custom and i was sent back because they say me have official debt, started to asking many question, say that i leave and not going to pay some debt, but what they told me i did not understand, they say i had some debt, right now i have to find out, the situation with my debt for flat decided and I think this is not because of this, I must find out and start my day tomorrow with this. And for sure first thing I will let you know all my love. Can not write much today, too many stress in me, i returned and stay with mother in evening, she felt not well. Still want sleep and cry. Forgive me but I just have to do something and will be back soon, must move on and do not want tp cry 24 hours per day... must go forward and fix my situation. you know i love you always and will write later more. Please do not be angry on me and try not to worry, i dont want this to you. And if you can call i will answer always. I leave in morning to find out everything and i dont want that you worry my love i will do all for us, i promise and i love you with all my heart, this from all inside of me, you are my man and my love. Your always loving Aneta

Letter 5

Hello my darling, Thank you for your patience and understanding. i needed it so much. I felt so sad that could not find words. I love you very much and my heart ill right now, i will do all for us. I try to explain shortly because i a going to bed, i still will be need to find out they way on this situation urgently. From this will be depend my sooner return because can not wait for more, Have to fix my problem now and I ask you for support me. I will not stay crying and must move forward and decide everything because i need you and my love exist only for you! Main problem which i found out i must pay off all the utilities debt which is big amount, on customs the told me its not possible to leave the country having big government debt, today i was i was talk about this all in home organization, my mom did not pay several month while i been away about 7 month and she did not tell me about this because did not want to bring more problems, and anyway i have to take care about it, my mom not not in good condition and try to do all for her, utilities costs go up and up and you know economic situation here going to collapse (this also was the reason for me to help my mother before too late). So I will have to find the way and asking for your support desperate. I sure that i do not want that you worry in anything, but i will work on around 3000 euro right now it is all for more then half year including big part of this for penalties. It is nothing about flat owner, she say she is happy to help anything what we will need, i asked for credit and she say she do not have it now and all in business. I understand what you did for me and I Very much care about this, and about you my love, I care to return everything and want that you sure in my words and in my deep feelings for you. It is need to fix as soon as possible because i already half part of me there with you my love. I am going to visit my father tomorrow early morning so hope he will help me anything. I am thinking of you all the time and will be go forward to our life together because you for me very important person in my life. Good night and i hope will hear you tonight, I love you!!!. Your always Aneta

Letter 6

Hello my love Ricky. I had very hard few days, i got many information and had very big stress me and my mother, she even called emergency because felt very very bad because of it, or maybe because of me. When i was in airport they started to interrogate me because we are in list of people who not pay taxes, it was very serious. And now i must to be back as soon as possible but pay the debt which become high because of penalties, it is around 4500 in dollars. My father even talked with some people who lend money on high interest for short period of time, but after thought, he say it could be not safe and so i write you my love. My father can not get this money he say that it is very dangerous.
My love more and more everyday i think about you and our meeting, that some time can not concentrate on simple things. I still try to do all what possible for me i must to do all faster and i still prepare to return I very hope next week. Please my love if it possible to help me and lend me this amount, i simply want be with with, I want be thankful to you all my life, and i will be own you and it is not bad to be own to second half, i will earn this money anyway.
My visa is long term for three years so no worries, just one worry that boss wrote me that he can stop it if I will not come sooner because he pay taxes and I have to come back now. I want that you know that if you will help me this time i will do all to help you in future always and you know it well. For me it is very first thing to return you what you helped me first and i able to do it during several weeks, but in the future we will save together for our family and even travel all the world together what i want with you so much.
I will be always near you and work together with you for our family, because it is my nature to bring everything to home and bring happiness too. I dream to have own family with you my love, it is my life dream and i happy you are my second half with who i going to do it.
I have my ticket and will have flight information i hope tomorrow for end of this week, and I will send you all details first thing.
My mother stay in bed all these days but she is fine, she felt not well after big stress what she got when knew about utilities debt. But all fine now and i promised her that i will take good care about it and she should not worry. Special that you are in my life now and helping. And I told about you my love that you always in my heart and ready to help me.
I tried to contact flat owner all day and she told me some days ago that she will be very glad to help me in the future anything about our flat, so i contacted her today and she told me that she will give all support to manage to complete this process with payment, because it is difficult process and i need help of her, so tomorrow she waiting for this money and I beg to you now that you help me with this amount very urgently, I am sure that I will work hard for us and I know that I will earn it very well, I even think to be with you always and will get even more better job in hospital. Just very need your help and it need to do tomorrow my love please send to flat owner the same way as before. Please do all possible for this. i need your reply very soon, i love you very much, more then life, please understand that you my second half and i need you... Your always Aneta

