Scam letter(s) from Marina to Joe (USA)

Letter 1
How are you darling!
I can hardly imagine how to start this letter.
OK I'l start by saying that I am addressing a man in the Internet for the very first time.
I am a kind of excited and ill at ease.
Are you free? Are you dreaming to find a baby for your life and creating a family?
Right now I wish to find a lad who will give all his love to me just like I would do for him.! I need a guy to enjoy relationships with!
You neede no white horse to look like a Prince Charming to me.
My name is Marina.
I appended my pics to give you a chance to see me at once. If you , please write me back ONLY to my regular mailbox: Iam dreaming to receive ur answer to my letter. Write me as soon as possible, please! I guess you liked me.
I will be waiting for your message.
Have a good day! Meet you online!
Truly yours
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