Letter(s) from Julia to Joe (USA)

Letter 1

What up!

I do not really know how to start this message.
Well, let me put it straight that I am writing to a guy in the Internet for the very first time.
I'm a sort of excited and ill at ease.
Are you available? Are you searching for a honey for your life and creating a family?
I? interested in finding my soul-mate who would love and respect me.! I need a person to share love with!
You made me feel unusually excited.
My name is Yulia.
I added my pictures to help you remember me.
If you find me sexy, please answer ONLY to my personal mailbox: kostylyulia@gmail.com
I'm looking forward to your answer to my letter. Write me asap, please! I pray you fancied me.
I will be hoping to receive your answer.
Have many enjoyable moments every single day! Cheers!

Keep dreaming of you