Letter 7

Hello my sweet love, i was very happy to read all your words, and now i sending you my love, very sincere. I am going to return soon, i need to finish all the things now, need to be sure that i do not have any more troubles in this black line in my life now, and it line will be end and start white line what i see very clear with you my love.
Dont say that our meeting like a dream, I dream everyday about our love and everything, and have true feelings that we will be together. I will do all for this. I very much value our relationship and i afraid to lose you. And i afraid to lose chance to return, i do not want to lose you ever and want to build happiness with you, bring you positive emotion and joy. I am sure about this and i sure it is will be soon.
I thank you that you with me inside on me, in my heart. I will have more news soon, i try do all what in my power. I never want that you worry and I very very sorry when i brought worries to you, i want cry every time when i feel it. I have to move, i have to back, i must fix everything and i fly or i will have such problems what can brake my life, this is life question for me and my fate deciding right now.
i never wanted much in life, i always wanted much in love and give this love for my man, i always care about family, it is such that every woman should do it. I want to promise you my care and support always, and give you always all in future, that you understand that i love you and want to be with you always, in good and not very good times what we will be fight together and always near each other when need. I want be there with you my love. This my words of promise.
I thinking about you everyday, and i miss you with all my heart. I simply want to be with you.... I love you,xxx Your woman Aneta

Letter 8

Hello my love, how are you today, what you do? How weather and everything there? I feel tired, i worked hard, i arranged dates and fixed everything so i may be with you already soon, I think about our time together everyday, i want to spend every moments with you which for us could be happiest days. i feeling some weight of sad inside of me but also sure that we will be so happy together.
I just come some time ago and wish to write you before fall in bed, today my father helped so much, we met and talk about my situation and going to do necessary documents so i plan now to return for sure before New Year to be with you my love. i got many information and try to explain you, had very big stress still recovery after that shock what happened to me. It was difficult time believe me, but I do not want that you worry too much, you are important for me and you I will need you healthy in our future. I feel fault that i did not care about it before, because i did not know about these document for coin.
Today i got new information and my father and his old friend trying to get a place for flight back and i can not refuse from it and should say him to reserve it faster, Its not easy to arrange flight these days because of holidays and every plane no free places. I have one more week and i agreed to create documents for coin. I need your support and this is last thing for me before we are together, as i promised before, i will do all for our family and i will earn good money during some time there, i know it, I had very good salary and will return everything what in my power. My boss angry on me and again i explained everything so i pray everyday that he still have patience, all thats why i write you about this now that I have to return now. Right now for all i will need around 3700 dollars, 1500 for ticket and 1800 for notary and documents for coin ownership and 500 for debt what my mom had to arrange for my flight back from Dubai, we still have few days and should be faster because there could be no more places soon. My love i do not want to feel lonely anymore, i feel it every day but you live in my heart always and you know it well.
I will be waiting for your reply and going to bed now, i love you my my heart arches from it, i want to be with you more then anything and i need you in my life. I thought much and understand that i want you to feel happy and pleased with me, my care and my attention to you for all our life, I very hope to hear you tomorrow. Please know that i do what possible and feel so lonely without you. Your always loving Aneta

Letter 9

Hello my darling love, I just got information from my father and he with his friend arranging documents and tickets for me so need to send it to my father friend, he is pilot and helping with free ticket and right now in Greece, so we discuss everything and he wait this amount tomorrow. Please dont worry I am with you always and i will be very much work hard for make our family happy and that we live together calm and normal life. I still sick and recovery, I hope that tomorrow i will be better and also I ask my sister to come she live with her boyfriend and have such time when they are in deep love, just like you and me and when she come i will make photos tomorrow. I plan to have everything ready on 21.12 or 22 so very wish to be with you on 24. Here all information for you now, please use Western Union: First name: GEORGIOS Last Name: MICHAILIDIS City: THESSALONIKI, Country: GREECE, street Sofokleous 23, zip code 54633, receiving currency 3000 euro, it is about 3700 Usd dollars. Please try to do this in morning. I love you my man and feeling so much need you and never let you go. Your always woman Aneta

Letter 10

Hello my sweet love, how are you this days. I want be near you always and help you everything because i sure that we build family and care about each other all what possible, I see your last photos and my heart say me everyday that i found you and dont want ever let you go, I want love you and be near to see you happy with me. I feel better, i am at home and had to visit hospital few times, and couple more days I need to finish treatment.
My darling I need to ask you for last thing, my love, I tried more ways to ask old friends and also tried with father find money to return this debt for operation and treatment because I had to arrange this for hospital, without it I would die. And finally flat owners colleague helped me with this money. I preparing my flight and i necessary need to return money start of next week because it have interest and in a week it will be more, I thank you my love for all what you do for me but i really need to return debt it is now 2200 dollars need to return necessary, my love if you can possible please help me with this its very important now, if everything will be find and i return this debt i will fly to you next week. If you possible to send it on monday then I will try to arrive next week, I will have all information soon, but please try to help me with this last thing.
I tryed to do all what in my power to find money but but it become for me so hard and i tired from my stay here, i am lonely and i want you. I dont go for fun or for meet with anybody because i take very good care about myself and all this for you my love. Honey I really need your help on monday. I love you so much and want to hear you again soon. With all my love and i miss you everyday, your always Aneta

Letter 11

Hello my love i sending you information of flat owners colleague who helped me so much in difficult decision before hospital. And need to do it with Western union for transfer. And also I need to say thanks you for your patience and that you always stay in my heart and i feel you will be in it every day and night. It what i need to say this moment, I will try t write more tomorrow, had much things today to do and will try to say more tomorrow. First name: MAKSIM ANDREEVICH, last name: SEREBRYAKOV, country: RUSSIA, city: MOSCOW, street Novoslobodskaya 46, zip 127055. I will be wait your email back and I love you so much, your always Aneta

Letter 12

Hello my darling, thank you for your words, I explained everything to this person but it was not very good talk, I very thankful to you all from my heart and would be best for me that you help me today or tomorrow because this person say that will leave somewhere but dont know when. This week friday can be late, and I very much ask to help me with return debt soon possible. I need to do this my love and with your help it possible now, I talked yesterday about this because I read your words that you will help me and I dont worry too much. So I ask you my love before you send please write or call and say when you can help and send this debt ok my love? I will be wait this because need confirmation. I love you and I go to bed with so much feelings every day and in morning I want to see you near always, i miss you very much my honey. Your Aneta xxxx

Letter 13

Hello my love. Yesterday early in the morning I was get prepare documents got email from boss that my visa was stopped because i was not on time at work. It stopped my work visa because i was not on time at work, and paid my taxes, and now found another girl for work.
Then at once i went to embassy and they told me they will open visa to me so everything fine about it. On monday i am going to visit agency to take the change to return to Australia and they will do new visa to me in your city. I am going to and work with you now and hope that I will find good hospital in Melbourne. They told me that in Australia they need such people as me who do nursery and i going to do it again. I have priority with this job, Will need some more time and i truly sad that i can not be with you in couple days what i prepared everything, it is very deep sad for me because i was planned it long time. You know how i love you with all my life and heart and soul with you my love.
Please please please do not worry, i will do all for my soon return, and know that i need you in my life. I will not ask anymore because know your situation, and i Do promise with my world that I will be always there with you and will help anytime in any difficult situation. I am sure that we will have so so many days in in our future life, all our life present for us and i we will be strong to overcome this difficulties, i love you very much. I have to go on Monday and work on information for documents to collect what I will be need to improve all. Please my love dont worry, I will do what i can and I still have power because Love real helping and make stronger. I will write you soon and also hope to hear soon. I hope that you read this and will be not angry on me because I feel very very bad right now. Your forever Aneta

Letter 14

Hello my darling my man Ricky. I am doing all to be with you soon, and plan every day now and very busy from morning till evening, I will do all how i did first time and lucky that I have everything for this, I dont need much time because I know what to do now and have almost all for this, I will have work permission and all other not hard, pack of documents from home organization, from hospital where i worked, several letters of recommendations, university, applications forms, from hospital health check so will be busy work for me now. I will be need money but darling I will not ask you I cant anymore because now you think I am not honest with you and this kill me. I will find way maybe with high interest and short term credit but please dont understand bad from me, I and my mom very thankful to you and this will be always such. But I never have any bad intention or thoughts, you offered help and i so i was not should accept? I would be even in worse situation now if I did not accept. But yesterday It was bad surprise for me and special my mom what you ask me in your email that i must do for you that it make you feel not stress. I have every day in stresses and i even dont say about mom right now. But I will try to do what you ask only i did not use facebook so long time because of work and now think to create new page soon, anyway I will be need about two week to collect documents and apply for visa, when it done and I get visa I will fly to you at once. I had much information on what i will work everyday and need about two weeks for everything and I all do it for you and me same how you did not turn away from me family. I love you very much and please i ask you dont think wrong. All what i want right now to show you that you trust me again. I feel broked when I read your words and it make even some pain inside. I will see your eyes where I will see that we finally together and will be work very hard to make our life more easy then this now. I go to shower and to bed, feel hungry but even no power for this. I love you always. Your Aneta

Letter 15

Hello my darling my sweet man, i miss you everyday and cant express all what going on in me everyday, this very hard feelings when i go to bed and you are not near me and i wake up again alone. I sure that we together want change this and I will do all for this. I will try to explain short how I can now. My father and ex flat owner found someone who give money for short period with high interest, this i need very much for everything what i explain you last time. This finish what i need and i very hope that next week I have appointment for visa process, I have almost all documents ready but also need arrange flight and I will do this, just have worry about returning money because if anything wrong happen my father will be in trouble, executors who work on returning debts. But I very hope that all will be fine. I love you more everyday and I very much miss you and your arms, i want to feel this everyday. Your always Aneta

Letter 16

Hello my darling love how are you this morning, I very hope that you well and fine and i pray everyday that i live in your heart always, because you are in me it is so strong and my life changed when we met. I am fine but i will try to explain you my situation, i wrote you last time that i work hard to get this last amount, and that i cant ask you because i feel very this wrong to ask again. My father not in very good days, when he took this money from people now it is worry us very much, they call him everyday and ask everything, he feel wrong that i asked to do this but now we together try to find way to pay this back. I worry that i leave now and leave father in danger, but please dont worry my love, i will try do all possible to have safe and I had two days work in hospital part time to earn little money but it is very little and half go for food. I love you so much and i have all ready for my road, i need to go to you I have couple weeks to leave or i can lose it. But write that that you dont nervous about what i wrote, i hope and wish to you only good my love and very want that you have little patience. I will try to call you and tomorrow i have work again in emergency, this not easy special now to work on cold. I send you all my warm and love, your always loving Aneta xxxxx

Letter 17

Hello my dearest man, thank you for your words. I understand that after long time you very worry and believe me that i worry not less. I very much sad that i have this delay about my return. I need to write you very urgently that I arrange my flight next week and tomorrow i will have flight itinerary, my my love please listen, my father in very hard situation and we must get this money what he helped me and we must return it before my flight, we can have problems, flat owner said that we can try but now we understand that this was mistake. She gave contact to my father and he went to Lvov in Ukraine and took this credit but now it is very dangerous because situation in Ukraine crazy now and so many criminal people give money and then ask double back, they called to father few times and threat. If i not help to get this money back then we in trouble, I write to say you my love please help us. I will send you my flight electronic ticket tomorrow. I also wrote you everything last time that i have all prepared and dont have anymore time for wait. Please dont turn away now. I truly love you Ricky and I promise that I never thought wrong about you, I want spend my life with you in good and bad times, all life together and die in happines, when time come me or you die first and it is necessary that love person near you that time. I need your help now and i will be in shock if something happen with my father. I love you so much and wait your reply. Your Aneta



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